Kate Winslet Taking Mia To School

Kate Winslet

The gorgeous Kate Winslet, 31, and daughter Mia, 6, were snapped in NYC this morning. Kate was taking Mia to school. Mia’s father is Kate’s ex-husband director Jim Threapleton. Kate has a son, Joe, 3, with husband director Sam Mendes.



  1. Natasha says

    Isn’t is strange that Kate Winslet, a citizen of Britain, is educating her daughter here in the USA while Gwenyth Paltrow who attended schools in New York has shunned them for her own kids, choosing instead to educate them in her husband’s native Britain?

  2. Chicorina says

    When we’re young, without wrinkles, and we have weight to battle more than anything, smoking seems an alright thing to do… wrinkles and early death are still a long way off. However, once those wrinkles show up, exercise and diet seem more and more like a better way to stay thin.

    Mind, I’m sympathetic about this. I battled with it at 30-ish as well.

  3. says

    Kate Winslet is a great actress and I think that it doesn’t matter about her hair color, except I liked her hair color in the titanic better than blond. I think that Mia is so cute and sort of looks like her, but not really.

  4. says

    I think that Kate Winslet and her daughter Mia look cute together! She has grown so much and Kate looks much older than 31, though. And I agree with everyone. Kate Winslet is soooo good! I loved her in the Titanic and also in The Holiday. She’s a great actress and I bet she’s a great mother to Mia!

  5. Betha says

    I agree with Kellymay- these threads are perfect for a giggle! Tanning beds are unbelievably harmful to your skin anyways. Unlike tanning in the sun, the rays in tanning beds reach to deeper skin levels, heightening the risk of skin cancer. (I think they’re called UVA rays while direct rays from the sun are UV.) Anyways, tanning while pregnant cannot be safe… And yes, both hair and skin colour are genetic. That’s almost as silly as thinking that if you keep up a perm during your pregnancy, your child will have curly hair.

    But Kate is gorgeous, as always. She’s such a great role model, and her kids are so cute.

  6. Chicorina says

    I think it’s really awful to say that Mia isn’t so pretty. She does look like her father, but she’s a beautiful little girl. Look at those adorable cheeks and those sleepy little eyes! What a darling.

    She’s just a child, and she has no say in whether or not cameras are an ever present fixture on her walk to school every day. Poor kid.

    It looks to me like she and her mother just make the best of things. Bless their toes!

  7. says

    After having some coffee, I had to come back and make light of the above comment. Obviously the blogger was meaning to have a giggle or she really wasn’t sure whom the daddy was because yes you cannot change the color of your babys skin. You shoold not tan while pregnant, still thanks for the giggle!

  8. side bangs says

    Yeah, me too KellyMay! How can your baby come out darker if you have never seen their skin color before because they are in the womb. I think they have already developed their color before the last 3 months of pregnancy. I don’t think it changed. But is that was your experience, then that’s pretty awesome.

  9. Anna says

    hmmm I thought it was harmful to the baby for all of those ultra-violet lights to be going into your body!…And I really doubt that tanning made your baby darker…

  10. Momshouse says

    #6…I think that was a very good question “Hy”. When I was pregnant, I wanted a darker skinned baby! I went tanning almost everyday for the last 3 months of my pregnancy and you know what? It worked! My baby came out with dark skin. Don’t make fun of her asking questions. Go right ahead “Hy”…I’ll answe them for you! I know my baby stuff!

  11. Anna says

    I’m sorry Carleigh…I am brand new to this site and thought Hy really thought that! I was just trying to answer her question so she wouldnt dye her hair a million times depending on what color she wanted her baby’s hair to be!! 🙂

  12. Anna says

    Hy…hair color is a gene! Meaning you could dye your hair purple but your baby wouldnt come out with purple hair :)…so if you had brown hair before it would probably be around that color or the baby’s father’s color…or a mix of course :)…haha but then again some babies surprise you and come out with a different hair color completely!

  13. hy says

    I don’t think she looks like her mommy at all. Does anyone know— befre you are pregnant, you have black hair. then you dye it to blond, and then you find out you are pregnant whe the baby comes, do they have the colour hair you were bornwith ( black ) or blonde????????????????????????????????????????????? i am pregnnat and i did that. i want to know the results. does anyone know?

  14. side bangs says

    Done resting! addicted to my computer! my husband calls me acomputer geek because I work with them at work and I go on it at home too and I won’t be botherred by it. I think Kate should had have her reed hair. She looks like a porceline doll when she does. Her skin looks washed out. Love Mia’s coat.

  15. Lauren says

    Wow, Mia is getting big. I love Kate Winslet. I’ve liked her ever since I saw her in Titanic. She’s gorgeous and seems like a devoted mother.

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