Incredibly Realistic Portrayal Of A Housewife…Wink Wink!

Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria presents us with an incredibly realistic portrayal of “being a housewife.” I admit, that as a highschool girl, I truly thought that this would be my future as a married woman! I can’t explain this, as my mother was not sporting this cheeky look around the house! Who knows what I was thinking, but I found this photo funny in a bittersweet way!


  1. Blng says

    Sorry side bangs I thought you had said you had a kid….Oops, i don’t faithfully read all the posts. Congrats on your pregnancy

  2. carleigh says

    That’s not the point this website is supposed to be about women celebrity’s with their children. I just don’t believe this picture of Eva in her underwear has any definitive reason for being on BABYrazzi since she has had no kids yet. Childless or not the people who come here is a moot point, mine is what is she doing here in the first place on a baby website in her undies with her little heiny hanging out?

  3. CTBMOM says

    Uh yeah…I totally dress like that when I’m washing the dishes, LOL. Sheesh, better not let my husband see this pic…he might start complaining about the sweat pants and t-shirts that I usually wear when I’m cleaning the kitchen. 🙂

  4. says

    i cant belived she was number 1 on maxmia or someother mag top 100 sexiest women dont get me wrong she a pretty girl but i think keri russle charlize thron should be number 1 they are the most beatuiful women out there

  5. boo says

    #14- I have 2 kids and I can be online whenever I want because My computer is in My livingroom, so when My kids are watching their cartoons or doing their own thing, the computer is where I am….What would be the big deal if she did have a kid, its really none of your business what she does with her day, so why are you asking???~*

  6. carleigh says

    She’s a celebrity but she has NO KIDS so why is she pictured here in her underwear????? WTF??? She’s gorgeous but there is nothing relatory to the fact that she’s a childless woman, why is she on a celebrity baby website at all?

  7. Anna says

    haha i know side bangs! the computer can be addicting sometimes!!….Eva is beautiful and I look forward to her having children with Tony! I’m sure they’ll be beautiful 🙂

  8. side bangs says

    She’s okay. But htink she wants attention too. She is very gorgeous though. ( done resting) just can’t seem to get off the computer!

  9. Lauren says

    I love Eva! She’s so cute and funny. She’s gorgeous. I love watching her on Desperate Housewives.

  10. Anna says

    Actually I like Eva and her character in desperate house wives. She is so funny and always cracks me up. If all housewives were like her in this outfit, gardiners an milk men would never get their work done.

  11. Brianna says

    I think she is attractive, I do not know how she acts (I do not watch DH) but I do know I am sick of seeing her ALL the time and EVERYWHERE.

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