Celine Dion & Family At Disneyland

Celine Dion, 38, husband Rene Angelil and son Rene-Charles Angelil, 6, were snapped in front of the Magic Castle at Disneyland.

Celine Dion

Celine Dion

Celine says she leads a normal life. Rene-Charles stays up until she comes home and the three of them sleep in the same bed. In the morning, it’s coffee and toast, and then sometimes playing in the empty lot the family purchased beside their home at Lake Las Vegas, about a half-hour drive from Caesars.

Celine said she wants to try to have another child, but will not be disappointed if it doesn’t work out. She told a French magazine in October that a frozen embryo was awaiting her at a New York clinic, created in the in vitro process that helped her give birth to her son.

“Hopefully after this project, we can try to have another one. And if not, it’s what God has decided,” she said. “I never thought I was going to have a child. We have one. It’s such a blessing.”

She noted that the pictures in her dressing room may be a little dated. Her son’s wavy, light hair – just like his mother’s – is now “down to his back” she said, touching the small of her back.

“He’s a rocker,” she said, adding she’s never cut his hair even once since he was born.

“I asked him if he wanted me to cut it a little bit, he says, ‘Uh uh, no.’ No he doesn’t want to,” Celine said. “When he’s ready, he’ll let me know.”


  1. Cathy Viviano says

    Rene Charles needs a haircut ASAP. 🙂 And what is this mess with Rene, Rene Charles and Celine sleeping in the same bed? Come on Celine and Rene. Please give your son a bed to sleep on and don’t sleep with him.

  2. COLE says

    Celine looks wonderful with her family thats right her family i agree with number 26. Amanda’s right if the tables were turned onto your children and their opinions on when they want to cut their own hair and when they feel comfortable sleeping in their own bed then all you would think it as is a faze their going through everyone has their own opinions their intitled too. But if its a celebrity then you can say all you want why dont you try their shoes on for size i bet you will be having a completly different opinion. Her son is cute and his human so does have his own opinion its not about ROLES as a mother and a son not every family is the same if they were we would all be boaring give the kid a break he will cute it when his GOOD and READY your not the mother of the child so BACK OFF!!!

  3. Amanda says

    okay I’ve seen video of Rene Charles and Celine was laying him down on a blanket in the floor he wasn’t sleeping in their bed and also when he was a baby when she was on Oprah she showed him in his nursery asleep,once again his own bed not theirs.

    Rene Charles is old enough to decide if and when he wants his hair cut it doesn’t make him gay or queer or anything,He has his own mind let him use it,if he doesn’t want to cut his hair he shouldnt have to but its not my child so I have NO right to say anything about where he should sleep or if he should cut his hair.

    why must people always find the need to fuss about celebrities and their children and what they do with them?how would you feel if someone started posting nasty things online about you and your child and the way you raise it or the way it looks?

  4. maggie says

    Its not good for a child to sleep with her parents, I mean it sounds like they are a caring family but its not good beacause later it will be hard for the kid to sleep in his own bed. But I think its beacause charles is very special for them, he was a hard child to concieve

  5. N says

    As long as its clean and maintaned If he wants to let it grow why not? Who is it hurting? Is it really that serious? As a parent would you die from embarassment if your child wanted to let their hair grow? Also whats not normal about a child sleeping with their parents at 7?…. What if the family was poor and that was their only bed? Are you saying that they are not normal?

  6. kim says

    Since when do you let a 6 year old tell you the parent when he’s going to get his hair cut? I thought that there was a mother role and a child role. Letting a 6 year old control that situation will result in hair down to his back-which is gross. Celine and Rene- grow a pair!

  7. Michelle says

    Oy vey, here we go again with the anti-long-haired-boy railings! Ryder, Presley, etc. etc.; can someone please explain to me how the world’s going to spin off its axis if everyone with XY doesn’t get their hair cut immediately? You sure don’t hear much bellyaching about short-haired girls; why the double standard? Why not just find it fetching or not, on a case by case basis, and not make it so sexist. I think it looks great on Presley and Pam & Tommy’s boys, better on Ryder since he shortened it up, and not so spiffy on Rene; it’s really just a matter of one’s actual hair type. Is it all some outdated kneejerk reference to those “darn counterculture hippies” and those “Satan-worshipping heavy metallers” or something? Really and truly, let it be water under the bridge, already! It’s just hair! If Céline can be blasé about it, why not join her in the same non-riled-up universe? Also, it’s makes a person more-distinctive to have a smidge of hair; I wouldn’t be able to tell Rocco Ritchie apart from anyone anymore with that plain-jane buzz cut they’ve got him sporting now!

  8. anna says

    Honestly, I don’t think it’s ‘normal’ for parents to share their bed with a six year old. If he really is so attached to his mom and dad, they could try adjoining bedrooms with the door open, or letting him fall asleep in their bed then carrying him over to his own. Otherwise I can’t imagine any one of them ever getting a good night’s rest. Or maybe it’s Celine and Rene who don’t want their baby to grow up? Maybe he also still has a pacifier, who knows… I’m sure there are some people who’ve had a pacifier until age 7 and beyond.

  9. tia says

    I don’t know whays so wrong about a child deciding what to do with their hair. I had my hair passed my ass until I was 10. Then i told my mom i wanted it cut. Sh let me decide (however, if she had it her way, she would have cut it a long time before that) Who cares where he sleeps? i slept with my parents till i was 7!

    I love Celine!! I went to a concert when I was 11 or 12 i believe. My mom is stil a huge fan.

  10. says

    Celine is always so full of life and you can see it in these pictures! She came from a very large family, I hope her invitro attempt is successful :)I think this is the first picture of seen of Rene-Charles since he was born.

  11. Corie says

    Is her child a boy or a girl? And personally, since when does a child tell a parent what he/she is going to do? And they all sleep in the same bed? Better line up a therapist now…..the kid’s gonna need one.

  12. says

    Oh yeah, I just noticed the hair too. I am not too against it but when it gets that long, that’s when it gets weird and you look like a girl.

  13. EveLina says

    Well, i guess everbody has there own oppionion on names. It suites my daughter very well. I think it’s a very beautiful name!

  14. ShiftingSands says

    Hate the long hair !!! I thought it was a GIRL!!!!! I don’t think sleeping with your parents at 6 or 7 is healthy, sorry it’s MY OPINION !!!!!!!

  15. EveLina says

    Side bangs- no actually my grandmothers maiden name was Celine and she passed away 2 years ago. She was an incredible women, just like Celine. So I guess the name has a “GOOD” meaning. But I always thought that name was beautiful. It’s just such a peaceful name, I think… It’s actually Celine Evanna.

  16. Julie says

    Ok, I know I’ll get a lot of people disagreeing with me, but…it’s the hair. I just can’t get used to young boys with long hair. I used to get annoyed when I saw Ryder with his long long hair. It’s just an opinion, and I’m usually pretty open minded, but I just can’t be ok with this. I’ve seen boys 5 and 6 years old with their ears pierced already, and I kind of think of this in the same way. That said, they seem like a loving family, and they love their son very much. While the “family bed” wouldn’t work for my family, the U.S is one of few cultures that do not practice this, making this actually a fairly normal thing to do in families around the world I guess if mom and dad want to be intimate, they do it other places! Good excuse to get creative!

  17. says

    Eve, did you name your daughter after her? What’s wrong with having a child sleep with their parents? I slept with my parents until I was 7 years old!

  18. EveLina says

    I just love Celine, and that’s my daughters name. First of all she is the best singer there is.. What an adorable family! I thought for a second there they adopted a girl. I didn’t realize that was Rene-Charles, their son.. Wow, he sure grew up fast.
    Gosh Celine is just so beautiful!

  19. dori #1 says

    Lots of people have their kids in bed with them It’s more normal than you would think. He is adorable and they are so crazy in love with their child. I remember her talking about how badly she wanted to have this child and was worried she never would because her jusband was not well at the time and he was older .

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