Britney's Mother Begging Her To Stop Getting Tattoos

Britney was snapped making her second visit to celebrity dentist Dr. Bill Dorfman (for either the Zoom whitening procedure or for treatment of pain in one of her molars) in LA yesterday.

Britney Spears

Here Britney was snapped leaving the Millennium Dance Studios on March 26th holding a Kabbalah book and sporting one of those reverse French manicures.

Britney Spears

I think that Britney’s fairy tattoo (it is on the middle of her lower back) is really pretty and cute! Click here for more on Britney’s fascinating tattoos!
Britney Spears

But Britney’s family are concerned about her obsession with

Reportedly, Britney has had a number of new etchings since leaving rehab last
week, and her mother Lynne is begging her to stop.

A source revealed: “Britney is using tattoos as a form of self-expression.

She has had at least two new ones in the last few weeks and wants more.

“Her mother managed to dissuade her from having angel wings on her back but
she fears she will soon do something she might regret later.”


And interestingly, the Sherman Oaks studio where Britney Spears was tattooed on February 16th has been inundated with new customers since Britney’s infamous impromptu visit.

Britney went to the Body and Soul tattoo parlor in California’s San Fernando Valley, where she requested a pair of lips on her wrist and a cross on her lower abdomen after shaving her head bald.

Tattoo artist Max Scott says business is booming from all of the publicity surrounding Britney’ bizarre visit.

Max Scott tells US talk show host Larry King, “They’ve been knocking down the doors since Britney came through.

“There’s a lot of people that are just calling trying to get their daughters tattooed and friends.”

Max Scott says he is booked solid and expects requests for the same tattoo as Britney’s adding, “I would imagine that the new appointments have something to do with what she had done.”



  1. Nadia says

    The tattoos never stopped her from getting shitfaced in public before so I doubt they’ll be much help now.

    My only problem with Britney’s tattoos is that they look horribly amateur. Those dice are completely disproportioned.

  2. dee says

    here she goes agian i fell so very sorry for her because she is sooo stupid she is thinking she looks good but all she cares about is publicity and she needs to take care of her kids

  3. N says

    So, most of the entertainment and sports world are low class? Do you know what low class is? I thought that low class was basically poor people. I can name alot of rich people with tatoos. What about when the marines, navy, and army men tatoo themselves to represent brotherhood within their ranks? Are they low class too? What about the millions of college students that get tatoos…..still low class?

  4. N says

    Lots of women have tattoos that are hidden…. you ladies shouldnt be so judgemental. Women that carry themselves like whores look like whores.

  5. Kathy says

    Self Expression!!! I can’t imagine being all dressed up in a beautiful gown with tattoos. Tattoos make women look horrible!!

  6. teppiwood says

    Alright first to Amy…. tattoos do not instantly mean trailer trash, and yes you can have class and a tattoo at the same time. I have one tattoo but I would NEVER get a tattoo that couldnt easily be covered up for the appropriate occasions. I think they are an excellent form of self expression… and Britney should get as many as she wants!

  7. Amy says

    I cannot stand the look of tattoos on anyone – especially women. They make you look like trailer park trash!!! Anyone w/ class does not get a tattoo!!!

  8. Lauren says

    Who cares? If Britney wants to get tattoos, give her a break. It’ll keep her from doing drugs again or being shitfaced in public.

  9. Astrid says

    I have 4 tattoos and once you get one…you are addicted…you just want to keep getting them. Maybe thats what happened with Britney. I only have my ears pierced(once!) because I am a chicken, but went under the needle 4 times…go figure.

  10. carleigh says

    If she’s not shooting needles or drinking let the girl have some sort of release..she’s not working on her album right now so maybe she’s bored. Either way unless she’s back in the clubs, puking in limo’s and carting around a Walgreens’ pharmacy in her purse..she needs to be left alone so she can heal herself. Tatttoo’s are for some a way of expression and Britney needs an outlet.

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