Britney Laying Low After Leaving Rehab

Britney Spears

Since leaving rehab on Tuesday, Britney has been spending quiet time at home, receiving visits from her children and estranged husband Kevin.

In the low-key days since Britney checked out of Malibu’s Promises treatment center, Kevin and their sons Sean Preston, 1, and Jayden James, 6 months, visited Britney once, and the children came with a nanny another time.

Kevin, who cared for the boys during the four weeks Britney was at Promises, hopes to continue doing so until he believes her rehab follow-through is working, a source said on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, he’s planning to go to Las Vegas this weekend to celebrate his 29th birthday at Caesars Palace’s Pure Nightclub, returning three weeks after a visit there with the kids while Britney was in rehab. Britney is not expected at the party.

Before her stint in Promises, Britney was working on a new album for release this year. R&B star Ne-Yo had been slated to work with her, but he tells People magazine: “The Britney stuff is on the back burner right now because Britney is fighting her battles and dealing with her demons. I really think if people leave Britney alone for a minute that she’ll be alright.”

Still, he says, he has heard some of her new songs and “musically she definitely has a chance to come back.”

“Now she’s got to do what Whitney did,” he says. “She has to take the time to get the negativity out of her life so that she can come back and do what people love her for in the first place.”

Best wishes to Britney!



  1. Chris Sol says

    It’s a shame she whacked all of that beautiful hair off! Her baby is beautiful, as well as Britney…hope she comes to realize that and takes better care of herself.

  2. says

    Quilla, read the comment above yours. This picture was taken in August of 2006 when she was pregnant with Jayden. It was a photo shoot for People Magazine.

  3. Carole Danielle says

    That’s an old picture of her and her son.
    This picture was taken way before she cuts her hair
    and goes to rehab.
    Please, this is not her looking like this now.
    Hey Babyrazzi could you get a more updated picture of
    her, especially when you are talking about her after

  4. Olivia says

    WOW, Everyone has been really nice in almost each of these comments. I am impressed. Good to see you back Braydie! Perhaps you have been for a while, I seldom come to this site now. It seemed to be depressing with all the nastiness and I bowed out. Winter can get depressing all by it’s self. Oops, evidently my son has gotten his sister up and both have come a visiting to mamma’s office. I’m glad I checked in tonight, it was pleasant .

  5. crayola says

    she is still a sick lady and i give her 2 weeks before she is back to her trailor trash self. 4 weeks is just not enough time for her. i think she should have stayed there longer.

  6. oriana says

    Oh I think her little boy is adorable!! He is so sweet.

    Brittany, I think has a long recovery a head of her, the short time she spent in Promises is just the tip of the iceberg, I hope she continues counseling and that her family encourages her, to me she is deeply troubled and if it is true she had a drug problem, then only more so for a long term recovery period.

    She is young, beautiful, very beautiful girl, I will pray for her and wish her good luck, she needs a strong support system and guidance.

  7. sofie says

    i love britney, and i am sorry about what happend to her. i hope that she will make it this time….!!!

    and sean preston is a beautiful little boy…

  8. Grandma of 4 says

    SOOOOO happy to see someone finally got a hold of Britney and put a STOP to her outrageous behavior. She managed to do enough to completely sabotage herself on the child custody issue! It had gone from bad to worse long before the head shaving incident and the in and out of several rehabs before the boom was lowered. I teach 5th grade and it is amazing how my little gals have reacted…they say she is not a role model of theirs and they can’t figure out what her point has been! And…..this was the age group her music was targeting for quite some time. Hopefully, she will sit up, take notice, and continue LISTENING! I did read where the program she was in was slated for a much longer time but she bolted the first opportunity she had so I am not so sure she learned everything she should have! Those little guys deserve a whole MOTHER not a self centered, spoiled child who will not take the time to learn have to be a PARENT!!

  9. Brianna says

    Sean Preston is SOOOOOO cute. I’m not sure who he takes after, but he has just the cutest elfen face. I wonder why she hides Jaden?

  10. joanne says

    so she wont be seeing her boys for 3 weeks while kevins taking them to vegas?
    thats disgusting he can’t do that!
    poor sean’s probably forgotten his mumy and lil jayden doesnt know any better
    get well soon brit so you can get your kids back!!!

  11. Lauren says

    Sean Preston is soo cute. I bet Jayden James is a cutie as well. I pray that Brit gets better and can’t wait for her to comeback.

  12. says

    Maggie, what are you going to get out of knowing my real name? Just asking. Just fopr the record my name is Kimberly. I don’t know why I don’t use my name. Maybe it’s because I don’t want to. I got side bangs because in High School I was know gor my bangs that were perfectly neat and on the side of my head and there was not one day it wouldn’t be like that. Not trying to be rude, but mind your own business.

  13. Braydie says

    Hope Britney recovers fully, and becomes a devoted parent. Sean sure is adorable! I would like to see more pictures of baby Jayden.

  14. Maggie says

    Evelina is that your real name?
    Side Bangs what is your name? Side Bangs can get annoying at times, sorry just being honest. Why dont u go by your real name?

  15. Kelsey says

    What a great picture! Now this is what a devoted mother looks like. I really hope she stays healthy for her boys.

  16. dori #1 says

    Oh it just warms my heart to see her so happy and being with her son. Brit hope you keep it altogether and we can see more happy pictures like this one.

  17. MommyDearest says

    Hey…I’ve got a GREAT idea Side Bangs and EveLina, since you guys seem like you have so much in common…why don’t you both come on over to HelloRazzi and chat with us over there? 🙂 It’s alot of fun (and it will give me more time to figure out who you “used to be”, Side Bangs?) 🙂

    Anyway, It’s only Friday. Britney has only been out of re-hab for 3 days…I’m glad she’s “laying low”. I wasn’t expecting to see her at a club until Saturday! 🙂

  18. EveLina says

    Sean Preston is one handsome little boy! Just look at him, the cuttiest celeb baby boy ever!! Hopefully he get’s his mum back soon.

  19. says

    I love this picture. It shows that she really cares about her kids. It’s really cute. Can’t wait to see what move she does next. Either its a comeback or staying low for a while.

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