An Expectant Elin Woods At The WGC-CA Championship

Elin Woods

Elin Woods (wife of Tiger) was snapped at the WGC-CA Championship on Sunday in Miami. She looks so cute!



  1. Shae says

    Elin is a pretty woman anyway…whether she is married to Tiger or not. They should have a lovely baby.

  2. Anzhelika says

    i am back again..doesnt matter to whom he is married,the point is every girl would like to marry him because of the money!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. amy says

    wow, she is so blonde/blue and he is 1/2 black. i can’t wait to see the baby!! i bet he/she has curly blondish hair and light eyes..

  4. Anzhelika says

    I am not racist,but i believe if he was a poor black guy she would marry him and that’s it…

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