Jennifer Garner & Violet At The Grocery Store

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck
Jennifer Garner and Violet were snapped at the grocery store in Brentwood, CA. Even though Jennifer looks understandably annoyed to have her pic taken while marketing, they look adorable!



  1. jen says

    who says it was paparazzi?

    coulda been another shopper with a cell phone camera

    happens all the time to them now

  2. maggie says

    jen always looks happy but I think this pic was taken to close and thats why she looks mad. It shouldnt be alowed for the paps to get to close to take a pic

  3. Gesa says

    I think she looks like a normal young, tired mom with a small child….
    And yes, she looks a bit annoyed and I can´t blame her because she is even followed in the supermarket by papparazzi……

  4. Lauren says

    Jen looks kind of peeved. I would be too if papparzzo followed my daughter and I into the store and was taking pictures.

  5. Brianna says

    I too am guilty of wanting to see the pix. But I can also sympathize with the celebrities who cannot even take a crap without it getting on the news. What an awful way of life.

  6. Jeannie says

    I agree with everyone about the intrusive photographers. They shouldn’t be allowed to do this when celebrities are with their children. At first there were only pics of Jennifer and Violet in the parking lot. Now they’re obviously being followed around the store. And yet I’m complicit in it because I love seeing that cute little face.

    Slightly off topic- Are those shopping carts as small as they look?

  7. greenlee says

    Can’t just blame the paparazzi any more either. They aren’t just having their pics taken by professionals, they are having their pics snapped by any yo-ho on the street who owns a cell phone.

  8. Tamara says

    Jen really looks racked off, I would be racked off too if I was followed around the store. Then people wonder why some celebs lash out.

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