Bridget Moynahan Discusses Her Pregnancy On "Live With Regis & Kelly"

Bridget Moynahan

Bridget Moynahan talked about her pregnancy publicly for the first time yesterday, and managed to do so without mentioning the baby’s father, Pats quarterback Tom Brady. Appearing on “Live With Regis and Kelly,” the actress, who’s nearly five months along, looked as lovely as ever and said she’s feeling fine, too. Wearing a black dress that didn’t hide her bump, Bridget, 36, said she didn’t feel much different until “it started jumping around a bit.” (The actress also taped an interview with Martha Stewart, which will air Monday.) Bridget and Tom, who dated for three years before breaking up in December, have both been mum since the pregnancy was revealed last month. Tom has since taken up with Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen, who this week felt compelled to deny reports that she also is carrying a Brady baby. Asked yesterday how her bigger belly was handled on her ABC series “Six Degrees,” Bridget said she had to carry a handbag on one episode to conceal her condition. (Kelly Ripa joked that Bridget will need a duffel bag before long.) Bridget, who grew up in Longmeadow, MA, gave no indication if she knows the baby’s gender, but Kelly and her temporary cohost Neil Patrick Harris agreed that, he or she, the kid’s a shoo-in to win the show’s “beautiful baby contest.”



  1. MommyDearest says

    I’ve never seen her before in my life…and now she is everywhere just because she got pregnant and her boyfriend left her?? Funny what kind of situations make you a celebrity?

  2. says

    Having been pregnant 3 times I have to say it isn’t easy !! She won’t have a husband to help and support her not to mention the actual birth! Each time I was scared to death !! She is very brave, good for her !!!!

  3. Daria says

    I’m not really familiar with her other than what I hear about this pregnancy, but what a gorgeous woman! She has an old-school Hollywood glamour look to her in this picture.

  4. oriana says

    I think she is just beautiful and looks so elegant! Very lovely lady! She doesn’t seem to be grieving any over the loss of her boyfriend, and yes, people split up everyday and go their separate ways, and if they have grown apart, then everyone is entitled to their own happiness, I am sure this little baby will be well taken care of and loved, I do think it is tasteless and bad timing to be strutting all over the place with the pregnancy just being announced but they are grown adults, not teenagers. Hopefully he will support the baby without groaning and moaning about it! He knows what condoms are and she knows about birth control so now they have to live with their choices and actions!

  5. dori #1 says

    True he may not have wanted the baby but now he looks like a cad. Being out in the publici with another woman while another woman is carrying his child.Couldn’t he be more discreet?
    Who would want a guy like that? I question Giselles integrity now. Would you date a guy who had a pregnant ex around? This is very Kevin Federline isn’t it?
    Maybe I’m old fashined cause I’m a grandma too and in my day(the60’s) we didn’t behave this way. We took our responsibilities more seriously. The world is changing and I’m having a hard time with the lack of moral values.

  6. Grandma of 4 says

    Call me old fashioned BUT….Tom Brady surly knew he was expecting a child. I found it in poor taste to be photographed all over Paris holding hands with Miss Bundchen. Plus, I am amazed Miss Bundchen did not send him packing until he had his personal life completely sorted out!

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