Bedlum As Britney Goes To Worship

Britney Spears

I think that this is in the realm of the truly bizarre! I had no idea that churches even had security guards…much less ones who were packing heat!

Britney Spears

The above is the terrifying moment when a church security guard pulled a gun on a photographer trying to snap Britney Spears.

The undercover officer, a retired policeman, ran out of the Hollywood church, aimed his weapon and shouted: “Get out of your car, get down.”

He then handcuffed the photographer and accused him of trying to run over a traffic policeman before eventually releasing him.

It happened on Sunday as Britney, 25, left a service at the Bel Air Presbyterian Church.

“When her 4X4 came out officers stopped the traffic, let her go ahead and held paparazzi back,” said one witness.

“One photographer tried to get past and suddenly two undercover security guards ran out into the street. The photographer looked terrified. It’s not what you expect to see outside a church service.”

Mike Hooper, executive director of the church, said: “One photographer was on the wrong side of the road and tried to run over an officer who had stopped traffic.

He kept coming and one of our guards pulled a gun out. I cannot speak for the security officer, but he does not regret it. This is a church, not a concert.”



  1. anon says

    Why is everyone all up in arms about the papparazzi being there? They get paid because people like you flock to look at the photos. Remember this when you are all annoyed next time lol.

  2. anon says

    Should I bother explaining why I agree that this is ridiculous. Not to mention that maybe the security guard oughta stand on the sidewalk so as to avoid oncoming traffic.

  3. oriana says

    I totally agree to leave her alone when she is at church! Or the hospital also.

    As far as dressing decently and respectable, I always thought that when you go to the house of the Lord, show some respect, I don’t believe you should dress and act like you are going to get a hot dog at a ballgame when you are in a Holy place, and to me a church is a Holy place. Guess just too old fashioned, next they will be wearing bikinis to church!

  4. carleigh says

    Leave her alone at church!!!!!!!! That is one place that should be off limits for the paprazzi, it’s ridiculous. I don’t care what Britney’s done or how much people do or do not like her, church is church and she is going there to seek out her religion and practice her faith. God doesn’t care how someone dresses when they go to church,it’s the fact that you are there and God knows what is in her heart so leave the girl alone at church, PERIOD!

  5. eve says

    that girl just loves the camera’s until they got that ugly picture of her going ballistic she loves the attention she use to be so pretty but now she look’s so used clean or not

  6. Libraesque says

    sweet jesus, how are these kids supposed to get well. I think the guards may be sending a strong message, and I agree with it, if someone was almost killed/run over, and the guards are armed, then they are doing their job. I lived in L.A., the paps are SO aggresive and SO crazy

  7. Brandy says

    Brianna – Nah, I said a long time ago that when anything happens to Britney this turns into Britneyrazzy, not Babyrazzi.
    It’s a shame too, babies aren’t washed up crack whores who would rather snort line after line than do anything productive, but apparently the web mistress likes this skank ho bitch!

  8. EveLina says

    And this is all happening around the Church? Oh my gosh people, what are they thinking? I think some people are losing their minds lately///

  9. Brianna says

    you know…its a shame it has to come to something like this. I am not for these drastic measures but,the paparazzi are too out of control. A celebrity is not a celebrity 24/7. I am all for people doing their jobs and making some money…..but these guys are way out of line with constantly taking pictures of everything. Oh by the way….isn’t this babyrazzi?

  10. dori says

    It wasn’t a dangerous situation and guns were a bit much but why were the paparazzi there? The poor girl can’t attend a church service? The photographers were as much out of place as the man with the gun.

  11. Lauren says

    What in the hell? What gave that guy the right to point a gun at him just because he’s taking pictures? That’s his job, dude. Get over it.

  12. Jenna M. says

    This is a disgrace. How dare that man point a gun at another man simply becasue he was talking a few pictures? Was he going to shoot this man, take his life?

    I see why security guards carry guns and I understand why they would pull a gun in life threatening situations. But this was not a life threatening situation.

    Yet again we have trigger-happy security guards riding around on there high-horses with no decent human regard, fuelled by inflated and self-obsessed celebs. Is this what our world has come to?

  13. oriana says

    This is a church not a concert? I don’t think there should be guns at concerts either!

    I do think these paps are waaaaay out of control with their stalking and harrassment of taking pictures, and I can easily see why someone would want to punch them in the mouth, especially when kids are involved, but why can’t they give this troubled girl some peace for just a little while at least?

    And yes, it is a funny looking picture! Like the Wild West!

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