Reportedly Ali Landry and Husband Expecting A Girl

Ali Landry
Reportedly, Ali Landry, 33, and husband Alejandro Gomez Monteverde are expecting a girl in July! Ali and Alejandro were married in April 2006. Hopefully there will be an official confirmation soon.

Ali and Alejandro are pictured here in September 2006.

Ali Landry



  1. Essie says

    She was also on the UPN (now CW) network show “Eve” for a couple of years. And Mario cheated BEFORE they were married and photos showed up on the internet while they were on their honeymoon. Why she even married Lopez is beyond me.

  2. Anna says

    i’m pretty sure she was married to mario lopez for about a week until there were reports of cheaitng on his part while on their honeymoon in mexico!…I also think she was the “dorito gil” a few years back….she’s beautiful!

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