Heidi Klum & Johan

Heidi Klum

Heidi was snapped with little 4-month-old son Johan on a lunch date at The Grove in LA on Tuesday. He is so cute in his snugli!


  1. Miss EDUCATED says

    Although I am a white woman and am married to a white man I applaud all the women who seek out justice and a right to love who they choose. Please don’t argue with the uneducated (they’re easy to pick out…they can’t spell). These dogs are just fighting against themselves, they’ll eventually die off with their own hate. Oh, and go Heidi you look great!!!!

  2. Lisa says

    I feel pity for you whities who think you are betta then other people,well U’re not. I am in love with a sexy, handsome well endowed black guy compared to our own, with baby fingers for dicks. Funny enough, I am very educated and so in love with black men.

    Hate all you like, who cares? You can swear all you like but it changes nothing. Blacks are here to stay and live with it.
    If we have babies they’re ours not yours, so what’s bothering you.
    Stay happy with your pink cockroaches, we don’t say anything about them, because we don’t care about them. Why do you care so much about black people anyway, that you have so much to say about them.

    If you hate them, why are they always on your minds and your tongues, my bet is you like them, ha,ha!

  3. Mina says

    There are beautiful children. I like to see happily married couples for a change and a normal family.

  4. nameless says

    it is an animalistic trait to dislike (or hate) what is different
    from you. With that said. Most of yall that say such stupid, and hatefull things only look like animals. The United States will fall with its own pride and hate. The day we stand united as it says in the name of our own country is the day we trully become a great nation.

  5. ahhhh says

    the only reality about heidy is that she is still in love with flavio and resented.So,she acts as the classic child,let me go with the black man…lets play with the prejudice of the black male size and try to diminish the white one who didn’t pay attention to me or dismissed me sending the message of “you don’t fit my shoes sexually”…you have to be stupid if you don’t see that part….and in my opinion this is racism too(about the full package in oprah’s show)…it’s the same attitude of nicole kidman when tom left her and she began dating lenny kravitz…..If flavio acted bad or not is another issue but heidy’s answer is childish and moreover she is using a black guy who knows isn’t handsome and is looking for redemption…yes she is bad people too…the best is not to pay attention to her…It’s the same if I’m in love with brooke shield and she didn’t pay attention to me and I go to oprah’s show and I say that I like beyonce because has a bigger ass…that’s pain….anything else…

  6. Nastai Zap says

    They made pretty babies and there a lovely couple. Seal is a real man and a handsome one at that. You can see in there faces what love they have for each other.

  7. Anzhelika says

    i read all your comments and laugh…because i dont care who lives with who,it doesnt matter…doesnt matter what colour you are…where do you live…people why dont you mind your own business and let others to enjoy their life?
    You always forget that life is short…and today you are saying you stupid comments and tomorrow you will be dead…

  8. Henry the APE I am I am says

    Yea, she looks really pleased! Her hair, her kids, her various love affairs and this photo say alot about what goes through that hollow head….I am confused and unhappy, I hate real men, I wish I had a dick, I’m gay, I’ll do anything to be in the limelite, without makeup I look like shit, is this really my life? OMG…! Hillarious!!!!

    Heidi the best thing you could do is stay with seal for ever and act like you have found your destiny. LMAO!!!

  9. Xenafan96 says

    Johan is such a lovely name! I want another baby so I can say ‘ J-ooooo-haaaannn’ Mama loves you!
    I really think as Johan grows he will really become quite the eye catcher. I see his mom in him very cleary, and I feel bad for Heidi, since she is a model, that she will probably have all kinds of puplications wanting him to pose, drving her nuts!
    MyBabyIsBiracial- I have an honorary nephew who is Biracial and my goodness, he is simply gorgeous. His skin is light coffe with deep blue eyes and his hair curls up only on the ends, and amazingly soft. All the racially geared post are useless. You are a mommy, and after reading alot of your stuff, you child is very blessed to have a mother like you. Only REAL women can love any child, unconditionally.

  10. MyBabyIsBiRacial says

    do you people lead such narrow lives that you have nothing better to think about??

    Ok, you hate black people. Your point is made. Why keep on and on?

    All your figures are crap and mean nothing.

  11. Shirley Q. Liquor says

    Would you prefer to see words instead, you mental midget?


    Black men are more than twice as likely to be unemployed as White men and make only 74 percent as much a year. Black men are more than six times as likely than White men to be incarcerated and their average jail sentences tend to be 10 months longer than those of White men.

    At the end of 2001, 16.5 percent of the Black male population had been to prison compared to 7.7 percent of Hispanic and 2.7 percent of White men. Young Black males between the ages of 15 and 34 years are nine times more likely to be killed by firearms and nearly eight times as likely to suffer from AIDS.

    Of single parent Black households in 2005, only 12 percent were led by men.

    More than two-thirds of Black children live in one-parent households in 2005, the majority headed by women.

    More than 42 percent of female-headed Black households with children were poor, compared to slightly more than 9 percent of married Black households.

    “The absence of the Black man in the Black family will only lead to greater poverty for our community as a whole,” states Morial. “It helps exacerbate the disparities already existing between minorities and Whites in the United States.”

    I suppose you’ll say I made this up. 😀

  12. CluelessCunts says

    Haha… it’s just too funny to see the frustration of insecure, effeminate white boys all over the internet.

    Even funnier to read the response of clueless white broads who think that “America could ‘devolve’ into a thrid world nation.”

    What a bunch of messed up people. lol

  13. MyBabyIsBiRacial says

    oh Vixxen, what a pathetic life you must lead! You actually make me laugh, please go and get an education.

  14. Vixxen says

    Betty Lou, don’t even talk to this zombie. She’s hopeless and doesn’t even know it. Some day when her husband leaves her (as they all do), she might learn, but until then, it’s like talking to a stone wall. Nothing sinks in. She’s even too dumb to know she’s not very intelligent.

  15. MyBabyIsBiRacial says

    oh dear BettyLou, if you really believe your IQ is twice mine you must be very deluded.

    Do go and get yourself some therapy and help with your mental health, won’t you?

  16. Betty Lou says

    #72, you are obviously a brain-numbed idiot. I’ve traveled the world as a research scientist (my IQ is probably twice yours) and I just don’t understand people like you. Do you believe all the lies that the media feed you? Try reading some books written before 1980, when revisionist history and PC junk science kicked in. Start with “The Bell Curve.” Then get back to me.

  17. MyBabyIsBiRacial says

    oh #71, I actually feel pity for you. It is so sad that you are obviously not very bright (putting it nicely) and that you have been very badly brought up. Your parents have a lot to answer to. What a shame. Please make sure your children get an education so that they can learn tolerance, respect and an appreciation of the big wide world.

    Perhaps you should travel a little, broadan your horizons and break free of that warped little bubble you live in.


  18. Emily's Nubian says

    #69, you are a real nutcase. The shooter in the recent case was a crazy zipperhead immigrant, not a White man. We need less of them in this country, not more. However, Koreans are still preferable to mulattoes.

    Itu, your country has turned into a reall hellhole since your kind took over. Why do you people think baby raping will cure AIDS?

  19. itu says

    Some of the racist comments on this blog are pathetic like white women who date black guys are uneducated. What is that and where do you come from? I am a South African black female I went to the most prestigious white high schools and universities in my country and I have well educated rich white female friends that have dated black guys. In my country education is the most important thing emphasised by our government we are not really crazy about musicians and actors because they are not good role models. I am truly convinced that you are a white American very racist, very ignorant and very disrespectful of other people’s cultures. Get out of your own cocoon and visit other counties in order to be educated.

  20. MyBabyIsBiRacial says

    tell me, what will ‘my antics’ do to my country? Please enlighten me.

    Do you think my British born, bi racial child is going to cause my country to becom a Third World Nation? My goodness, if you believe that, then you really are even more stupid than I thought you were, which is hard to believe!

    What are you doing for your country, bringing into the world more horrible little Nazis? (I thought we’d got rid of them long ago) Your kids are the ignorant kind who go crazy and go round shooting people on some mad rampage (seems to be a lot of them in America – now I know why) because of all the hate they have drummed into them from birth. It’s really sad that you what that for your kids.

  21. My kids are human says

    I’m staying. If you don’t like it, you can leave and take your disgusting behaviour with you. Poor thing, you are the one who is truly ignorant. Think what your antics will do to the future of your country. Do you really want it to devolve into a Third World nation?

  22. MyBabyIsBiRacial says

    oh my godness, what an absolute joke you are my kids are human.

    Your posts are pathetic!

    Do us all a favour and go crawl back under your stone. Take your amazing human kids with you. Please don’t unleash another generation of ignorance on the world.

  23. My kids are human says

    The only thing obscene is Heidi’s behavior. We are offended by her actions and will not be censored from commenting on her ghastly act against nature.

  24. TLB says

    This has nothing to do with people disagreeing with me.. This has to do with obscene behavior. If someone was on here making sexual comments about a childs picture that was posted I would ask for the same thing. It is obscene behavior. If someone was on here bashing the caucasian race the way the african american race has been bashed I would do the same thing. It is just inapropriate behavior and conversation to be having on a celeb baby website. I also think that there does not need to be all the foul language on this site either. All I am trying to do is have this site go back to being an appropriate place to be.

  25. Veritas says

    “‘destructive philosophy’ Would you care to explain why it is destructive to be against racism???

    If you don’t realize how foolish this statement is, you’re too far gone for me to help you.

  26. Veritas says

    “Please please ban these people who have nothing better to do than say heinous comments and call people of different nationalities and color awful and belittling names. I beg you, please put a stop to them.”

    TLB, these are your words. Now tell me how you don’t think you have a personal right to censor people who disagree with you.

  27. Jodie says

    ‘destructive philosophy’ Would you care to explain why it is destructive to be against racism???

  28. TLB says

    #59 – I did not ever say that I have the personal right to sensor you all on this site,,,,what I asked was that those who are going to use racial slurs and infest this sight with such filth need to be removed from this sight. My teen age daughter likes to get on this website with me and look at the pics of the celebs and their babies as well as read some of what people write but anymore I can not let her due to some of the very tasteless and cruel comments made. I firmly beleive in freedom of speech as long as it does not turn into unnecessary insults and putdowns. We can not raise and build a well rounded society with this type of garbage still floating around out there. You do not have to like everyone you meet or even people you dont meet but this has gone beyond just not liking Heidi or her kids, it has become a “black bash” and I find that to be a horrible thing. This website is to be fun and to talk about the celebs and their kiddos but it has turned into something of disgusting proportions and all I am saying is the distasteful comments and people placing the comments need to be removed.

  29. veritas says

    TLB? Does that stand for Typical Liberal Behavior?

    It sure sounds like it, since you think you have the personal right to censor anyone who disagrees with your own destructive philosphy. If you don’t like it here, you’re free to go.

  30. TLB says

    WEBMISTRESS – WHAT IS IT GOING TO TAKE FOR YOU TO GET RID OF THE RACIST COMMENTS ON HERE!! Please please ban these people who have nothing better to do than say heinous comments and call people of different nationalities and color awful and belittling names. I beg you, please put a stop to them.

  31. Vixxen says

    Blair blames spate of murders on black culture

    Patrick Wintour and Vikram Dodd
    Thursday April 12, 2007
    The Guardian

    Tony Blair yesterday claimed the spate of knife and gun murders in London was not being caused by poverty, but a distinctive black culture. His remarks angered coon community leaders and biracial babymommies , who accused him of ignorance and failing to provide support for black-led efforts to tackle the problem. They then called him ignorant trailer trash

    One accused him of misunderstanding the advice he had been given on the issue at a Downing Street summit.

    Black community leaders reacted after Mr Blair said the recent violence should not be treated as part of a general crime wave, but as specific to black youth. He said people had to drop their political correctness and recognise that the violence would not be stopped “by pretending it is not young black kids doing it”.

    It needed to be addressed by a tailored counter-attack in the same way as football hooliganism was reined in by producing measures aimed at the specific problem, rather than general lawlessness.

    Mr Blair’s remarks are at odds with those of the Home Office minister Lady Scotland, who told the home affairs select committee last month that the disproportionate number of black youths in the criminal justice system was a function of their disproportionate poverty, and not to do with a distinctive black culture.(Lady Scotland, is obviously one of those bleeding-heart,
    liberal morons, that has never experienced TNB).

    Giving the Callaghan lecture in Cardiff, the prime minister admitted he had been “lurching into total frankness” in the final weeks of his premiership. He called on black people to lead the fight against knife crime. He said that “the black community – the vast majority of whom in these communities are decent, law abiding people horrified at what is happening – need to be mobilised in denunciation of this gang culture that is killing innocent young black kids”.

    Mr Blair said he had been moved to make his controversial remarks after speaking to a black pastor of a London church at a Downing Street knife crime summit, who said: “When are we going to start saying this is a problem amongst a section of the black community and not, for reasons of political correctness, pretend that this is nothing to do with it?” Mr Blair said there needed to be an “intense police focus” on the minority of young black Britons behind the gun and knife attacks. The laws on knife and gun gangs needed to be toughened and the ringleaders “taken out of circulation”. (YES! It is called Justifiable Racial Profiling).

    Last night, British African-Caribboon figures leading the fight against gang culture condemned Mr Blair’s speech. The Rev Nims Obunge, chief executive of the Peace Alliance, one of the main organisations working against gang crime, denounced the prime minister.(Another bogus nigger Rev.)

    Mr Obunge, who attended the Downing Street summit chaired by Mr Blair in February, said he had been cited by the prime minister: “He makes it look like I said it’s the black community doing it. What I said is it’s making the black community more vulnerable and they need more support and funding for the work they’re doing. … He has taken what I said out of context. We came for support and he has failed and has come back with more police powers to use against our black children.”

    Keith Jarrett, chair of the National Black Police Association, whose members work with vulnerable youngsters, said: “Social deprivation and delinquency go hand in hand and we need to tackle both. It is curious that the prime minister does not mention deprivation in his speech.”(Which translated
    means: More wasted money, more worthless social programs and more Bling in general).

    Lee Jasper, adviser on policing to London’s mayor, said: “For years we have said this is an issue the black community has to deal with. The PM is spectacularly ill-informed if he thinks otherwise.(I agree, partition the
    niggers from the rest of society, and let THEM solve their own nigger problem).

    “Every home secretary from [David] Blunkett onwards has been pressed on tackling the growing phenomenon of gun and gang crime in deprived black communities, and government has failed to respond to what has been a clear demand for additional resources to tackle youth alienation and disaffection”.

    The Home Office has already announced it is looking at the possibility of banning membership of gangs, tougher enforcement of the supposed mandatory five-year sentences for possession of illegal firearms, and lowering the age from 21 to 18 for this mandatory sentence.

    Answering questions later Mr Blair said: “Economic inequality is a factor and we should deal with that, but I don’t think it’s the thing that is producing the most violent expression of this social alienation.

    “I think that is to do with the fact that particular youngsters are being brought up in a setting that has no rules, no discipline, no proper framework around them.”

    Some people working with children knew at the age of five whether they were going to be in “real trouble” later, he said.

    Mr Blair is known to believe the tendency for many black boys to be raised in families without a father leads to a lack of appropriate role models.

    He said: “We need to stop thinking of this as a society that has gone wrong – it has not – but of specific groups that for specific reasons have gone outside of the proper lines of respect and good conduct towards others and need by specific measures to be brought back into the fold.”(Impossible, Mr. Blair, Impossible. These are niggers).

    The Commission for Racial Equality broadly backed Mr Blair, saying people “shouldn’t be afraid to talk about this issue for fear of sounding prejudiced”.(In America, this would be declared racist).

    Mr Blair spoke out as a second teenager was due to appear in court charged with the murder of 14-year-old Paul Erhahon, stabbed to death in east London on Friday. He was the seventh Londoner under 16 to be murdered since the end of January, and his 15-year-old friend, who was also stabbed, remains in hospital.

  32. Vixxen says

    Foul-mouthed, rotten-toothed British bitch, your kids will be yobs and in prison before they’re 18. Niglets, like kittens, don’t stay cute forever.

  33. MyBabyIsBiRacial says

    Fuck you bitch.

    My children will grow up to be beautiful, wonderful, kind human beings which is more than can be said for anything that is unfortunate enough to be bred from you.

  34. Vixxen says

    Your handle is disgusting and I expecr your demon spawn is, too. Take your niglet and go to Afreaka!

  35. MyBabyIsBiRacial says

    I am very well educated, thankyou. And yes, my baby is bi racial, and beautiful. I do not have to justify myself to trailor trash who have probably never set a foot out of their backward little town, let alone America.

    My gosh, what miss outs there are using this site.

    If you feel such venonm towards a small child perhaps you should just kill yourself and do civilised society a favour?

  36. Zbella says

    ADORABLE!!! Just want to pinch those checks. Beautiful hair.. and I love his little tongue. So sweet.

    Who cares if she has 3 nannies? She probably only has one at a time. She has 3 kids under 3 and she works! I have 3 kids under 6 and there are days I’d LOVE a nanny.

  37. foxy brown says

    seal is not going to stay whit that woman for ever soon she start whinkle and crack he be gone do you ever see a older interacial couple i never see none

  38. anonymous says

    you need more education any white woman fuck a black men dont have no education is always the low class white woman /well educated white woman will never fuck black men heidi dont have any college degree she from germany.

  39. Emily says

    What a beautiful child.

    Some of the ignorant comments I have had the misfortune to read on this site leave me totally speechless.

    Some of you really do need educating.

  40. foxy brown says

    white woman never say no too black men’ wen it come to white men .black woman say no are many black woman you ever see whith a white men. none .only if he have money

  41. says

    The other actresses look so beautiful with their tykes and then you get to Heidi. It hurts my eyes just to just at this crime against nature.

    Heidi, keep the first one and put the two monsters up for adoption. I’m sure some dopey actress will adopt them and pretend they’re human.

  42. Lola says

    Anyone notice that the bloggers with the links to the white supremist sites don’t appear to write anything positive on any sites irregardless of who it is? Makes you wonder what handle they are using the rest of the time. Shallow, shallow, shallow!!

  43. mellisa says

    I;am a black woman and i love my black men if i have to choose between brat pitt and seal i go with brat .and i dont do white ok

  44. Anya says

    Is Johan the kid in the pic? I don’t know how you can say that creature is cute, cause that’s a face only a mother could love. I suppose if you just

  45. oriana says

    This baby is definately cuter than the first one, I didn’t think he was cute at all! This one does look sweet but no doubt about it, all the children will be loved and cherished!

  46. Jamie67 says

    Right..she’s a great mom with THREE nannies to help her with it!!
    Ladies ,I AM not jealous,why should i??
    I don’t know Heidi ,but she is not so down to earth as you might think!!!
    She thinks everyone should have a nanny for the kids,she has THREE!!!
    She is irritating,her voice is like out of a helium bottle!!!
    Btw, there is no crime in saying i don’t like a person(in this case its miss Klum)So,back off of me!!
    Her kids are very cute,thanx to her husband!!!

  47. S says

    A “bad personality” ?!?! You speak as if you and Heidi are well known acquaintances, which I seriously doubt. Does she have a “bad personality” because she just happens to be a world wide supermodel with TONS of money? Don’t judge people you don’t know. Don’t even judge people you DO know. That’s sooo not cool. Johan is adorable. He’s a great mix of Heidi and Seal. Believe it or not, being a mommy grants you the opportunity to take your children to the park or store without having to be all dolled up. 😉

  48. says

    awwwwww how cute. he does look a lot like leni. i love this family!!! they have sweet kids. i think heidi klum is really pretty she’s just being relaxed in this pic without a lot of make up and all that. i have never heard that heidi klum has a bad personality b4???????? she’s a great mum.

  49. BabiesRBeautiful says

    What a cutie…I hadn’t seen a Snugli before and it looks wonderful. Another way to keep the baby close while letting everyone else admire!

  50. Jamie67 says

    Oh..btw,Amy,yes i think i look better than her cause i don’t need tons of make up to make me look like human..i don’t like Miss Klum,she has a bad personality!!

  51. Jamie67 says

    Ja,ik spreek jullie taaltje.maar zullen we engels praten ik denk dat het beter is!!
    This is so much fun!!
    Mehr Bilder hats noch auf people.com,wen ich nicht irre!!
    So,und jetzt wird aber englisch gesprochen oder was mädels..haha!!

  52. Lauren says

    Johan is so cute. He looks so much like his mom whilst Henry is a minature version of Seal. I wonder what a daughter would look like. Heidi looks amazing, as usual.

  53. Just me says

    Henry looks like Seal and Johan looks like Heidi. Wonder what a mix of the two would look like?
    I think Heidi is beautiful … she looks like a NORMAL mom. Being a supermodel is only her job, not her life!!

  54. Gesa says

    Hi Tina!
    I spreek jij taaltje een beetje maar ik denk dat het beter is hier Engels te spreken.. 🙂
    I think little Johan is very sweet and Heidi is perfectly allright to be out and about with her babies without tons of makeup……

  55. tina says

    nein keine Ahnung, aber warum schreibst du nicht normal auf Englisch, wir sind hier doch nicht in Deutschland?

  56. Amy R says

    You don’t have to be prettier than heidi to notice that she looks like crap in this picture. Usually she so perfect it’s painful. I think maybe mothering is catching up with her! Haha

  57. Sunshine says

    Oh he is so cute…..

    Where can I find more pixs from Heidi and kids.

    Ich will mehr aktuelle Bilder von Heidi und ihren Kindern, hat jemand eine Ahnung, wo ich die finde?

  58. Alli says

    I think both Heidi and Johan look absolutely adorable, and so does Henry! Heidi is a great person and a great mummy, I even like her sweet little accent!!

  59. Amy says

    Jamie67, I am sure that you are so much prettier than Heidi Klum. You must be a super model!!! I don’t think so!!!

  60. ??? says

    This one looks better than the first one. The first one looks so much like seal. He is cute though. This one is cuter!

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