Julia Roberts' Twins Out For A Bike Ride

Julia Roberts

Danny Moder took two-year-old twins Hazel and Phinnaeus for a ride on a $250 Kettler tandem trike in LA’s Venice Beach on March 8th. Julia Roberts has said of her husband, “He is our rock, our heart, center of our family.”

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  1. Claire says

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  2. Amber says

    Hey,Julia,Your kids are great ! Dont have tolisten to some peoples who are jealous about what you are and what you get! I also have twins ,they are very cute and I can understand why you have wearing your kids look like ”second the best ”.;) When I go for a walk with my babies ,evwery one turning head and feel like the must tocome and look into stroller ,it really irritating ! We went for Christmas to shopping center ,kids were dressing like small Santas in red and white dresses and hats,peoples in crowds were running to our stroller and making photos ,there were somany cameras and splashes that my kids start to cry ,Ihave to protect my babies and run away . Next ime I never wear nice clothes for my babies when we go out just to protect them. I hope some of peoples who wrote such hateful comments can understand you better and calm down.:) Have a wonderful day and time with your wonderful kids and keep be strong and happy ,you know there is a lot of peoples who love you an admire you!

  3. Debra says

    Wow!!! Some of you need to revisit Webster’s for the meaning of cute. They are certainly not the most unattractive children I have ever seen… but let’s face it, they are neither cute or adorable.

  4. Kate says

    They’re not ugly. They’re sweet. They do have unique looks though, the boys hair is a very vibrant shade of red and both children appear quite small. Still cute though, just in a very OOAK (one of a kind) sort of way. You don’t see many children that closely resemble their appearances.

  5. Zbella says

    I didn’t know that about her hubby. See what I learn?

    Anyway, I don’t find these kids cute. I have a blondie, brunette & redhead – and they are all adorable. 🙂

  6. Ruby Jackson says

    Babs, I totally agree with you. But remember, she will get what she deserves, because she’s a cheater, too. She knew he was married when she hooked up with him and she fought his wife to get him.

  7. Babs says

    I hope Julia gets what she deserves, a cheating husband. You think Danny has any morals to not cheat on Julia? This guy took vows with his first wife and she thought the same thing. Julia’s makeup is the only thing going for her. Without it, blah! Vera is far prettier than Julia, but Julia has the money. Now figure out why Julia is pushing for kiddies galore–to try to make him feel the family ties. But this man doesn’t know what it means to stay put. He will leave, maybe for his ex-wife (I wouldn’t take him back), maybe for a new other woman! He can’t be faithful. so when I read he makes a great dad/husband-pffffffffffffffttttt. Not EVEN close. Once a cheater, always a cheater because if you cheat–you don’t have an ounce of respect for yourself or your mate. period. Don’t say it won’t happen to Julia, because Julia is starting to show some wear.

  8. Cheryl says

    Not all babies are cute. The ugliest one most often grow up to be beautiful…(anyone remember the Olsen twins) Lets hope that happens to these twins

  9. **** says

    Those kids are ugly. Especially the girl. sorry hate to say it. I’ve seen them in person up her in Taos, NM. They are so normal and everyone leaves them alone. They can go anywhere and not be bothered. Just love it here.

  10. dori #1 says

    Oh geez their kids real normal kids dressed like normal kids. They are adorable and it’s always great to see them

  11. Ruby Jackson says

    Isn’t that what his wife thought too, before he left her for a celebrity?

    Put down the phone and BE with your kids!!

  12. MommyDearest says

    I’m sorry, but I think Danny looks like he needs a good shower and shave. “Beauty and the Beast”

  13. carleigh says

    Her twins are so cute, love the blonde and red hair! Can’t wait to see pic’s of her newest edition. Glad she seems stable and happy now that she has a good husband and the babies she’s always wanted, good for her!

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