Tom and Katie At MENTOR LA Promise Gala

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise was honored at the MENTOR LA Promise Gala on Thursday.

Katie is obviously a very pretty girl and always looks lovely, but I picture the outfit that she is wearing being more suited to a 60-year-old woman! Katie is so young!

I sincerely hope that those rumors of Tom punishing Katie with vegetable oil and isolation aren’t true. It was being reported that Tom was angry with her and forcing her to undergo some bizarre sort of Scientology ritual called Purif. Hmmmm……! I tend to think that all the crazy rumors that swirl around these two are fabrications. Another thing being reported is that all of Tom’s family is living with Tom and Katie and Suri. And Katie feels surrounded….ALL of Tom’s family are Scientologists!



  1. says

    Wow. The comments astound me. We who just look on the outside see only a glimpse of the inside of these people. We don’t really know. What amazes me is what people PUT onto celebs with only the glimpse. She dresses older than she used to. Because Tom dresses her? Because she IS a bit older than she used to be? Because maybe she likes a new style? Maybe she ENJOYS the newfound elegance? Maybe she is being payed to be a wife to cover up his gay activities? I don’t know. He seems genuinely in love with her to me and that is sweet no matter what. She is very beautiful and looks pretty happy too. Why slam it?

  2. Libraesque says

    bebet, I love how the rabid fans of TK think people who are out there spreading the word are being paid by someone.

    No honey, that’s what $cientologists do. They pay these poor lemmings 2.25 an hour to troll the gossip sites spewing out “I love this beautiful family” “They look so happy and in love” blahblahblah

    You don’t know anything about me, maybe I’m a pissed off mother who suffered PPD
    Maybe I worked in the business and I know that TC is a raging homo who is sterile and not only living a lie, but has now, I feel, ruined this young girls career

  3. lauren says

    tom is dressing katie old so he can look young! pathetic and creepy man!! and look at katies fake smile!

  4. bebet says

    Libraesque, self-proclaimed intilligent and articulate woman, so pathetic and boastful. I’m sure someone is paying you by stalking the tomkat family, this is your sole profession commenting negative and false statement against this couple. By the way how much pay you receive each commnent here? How much time do you spend in just exploring the website looking for articles or stuff where you can falsely attacked this innocent couple? I think if you stop this wrong doings you can received more pay for tomkat.

  5. oriana says

    To me, if he isn’t busy with his new Mgt. deal, and a person would think he would be, and he has free time on his hands, and wanted to accompany her on location where he didn’t want to be away from her and Suri, then stay with Suri and do some sightseeing, keep his ass off her movie set! That would be distracting and he doesn’t need to be on the set every single day overseeing everything like she is a one year old child! And I wouldn’t doubt that some of those Scientology nutcases will be lurking around also!

    And YES, I said NUTCASES for any of you out there that gets offended! I read all weekend on this science fiction nonsense and didn’t get any info from Libra on it either, downright spooky to me!

  6. Libraesque says

    Hey O,
    I don’t think it’s for support at all. I think for him to interrupt his filming schedule just to babysit Katie on location is bizarre.
    This girl was on a long running series and has a LOT of movies under her belt, there’s NO reason for him to be there when he has other obligations.
    My guess is that they have a similar arrangment that he and NK had, which was an “open” marriage, and Nicole was known to hook up with her co-stars when she was married to TC. He’s trying to prevent that.

    I’ll tell ya one thing, Miss Diane Keaton don’t play, she will not take any shit from this guy if he’s being a pain in the ass.
    Also, if he’s there being a nuisance he will absolutely end Katies career. No one really wanted to hire her in the first place, and if this turns out to be a disaster, no one will ever want to work with her again if they think cruise is going to be on the set being a pain in the ass

  7. oriana says

    I did read, and it may not even be true, that Tom is going with her on location and said he would be on the set every day, is that natural behavior with most married movie star couples? I would think it would make the one filming a little nervous sometimes? He may be there to offer support but to me just another example of control and empowerment. I wonder if his mother and sisters are going along also. And what about Connor and Bella? Don’t they have school? Maybe they will be left at home with Tom’s family to watch after them?

  8. Libraesque says

    hey Ori, did you hear Penny Cruz and Josh Hartnett had a private meeting last week!!!!!!
    WHAT could that have been about I wonder!!!

  9. Libraesque says

    I mean on the sex subject, it doesn’t really matter because everyone knows they don’t sleep together, so it’s not like Katie is being deprived of getting her sexy on with her new husband, but sweet jesus I don’t know ANY woman who would want her nutsack mother-in-law around 24/7….specially for a 28 year old
    They probably have the same arrangement T & N had, sleep with whoever you want, just be discreet and have everyone sign confidentiality agreements. BUT I think TC is paranoid about her going on location (after all she’s been sex starved for 2 years!!) because that’s when NK did all her hooking up when they were married (and he slept with pilots, and gay porn stars!!)

  10. oriana says

    And BB, I do feel empathy for Anna’s baby daughter, but I have never read where either Howard or Larry, think their body is a shell for aliens from another planet like Tom does! That is if he is true to his religion as he says he is!

  11. oriana says

    #138, Yes, Nicole left AFTER Tom filed for divorce, and he kept the kids! I am sure Katie is aware of that, and God knows how many papers she had to sign before the wedding! But she is young and her parents are very supportive of her, but he has money and lawyers that the average man will never have access too.

    I don’t care if they all live in a Castle, his family need to be in their own home! I have no doubts they are all over that baby 24 hours a day, I wouldn’t want to be living together with them for the rest of my life! It isn’t normal or natural!

  12. Libraesque says

    yea, I read about the new house they bought, and how the entire family, sisters and mother included will live there.

    I don’t care how big your house is, any normal person knows it’s GROSS that all those women live there.
    You know they’re always all over that baby, Katie probably doesn’t have ANY alone time with Suri.
    You can argue all you want, everyone knows it’s SICK

  13. Jackie says

    Whatever Tom’s life is, it certainly is better than yours Libraesque since he does not dedicate hours to lying about others and hating strangers. Tom’s house is and estate and if you have seen an aerial view of it, you would notice that it is not a one bedroomed flat where people fall over each other. Katie said in Hapaar that she enjoys staying with every one. Tom has several homes and his family do not follow him to every home he goes with Katie, so they have plenty of time alone even on the numerous hoildays that they have.They have also bought a new house for your information.

    Stop looking at them like the average Joe. These are rich people whose homes have helipads. Gosh! Poor people!!! judging every one by their standards.

  14. BB says

    Well I would advise you to keep your worries for a more deserving person like ANS’s daughter. Katie is not gullible at all. She is in a win win sitauation if the marriage works out and if it doesn’t. I doubt all thaose purification stories are true but even if they were, she went there with her eyes open and can leave when she wants. Nicole left!

  15. oriana says

    I worry about Katie, she is probably very gullible and doesn’t stand a chance against Tom and his family!

  16. Libraesque says

    #135, did you happen to notice how long they’re required to stay in the sauna? I’ve read it’s 4 hours

  17. Winter says

    Katie definitely breast fed. When Suri was first born she was often pictured wearing a breastfeeding bra. I looked into the scientology purification thing that was mentioned. Basically its detoxing in a sauna, taking vitamins and doing some running. Its hardly brainwashing and just sounds like detoxing to me. Thats why Scientology is popular with lots of ex-addicts like Kirstie Allie I would imagine.

  18. oriana says

    Well I do have to agree that living in a situation where you have to sign documents all the time isn’t normal and I would hate it. As for being surrounded by his sisters, mother, bodyguards, etc. it definately would be an abnormal living arrangement and for a young married couple, it has to put stress on Katie, Tom may used to it but I wouldn’t want it and I am sure her parents have had many discussions about it. It would be like being in a controlled environment and more like a prison than a home. Tom’s family need to be in their own place!

  19. Libraesque says

    Jackie, why would I be jealous of a person who is living a life of lies and deceit??? I live a life of truth and honesty

    The thing I’ve noticed on these TC/KH fan sites is the fans are VERY pre-occupied by their wealth and fame. I’ve been around way too long in that scene to know it’s not a life of true happiness.
    There is nothing about TC’s life to be envious of, at least not to me. I personally wouldn’t trade my life to live in a “compound” surrounded by my mother and sisters, bodyguards, etc. if I were a newlywed. And lets not get into the not trusting anyone to the point where everyone I meet has to sign legal documents

    Another thing I’ve noticed w/ his fans is they are quick to call people with a different opinion jealous, it’s a very common theme, just like the oh-so-familiar “go take your meds” “get some therapy” etc…

    And be honest with yourself. I may have a different opinion than yours, but NO ONE who reads my posts thinks I have a low IQ. I’m educated and it comes across, and by you continuing to post how low my IQ is just makes you look desperate

  20. cherisse says

    Is it me or doesn’t Katie look more taller than before. i mean she always been tall and taller than Tom but for some reason she looks more taller than ever.
    But to me i was just going to say that….. she was not smiling with her teeth in these pics. But she is beautiful in these pics. To me even with those sometimes funny face x-pressions she was still stunning.

  21. oriana says

    I just want to say that I do think this baby is Tom’s, I do see that Katie is a tall girl, I don’t see Suri as being a tall baby like some people have stated, I really think Suri looks like Tom! And I want them to be a happy family, I have heard that Tom is sterile but I am not privy to his doctor/medical records, so I can’t say, as far as the other men that their names have been tossed around, too many of them for me to keep up with, way too confusing for me.

    I am sure the truth will come out one day and it may not even be in my time but for some of you it will, I just hope and pray that no innocent children will be hurt.

  22. Jackie says

    Oriana be careful with Libraesque, she is a real crazy one who is so jelalous of Tom Cruise she can’t see straight. Visit the scientologist site and you will find a lot of info about Hubbard. It is quite an interesting read if you ask me. Finding out about scientology from Libraesque is like asking for more knowledge about Islam from George Bush. Those two have a lot in common. Idiots with a passion to hate.

    In their hand book, they emphasise belief in what you think is true so you do not have to believe those strange stories which I too find strange.

    I wish the Tomkat threads did not have to turn into a scientolgy circus. I did not know that stupidity was a disease till I read posts from this libra thing. She an an IQ worse than that of a newly born but insists on contaminating every one with her idiotic ramblings. Can we all agree to leave scientology out of Bbayrazzi? There are manyreligious sites on which you can go and discuss them.

  23. Libraesque says

    Jen, so once again I have to ask WHY do you keep coming back and back and back to comment, if all you’re here for is the pictures?
    Just be the first one to post, say how cute she is, how pretty Katie is AND LEAVE

  24. oriana says

    I do love looking at Suri’s pictures! There haven’t been many lately of her with Tom’s other two kids, I would like to see the three of them together, I bet they love her soo much!

    I loved her little green plaid jumper, so pretty! It must be hard to stop kissing her all the time, she is very sweet looking little girl. I will definately enjoy seeing her walking more and more like Violet is.

  25. Jen says

    I come here to see Suri and the other children. If I wanted to defend this family or their religion I’ll go to different sites but I like this site and the people that come here but since you started coming here you’ve turned this site to like the other website I actually avoid. So if anyone has to go it should be you who are not interested in the babies but the religion. I also read you comment on tomkat site where you said you’re only waste time while your attorney is gone at trial. So that must be a very long trial!!! From now one like the other smart babyrazzi visitors I’ll ignore you.

  26. Libraesque says

    Ori, YES, like I’ve said in many other threads his mother and sisters (that’s PLURAL) all live with them!!!

    Jen, I have a really really simple solution for you… DON”T COME TO THIS THREAD ANYMORE.
    You don’t keep coming back here because “we won’t just skip the comments as people like myself can’t help but read comments left on this site regarding this family and little suri.”
    You keep coming back here because as a rabid fan you don’t want anything negative said about his association with this cult, plain and simple. Guess what, it’s called FREE SPEECH, and if you’ve got it, I’ve got it.
    You’ve got NO BUSINESS telling this person she won’t get answers from me. I am VERY informed on this subject and it’s not just from Google.
    Here’s the thing, if you really aren’t a Scieno, why does this bother you so much? DON’T READ IT

  27. oriana says

    No Jen, Tom being “tubby” is not a crime, Katie wearing fishnet hose is not a crime, her being taller than him isn’t a crime, people commented on that also, so that is what they are, just comments, and I think there have been several more people than me and Libra whom have had comments about Scientology also, I happen to think that Suri is Tom’s baby, I happen to think it isn’t a good thing for a mother-in-law to be with a young married couple as much as his mother is, that is just another comment, so No, none of it is a crime.

  28. oriana says

    My response was to #110, and that was why I mentioned the different religions that I would not want to be associated with, not just Scientology. I do agree it is a very sensitive subject, but I do think that since Suri is a baby and Tom is a high authority and an advocate of it, I didn’t see anything terribly wrong but it shouldn’t be discussed on this site is a good point. However, I am glad it was or it wouldn’t have gotten my attention to read about it.

    And as far as comments being crazy, yes, definately a lot have been, but I don’t think they can compare to a Science Fiction writer starting a worldwide religion that is revered by thousands around the world, now that is a movie plot if nothing has been!

  29. Jen says

    I’m not a Scientology so I don’t know why Tom was “saluting” the guy but conmen sense tells me that is what they do in there religion when they accept an honor. But nobody here knows why for sure because we’re not Scientology but if you looking for an answer from Libraesque she will not give you the right answer since she is not a Scientology and only knows what is going on from tabloids by googling this stuff so you should do the same….google it!!!

    If Tom looked “tubby” to you then he might had been and is that a crime???

  30. Jen says

    oriana ,there are people who follow different religion who are not celebrity and since religion is a very sensitive subject you should just drop it or if you’re interested in it as you seem then there are a religion site you can go to. Like carleigh said this is a babysite and we don’t want to come here to read comments that are crazy and not relevant to why we visit this site. Before you say it ,NO we won’t just skip the comments as people like myself can’t help but read comments left on this site regarding this family and little suri.

  31. oriana says

    NO, I am not looking for a fight, my point is “does someone have to be weak and brainwashed just because they find a subject odd or interesting to read up on”? And is it normal for a mother-in-law to be with a young married couple the biggest majority of the time? I didn’t think so with Jessica Simpson’s father either, always with her and Nick! And Tom did look “tubby” in the wedding pictures, I wasn’t the only person that noticed that! And he isn’t military is he? Maybe he is? What is up with the saluting? That was an honest question, I don’t understand that! I have never seen John Travolata salute when he goes to the Center and there have many pictures of him! So what is the big deal in making these comments?

    When I said I don’t want to be any of those religions I mentioned, I didn’t mean there aren’t any good people that choose them, I am sure there are plenty, I just don’t have those preferences, Buddha, if praying to a statue offends you, I apologize, I read up on Mormoms also, as a lot of my husband’s family are of that faith, most are Catholic, I am neither, and I was astonished at my findings about them too, but to each is own!

    It appears that because I have doubts and think there may be some strange habits and teachings of the Scientology faith doesn’t mean I am brainwashed, that is why I made a JOKE about watching the ad for Pizza Hut and ordering a pizza, so hope this clarifys it for you.

  32. Jen says

    oriana what is up with you? are you looking for a fight? or has someone stole your name and is pretending to be you?

  33. oriana says

    Does Tom’s mother live in the same house with them? Seems like she is with them an awfully lot to me! And he did look a little “tubby” at the wedding! And what is the “saluting” all about between him and his friend, the Scientology leader? Saw that in a picture also. They’re not military!

    And yes, I am easily brainwashed, just last night saw a ad on TV for Pizza Hut and immediately hopped on the phone, ordered a large Supreme that I didn’t need, my pooor husband had to eat most of it! So I brainwashed him too!!!

  34. Libraesque says

    hahahahahaha. I LOVE my bacon too, too much.
    His son gave an interview with Playboy, and described how he walked in on Hubbard trying to give his wife an abortion!!!
    I’ll try to find you the link.

  35. oriana says

    #110, Acutally I just typed in L.Ron Hubbard and read for a couple of hours about all his books, art, sailing, read where he had been married several times, has children, and by the way, could not help but wonder why one of his kids didn’t take over for him when he died, very interesting reading, I do think he was brilliant, just like I think Stephen King is, but he gives me the creeps too!

    Sorry, I don’t want to become a Mormom, don’t want any part of Scientology, don’t want to be Jewish, love my Ham too much and my Bacon too, so will continue reading, studying, and also won’t be praying to Buddha either!

  36. Libraesque says

    amen 110. She’s exactly the kind of weak minded feeb they prey on.
    I am intelligent and strong-willed, and BELIEVE ME, if someone spoke out against the KKK, or Satanism, I wouldn’t be running over there ready to join those lunatics either!!!!

  37. Libraesque says

    Gaelle, Bea whatever your NAMES are, OH MY GOD, are you KIDDING? I guess the fact that he has MIRACULOUSLY grown two inches hasn’t caught your attention? That wedding photo….ahahahahaha, many speculated that she looked as if she were standing in a hole!!!! How could she be 5’9, and he be 5’7, she was wearing heels and they were the same height????

    And interstingly enough, there was so much speculation on his sudden height change the media contacted his rep, who said he did not wear lifts.!!!!!
    I love celebrity reps, I think they’re all decendants of Pinnochio!!

    No, no, he doesn’t wear lifts…….just disco platforms, or maybe conquistador boots!!!!

    you’re really hilarious though. Yea, she still wears

  38. Gaelle says

    # 107 . It proves , he is a real man and can take it. He is not so controlling, since he does not ask her to wear flats.

  39. Helen says

    Miapocca, I saw your comment on here regarding AIDS and how Scientologist don’t campaign for it?? well here is Tom Cruise participating in a fundraiser in 2001 for the ELIZABETH GLASER Pediatric AIDS Foundation.

    In case you don’t remember here is your comment.

    #100. Miapocca | March 16th, 2007 at 5:22 pm

    okay just to add …Jenna Elfman was asked to contribute to a child AIDS campaign, she refused, because according to her scientology beliefs AIDS does not exist and if symptom show up the L RON Hubbard method of drinking Niacin and oil should cure you…or probably auditing and a bath……

  40. !!! says

    oriana, I read some of you comments on the previous tomkat thread and it sounds like you’re making judgments now based on Libraesque’s information which are from star, enquirer magazine and anti-Scientology website??? All I can say is that you’re easily brainwashed so you should indeed stay away from the cult.

  41. Helen says

    Libraesque, is a Scientology using a reverse psychology to convert people and some already have started doing their own research by going to the Scientology church and website so I guess her plan is working.
    #104 great comment.

  42. TomLooksPortly says

    awww…Katie and the little man, i like how she keeps wearing her stilettos which make him look even stumpier

  43. Gaelle says

    Libraloser why are calling Carleigh asshole, she is right go and do your own website, we come here for baby pictures nothing else. We couldn’t care less about your propaganda. I really wish from now on people stop answering you ,because you are really a disturbed individual.

  44. Libraesque says

    asshole, I mean # 104, this thread has EVOLVED into other discussions besides Tom and Katie at Gala. Here are some suggestions
    Deal with it.
    Don’t read it .
    Skip past the threads that talk about Scientology.
    Quit telling people what they can and can’t talk about unless you “own” this site.

    And please see my post on EVERY thread that reads:
    So as to not piss off the other posters here, I will join Hellorazzi (are you a member???) so we can chat privately about your questions re: Scientology

    thank you, and fuck you very much!

  45. carleigh says

    I do NOT understand why all of these blog threads are turning into Scientology 101..when did it turn from commenting about Tom, Katie and Suri and into a Scientology informational session? It’s a weirdo, bizarre, CULT based on a book written by a delusional sci-fi writer who obviously had many existing issues within himself. What rubbish and garbage is now clouding up these threads….Libra is a nutbag and her books are lengthy,mundane and to me it sounds as if while she claims to NOT be a follower..she sure as hell knows enough to make one think the complete opposite. Libra if you want to spout off about Scientology garbage please don’t do it here, start your own WEBSITE and post what you’d like, you are taking up room, time and seem to be boring everyone around here except for the Libra “followers” who seem as strange as you are.

  46. oriana says

    NO I am not a member but will be soon. My husband just asked me if he was still alive and I said I didn’t know, today is the first time I have actually read about anything pertaining to the religion.

    I am surprised there hasn’t been a movie made about his life, and his “higher level spiritual research”.

    I don’t want to offend anyone and I do respect the choice of individuals for all forms of religion but I have to say, from reading this morning about some of the techniques and practices, and who am I to say what I read is true or not? But, if it is, then I will run, hop and skip on one leg as fast as I can to stay away from it!

    I did read in one of his books that he thought humans evolved from clams, now Red Lobster, what am I going to do with all my gift certificates I got for Christmas?

  47. Libraesque says

    ORI, although we disagree most of the time, I DO admire your questions and your thirst for knowledge.

    Hubbard died at his ranch on 24 January 1986, aged 74, reportedly from a stroke. He had not been seen in public for the previous five years. Scientology attorneys arrived to claim his body, which they sought to have cremated immediately. They were blocked by the San Luis Obispo County medical examiner, whose examination revealed high levels of a drug called hydroxyzine (brand name Vistaril), which is sometimes used for its antihistamine or anti-emetic properties, and can induce psychoactive side-effects when taken alongside other CNS depressants, such as alcohol or lithium. Despite the fact that hydroxyzine is a standard drug, his prescription with such medication would have been in direct opposition with church of scientology practice and doctrines.[48] The Church of Scientology announced Hubbard had deliberately “discarded the body” to do “higher level spiritual research”, unencumbered by mortal confines.

    In May 1987, David Miscavige, one of Hubbard’s former personal assistants, assumed the position of Chairman of the Religious Technology Center (RTC), a corporation that owns the trademarked names and symbols of Dianetics and Scientology. Although Religious Technology Center is a separate corporation from the Church of Scientology International, Miscavige is the ecclesiastical leader of the religion. Rev. Heber Jentzsch is the President of Church of Scientology International.[49]

    So as to not piss off the other posters here, I will join Hellorazzi (are you a member???) so we can chat privately about your questions re: Scientology

  48. oriana says

    Is L. Ron Hubbard still living? Where does he live? Does he have a wife and children? I read his book teaches humans are evolved from clams, is that true or is that a joke?

  49. Libraesque says

    Jen, you’ve reduced yourself to speaking collectively for a site?
    I think the reality is, is that you and several others here are actually intimidated by me. I’m CLEARLY more articulate than most people who post here.
    And I surely don’t Google anyone to keep track of them. I Google things to either make a point , or to provide information here by the various sites out there.
    I think you’d be better off keeping comments like that to yourself, since the real fans on this site are the ones who actually “know” every move this couple makes. I’d like to point out that IT IS YOU who is posting links to everything this couple says and does, you are so up to the minute it’s FRIGHTENING. Do you post here AND watch AccessHollywood all day and on the weekends too?
    And I imagine now, just like before on this thread, the minute I point out the obvious, which are your own shortcomings that are glaringly apparent by your posts that clearly indicate YOU are the true stalker, there will be a slew of :

    So go ahead, it’s SO boring, and SO predictable to TRY to take away the focus that you’re a stalker, and rabid, by calling someone else crazy, etc….
    VERY transparent.

  50. Libraesque says

    dori is that you or your “fraud? are you not using the “1” anymore?
    I agree, one of the most captivating things about KH is her smile, which I’m sure can light up a room

  51. dori says

    Well I am glad to hear that there are pics of Katie with her cute smile because I see a lot of pics with this kind smirk smile lately.
    She looks very beautiful in these pics.

  52. Jen says

    Libraesque, We at babyrazzi have established that you are not an intelligent person actually far from it, you have an IQ of 5%. So its no surprise that you didn’t understand my post at all.

    Why are you still stalking this family? you don’t just comment here but you actually google Tom’s name to find out what is going on in his life, how sad is that?

  53. Libraesque says

    No, Jen, it’s not obvious to intelligent people, it’s obvious to rabid fans. Believe me, the world knew her as Katie Holmes. Only her rabid die hard fans know what her family calls her!!!

  54. Jen says

    #90 that is the thing he was never quoted!!! It was a hear say, it was a source that apparently told the tabloid. I don’t think Tom knows or has time to “clear up” every little gossip that is printed about him as you’ve noticed from stalking this family he is very busy with new family plus running a studio. And its obviously to the average intelligent person that was just gossip. I don’t know if you haven’t notice but her name is still the same and hasn’t change as the tabloid suggested.

  55. Libraesque says

    #69 Anne, aka Anna, aka Ana. You may want to stop your desperate attempt to put me down on these threads
    After all it is YOU who said and I quote ” I would DIE for him”
    I can understand you’re embarassed, and you should be, but quit trying to take the focus off your lunatic self.
    You do realize by saying you’d DIE for him makes you what we call in the legal field “impeached”
    Now, no more out of you how crazy other people are!!

  56. Libraesque says

    Jackie, I’m SO GLAD to hear you’re actually a Scientologist, it warms my heart that someone as foul as you will have all your money your soul, your family and friends ripped out of your life by this cult.

    Once again, I was directly quoting from people who experienced being encouraged NOT to breast feed. I guess EVERYONE in the entire world is a liar!!!!

    And btw, I’m WAAAAAY too intelligent to pay even a nickle to read the ramblings of a psychotic,delusional, drug addicted , paranoid money grubbing sci-fi writer, whose SOLE PURPOSE for forming the cult was to make money.

    But please , be my guest…pay 200 bucks to hold onto tin cans while someone tells you you have problems.

  57. Libraesque says

    Dori, I didn’t attack you I simply said I don’t think it’s for you to say what people want to read about. Someone asked me a question and I answered it.
    I’m NOT a rabid fan of either of these two, it’s true, so when I read somewhere that Tom is QUOTED as making that comment about her name, I believe a quote. Just like EVERYONE believes the quote about AJ calling SHiloh a “blob” when in fact it was the interviewer that called her that and she half heartedly agreed. People only found out that the interviewer mis-quoted her when she made a statement about it, which TC did not offer on that one quote. I think the only thing he’s interested in clearing up in the publics mind is how straight he is. He’s been at it for 20 years, maybe in another 20 or so……

  58. Jen says

    #81. dori #1, If you actually check pictures of that event at or you would see Katie still has that cute and joyful smile and she looks so happy and so into Tom Cruise.

  59. Jen says

    #78. libraesque , Tom never said that it was the media who said it because he calls her KATE and they made up that gossip for that reason. Katie is called KATE by her family and friends and everybody called her Kate before she joined Dawson Creek. Check IMDB.

    Also Tom calls Nicole Kidman Nic, Isabella Bella and Penenelope Cruz pen. so it doesn’t mean he wants there name changed!!!!!!!!!

    Libralosser, if you were a fan you would know things like this and for the hundreds of times what you read in tabloids are NOT FACTS so stop quoting Tom on something you read as if he has said it.

    I don’t now if you’ve seen it but Tom has called his wife Katie before, in interviews with Diane Sawyer and Barbara Walters.

  60. oriana says

    To Jen, thank you for the link to the video, I loved looking at it! Soo sweet! Thank you very much!

    I love the blouse Katie is wearing, very pretty!

    I hope they are happy, I want them to be happy, I wish she could have stayed true to her Catholic religion (I am not Catholic) for I think she would have been happier sticking with it but to each his own. I do think Tom is very controlling but I think he loves Katie and his family very much. Don’t understand why his sister and mother are always with them? I do wish them well though and Suri is a little doll!!!!!

  61. Deana says

    I too miss the her Joey look especially her round chicks. I was watching a re-run the other day and I could not believe that she is now married to Tom Cruise!!! She looks amazing though.

  62. Jackie says

    Dori#1 You have really given me something to laugh about. Libraesque should not attack you since you are the only one who ever stood up for her. But notice that Libraesque is different, some times she even attacks herself. Lol.

    I am reading the scientology hand book and those things libra said about breast feeing are not there at all. It talks about breast feeding a child as the most important thing in the first months because it establishes a bond that cannot be broken forever. It also talks about animals having no suppliments and surviving on breast milk alone in their first years. It talks about so many contents of breast milk that cannot be found even in the best suppliments.

    Gal if you wanna bash scientology, go buy a hand book and start from there. You are probably too broke anyhow. There are many things a critic like you could attack but since am not on your side, I will not tell you.

    On Katie:
    One word… Gorgeous !!!! and sexy as hell. I am not sure about the skirt, but I loooooooooove that blouse. Any one know where I can find it?

  63. dori #1 says

    So upset I forgot to leave my comment.
    Has anyone noticed Katie doesn’t smile that cute young joyful smile anymore? She smirks like she is in this picture. It looks like she’a lost some of her girlish spunk.
    She looks mbeautiful and she’s very glamorous. I guess she’s matured a lot since she’s been in this relationship. I will always think of her as Joey from Dawsons creek the young spirited girl with that cute smile and dimples.

  64. dori #1 says

    Libraesque… I simply made a comment as to not get people get riled up about scientology. Scientology , like any religeon is a sensitive subject and just because you have some extremem opinions doesn’t mean the everyone else wants to hear you carryiong on.
    And in the past I have defended you when others were ganging up on you. Why would you bash me like that? Whats wrong with you? Do you come here because you enjoy starting fights?

  65. libraesque says

    regarding breast feeding and scientologists

    Just looking at it now, those children were so under-nourished, just not whole, complete children, because L. Ron Hubbard figures barley water is better than milk. . . I’ve seen those children, 15 to 20 of them in a filthy room, filthy carpet, food everywhere, and playing. If one of them got out of line, they’d just lock them in a room and let them scream itself to death, or scream itself to sleep. . . They make them do what’s called rocks and shows, where if they do something that they weren’t told to do, they have to do sit-ups, push-ups from the cradle they are punished. From the cradle the children are punished.

    Scientology’s Volunteer Minister’s Handbook:

    Breast feeding babies may have a nostalgic background, particularly to a Freudian oriented medico, but real breast milk again is usually a poor ration. Modern mothers smoke and sometimes drink. Smoking makes the milk very musty. Anyway, a nervous modern mother just can’t deliver the right ration. Maybe it’s the pace of the times or the breed, but there are few modern Guernsey-type mothers. So even without drinking or smoking, one should forget breast feeding.

    The foremost reason a baby doesn’t do well is poor rations. And to remedy that, here is a formula one can use:

    15 ounces of barley water
    10 ounces of homogenized milk
    3 ounces of corn syrup (As the Romans had honey, 2 ounces of honey may be used instead of corn syrup, if desired. Do not use lactose [a sugar found in milk, used in infant foods] as a substitute.) The amount of syrup should be varied – depending on the baby – some like it weak – some take it stronger.
    L. Ron Hubbard – founder of Scientology & Dianetics- (and pathological liar) gave a remarkable explanation as to how he came up with this potentialy dangerous formula. He had, so he told his faithful following, “picked it up in Roman days and have used it since”. That’s right, Hubbard told his followers he was in Rome in ancient times.But then again he also told them he had been to heaven more than once.


  66. libraesque says

    #70 since when did he start calling her Katie??
    I thought Katie was a young girls name and that he had declared he was calling her Kate because she was of birthing age, or some shit like that
    where did you get your quote?????????

  67. Jen says

    #72. Kalista Brat. there are better pictures of Tom at or Actually there are about 184 pictures to be precise it just that the webmistress choice this ones. Also Katie’s pics are much nicer when she is smiling from the heart and there are plenty of that there too.

  68. Gloria says

    What are you talking about Sam I love that top, I think it is absolutely fabulous and spot on for the occassion. I would like to see her in something sexy though. She has a subtle sexuality and looks really smashing in these pictures.

    Crying every night? Lol I doubt. Nice to know there are level headed people here who do not believe all that tabloid crap!

  69. Sam says

    Does anyone else find it funny that she puts her arm around him like you would a small child? lol
    She does look stunning although I am not crazy for the old lady top.

  70. Elaine says

    Hi EvaLina- I agree that breastfeeding is best, and I am currently breast-feeding my second child.
    Hi Clare – I thought I recalled Katie saying she breast fed thanks for confirming that. I am also pretty sure Tom gave a quote along the lines that he did nappy changing as Katie had to feed the baby. My husband and I have a similar division of labour, that’s why I remember it.
    I don’t think Katie’s style has changed that much since her younger days – but she will have access to really high end designers now, who probably wouldn’ty have dressed her before. Maybe that accounts for her style becoming more polished and sopisticated.

  71. Lauren says

    I think Kate looked gorgeous. She looks more sophisticated and grownup since she married. Tom is still a little weird but he seems to truly love Katie. Suri is just adorable!

  72. Kalista Brat says

    Awww I wish they would have taken better pics,s cause Tom looked real good last night with the footage they showed on Extra and Access of him making his speech. I thought he looked totally cute when he said he loved his wife katie a lot! Katie’s pretty too. I like her hair when it is straight. I can’t wait to see little Suri!

  73. Jen says

    This is so SWEET!!!

    Tom’s Message for Katie!

    It was superstars date night in Hollywood Thursday, as Tom Cruise and a beaming Katie Holmes hit the red carpet alongside a solo Orlando Bloom and lovable couple Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore.

    “Katie, I love you so much, and thank you for making this such a special night,” Tom told his wife, as he was honored for helping L.A.’s youth at the Mentor L.A. Promise Gala.

    Kayne West and Stevie Wonder performed for the star-studded crowd, while Tom got tender and opened up about his first real mentor in life: his mom.

    “My first mentor was actually my mother; she’s here tonight,” Cruise told the crowd.

  74. Anne says

    #66 good advice side bangs. Us weekly too. And they are always contradicting themselves becuase before that story, they said Katie had ditched Victoria. Any way they were always saying Tomkat had split. They are rags.

    Kelly May, I know Libra from She is the stupidest, dumbest, lousiest most annoying douche bag you will ever coem across. Though her stupid posts crack me up most of the time.

    She stalks Tom and Katie and you will find her on most blog sites haunting them. She is a wierd one and I think Tom’s security should be on the look out for her. She scares me am telling you! She hates Tom with a passion but camps at his site and will be the first to post on any Tomkat thread!

  75. Jackie says

    Yeah true. In scientology, naturalness is emphasised and actually breast feeding is recommended!

    Here are some of the people who were at Tom’s party.

    ”The powerhouse crowd included producers Jerry Bruckheimer , paramount’s Brad Grey , Frank Marshall and fiancee Kathleen Kennedy, Fox’s Jim Gianopulos, Tom Rothman, Tony Sella and Hutch Parker, Universal’s Ron Meyer, Terry Semel of Yahoo! MGM’s Harry Sloan and Rick Sands, HBO’s Chris Albrecht, UTA’s Jim Berkus, CAA’s Rick Nicita and United Artists’ Paula Wagner, CAA’s Kevin Huvane, Endeavor’s Ari Emmanuel, actors Orlando Bloom, Alessandro Nivola, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, directors Edward Zwick, J.J. Abrams, Marshall Herskovitz, Lawrence Kasdan and Cameron Crowe and wife Nancy Wilson and socialite and philanthropist Barbara Davis: Hollywood Reporter

  76. says

    You guys actually beleives that she cry all the time and calls Posh 18 times a day? Pish Posh! That’s Star Magazine we’re talking ( I think) Star is not that truthfull at all! They lie in allmost every article. I have wasted so much money ont he useless magazines. Good magazine to rely on are Hello! and Ok! and People Magazine. Not Star and Life & Style abd In Touch. Just a little magazine advice so you don’t waste dollars and dollars on magazines. Instead you can use that money for a nice cuppa of coffee! ( I am not so sure about OK! magazine because they tell some lies and the truth).

  77. says

    Kate looks amazing! WOW!

    Interesting about the breastfeeding, I did not know that either?!?

    Obviously Libra and Anne are acquainted?!?

  78. !!! says

    #24. Libraesque, OMG what are you on about???? In Scientology its actually recommended you breast feed your baby!!! if you want facts go to the Scientology site and not anti-Scientology one!!!!

  79. Nisa says

    #60 That is actually funny. Home girl looks very good and classy these days. Marriage is agreeing with her.

  80. Gaelle says

    #60 good post, yes for someone who has been crying and calling Posh 18 times in one day, indeed she looks hot.

  81. Chichi says

    She sure looks hot for some one who has been crying every night and calling posh! Some scientology purification for me too!

  82. Anne says

    Yeah libraesque, go look at your post again, after saying that Brad Grey was not hosting anything, you betted your stupid ass whether anything at all was going to be hosted for Tom Cruise in Spring. Do not get selective amnesia. And I will not forget, am still interested in knowing when Suri was born according to you! You can run, but you can’t hide. I agree with Clare, this seems to be your occupation. I wonder what your passport reads. Let me see;


  83. Clare says

    Gaelle, I don’t know who the man from US weekly is, all I know is that he has a bad case of ‘I hate Tom Cruise’ (interprete it as ‘am insanely jelous of Tom Cruise, after 27 years in hollywood, he is still going strong, some one has to stop him and if no one does it, it will be me!’) Man, have you ever seen that guy write anything good about TC? He is always trying to pull him down. He will make even a staunch catholic start loving Cruise if for anything to rebel against such injustice.

    Guys have you noticed that Libraesque is on every showbiz site on every tomkat thread taking their name in vain. Gal has energy! I wonder if some one is paying her. Such dedication to a cause needs to be rewarded!

  84. Libraesque says

    Anne, Ana Anna, whoever you are WRONG, I never said that.
    What I DID say was that BRAD GREY was not going to throw any parties for TC. The person who posted said that BRAD GREY was hosting a party for TC, which he CLEARLY DID NOT. It was chaired by Grey and a host of others including Paula Wagner. Brad Grey isn’t even a board member BUT Rick Hess from CAA is and that’s TC’s agency so…
    Go yell at the other poster for having insanely WRONG information
    I was RIGHT, not her

  85. Fancy says

    To anyone describing Tom Cruise 2007 as “looking dishy” I would have to ask , a dish of what exactly

  86. Clare says

    First in the Hapaar interview, Katie said she breast fed Suri. Second, I think she looks really good. Third, any allusion to scientology purification from USweekly is to be expected since they run a personal vandetta against Tom cruise. Who knows, the man in charge now could be the former manager of the paper that he sued at got bankrupt. Katie know that she was going to live with Tom’s family and she still loved him. She is not the first, Indians live with their in laws all the time. Besides her relationship has lasted longer than most hollywood relationships with no in laws involved.

    Let the gal breath. Webmistress am disappointed that you should be party to such rumours!!!!!

  87. Anne says

    Libraesque, I had forgotten to gloat. You swore your stupid ass that there would be no dinner to honor Tom in early spring. Here it is. You never think before you speak. That is your problem!

  88. Anne says

    Katie is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful and I love her necklace. Tom looks as dishy as always. If she is going through some purification to look this good, I think I need a doze of it too. LOL

  89. Jackie says

    I think she looks nice and beautiful as always and I respect her dress sense. Whatever she does in her marriage, it is her business and once she is tired, she will get out. Any minute before that, I will presume is is very happy. I think the bump was just a heavy meal.

  90. Libraesque says

    #48, he gave a lot of money to that organization. WHat that means is he’ll probably want to distribute Scientology paraphenalia at those schools or something. It HAS to tie into Scientology because he doesn’t involve himself in anything that’s NOT Scientology related

  91. Gaelle says

    The webmistres looks like she believes those la la land stories too, and can not even say what he was honored for.

  92. Gaelle says

    She looks classy and elegant. But for some people if you do not show your vagina you are not relevant. What kind of wold are we living in.

  93. kim says

    She’s a beautiful woman, but her eyes are looking DEAD lately… and her fashion sense I think has been heavily influenced by that awful Victoria Beckham chick…

    I say Katie and Tom won’t make it to their 5th anniversary…somebody needs to go break her out of that prison and into freedom!!!

  94. EveLina says

    Elaine at least she breast-fed. That’s I think the best of the best you give to your child- I still breast feed my 14 month old, why not.. Give her credit for at least doing that. Who cares right it happens to all of us here and there. lol.

  95. Libraesque says

    Heather, yes they do. And like the poster above said…if she is breast feeding I hope to god she isn’t taking heavy doses of Niacin.

  96. Elaine says

    I don’t think Katie and Tom followed the no breast feeding rule – Katie was pictured once with a breast feeding bra showing thru her top.

    Her oufit is gorgeous and sooo stylish IMHO. It’s much better than the outfits worn by some celebs who end up flashing their lady bits, because they are so short or low cut.

  97. krystenb21 DMI says

    katie looks like she’s is pregnant in about the third pic down!? another one already! whoo hoo!

  98. celine says

    i have no respect for her. so silly. no character. once she married tom cruise she immediately changed, in she is now for he whole power game. with her pityful power look, like in this pic. and then in any case, power gets to their heads and they loose it. look at this idiot: tom cruise. come to your senses man! it’s such a shame that this girl has no brains: if her value is for what she is, then she shood be what she was. and not play this silly game of uuuuh now i’m ms. cruise so i need to look like a power lady. like that silly victoria beckham. in this pic she has dressed like her even. useless folks – and someone pls tell her to stop feeling empowered like the women around her, i.e. her mom, sisters, etc. they didn’t changed over night just to be in the sight of the globe, their contribution being… umm that of marrying tom cruise. man, such weak women, game for fake power, get on my nerves.

  99. Heather says

    Libraesque I have been on before but not recently. I didn’t know about the breast feeding. That is very disturbing. Do they give this to new borns as well? It is such a shame.

  100. Libraesque says

    dori, someone asked a question. I don’t think it’s up to you what’s discussed here.
    How many times can people come on here and say “isn’t katie pretty”
    I’d personally like to take credit for putting a little life into this dull site by pumping up the comments to almost 300 on the other thread with a very interesting sometimes heated debate/discussion.

  101. dori #1 says

    Well Katie looks gorgeous and lets not even start with the scientology thing It’s not worth talking about.

  102. Libraesque says

    side bangs, I was wondering about that comment, thanks for clearing it up. And can I just say that it’s SO completely pathetic that these people use others screen names. When you’re exposed it just proves how pathetic TC fans really are. There aren’t enough “real” people to speak in favor of them, so you have to use other peoples screen names?

  103. Libraesque says

    Amy, educate yourself at It’s a very informative site, and you’ll see there that it is indeed true

  104. says

    #25 is not me. Webmistress should really do something about this. It’s getting real bad. And #25….. I would not trade my life for anything so keep yor mouth shut. I bet you are the same person causing all the trouble on thsi website. I added a website on my name ( I don’t know if it works).

  105. amy says

    is that true about the breastfeeding?? how sad, naive and ridiculous!! does anyone know if this is just a myth or if its true??

  106. scarlet says

    I am sure that all of Tom’s family live in the house. Katie did a interview and said that the whole family lives there the mother and sisters and the kids..Some crazy crap…

  107. Libraesque says

    Scientologists don’t believe in breast feeding. L.RonHubbard made up some concoction that they give to babies made with grain, oat groats, rice, raw cashews, or raw almonds

  108. Heather says

    I don’t know what is true or not with them but Purif is a real thing used by Scientogists to supposedly rid the body of radiation or “toxins”.
    The problem is (besides the fact that there are no medical supports for this therapy) Niacin, if used too often over long periods can caused serious liver damage.
    Also, I sure hope if she is enduring this ridiculous
    “therapy” that she isn’t breast feeding because Niacin passes through the breast milk and it says NOT to use it if you are breast feeding.

  109. side bangs says

    Who are you , Angelina ( preggo hott mommy)? You are being very rude. No onew cares what YOU think. Are yiu new here? I have never seen you before when this site started. You are just a person who wants to cause trouble. Some people care some don’t. If you have nothing nice to say then don’t say anything at all. What’s happened to this site since I left? Well just couldn’t rest, knowing that this person is making rude and inconsidreate cmments about other people.

  110. ANGELINA (preggo hott mommy) says

    she is going along with him they git on my nerves she should be more like AJ and brad.. and make use of themself.

  111. side bangs says

    I don’t know, Anna. It looks like a sun. I am going to come off for a bit. Very tired. Bye Ladies. I’ll probably come back on before the day is out.

  112. Anna says

    the necklace that she is wearing in the last picture…is that anything scientology related?? does anyone know?

  113. Anna says

    Haha I do agree with you Libraesque that it is a little weird that his mom is living with them…however, i’m sure their house is big enough that they’re not tripping over each other!!:)…Geez if that it another bump that’s another 27 million dollars if they get divorced! I thought I read on here that they might be expecting/adopting a boy?…Has anyone heard any plastic surgery rumors about Katie since she’s been married to Tom?

  114. K says

    Does any one else notice that Katie does not smile with her teeth anymore, it is so sad what he is doing to her, she is losing her sole. And that punishment stuff, that is so lame, she should just leave him already, and take cute Suri with her.

  115. Libraesque says

    And it’s not a rumor, his sisters and mother all live with them. It’s SICK
    What grown man with a new bride lives with his mommy. That must be REAL romantic. No Naked Sunday going on in that house!

  116. Libraesque says

    WOW, she looks gorgeous.!!!! And I think the fishnets are perfect, they give a little POW to this conservative outfit

    this was some bullshit honor that never even existed before. And he doesn’t do anything that doesn’t involve Scientology, and if he’s trying to get kids involved in that cult I think that’s criminal

  117. amy says

    there is no denying that katies is a beautiful young woman in these pics…for all the people who say they feel sorry for her being so ‘trapped’…look at these pics…before she was swept off her feet by this big nosed midget she was just another actress…now on the other hand, she is truly world wide famous and has become a polished trophy wife who seems very happy to be so…she gets far more out of this marriage than he does….baby aside….so whether it’s a sham or not…i don’t for one second think she has been tricked into anything…i think she has everything any ambitious fame seeking girl could ever wish for….and then some…

  118. !!! says

    Katie looks very elegant and beautiful!!! Webmistress Katie is 28 years old and a mother what do you want her to wear? I guess some people will prefer trashy over elegance.

  119. side bangs says

    What’s with the fishnet stocking mobberers? If she hadn’t have worn that she would look very very classy and elegant.

  120. side bangs says

    She is so pretty! But for the last picture she looks weird , like a zombie! :). She has changed a lot since ahe has been with Tom. Guess it’s mostly cuz she is a mom now. She definatly look sexy here. Tom has officially made me think of him as crayzee. Look at the smile. Jeez! LOL.

  121. says

    I have to say, I was going to ask what the matter was? She is incredibly pretty but she looks so off here… I think shes backed herself into a corner with him… I might be completly offbase and they may be incredibly happy, i just think she looks drained and not a fraction of the lovely woman she was before, but it might just be these photos xx

  122. boo says

    I happen to think that outfit looks very pretty on her, it’s very classy and elegant, I’d wear it myself, if I had somewhere fancy to wear it to… lol., She looks very Pretty!
    Is it just me or does that second pic look like a bump??Probably Not… Just wondering!!~*

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