1. Xenafan96 says

    Love the dress! it’s such a contrast-gorgeous Heidi wearing a skeleton on her dress. I would love to own one, it is so original and looks loads comfy.

  2. Shirley Q. Liquor says

    But would you like to wake up and see a beast next to you? That seems to be a poor tradeoff.

  3. Loving Mother says

    She is very B~E~A~U~T~I~F~U~L. I don’t care make up or not she is very pretty i wouldn’t mind waking up and looking at myself with that face and body

  4. Cindy says

    She was coming staright from a photo shoot at the beach in Malibu.. Thats why the full makeup for shopping.. I suspect she has hair extensions in as her hair was no where near that long in December. She’s a very pretty woman with her makeup on

  5. Lauren says

    Wow, Heidi looks amazing. She looks like a 25-year-old instead of a 33 year old mother of 3. Go Heidi!

  6. AEM says

    she reminds me a little of gwyneth paltrow in these pictures…I think she looks amazing!…and speaking as the mother of a 7 month old – those “comfy and casual” days are the BEST:)

  7. carleigh says

    She’s a mother and sometimes Mom’s have good days where we get the time and energy and make the effort to be presentable…and then there are the days where we owe it to ourselves to just be who we are and look the part. Mom’s aren’t perfect so why should we think Heidi would be any more or less so than anyone else? She’s really pretty even on her “off” days she sparkles, leave her alone at least she’s not out shaving her head covering herself in tat’s now is she???

  8. says

    Exactly right Just me. She did get ragged yesterday and all she did was look like a “normal” mom like most of us look most of the time when we are just running out to the store or whatever. Then today she is a plastic supermodel with perfect blown out hair all because she put on makeup and fixed her hair today like most of us do when we want to look more presentable. We all have our good days and the days where we go out and hope and pray we don’t run into anyone we know. I like Heidi yesterday and today, it makes her more normal to see her look “bad” sometimes. But the skeleton and black nail polish?? That I do not get but I love her love her love her!!!

  9. rory says

    I think she looks great, an she has great personality…
    She’ll never be as pretty as Claudia though..

  10. Just me says

    How pathetic …. Yesterday, so many people ragged on Heidi for looking nasty with her hair pulled back and wearing no make-up. Today, the first three posts are ragging on her for combing her hair and putting on some eye shadow! JEALOUS!!

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