John O'Hurley & Wife Present Their Son

John O'Hurley

John O’Hurley, 52 (of Dancing with the Stars) and his wife Lisa, 34, proudly present their  three-month-old son William Dylan O’Hurley. What a  royal, fancy photo! Newborns and ball gowns…that’s quite a mix!


  1. marla says

    Well.. some of the more normal names in America sound very unusual and exotic to me..nobody would ever call a baby Avery or William where I live.. But William is a nice name, and he sure is a cutie!

  2. Sara says

    I think people will always disagree with names….when one is happy with one, the other isn’t.
    I do agree, some are “off the wall”….

  3. says

    that what i was saying finally a cele. given thire offspring a normal name i mean there are celebrity who name thire kids off the wall names like moon unit dweezil bowie apple moses reignbow freedom pilot seven puma panda Zolten Cruz Ocean, Autumn, Sonnet, and True Whitaker Lewis Jan Lewis Ziggy and the list goes on whatever happend to regular names like avery kylie eli kaylin julian

  4. Anzhelika says

    Fucking hell..he is supposed to be her father..why dont people marry in the right time and in the right age? Hope John will be alive when his son tunrs 20…

  5. brittaney says

    Finally some body gave their child a normal name!!! What is up with these celebs and their off the wall baby names? Dont they know they grow up !?

  6. greenlee says

    I’m not really buying the marriage of these two, but hey, maybe they have some sort of arrangement and if they’re happy with it, it’s all good.

    cute baby

  7. onatear says

    Pretty, but the poor little guy looks like an afterthought. Where are his clothes? Not a very nurturing pose, if it is suppose to be about the baby being presented. Looks like mom’s day in the sun. Maybe there will be another redeeming photo soon!

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