Adam Sandler & Daughter At The Park

Adam Sandler, 40, was snapped giving his 10-month-old daughter, Sadie Madison a kiss while playing at a park together in L.A. Daddy’s little girl! Such sweetness!

Adam Sandler



  1. Neuwanda says

    Yes he’s jewish, and how rude to ask!
    do you even know who he is? Because I think his Hannakah song pretty much answers anyones questions.

  2. lola says

    I don’t really know what I would consider a ‘jewish look’..
    I guess the dark hair at such an early age and light skin…
    I know of course that there’s jewish people in all kinds of colours and sizes, it’s just that where I’m from, most young children have blond hair. But I really like this girl, especially the sweet smile on her face!

  3. dori says

    They are adorable And I believe he and his wife are jewish. I am jewish too!
    Look at that head of hair on her. Isn’t that sweet?
    And just out of curiosity what does jewish look like???I can’t tell the difference .

  4. boo says

    What a cute family!… I love Adam and Sadie is Precious, look at the hair on that lil’ ones head….just adorable!~*

  5. MommyDearest says

    Lola, don’t you remember Adam Sandler’s BIG holiday (classic) hit “Happy, Happy Hannakuh!” Perhaps you are young, it came out a while ago (although I think they still play it on the radio around that time!) It is SO funny!:)

  6. Lucy says

    Yes, Adam is Jewish….and she looks Jewish as well, but I think they are both adorable. I’m Jewish too!

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