1. julie says

    side brains let kelly may come out and talk to us for a while. i figured you out you have like two or more personalities. side brains is the coocoo one and kelly may is the mellow one. we love hearing from her. hopefully side brains will let her come through. fight her kelly may fight her…

  2. just popping in to say hi says

    bye side brains see your ass another time. you say you are leaving and you never do. you just love the stuff people write about you. make like an egg and beat it……

  3. EveLina says

    I leave for a couple of days, and all this drama… But the one that I coudn’t get over was about Side bangs. Is that really true about her behavior? If so that is extremely sad. Why would anybody be so cruel… I guess you got to be really careful on whom you trust around here.

  4. says

    Thanks friend for pointing #49 out to me! That post is sending alarm bells for some reason, I know that person has posted something similar before?

    …… please get your head checked, there is absolutely no comparison there, your an idgit for even thinking it. Oh and don’t point out someone elses spelling errors when you obviously have defiencies yourself, the first being that you are spineless, get a back bone!

  5. boo says

    #49 I think KellyMay has better things to do with her time then act like an 11 year with a multiple personality disorder.~*

  6. ****** says

    side bangs just a little frendly advice i think you should take your ass and get your brain checked maybe you did not know, but it could be you only have half a brain girl you can’t spell for shit! your name should be side brain not side bangs. Maybe your kellymay she does the same shit!!!!

  7. not important says

    Julie don’t be so full of yourself I bet you were and just because your husband or boyfriend said you were smokin hot they were probably just saying it to make you feel better since you were a balloon.

    Scary Spice looks beautiful


  8. Carole Danielle says

    Wow, Its unreal , all these nasty comments about a
    beautiful pregnant woman.
    I am sure that all of you who have send these comments
    have never experienced the joy of being a mother yet.
    And just imagine this girl, she is pregnant and she has
    been abandonned by her man.
    I just feel for her, because this happens to me and it is so
    devastating, especially when you are expecting.
    Women should stand up for each other

  9. Julie says

    Sidebangs is Angelina Preggo Hot Momma and multiple other identities on this site. Just ignore the crazy rantings of a 12 year old who, and Sidebangs if you’re reading this, you are in the process of getting into some trouble my dear, I’d make yourself scarce.

  10. ?? says

    um, ‘side bangs’…i don’t want to start any ill feelings here, but to me, it seems you are really after attention in this comment log…one minute you leave a comment, then leave yet another one to say goodbye and send your farewells …saying you are leaving this site for good as its not mature enough for you, then you reappear, again, again, again, again and again to comment…make your mind up…or else you risk looking like those very same ‘immature kids’ you complain about…

  11. Julie says

    #40, I see the thing on her wrist, too. Looks like a zip tie. Why would she have one of those on her wrist?? And Boo, you’re right, this pic is better than most lately.

  12. BabiesRBeautiful says

    It’s nice to see mothers resting their hand on their baby bump…a sign of protection, love, fatigue, or whatever the case may be. She looks active, her face is clear, and the only thing I’m curious about is what’s on her wrist. It looks sort of like a garbage bag tie, or maybe a wristband from a hospital? Can’t really tell, but I haven’t seen much jewelry that looks like that. At any rate, she looks beautiful as all mothers do, and the baby is sure to be as well.

  13. dori says

    Her butt isn’t that big she is walking and they caught a pic of her with her glute muscle contracted and at a bad angle. Lets be fair now.

  14. kim says

    I think scary spice just wanted to have a baby…and she likely couldn’t care less that Eddie’s moved on… she knows she’ll get a nice fat sum in support payments, so she’s all set!

  15. boo says

    I have to say, compared to “some” of the pics taken of her over the past few months, this one is not too bad at all, it’s definitely one of the better ones hands down.
    And what may I ask is wrong with having Junk in your trunk…lol….Unfortunately She is carrying in her Ass as well, who cares…. I think she looks fine!~*

  16. Julie says

    Princess, I’m in the half of the people on this page who were SMOKIN’ HOT while I was pregnant, so that makes me an authority on the subject. Melanie Brown, unfortunately, has not worn her pregnancy well. Having said that, I think every pregnancy is a beautiful miracle, and I wish her nothing but the best. And I hope that Eddie is the father. I like him very much, but he’s been quite harsh in his public discussion of how he isn’t the father. It would be interesting for him to have to admit he is the father, and even more interesting to hear how happy and proud he is all of a sudden!!!!

  17. diva says

    is this a private blog……..i could have sworn it used to be babyrazzi……..oh well

    Eddie murphy is an ugly has been chauvanistic pig and i hope he gets hit for loads of family support payments.

  18. says

    Don’t know yet. You guys keep sucking up to me! LOL. Melissa I emailed you. I understand Evelina about not wanting to give your email address out.

  19. EveLina says

    Side bangsI would love that, but I don’t think it’s safe enough to give it out over here, if you know what I mean. Don’t get me wrong, I so would, it’s just you never know…..

  20. EveLina says

    LoL. Stay, stay, stay, side bangs, oh come-on… Like I said just IGNORE them kids. Seriously. There are still some of us that are not too bad, right? LoL.

  21. says

    Melissa, what email? you email address? How do you know mine. I think you are doing the wrong one. Go on your site and i’ll tell you my real address. Is it safe there to share it?

  22. EveLina says

    Alrighty Side bangs you take care of yourself! Don’t forget to update us, alright-?> Have a great delivery. It was really all worth meeting you, your a great person. Talk to ya’ soon! Take care~ : (

  23. oriana says

    Well I hope she has a healthy baby and if Eddie is the father, and I think he probably is, then I think he will support the child and be held accountable.

  24. says

    Hey guys. I just don’t think the site is mature enough for me. Melissa I am sorry about everything. What do you mean you can’t email me back. I am sorry Evelina, you are great, but I can’t. But I will come back to update you guys, you know on the baby and stuff. Bye.

  25. Lola says

    Uhm…is it just me or is this site not at all about seriously discussting motherhood..?? It’s all about making fun of Scary Spices second child growing from her butt!! 🙂

  26. Lola says

    Uhm…is it just me or is this site not at all about seriously discussting motherhood..?? It’s all about making fun of Scary Spices second child growing from her butt!! 🙂

  27. EveLina says

    Side bangs, hey! I know tell me about it. You know I just ignore it all. That’s too bad, just ignore the kids, you have me to chat with, and a few other of us that are cool… I just like coming on here to look at some of the pictures, it’s fun in-a-way…. And people like you make it even more fun, if you leave I will truely miss you girl…. : (

  28. The real Melissa S. says

    Side Bangs, I’ve discovered that Hellorazzi is just as bad. I couldn’t email you back.

  29. EveLina says

    That’s one of the Spice Girls??? What? This whole time I didn’t even know that… LoL. She sure changed!

  30. says

    I don’t think coming on this site was such a great idea. Thanks and Good Bye everyone! If I do get access to then I will absoulutly be on there. But not here. I thoight this was a site for grown mothers to discuss maturely about celebritys and their babies. I’ve hate what this site has become. It’s just a bunch of kids trying to cause trouble. Good Bye again. Everyone. Thanks. 🙂

  31. oriana says

    It would seem that both her and Eddie Murphy did not practice safe sex and both of them are to blame for this situation as to the question of who is the father or not! I don’t feel sorry for either of them.

  32. princess says

    You people are so mean. I bet half on you on this page did not look as good as she does pregnant. Get a life she is beautiful and you’ll are dumb.

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