Jennifer Garner & Her Cutie!

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck

Jennifer, 34, was snapped with 1-year-old daughter Violet at an LA park on Sunday. Jennifer is currently on break from filming Juno in British Columbia.


  1. carleigh says

    I love seeing Jen and her mini-V, they are precious together and seem so normal and down to earth. A mother and child together and all you people have to say is that neither are cute, her clothes don’t match, blah, blah, blah…stick it! They are adorable and Violet it a cutie pie!

  2. boo says

    Violet is the most beautiful celeb baby, I love her to pieces….How can anyone get tired of seeing her pics… they get cuter and cuter as they come!~*

  3. says

    i think violet is really cute…cute is the word that defines her best!and jen is a wonderful mum always with her child…i hope they hav more kids

  4. Romie says

    How can you even dare to say that this little cutie pie is not cute?? She might not be pretty and all, she still a child you know!

  5. Sassy says

    thankfully a few of you are with me, I don’t find Violet cute..
    Jen needs to start matching her outfits a little better…

  6. Jackie says

    Violet looks like she got Ben’s character and will have her ass up her nose. She is cute though! I can’t believe we had no pictures of Suri this weekend. What a sad beginning to the week. I logged on anticipating and the disappointment is killing me.

  7. NannyVal says

    All of you,,and YOU know WHO you are,that cannot say one decent word about anyone,should have the same thing done to you.Remember the old saying, IF u cant say something NICE about someone, DONT say anything at all.Try it sometime,,You might find that You even like yourself more.

  8. neverinamonthofsundays says

    thankyou freddie, I really dont get the fuss over Violet, she isnt anything special, just an average looking baby…

  9. maggie says

    violet is so cute, shes growing so fast and shes wearing different shoes, and jen as always a happy and caring mom

  10. Libraesque says

    I LOVE seeing them. Never hordes of paps around, just a normal, lovely family, who also happen to have two very successful parents

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