Kate Beckinsale Out Shopping With Her Mother & Daughter

Kate, 33, was snapped out shopping in LA on March 25th with her daughter Lily, 8, and her mother Judy (who is also an actress). She became a blonde for a movie role.
Kate Beckinsale



  1. Buffy says

    I love this child’s fashion sense! She’s just too cute. Every pic I’ve seen of Lily she’s always wearing something cool and funky, love it.

  2. princess says

    Someone on anther story said that black people always dress their kids ugly. Look at this child!!!!!!!!!!!! Act like you have some money and make your child look presentable and not like they are about to go to sleep when out in public.

  3. Lauren says

    Lily looks a lot like her mother. I like Kate better as a brunette. I hope she’s only blonde for so long.

  4. Alexa says

    Her daughter looks just like her! Especially her cute little nose. Like Kate better with brown hair though..

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