Gisele Gets Catty About Bridget's Baby Joy

Bridget Moynahan
Gisele Bundchen gave an interview to Hello magazine in which she describes what would be her “greatest achievement.”
“Everybody is different,” she said. “But for me, having a family will be my greatest achievement. When you have a family that you can raise the way your parents raised you then I think you have succeeded. I have that dream.”
Then she goes further…
“I don’t know when it’s going to happen,” Gisele continues. “Everything in life has to be planned. I’m very old-fashioned. I believe in being married and going to your husband and saying ‘Let’s have a kid.'”

Bridget announced several weeks ago that she is pregnant with Tom’s first child and the baby is due in July.

I think that Gisele’s comment is a not-so-subtle veiled insult.

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  1. Patti says

    Gisele….GET OVER IT!!!!!!!! Whether or not you like it Tom is going to be a Daddy and not to your child!!

  2. BoriquaNYC says

    Gisele and many Brasilian women who are in America are seducing American men with skimpy outfits, sex and getting by with their reputations as Beautiful People (which is true, particularly many of the Black Brasilians who you never seem to hear or see).

    Mostly the promotion of the White/Euro looking woman in America is being looked at as the alternative to uptight “demanding” White women here. Notice that approximately 75% of the Victoria’s Secrets models are Brasilian, with the token blond and Blacks thrown in for balance.

    A lot of American men are into this new cultural thing where they can have a lot of “exotic” sex with no strings attached. I’m a Puerto Rican American woman and know about the stories of a lot of Latin, White and Black American men going over to Sao or Rio to engage with a lot of the prostitutes over there, or just to get laid by the locals.

    As American (white) women are gaining a reputation as being turgid, Brasilians like Gisele are probably the closest people horny, White American men can get to “exotic” sex without “going Black”.

    This is a phase the average American is going through. These types of guys don’t marry these women. It is a phase. The reports of Leo getting engaged to another woman must burn Gise and I suspect this is why she is so recently all over the red carpet to show how “happy” she is. Money doesn’t buy happiness. I bet she is miserable and I wouldn’t be surprised if they are not even together anymore.

  3. Ali says

    A recent article said this:

    “Tom Brady is one lucky dude to be her boyfriend. I mean who would never leave their current girlfriends for this piece?”

    It is a shame that so many men think like this. I am sure this is what Tom was thinking as well when Gisele made the very public statement that “Tom is not too shabby and that she would be interested if he didn’t have the girlfriend”. She might as well have taken out a billboard and posted “Hey, get rid of the little women and you can have a piece of this”

  4. DD says

    I love how she says “When you have a family to raise the way your parents raised you, then I think you have succeeded”. Gee, I am glad my parents didn’t raise me to have my tits and ass plastered all over the internet. I don’t care how good your body is. Sure seems hypocritical of saying your old fashioned. Just look at the following website Even though it’s not in English,

  5. Anon says

    I think Gisele aught to remember that her boyfriends’ sisters were in the same situation that Bridget is now.

    Tom say something!! your arm candy makes you both look like asses.

  6. ALL says


    I think you need to get your facts straight. Bridget and Tom broke up towards the end of November. It was announced several weeks later in the middle of December. Amazingly, within just 1 week, Gisele and Tom meet and start dating. I find that hard to believe. Do they really expect us to believe this all happened in that short period of time. Especially when Gisele had announced publically serveral months earlier that she would be interested in Tom if he didn’t have a girlfriend. Please.

    You can’t blame the pregnancy on either of them. They both were there, they both had responsibilities. To argue about who is at fault is really stupid.

    Of course Bridget looks happy. I have four children and everytime I was pregnant, I loved it. You must be awful cold hearted to deny a women to look happy during her pregnancy.

    It so funny that people have such strong feelings about Bridget and Gisele. Although I have heard that Gisele has her friends posting things on her behalf on the internet. It is one thing to have an opinion about the situation, but how can you people have such strong opinions about these people personally. I don’t agree with the situation either, but I can’t say anything about these people personally. I don’t know them. The comments from Gisele fans about Bridget seem much more personal and vindictive. Makes me wonder how well they know her?

  7. jen says

    web mistress is constantly posting OLD news and OLD photos. apparently she is too lazy to take the time to find current, relevant stories to report.


  8. N says

    No one trapped anyone…. They had unprotected or slightly proteced sex. Babies are the product of sex. Also it is not as easy as many think it is to get pregnant and/or carry a child full term. Thats why babies are called miracles.

  9. Lisa says

    Bridget is just a has been actress who hit the genetic lotto- Gisele has been at the pinnacle of her profession for at least 7 years. I doubt you will see Gisele try to get knocked up to keep Tommy like this loser did

  10. Lisa says

    Gisele rocks, Bridget does look smug as a cat who ate the canary…really could never stand her. Tom is better to have moved on and not drag a baby through a divorce or a child watching his parents split up. Bridget is a washed up has been old desperate one time actress.

  11. Anna says

    I think I will go with Jackie too, getting pregnant by a woman on purpose is a trick as old as time and those here pretending that a woman cannot get pregnant to trap a man a simply being naive.

    Bridget and Tom had broken up before and gotten back togather . Whereas he should have been careful, a woman carries a baby in her body so she should even be more careful if she is in a rocky relationship.

    If you have been having sex for three years and an accident hasnot happened all that time, why happen now?

    Yes it could ahave been an accident but the timing is suspect to me! She is not exactly looking like she had an accident. If you ask me, she looks as smug as a at with cheese.

    Poor Tom, he will have to put up with her whether he likes it or not.

  12. Janie says

    Only Tom and Bridget know the truth about what happened. I think that Bridget looks wonderful. Best wishes to her!!

  13. ShiftingSands says

    Wild Slut ??????? Okay she is a model !!! That picture is from HER SHOE company, and this article is OLD ! I see the web-mistress does anything to get a fight started in her blog……….

  14. eminencegrise says

    Too right, no.6/Jackie!

    Bridget’s laughing all the way to the bank with this publicity stunt, abetted by everyone who expresses righteous indignation at her ‘misfortune’ by lining her pockets buying her articles and watching her appearances.

    She’s a graduate of the Heather Mills McCartney Charm School.

    Americans are so gullible!

  15. Lauren says

    Gisele needs to shut her mouth. She’s sticking her nose where it’s none of her business. She needs to realize she’s dating a guy with a lot of baggage. Bridget is better off without that jerk.

  16. andria says

    firstly i think that whoever wrote that article is so biased. ur obsessed with bridget and always always always try 2 make gisele to b the bad guy. GET A CLUE!
    to all u weirdos who need 2 get ur FACTS straight: GISELE DIDNT BREAK BRIDGET AND TOM UP BCOS THEY STARTED DATING 2 MONTHS AFTER HE BROKE UP WITH BRIDGET! so dont dont dont use the whole “gisele broke them up, she planned it, ya di da”
    also, so wat bout wat gisele said?! its HER personal opinon! that doesnt mean she’s insulting bridget! n she said that MONTHS ago (b4 bridget was even pregnant!!!!!!), so GET UR FACTS STRAIGHT!!! she looks at her parents marriage and wants the same thing, is that something BAD? get a LIFE!
    n 2 whoever commented bout looking at the fotos n describin gisele as a wild player/slut….why dont YOU look more closely at the fotos? who’s the single sexy girl and who’s the knocked up DUMPED LOSER?! if there was one slut in these pics, its bridget cos try as she might, u cant deny how miracuolously she bcame pregnant wen she knew her and tom’s relationship was on rocky grounds: after 3 yrs and she decides NOW 2 get pregnant?! wateeeeevvvvaaaaa!!!!
    i think bridget needs 2 learn from jen aniston: she could have eaaaasssiiiilllyyy come out 2 b the injured party and every1 would have blamed gisele and tom, but bcos of the “coincedental” timinig of her pregnancy, she doesnt come out 2 appear as being dignified but as a slut!

  17. carleigh says

    Giselle needs to be more considerate and tactful, she hasn’t been dating Tom that long and for her to come out and make those comments is completely insensitive to Bridget. This is a sticky situation and the Divine Ms. Bunchden should gracefully put a cork in her blow-hole and keep it shut. This is between Tom and Bridget and it’s their child. Slinging mud in public has always irked me and all it does it makes Giselle look like a jealous little bimbo out to hold onto her man.

  18. oriana says

    Giselle is not exactly Miss Snow White! I am sure she did more with Leonardo than hold hands!

    I do think Tom will be an involved father though.

  19. Nicki says

    Tom will always be a Dad to this baby, he has said so.
    #12-Of course she wasn’t a virgin………..they were together for almost 3 years. I’m pretty sure they had sex in the almost 3 years they were together, most adults do have sex.
    Remember they broke up once before the FINAL break-up. And then they get back together for a couple months(maybe a try a see thing) and Boom she is pregnant. I have to agree with #6 Jackie on this, and I don’t agree with her on anything, #7 Kristin is correct about what he has said, and has said for awhile.
    # 8 & 10-Maybe he did glove it up, obviously he did for almost 3 years, maybe it broke. Have you ever heard of “Oh Please Just One More Time ……….For Goodbye!”(never mind “that”, it won’t matter tonight, OOOOooooooooooOOOOOOhhhhh….UMMMMM…I’m ready now hurry up aby.OH yeah thats it…..etc, etc, etc)
    And I could add 2 or 3 other things I’ve had girls tell me.
    Beside the point…………He said he would be a father to this child, but obviously not a partner with her. I wish them all luck with this new baby coming into thier lives. If Gisellestays with him, she will be a big part of the baby’s life. Best wishes to all.

  20. AEM says

    Besides…all of the he said/she said is pretty pointless now…there will be a baby born whether he likes it or not and whats important now is not the past but that they both step up and take care of this baby together despite what feelings (or lack there of) that they have for each other! That child had no say in joining the world and should not have to suffer because his father wasnt ready to be a father…becaues he certainly was ready to have sex!….oh life is full of lessons and consequences 🙂

  21. AEM says

    Jackie – how do you get pregnant “on purpose”? Last time I checked the man and the woman make the baby together! And I’m positive Mr. Tom Brady knew very well what he was doing….you can’t possibly believe he was a virgin and Bridget “coaxed” him into having a baby! Lets get real here…

  22. KAT says

    Just look at the two pictures posted above. Bridget looks much more down to earth and classy while Gisele looks like a wild slut. Old fashioned values? Really Gisele, do you take us all for fools?

  23. Anon says

    I can’t stand it when people always blame the pregnancy on Bridget. If Tom was planning on ending it, why was he having sex with her in the first place. That just shows what a creep he is. How can you have sex with someone that you obviously cared about for three years knowing full well you were going to leave them for another women. He knew this while they were ending things. Like Miapocca said, accidents can happen. He should have been prepared. Even if it wasn’t an accident, he should have never had sex with her knowing that he was leaving her. He already knew before they ever broke up that he was going to go out with Gisele. She made is clear long before they broke up that she was interested.

    How can anyone be on the “Tom and Gisele” team. She clearly set out to break them up. Yes, people break up all the time, but she had the goal in mind. Now that things aren’t going her way, she is acting like a real bitch and dissing Bridget when ever she can. The Boston Herald even confirmed that a friend of Gisele emailed them with degrogatory comments about Bridget.

    Most people who value “old fashioned family values” don’t set out to break up a couple and don’t pose with their ass hanging out all over the internet.

  24. mommy says

    How do you all know she “tricked” him into having a baby? Were you there during the sex? It takes TWO people to make a baby, remember…………..

  25. Kristin says

    I agree with Jackie. I have no sympathies for Bridget. Tom clearly stated in public that he wasn’t ready for kids. Bridget clearly pulled the “trap play” while the relationship was coming to an end.

  26. Jackie says

    I am still in team Giselle -Tom. Bridget got pregnant on purpose and that was unfair on Tom. Now they have to be linked forever whether he likes it or not.

    Her clock was ticking and using Tom like that was unfair. She is no different from Melanie Brown.

    I remember this quote, it is old, way before this 3-way saga.

  27. Miapocaa says

    There is an old proverb and it goes like this…”You will grow up/mature to find out”…she is just throwing statements out of ignorance.

    Only ignorant people think they can be sexually active and not have accidents happen…nothing is 100% safe, so if I were Mis G , I will simply shit up unless she can assure the interviewer that she abstains from sex in accordance with her catholic upbring………….

    Brady is definetly no prize..good luck to the pregnant girl and hope she enjoys her pregnancy to the fullest, a baby in or out of wedlock is still a miraculous blessing.

  28. Essie says

    That’s the exact quote that Giselle made to Vogue magazine months ago. Her parents have been married 35 years and have 6 daughters and she said she would like to have a lot of babies but be married first. I have a feeling “Hello” is just grabbing quotes from other sources.

  29. Anon says

    What a bit..! That is about all I can say. She is really showing her true colors. Hopefully, Tom will be disgusted with her.

  30. Astrid says

    Gisele better watch her mouth….her catty remarks could come back to bite her in the ass.I don’t think Tom Brady is any prize anyway. Bridget is WAY better off without him…

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