Brooke Shields Opens Up About Motherhood

Brooke Shields

Though a lot of time has passed since Brooke’s cover on Time magazine in 1981 and her cover on Life magazine in 2007, she has remained a woman with a strong head on her shoulders….despite the influences of fame and Hollywood (and postpartum depression). That’s impressive!
Brooke Shields

LIFE: How do your daughters get along?
SHIELDS: I’m so thankful that they have each other. The baby just lights up when she sees Rowan, and Rowan says, “I make Sister laugh better than anybody.” And she really does. She was making her laugh the other day in the shower, making faces in the steam. The baby was squealing. I was staring at them, welling up. I got them dressed and downstairs, and Rowan said, “Mom, did it break your heart when you were watching us?” I was like, “Well, it did. But now it’s not so cute!” But they have something I never had. [Shields is an only child.] I’m glad they’ll have each other for the times I’m going to be less than appealing to them. They can complain about me; they won’t have to deal with me alone.

You can read her Life Magazine interview here!


  1. maggie says

    Its so grat that the two girls love each other, I have an older brother but I really wanted to have a sister

  2. ???* says

    i have 4 lil kids Nevaeh Rain-Hope Eden and now Sierra[had her acouple days ago] the three LOVE Sierra!!! Nevaeh is 5 Rain is 3 Eden is 2 .

  3. Anna says

    I’m so happy to hear that carleigh!…my child came at a very unexpected time for me – right at the beginning of college! So now I am putting my life back together and going back to school so I know there will be no more kids for a looonnnggg time – its wonderful to hear that your girls are so close! Makes me feel a whole lot better about my son being an only child for awhile!

  4. carleigh says

    Anna, in answer to your question above about their bond. It’s a different sort of bond because of the big age gap, however Carli revels in her role of BIG SIS and they just crack each other up and get along so well. Carli loves helping out with everything and anything concerning her little sis so I am relieved that now that Alyssa is older they are interacting better and better all the time. I would love to have more babies but I am getting older and I just dont’ think I will be that fortunate. But, I am happy and fulfilled with my beautiful daughters and wouldn’t trade those two for anything in the world.

  5. Kbaby says

    Side Bangs, I love your boy’s name. Where did you get Chaz? Holly Jean is great. Tell us your last name so we can see how it fits in.

  6. side bangs says

    Nope. Can’t tell. I just love mystery and I just din’t wanna say. (I am not anyone bad or anything. not imposters form beforeso……don’t think of me as that. LOL.) Ya I remember you. Same ole’ Moommy Dearest. I have the names sorted out. They are official now for my baby. Boy- Chaz Tommie and Girl- Holly Jean.

  7. Shae says

    Brooke has grown into a lovely, unspoiled by Hollywood woman.She seems so down to earth and normal. The other Hollywood women should be jealous….and take a few pages out of Brookes book.

  8. Anna says

    Hi MommyDearest!…I actually was doing some reading on PPD because I seem to be “stuck in a rut” 7 months after my child’s birth…I read an excerpt from the book that I found online and it was actually very honest and well-written…Of course its a little shocking to read some of her thoughts including wondering what would happen if her baby was thrown against the wall but all in all I think it was heartfelt and has helped a lot of women! I’m just glad for both Brooke and her family that they were able to overcome this and have another beautiful girl! They look so happy!

  9. MommyDearest says

    I love Brooke Shields! Has anyone actually read her book “Down came the rain?” If so…any reviews!

    hey! Congratulations Side Bangs! April 28 is my dad’s birthday!!! A good day to have a baby! 🙂 I am so trying to figure out who you are from the past? You must of remembered me from the beginning! I’ve been on here forever! At first, I thought that you were someone else…but now, I’m confused! Can you give us “old timers” some more clues! I promise if I figure it out, I won’t reveal your true identity! You’re killing me over here, woman! 🙂

  10. side bangs says

    She looks better now than before! She is such a great woman and contributes so much. That is such good picture at the top! I love her. She inspires me in so many ways. I can’ t wait to have another baby and see how they get along! ( that’s gonna be a while from now considering I am only pregnant with my first)

  11. Anna says

    Carleigh that is so sweet that your daughters have each other!…I just had my son almost 7 months ago and know that there will not be another one for quite a while…do you see a close bond between them even though they’re 8 1/2 years apart?….Brooke is absolutely gorgeous and seems to be a wonderful mother to both girls! I’m so happy for her that she was able to deal with her PPD despite many critics! (i.e TC!)

  12. carleigh says

    She is beautiful and her children are as lucky to have her as she is to have them. I totallly understand the relief almost a mother feels when a second child is born, because my daughter was an only child for 8 1/2 years until her sister was born. They are quite a bit of difference in their ages, but Carli and Alyssa now have each other and that gives me comfort. Brooke is a gorgeous woman inside and out and so are her baby girls!

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