Brooke Shields Enjoys A Carriage Ride With Rowan & Grier

Brooke Shields, enjoyed a carriage ride in NYC’s Central Park with daughters Rowan, 3, and 11-month-old Grier. She has been busy filming the new TV pilot, Lipstick Jungle.

Brooke Shields



  1. dori #1 says

    Oh please …stop trying to be therapist ok? you don’t know anything I knew my comment would be misunderstood I regret even saying it. I apologize in advance. And for those who get the inkling about me let me explain I have grown adopted children of blck heritage, hispanic heritage and white. Don’t talk to me about race ok?
    I was adopting children of different races before it was “fashionable”.

  2. N says

    Will smiths son is in the spotlight… so is his daughter willow. Thandie Newtons daughters have been photographed. Angela Bassett… Kobe Bryant’s girls… Brandy Norwood…. I can go on and on….. there are plenty of pictures. The only black celebrity children I remember ever bein on this site are Zahara, Henry, and Kimora Simmons little girls. All three were bashed and belittled…. Now what do you have to say!

  3. N says

    There are plenty of pictures of black celebrity babies…. just not on this site. That is why it was mentioned. It bugs me when a white person gets upset when blacks stand up for how they feel. Rather you think its an injustice or not. If you are so docile that you cant stand up for yourself or express something thats bothering you then that is your problem! That has nothing to do with race…. it seems to me that you have a deeper issue.

  4. dori #1 says

    Please stop the black baby thing if you notice most of the black moms and babies seem to keep their children out of the spotlight not advertising like AJ Brad Tom Katie who purposly come out to show off for the media Maybe the black moms are the smart ones keeping their children away from the insanity. Look at the tabloid magazines they aren’t in there either. Its not about racial preference and to tell you the truth(and I’ll catch hell for this one) nothing bugs me more than when black people cry racism all the time when ever they don’t feel they are getting what they want or things don’t go their way. They pull the race card out and cry racism It’s just [plain ugly ok?

  5. MommyDearest says

    Umm…excuse me, “Who cares”…my handle is “MommyDearest” and don’t be including me in your long list of people who you sadly hate! Go back and read, Sweetie, I said nothing about my “stupid” life OR when my birthday was. Anyway, I’m kinda glad you don’t want to be friends with me. I don’t think I would want such a miserable person as you for a friend!

  6. Jamie67 says

    My wedding song was from Gladys Knight
    its called “Home is where the Heart is”
    It’s old .but still my favourit song ever!!
    I got married in 1995!!
    The song is from the seventies!!
    Yeah where are the African-American mummy’s and daddy’s???

  7. WHO CARES says


  8. WHO CARES says


  9. Tammi says

    I’m with you Princess about the African American baby thing, only I’d like to point out that, in addition to Henry and Zahara, there are plenty of black babies out there with BLACK MOMMIES too – how about profiling some of them Web Mistress!!!?!!

  10. Tammi says

    I’m with you Princess about the African American baby thing, only I’d like to point out that there are plenty of black babies out there with BLACK MOMMIES too – how about profiling some of them Web Mistress!!!

  11. boo says

    Bless the broken road by the Rascal flatts..MY FAVE SONG EVER…And a beautiful wedding tune.

    Talking speedy deliveries… How about mine KellyMay! ;), can’t get much quicker then that! lol.

    Would that be you MD #66, I still love you xoxox! ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. Anna says

    I read what all of you say and I feel so young on this page! I just started looking at it a few days ago…prenancy was NO fun for me at all! I had “morning” sickness the whole way through but haha mine lasted all day! so much for being just in the morning…but I did end up with a beautiful boy ๐Ÿ™‚

    Side Bangs – Happy Birthday! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. side bangs says

    I thought you were pregnant Eve. Thanks for the birthdya wish! Can’t seem to come off this computer.

  14. The most hated person on H.R. says

    Like the new handle, KM. I was just over there. They still like you. Sounds like I’m the bad guy now! Great………..:(

  15. dori #1 says

    There’s nothing you can do to make a baby come sooner than it’s ready to come. My daughter had her first and was 2 weeks late We walked… drove on train tracks the whole bit she ended up getting induced last Friday and delivered in like 6 hours. only 20 minutes of pushing and pop out came thte little guy. All natural . He just needed that pitocin to get him going First babies are often late.

  16. EveLina says

    Kellymay so sorry to hear that about your lost…. Gosh that must of been one sad, horrible experience, so sorry! Sometimes it’s just for a good reason, you know.. Well wish you luck!

  17. EveLina says

    Side Bangs one more thing.. Oh, no I am not expecting anytime soon, (Not pregnant). We just got one sweet baby girl, she’s 14 months of joy….

  18. EveLina says

    Sorry I had to leave for a sec. Side bangs yes I had the epidoral, but it didn’t work on me at all. They had to put the IV twice. See that’s when I meant I had a horrible experience. It was just a mess……. Oh and Happy 28th Birthday!!! That’s funny I’m turning 28 the end of this summer. LoL. Well you go ahead and rest… Good Night!

  19. side bangs says

    LOL KellyMay. March 29th is my b-day and we KNOW that all the best women are born in March! Fell like I’m getting older.

  20. says

    Yes side bangs and swiveling your hips like your belly dancing helps bring them down as well. I also did stairs two at a time in labor (that truly was whimsical, must have been those endorphins!)

  21. side bangs says

    I am so sorry about that Eve. I am not nervous about the birth. All I want is to hear his/her cry and make sure that he/she is healthy. Eve, your expecting? Congrats! Hope you have a great pregnancy.

  22. CTBMOM says

    My wedding song was “Can you feel the love tonite” Elton John’s version. I think it’s a beautiful song.

    Side Bangs
    Congrats on the baby. April 28th is my son’s bday.

  23. EveLina says

    Congrats Kellymay on your third! I just hope that when the time comes for our second child i won’t go thru so much pain, sickness, and a horrible delivery. I fainted twice when i was 3 months pregnant. The doctors had to prescribe some pills. I was too enimic, or whatever… I looked like i was dieing…. No kidding!

  24. says

    I 100% attribute it to walking around, in my experiences if you are in bed laying down pushing is tough but think of the path the babe needs to take but if your standing…

  25. says

    Eve my two pregnancies were polar opposites, I had no m/s with my first a girl and vomitted everyday for 16 weeks with my second pregnancy a boy. I was scared with my last pregnacy because that’s what made me clue in my cycle was late, I threw up and thought hmm weird sure enough I was pregnant

  26. side bangs says

    Yeah right, it hasn’t changed much! Too much fighting for god’s sake. Very immature people here. I was gonna say don’t hurt yourself for trying tofigure me out!

  27. EveLina says

    Kellymay you pushed only twice. I was pushing for 21/2 hours straight. It was a really tough delivery. 2 days of contractions. It was just horrible, but all worth it!

  28. side bangs says

    Thanks, guys, I’ll update y’all!. Cuz I have been thinking about doing it at home. 2 pushes? You are so lucky! Most women go for hours pushing.

  29. EveLina says

    Especially the first 3-4 months of morning sickness. Then later it was not as bad. I lost so much weight at first. Some don’t even go thru that M.S. I guess all experience different than others… But wish you the best on your delivery. Good luck!

  30. says

    Wow girl, I am so excited for you! I read that you want to have a natural delivery, that excites me even more. I was so amazed my body did it all and I just had to cope, which was quite tough near the end but I did it! So rewarding, the miwdives kept trying to get me to sit down because I walked and moaned for 5 hours. Thank God I only had to push twice!

  31. side bangs says

    KellyMay, don’t even bother. LOL. I was on for a short while and then family stuff came up…. so I came off for a bit. I don’t think you would remember me.

  32. side bangs says

    I am due April 28th. I don’t know what I am having. yup, KellyMay, you 100% right. It’s a beautiful, except for morning sickness.

  33. says

    Yes I did and I’m racking my brain as to who else was pregnant. Another gal was D. but she wouldn’t be due for awhile, hmmm I have to think about this more. Would I know do you think?

  34. EveLina says

    I know isn’t it, tell me about. The most by far best experience ever! A true gift from God!!!

  35. princess says

    #7 You are right! I think Henry and Zahara are beautiful. There are plenty of beautiful african american babies,but you will never see them on this site.

  36. says

    Eve me too! Pregnancy is by far the most amazing gift woman have been given although it can be mighty uncomfortable at times, eh sidebangs ๐Ÿ˜‰

  37. EveLina says

    Expecting your first…….. Oh enjoy it every second, minute, every day….. How exciting! I’m guessing you’ll have a girl! I just love pregnant women. They look so cute! When are you due?

  38. says

    Yes MD, you likely got my erectile dysfunction page, that’s my alter ego, perhaps you can find some useful info there as well?!? God that’s so funny!

  39. MommyDearest says

    KellyMay, which “MySpace page” are you talking about? I clicked on one last night and believe me….it wasn’t playing “From This Moment” hahahaha! ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. EveLina says

    Oh really so you got married on Val day- so romantica…. I actually got proposed on New years eve night! It was really nice. Ye’ same for here, not much time to plan for a wedding….. But it was still all worth the time. So how many kids you got?

  41. side bangs says

    I got married on February 14th 2003. He proposed to me on December 25th 2002. Nit much time to plan for a wedding but it caouldn’t be better.

  42. EveLina says

    One of the boys looks like the dad, and the other like mom. But the 5-year old girl, who does she look like? None of them to me. Oh side bangs we got married in July 0f 2003.

  43. side bangs says

    The chorus for my wedding song was Where are you now, what have you found, where is your heart, when I’m not around, where are you you gotta let me know, soI can let you go. It’s sort of a breakup song, but it sounded so romantic and I loves the melody. (By Britney Spears).

  44. MommyDearest says


    our wedding song was “I Finally Found Someone” by Barbra Stiesand and Bryan Adams! Great song. Here is the chorus….

    This is it, oh, I finally found someone
    Someone to share my life
    I finally found the one, to be with every night
    ‘Cause whatever I do, it’s just got to be you
    My life has just begun
    I finally found someone, ooh, someone

    Aww…the memories! Brings a tear to my eye…..:)

    Good luck!

  45. NannyVal says

    My husband and I had distance between us for a couple years before we married, so OUR song was SOMEWHERE OUT THERE.It was from the movie Fiefel [dont think I spelled it correctly}.It was and still is a beautiful song.

  46. Kelsey says

    MissyMamma, my sister’s wedding song was “A Page Is Turned” by Bebo Norman…it was just perfect!

  47. side bangs says

    My wedding song was Where Are You Now. It may sound tacky that it’s by Britney Spears, but I think it is the best song I have ever heard. I got married in 2003.

  48. dori #1 says

    Brooke looks great and so those sweet babies.
    My wedding song (old 27 years) was With You I’m Born Again”
    another one was” Lady” Kenny Rogers

  49. MissyMama says

    What was everyone’s wedding song? My friend is getting married and she needs help picking out a a song.

  50. N says

    This is a biased site…. I dont think you want them to put African American babies on here…. there will be arguments for days. Look how Henry and Zahara are belittled….

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