1. michelle says

    im so happy gwen had a baby she has wanted one for so long he looks so much like gavin gwen looks good with heavy makeup and lite makeup she just likes makeup if u guys read news on google about her she exsplains why she wears heavy makeup

  2. Mac Bynum says

    I wish she looked like this a little more often. I like “REAL “You’re Awesome Gwen!! Mac Bynum

  3. not important says

    Jenna M #9 what is wrong with soothers anyways and since when has 10 months been too old for them.

  4. Aleisha says

    Jenna M #9 – Do you have kids? Because if you don’t how about you sit back and let mother’s make their own decisions. I admit I used to hate dummies, but once you’re a mother you understand that babies who are teething or sick, or going through a rough time sometimes need comfort. If that comfort comes in the form of a soother, what harm does it do you?

    Keep your judgments to yourself.

  5. AEM says

    Gwen looks amazing! She is so extremely beautiful….I just finished watching her on American Idol and she seems so down-to-earth and sincere with all of her comments…I love to see her with Kingston – it shows just how committed she is to her family….and Jenna I think thats a little harsh!! He’s only 10 months old…when do you think is an “appropriate” time to take their binky away?

  6. cruzita says

    desculpeme, pero no puedo typiar en engles. como van a dehar esta povre mujer sacar su hijo asina. no me qui como lo painan. como van a haser una bebe sufrir asina es malo. cuando el tenga doce anos va estar muy enrabiado con sus papases.

  7. says

    this is a really cute baby….is it just me or does he look like he’s not growing? lol everytime i see him he look the same exact size. lol. he’s still really sweet. i think he is one of the cutiest celebrity baby boys..and gwen looks soooo much more beautiful witout her makeup and hairstyles. i love this family and kingston looks an awful lot like his daddy:)

  8. says

    ok jenna m kingston is only 10 months old i think it pretty normal for he age gosh you act he 3 yeARS old then you could said something about it

  9. Grace W says

    Wow, Gwen always looks so fresh, classy and trendy. She’s looking great ever since Kingston came along! I ‘ve loved Gwen s celebrity since i was 10!

  10. EveLina says

    He is so cute! I really like seeing her much more natural look. I never was a big fan of heavy duty make-up. LoL.

  11. Sacha says

    What do you mean Jenna M with “at that age”. He’s only a baby for crying out loud! I had my dummy until I was 5 and I turned out alright you know..

  12. Celeste says

    She looks 100% better with natural makeup on…soooo much better then all that hard red lips and all. I love little kingston hair, so adorable.

  13. Jenna M. says

    He’s cute. I like this family.

    But I hate it when I see babies with dummy’s in their mouths, especially at that age!

  14. neverinamonthofsundays says

    Now there is a cute baby! I love this family, Libraesque I totally agree with you…

  15. Janie says

    Very cute. Gwen is actually very pretty without all of that heavy makeup and when her hair looks normal.

  16. Libraesque says

    this is the hottest celeb family.
    They’re not freaks like TomKat, they’re not boring like Bennifer#2, they’re not SO unconventional like Brangelina, but they’re edgy, cool, successful and have what looks like a real relationship.

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