Bridget Moynahan Wows Martha Stewart & Gisele Speaks Out!

My goodness! Bridget looks AMAZING! Tom will be begging Bridget to take him back when their baby is born! (If not before then!)
 Bridget Moynahan

It’s tough to impress Martha Stewart – but pregnant actress Bridget Moynahan did just that.

“Now wouldn’t you like to look like that?” Martha asked her studio audience while taping an interview with Bridget set to air on Monday. “What month are you in?”

“This week it’ll be five months,” said the Six Degrees actress, 35, who announced in February that she’s expecting her first child with her ex-boyfriend, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

“Five months pregnant!” Martha said. “Are you excited about being a mom?”

“I am. I’m a little nervous, ’cause I haven’t done it before,” said Bridget. “But, you know, I have little nephews, and it’s always nice to spend time with them, especially around the holidays.”

Tom and Bridget split late last year after three years together, but a spokesperson for the football star said last month: “Tom and his family are excited about the pregnancy.”

And a friend of Bridget’s told People magazine that the actress is “so excited about the pregnancy – she knows she’ll be a great mom.”

In regards to Gisele Bundchen, she denies claims of being pregnant with Tom Brady’s baby with ridiculous claims of, “I’m 26 years old, for Christ’s sake! Why would I have a baby now?” She is full of it….26 is not incredibly young to have a baby!

She has finally personally addressed reports that she’s pregnant with boyfriend Tom Brady’s child.

“It’s crazy how people can make up these stories,” she complained on the Spanish TV show Corazon de Primavera.

“I’m not pregnant and I’m not planning to be pregnant anytime soon. I have so many contracts to do, so many projects.”

Two weeks ago, the popular Brazilian celebrity website reported that Gisele was expecting a child with the Patriots Quarterback, who is also expecting a baby with his ex-girlfriend, actress Bridget Moynahan.

Gisele Bundchen

I bet she wishes more than anything that she was the one pregnant with Tom Brady’s child!



  1. Lou says

    You bet your butt Gisele wishes it was her having Tom’s baby! She can accomplish anything else in life she wants…but even if they married some day, she will NEVER be able to give Tom his first child! Bridget has that all sewed up and it eats away at poor Gis each and every day. I Love It!!!

  2. KAT says

    Thank you for your post Cindy. It was very enjoyable to read. I would bet the farm also that if Gisele were not in the picture that Tom and Bridget would be getting married. Since that is not happening and he is still acting like a jerk, then I think that she is much better off without him. I am always of the opinion that the couple should make every effort to make things work when a baby is involved, but clearly Tom is not even willing to try. WHAT A JERK!!!!!!

  3. Cindy says

    You better believe Gisele wishes it was her who was having Tom’s baby. If (and it’s a HUGE “if” here) they end up staying together–notice I didn’t say forever–Bridget will ALWAYS be the mother of his first child. Boy or girl–I say it’s a boy–doesn’t matter, it will still be the first. He might be acting like he doesn’t care at this point, because he isn’t participating in the pregnanacy the way he would if they were still a couple, but once the baby arrives(I hope and pray) that he’ll step up and be a father–no, make that a “daddy” to his child just like his father was to him and his sisters. Two of his three sister’s have baby’s born out-of-wedlock also. And let’s face it ladies, if the couple doesn’t marry it’s usually, 9 out of 10 times, because the guy balked, not the other way around. You’d think he would have been more sensitive towards Bridget on that point alone. I didn’t even know who he was when this first broke, but everything I’ve since learned, I’d have bet the farm he would not have treated Bridget this way and would have wanted his child born of a marriage. I guess you never know. I do think Bridget is stunning as a rule, and even more so pregnant. She’s going to give birth to a dark-haired sweetie-pie. Good luck Bridget!!!

  4. Anzhelika says

    Dont worry about her,she has enough money to support her child…Being a celebrity has a lot of advantages..

  5. Libraesque says

    Interesting, she looks exactly like Katie Holmes did when she was snapped in early Oct, when I think she was about 5-1/2 months pregnant
    And they are both 5’9 and thin………………………..but we won’t go into all that again
    just saying

  6. dori #1 says

    She looks good for 5 months , my daughter only gained 22 lbs in her whole pregnancy and she looked like that at 5 months.

  7. side bangs says

    I think she looks incredible. When I was 5 months, I looked the same as her. There’s no problem with being small. Maybe it’s her height. I am 5’9. Maybe that is the cause she is not showing a lot right away. After she is only 5 months. Now I am as big as a whale! Every pregnancy is differrent.

  8. Lauren says

    Bridget looks amazing. It seems like she’ll be a great and loving mom. Tom does not know what he’s missing out on. Bridget is better off without that jerk.

  9. Lauren says

    Bridget looks amazing. It seems like she’ll be a great and loving mom. Tom does not know what he’s missing out. Bridget is better off without that jerk.

  10. Essie says

    I bet she wishes more than anything that she was the one pregnant with Tom Brady’s child!

    Are you serious??? Giselle is a SUPER MODEL. The girl earns $30 million/year. She’s only 26 years old. Why would she want to marry an American football player? Or have a baby with him? She’s got YEARS before she needs to do that. In fact, she probably doesn’t even know if she wants to spend her life with Tom Brady. They are just dating, not committed. Wait until football season begins when he has to train and travel and she’s running around the world modeling. Let’s see then if they are committed enough to stay together.

  11. says

    Her belly does look small – but mine was too!…the baby ended up being TOO small and I ended up with pre-eclampsia and my child was born 5 weeks early…Bridget looks beautiful and from what I can tell she is a strong woman who will be a wonderful mother to her child! I heard it was a boy…anyone else?

  12. dori #1 says

    women raise children on their own all the time …don’t feel sorry for her or her baby. She makes a good living and with a guy like that she’s better off with out him. She is stunning. Just a beautiful woman and just looks so happy to be pregnant. She’ll be just fine.

  13. EveLina says

    I think this story ended up a little too sad! They just split up from what I read, and now she’s pregnant. I feel sorry for the baby. I think they should- work-it-out for the babies sake. But again it’s not any of my bussiness. Her belly is too small for 5 months, but that’s how mine was.. She look’s stunning though!

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