Brooke Burke & Heaven Rain

Brooke Burke

Brooke Burke

Brooke Burke, 35, was snapped with her two-month-old daughter Heaven Rain while out shopping in Santa Monica, CA. Little Heaven Rain has two big sisters – Neriah and Sierra.



  1. says

    I still disagree, her last husband was a plastic surgeon. She is beautiful to me, I enjoy makeup but still feel beautiful without it on. I hope I look that good whe I am 35 and just having a baby!

  2. minkysmom says

    Brooke looks bad without her makeup, but so does everyone. stop lying and sayin she looks great

  3. me says

    KellyMay ARE U BLIND ?? a woman at 35 is not old . but in that , photo brooke look so oldddddddddddddddd dont be mad with maggie

  4. Brianna says

    I think she has her daddy’s cute nose. She sure is precious. As for Brooke looking bad without make-up-most celebrities do. Lots of them look seriously scary without their make-up.

  5. EveLina says

    I bet side bangs you can’t wait till yours finally comes out.. ?
    Yea I know that rush feeling you get, like come on, come on out now….LoL. You know if you have a girl, once she get’s older you could be shopping buddies. If you end up having a boy, he’ll mown the law..LoL.

  6. EveLina says

    She is very beautiful. Wow, she reminds me so much of my daughter in-a-way, both dark hair, big round eyes… AWW so cute. I just want to pinch her cheeks!

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