1. briannaisafag says

    listen, “Brianna”….i guarentee you he has had more game in two nights than you have had in your entire life. go suck monkey balls. no one wants you here. BRIDGET IS A DRIED UP COW/HOE. GO SCREW YOURSELF CAUSE NO ONE ELSE WILL.

    long live tom.

  2. Sunshine says

    Is it me or does she always have her hand on her stomach when she is being photographed? YES Bridget, we know!!!! You’re pregnant and Tom Brady is the father (or so you say).
    On the heels: she might wanna take those off and think more about the meal ticket… um I mean bun she has in the oven

  3. says

    I just like wedges. Other than that snakers and flats are what I wear when I’m pregnant. When I’m not ( i was quite the party girl) I used to go to clubs all the time and I was wearing 5 inch heels and I was dancing ( very good actually:)) and there was a piece of glass on the dance floor and I slid on it, borke my heel and the piece of glass went into my ankle. I had to get burgery to take it out. But I still wear ’em.

  4. EveLina says

    I guess it depends on the shoes your wearing, if their comfortable heels then it’s not too bad. See I was always into wearing heels, and still do. I just find them more comfortable, but of course not at all times.

  5. EveLina says

    Side bangs yeah I know.. I could never get over that picture. It always amazed me as well. You know when I was pregnant my baby always kicked way too much, so my husband tried to take a pic when she was kicking and we got a shot of her, (I think her fist, not sure). So on the picture there’s like a bump on my belly, but not as vivid as that one.

  6. side bangs says

    My baby is quite the kicker, alright. Nonstop. But on days it can be quiet too. It’s astounding to me!

  7. MommyDearest says

    I’ve seen that picture before Side Bangs and it amazes me everytime. When I was pregnant with my son, I used to put things on my belly and he would “kick” them off. With my daughter, I was in and out of the hospital all the time because she failed her “kick test” almost everyday! How about your little one? Kicking alot or quiet?” (I much prefer a “kicker”)

  8. CTBMOM says

    I agree Bridget is absolutely beautiful, much prettier than Giselle…but looks aren’t everything. Only Tom and Bridget know what happened in their relationship. I do wish her the best with the baby.

  9. says

    Some woman feel so comfortable in heels, I have had many heavily pregnant woman in 2 inch heels but hey it’s their cup of tea so…

    She’s gorgeous! Are you enjoying your pregnancy sidebangs, your getting so close to D-day!

  10. side bangs says

    It;s mainly because I don’t want to trip and fall and hurt the baby in the process and lemme tell yaanyways I am not to crazy about heels 🙂

  11. side bangs says

    Golly. LOL. How can she be in heels. Even when I firs found out I could’t walk in heels. It’s just something about it when you’re pregnant about heels. ( at least for me)

  12. Brianna says

    She looks great! Who needs that horses ass Tom Brady. I wish I looked that good when I was pregnant!

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