James Denton & Son At Disneyland

James Denton

James Denton was snapped with his son Sheppard, 4, while coasting on Gadget’s Go Coaster at Disneyland on Wednesday. James and his family visited the theme park to celebrate daughter Malin’s 2nd birthday!



  1. Lisa says

    MY STEPSONS EARS STICK OUT STRAIGHT OUT FROM HIS HEAD. I don’t really realize it every day, but they are part of him so of course I love them…but he is now in 5th grade and he is teased every day about his ears, he hates them at 10!!!! Get em fixed

  2. ChrisRene says

    Is it just me or does the kid look like he’s going to hurl?? James Denton is a cutie, I used to work for a guy who looked JUST like him! Adorable pic 🙂

  3. Anna says

    He was so sexy in that thing where he acted as a judge. I forgot its name. Cute son, ears and all.

  4. brennan says

    omg how dumb of all of you who are criticizing kaitlyn (she was saying how cute the ears were) so yeah, use your brain before you talk, u idiots….youre the reason why this world is so fucked up… i bet you guys are bullies at school too and should all go 2 hell or get the shit beat out of you…yaaHAHHA you fucking losers hahahah just imagine you guys saying ” im sorry kaitlyn! i didnt mean what i said please dont kill me.” “shut up carole danielle, mariann, and janie. get whats coming to u bitches!! *AHHH*

    oh, and i love james denton! he is nice and his son is so cute!

  5. dori #1 says

    I got the impression Kaitlin was saying his ears were cute why was she criticized for that? You guys are too anxious to fight all the time You act like 12 year old overly hormonal junior high school girls always quick to judge and ready to fight. Get out of here children… you aren’t welcome in a mother and baby web site We don’t need your nasty attitdues and toilet mouths. Call your little girlfirends and rag on them OK?

  6. side bangs says

    Watch your mouth Janie. If that is her opinon then let her say it. She shouldn’t be critisized for saying what she thinks. I think that you are alos Mariann. Do you know what the word awwwww….means? It means that something is cute.

  7. Sylvia says

    I hate roller coasters too, lol.
    I love how he’s such a family man…but his character on DH needs to die.
    Uh…#3…#2 was only saying how cute the kids ears are…

  8. side bangs says

    I HATE roller coasters.They make me so frightened. I went on one when I was 11 and my seatbelt came off and I almost fell out. ( my brother held me back). I just hate it. I wouldn’t even go on that one. It’s scarred me for life. Cute picture.

  9. Carole Danielle says

    Aww, Kaitlyn,
    What’s wrong with you.
    You are such an awful person, probably very hugly,
    inside and out.
    You have a bad mouth girl…

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