Will Angelina Really Be A Stay-At-Home Mom?

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

After adopting 3-year-old Pax from Vietnam this week, Angelina Jolie told a reporter that she wanted to hole up with her brood.

“I will stay home with Pax and adjust to his new life,” Angelina, 31, told a Vietnamese paper on March 16th. “I have four children, and caring for them is the most important thing to me at the moment.”

But, according to Variety, Angelina will only have a few short months to bond with her kids before she starts production on “Wanted,” a thriller co-starring James McAvoy and Morgan Freeman, in which she plays an assassin who teaches wannabe-killer McAvoy the ropes.

That’s not all the super-mom has planned: Angelina’s new film A Mighty Heart (produced by Brad Pitt’s Plan B production company opens in June. And this fall, she is set to star in the Clint Eastwood-directed drama The Changeling, just as her Robert Zemeckis-directed film, Beowulf, open.

Oh, and she’s also booked to star in Atlas Shrugged.

Luckily, it looks as though Brad will have some free time on his hands. According to IMDB, the actor, who is finishing post-production now on The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, is not currently slated to start working on another new project until 2008.

Sounds like Angelina is doing a bit of pandering.



  1. mona says

    I think Angelina needs to settle down and get to know her children. Its great that she wants to give ophan children a home, but give them a home. Does she even know what their favoriate food is? does she bath them, hear their prayers, tuck them in at night, stay up all night when they’re sick? Its easy to pick a child, but to be a real mom, not easy. I can’t admire somebody who has enough money to buy children and then to hire somebody to watch them.

  2. Jill says

    Kathy 183 — that is the most vicious and despicable comment I’ve ever read. I don’t give a damn if you hate Angelina and/or Brad, but why take your hate out on a two-year-old?

    Go put on your white sheet and burn a cross or something. You’ll feel better in no time.

  3. Alexandria says

    It’s nice to see some pics of the family in New Orleans,
    they look happy, and are obviously very close. Zahara’s shirt is so cute.

  4. Kathy says

    Wow, that is one sad ugly muppet. I wonder if Angelina will regret her mistake once the gorilla girl starts stealing cars and pawning off Brad’s stuff for crack rocks?

  5. sonia says

    She likes to have a circus of diverse children in home but Zahara seems unhappy she never smile in any photo. what happen to Zahara? why she looks so sad? why she put horrible cloths on Zahara?

  6. Libraesque says

    Nias, I guess the fact that AJ is such a pitiful representative of the U.S, is why all these countries that she’s helped and brought awareness to do nothing but sing her praises
    YOU are embarassing yourself

  7. Libraesque says

    Nisa @ 160 that is a flat out LIE.
    She approached them for information after going to Cambodia, you’re twisting it around, HATER

  8. Kim says

    Good job Bronze # 175. You’re totally wake us up, thanks for your lines, we need more people like you.

  9. Bronze says

    Whatever people gossiped about Angie & Brad, I still applaused them for being such beautiful & thoughtful people. Those kids do need home and love alright . If we can’t afford to adopt kids we better encourage people who can versar talk bad about them. So what they have helps for nanies, at least they spend their money on charity by adopting kids. Instead of throwing money on materials, drugs or gambling..ect,……… I wish people reconsider their thoughts about them. Before, I used to hate her too for her love triangle between Brat, Jenifer and herself. Now, the more I think about it deeply the more I start to understand how Hollywood works. It has nothing to do with adoption here. It’s a most difficult thing to do even you’re rich have money. So please live in peace and stop gossiping. Thanks

  10. tinkerbell says

    I think angelina and brads children will have the best life they could ever dream of. she is a brilliant mother and will give those children all the love they need and more, she and brad are dedicated to those children!

  11. :) says

    you people and your book writing over stupid stuff. Is this why people in Europe get time off? most people that live in the good ole usa don’t have time to write on the computer complete books. they work and live. first of all, we have the whiny babies that don’t like to work and complain about not wanting to go back to work after a baby is born and then you have the people that like to work and can’t wait to get back to their jobs after a baby is born. So it goes both ways. Americans are lazy and wasteful and complain about everything and anything. Children in other countries are starving and without clothes and if the majority of americans get up from the computer and look in your childs room you’ll find tons of toys and clothes, most of which are broken and strung out on the floor. So quit whining about having to work. At least you have a job and food on the table and money to buy spoiled kids anything they want.

  12. Libraesque says

    O.k., I get it now.
    Oriana you are a bitter one legged 59 year old???
    I will take all your comments and insults with a grain of salt now

  13. Libraesque says

    #138, you’re such a hater and SO deliusional you actually made up your own quote from AJ.
    Tell me something, do these pretend conversations between Brad and AJ happen often in your head???


  14. comment says

    And Nisa,why do Granny, Nicki and many others saw goodness in Angelina’s desire to adopt and you see publicity/attention seeking?

    Perhaps the old adage is at work: ‘it takes one to know one’

  15. comment says

    And by the way Nisa, many in the ‘second’ world dislike Americans too. I doubt it’s because of Angelina and her contemporaries.

    You cling on to the old world’s attitude that women are always to blame for the break-up of a relationship. Perhaps you are aware of the old attitude that drives the above fact too. Show us that you know.

  16. comment says


    Rest assured that you don’t injure my sensibilities or anything else. You haven’t that great a power.

    I never claimed to have kind heart. I don’t pompously think I have the kindest heart. On the contrary my heart is selectively kindest like most others–kindest to those who are kind to me only.

    Kind hearts come in all forms, molded by all circumstances. There are kind hearts that come from people who know pains and the kindness is just as pure as your sheltered one. In my opionion they are purer sometimes. Angelina knew pain.

    As for your concern about Dafur, Vietnam and Cambodia and like countries, it is noble. But I am a VIETNAMESE, and I know why the Vietnameses have a love-hate relationship with America. I believe that the other countries share the Vietnameses’ attitude. I also think that no Western country, no celebrity can help the situation in Chad, Dafur, etc, for it’s internal. But hey, this isn’t a political forum and since I have a far different living and political experience from yours, we can’t debate on it. Why? Because I will be just like you and think you are just as laughable and shallow as Clooney and the gang of Hollywood celebrities. What do people born in ‘first’ or ‘second’ world (this is calling a country a third-world country implies) know about the sufferring of third world? You think you know because your heart aches when you see spreads their pictures and articles written by your reporters, with your way of thinking, edited to suit readers, but you really don’t. You can’t even know the pain and joy of your best friend even if she describes to you in detail. You think you know but you don’t, because you did not experience them. You do like the credit of knowing, understanding, don’t you? So she gives you that. And you go skipping down the cyber blogs singing joyously that “I know, I know….I know…I am good”.

    FYI, I never read anything written by Hollywood celebrities. We Vietnameses have a different view of the entertainers, artists and novelists. We understand that their talents go hand in hand with their unconventional thinking, lifestyle. In fact we knew that their differences make them talented in art. And we don’t expect them to be someone we idolize.

    If you think Angelina ill-represents us, why don’t you go to the UN people and ask them to send you.

  17. Nisa says

    again, I apologise for any injury to your sensibilities. I think you believe that you have the kindest heart and the rest of us are going to burn in hell for our opinions. Lol. I could sit here and say I love Angelina and write cute cute cute about Pax and post. But am not that idle or young. I read posts and surf the net to get the feel of what people think about something and get ideas generally. I have even been known to defend Angelina a couple of times. Yes she is helping people and children but I am not comfortable with the way she goes about it. She says it is to get publicity for the poor places she visits. I think that is BS and a dim-witted, imperialistic American view.

    I have seen articles she has written about Darfur and Cambodia and I cannot believe how simple minded she is. Her suggestions are exactly the reason America is viewed with a disdain in the rest of the world. For an actress and a former heroin addict they may seem o.k but for anyone outside the US, they are fickle, shallow and unrealisitic I am not even going there. She suggested that the international criminal court steps in in Darfur, does she know that Americans have immunity from prosecution in that court and that it lacks crediblity and any recourse to it only aggravates the situation in Darfur? Her articles are so pitiful and hopeless to the point of laughable. So what has changed about Namibia, Cambodia, Vietnam since she visited? She is just a red herring who attracts attention only to steal it away from the real issues. If I were at the UN, I would have put a stop to her efforts because unless she gives money her efforts are counter productive. What has changed about the Sudanese refugees in Chad?

    Lets be realistic. Who has benefited most for her charity? I will tell you who: Angelina Jolie Voight. Would she have been as famous as sh eis today if it were not for those adoptions? How about the favours she gets during these adoptions? How about using the whole Namibian government for the birth of Shiloh? I am sorry but apart from the adopted children who living in L.A am not sure it is better than an orphanage if they are going to end up like Britney Spears or her for that matter.

    I have always said why not fund foster homes? Get Pax a foster parent, finance his education and well being give it about 10,000 dollars a year, pay for their college and Uni in the best schools and help about 10 children like him and you will have done them a better service than bring them into showbiz life especially a life like hers.

    I do not believe she thinks that Brad and her will last forever. Angelina is not stupid, actually she is a very intelligent albeit disturbed woman and if you read her interviews you would know that she knows Brad and her are temp. Truthfully I believe that life as a Jolie Pitt is better than an orphanage but I believe there is even a better life than a Jolie Pitt life. If Britney adopted a child, it would be better than an orphanage because at least that child will not go hungry and will have a nanny. but there is a better solution to Britney or Lindsay adopting, and that is financed fostering. Ricky, Martin, Emma Thomson, Oprah and many stars do it. If they wanted they would have adopted these kids, called the press while doing it and gotten a lot of publicity but all they want is a better life for the kids and not self promotion.

    If Angelina was married had a home in Beverly hills took kids to the park like a normal parent, that would be different but she is country hopping with these poor hapless kids who seem to have no roots and live in hotels. That is no way to begin a life. You may think it is better than an orphanage but it does not make it O.K. Angelina did not grow up in an orphanage and yet she hated her life to a point of suicide an derangement.

    So no, I no longer approve of her actions or her charity. I do not buy it any more and I am starting to see it as self promotion!

  18. comment says

    Yes I made a snide comment to you. I meant to insinuate that you spend too much time here. Well, it’s alright if you doubted my sincerity. I didn’t see yours in thanking me. That’s the downside of the internet. I do hope you’ll get well quick.

  19. oriana says

    NO I did not think you were sincere when you said you hoped I gained mobility quickly and danced like Heather Mills, if you were then I do say thank you very much, have to say though I will never dance like Heather Mills, I couldn’t dance like that before with two good legs! Ha!

    When did I ever write that I wished her “ill” or bad luck? Maybe you read something I don’t remember writing? Where is that post at? I have stated many times that I wished think she needs professional therapy and I still do.

    You are exactly right, I am 59 and still have a lot to learn, if the good Lord lets me live to be 79, will still have a lot to learn then too.

    And No, I don’t think 25, although young, as not being youthful as in being a teenager in high school.

    And my thoughts on your character, are just that, my thoughts alone.

  20. comment says


    It’s great for you that you have led an ‘exemplary’ life, but many have not. I think you have very little to teach others though for you have not the experiences of mistakes. And one famous person (not recalling the name at the moment) said that one should always learn from the experienced. I think what you are doing about Angelina isn’t exemplary however. A comment ‘I don’t approve of her’ would have been much admirable. What you and Oriana are engaging in is bashing, wishing ill upon a person you don’t know. Considering yours and her age I find this immature.

    I don’t know Angelina. I don’t believe in tabloid or rumors (of any one not just Angelina). I came across her words once and if I remember correctly she said that now that she has Maddox if she wanted sex she went to the hotel with the man. I saw from that statement her respect for the emotional well being of the child. There are women who bring home man after man and they are confusing the child terribly as well as exerting bad influence. I like that. She is bringing children into her relationship with Brad because (and this is my theory only) she believes that he is the one she would spend the rest of her life with. If that turns out to be wrong, that’s for her to live with. We women all want to find that one man who loves us and whom we love until we die. Unfortunately, some are lucky to find it early, some are not and some never. My aunt’s husband left his wife when he fell in love with her and they’ve been together 40 years. This was when such behavior was unforgivable sin. Yet he is now caring for her lovingly as she is slipping away. So who to say that erred people don’t make a good husband or wife? And who to say that a relationship will last or not. Yes moral values are important to uphold but there are exceptions. I think gossiping and trashing people are sinful. Apparently you don’t. So whose moral value is right and whose is wrong?

    Well, that’s my 2 cents. I will not dissect Angelina or Brad or any celebrity for that matters. I only read about their lives to satisfy my sinful curiosity. They are entitled to live their lives, right or wrong to us. Don’t like them, do as some here requested: don’t read about them, don’t see their movies, just ignore them.

    You questioned my decency. After leaving post 142 I went on and found Nisa’s post about your leg and had the decency to go back and wished you well. You may not believe this but I was sincere. You should have read it in the tones of my post. Notice that I did not argue about Angelina, just softly stating my point. Yet you called my thinking stupid in respond to that post then went backward and took umbrage at my previous post. Sad! Most people of today judge others with the present, you like to cling on the past. 59 years and learned not much have you? 25 is young. Look at you–59 and still take bad actions. Bad mouthing a person younger than you who are not present to rebut is one bad action. It’s the kind of things high schoolers or college girls do.

  21. oriana says

    I read that after she made the film “Beyond Borders” that it changed her and she wanted to go to the different countries and bring attention to the conditions there, now it may not be true what I read, Nisa probably knows the truth for she knows a lot of these people and has been to a lot of these places, but that being said,, I think that any famous star, whether being invited or not, volunteering or not, should pay for their own expenses, they can afford it and to me it is just the right thing to do if a person has the funds to do so.

  22. Nicki says

    oriana-I don’t know for a fact about that, but they do have travel arrangements made for them. Angelina went to them and said you might not want me but if I pay for my own way can you arrange it. (You just can’t “go” into most of those countries without clearence). They accepted her open armed after less than a year of her doing this…6 YEARS ago. People who say this has anything to do with “rebuilding ” her image is nuts. She started this before she adopted Maddox. (Phooey on “trying” to rebuild an image)……….if anyone knew her, they would know the last thing she gave a sh*t about, is what ANYBODY thinks. ONe of her quotes from long ago~~~I would rather haver people hate me for who I am than like me for who I’m not!:;:

  23. Nisa says


    as a fan I will try to understand your attitude. Angelina requested to work for the UN they did not ask her like Ashley Judd or Kidman so if she pays her way, then that is expected. Yes she is a controversial character. Many people like her and many don’t. I am not sure these days how I feel about her. I guess it will depend on her next actions. I am still trying to decide whether she is just a media hungry woman with demons chasing her. I am a reporter so it follows that I know a lot about stars. How else would I report on them otherwise?

    Many stars say no comment. It is frusting but atleast there is not evidence to use against you later and it lends you more privacy. It is better than making comments that stir up more controversy like she does.

  24. oriana says

    #157, Nicki, I do have to say that I think all of the stars that travel and do work for UNCHR should certainly pay for their own traveling expenses, they can definately afford it, I thought they did and I am not a huge fan of Angelina Jolie’s as you well know, but I do have to commend her for that aspect of her life and it is to be admired. I was surprised to read that Nicole Kidman and Ashley Judd had their expenses funded for them.

  25. oriana says

    Comment, I don’t think you live in the same world I do, 25 to me is not “youth” as far as a teenager goes, that is what I meant by “youth”, and I know lots of mature 25 year olds that have gotten college degrees and are responsible and raising a family.

    I also know what it is like to be a child of a broken home and in my case, not a famous movie star but a alcholic father who was a Colonel in the U.S. Army, and was never around. So that won’t fly either, think of something else!

    I don’t think you ever heard me praise BBT, she was the one draped over him like a snake with her tongue down his throat boasting about wearing his blood around her neck, and talking about having a suit made for the both of them to velcro themselves to their padded room being built in their home, and she couldn’t understand why anyone would think that wasn’t normal? Do you have one in your house?

    I do think she is beautiful, I think Pam Anderson is beautiful and I think she is a sleaze, I am not trying to act like I am being fair minded by saying that, those are your words not mine, I think Lindsay Lohan is beautiful and I think she has emotional problems also, and one of the most beautiful women to me ever, was Anna Nicole Smith and she had plenty of problems, so yes, someone can be beautiful on the outside, and messed up on the inside, sad but true!

    I do love animals, apparently you don’t, and we both know it was a snide comment about me adopting another dog, so own up to it and stop trying to put your own spin on it, read what you wrote again, you are not that dense are you?

    Yes, I do judge people by what comes out of their mouths, and most of what I think about her has come out of her very own mouth, so if you don’t like it, then stop and think before you say something.

    If I say I think someone is nice, that is what I think, if I say someone is stupid, that is what I think, and when you pop off a sarcastic comment about me adopting another dog, then I think it is a snide comment.

    As far as your spin on getting hot and bothered about comments, I don’t expect anyone to like or dislike what I say, but at least be truthful and use some common sense in regards to them, which I don’t think you have.

    And why does it always have to be, someone is a “hater” or “bitter” if they don’t have a holier than thou attitude about Angelina Jolie?

    And again, most of the statments and comments about her when she was younger, a teenager, a young adult and in the few years before she met Brad, came FROM HER, not just the biography channel but from her OWN mouth, so if you have a problem with it, write her, call her, whatever and take it up with her!

  26. Nicki says

    OH PLEASE Nisa-if she said no comment you would all yell about what she is hiding! Thing is she never did hide anything. Thats why you all know everything about her…not sure what you wrote, I read the first paragraph in your first post and the first one in your third post.
    No Brad didn’t give interviews, but when she went to do the Vanity Fair one, she said to him she was unsure what to say. He said “Be yourself,I know you’ll do great!”

    you say this”They believe it is all for publicity and after the recent events, who can blame them?

    Angelina has been doing UNCHR work for the past 6 years, and putting her own dollars into it for her traveling costs. (among donating many $$$ of her own). Most of the well known people, Ashley Judd, Nicole Kidman, etc, don’t pay for thier own traveling costs.
    Nisa move on to someone you like and can admire…….oh wait I think you do admire Angie and Brad and thier children, why else would you spend all your time researching about them?????

    Give it up, more people love Brad and Angie than hate them. Known fact, they are #1 on most lists, good lists. Say what you want, you always have oriana on your side, and 1 or 2 others. Go to the Tom and Katie thread, the one that looks like Tom got hit in the face with a “hot” frying pan.
    Happy B-day, Peace out Harley!!!

  27. Nisa says

    I find it unfair, but you do not see Brad giving interviews and trying to explain his actions of paint a picture of a saint. I said earlier than Angelina should know when to stop or when to tell reporters that she has no comment. Brad has been criticised and if you read the threads last year Madonna too was criticised a lot. Madonna’s past is less recent than Angelina’s and Madonna was not having a baby with a major star before the ink was dry on his divorce papers. Madonna has also demonstrated that she is a good parent with her children, the jury is still out on Angelina who paints Mads nails black and dies his hair blonde before he can even get out of his diapers. Also the facts that Madonna lives in the UK and did not run to adopt another child before reporters have had time to put their legs up means that she got less crap. How much criticism did Angelina get after adopting mad? Had her past changed one iota?

    It is just that now people cannot reconcile charity with adultery (which many people see her as). They no longer believe there is a good heart behind her former wild child facade. They believe it is all for publicity and after the recent events, who can blame them?

  28. Nisa says

    Again comment about women getting blamed more than Men. That is a fact of life and it will remain so. Neither Oriana nor I invented it and

  29. Nisa says

    am sorry if I offended you in any way but I always indicate when I think something is a rumour. Most of these confessions come from Angelina herself and after adopting Maddox, she said that she had changed her ways and now had these ‘adult ‘relationships. I did not even know what they were before she talked about them. The people I ‘heard’ she was sleeping with at the time were De Niro, Manson and Oliver Martinez now Kylie’s ex, but that was from rumours.

    It is unfair to judge some one from their past and I have always applauded Angelina for turning her life around. Getting with Brad to me was a mistake on her part which she will live to rue.

    I have tried to live very carefully and so I have no skeletons in my closet apart from the fact that my Step mother is not my birth mother which many people including some of my close friends do not know . Other than that, no I have no wild past. It is a fact and am not trying to brag. I learnt and a very young age that whatever you do lives with you forever. The future cannot be told and you never know when the past will come back to haunt you. I prefer learning from other people’s mistakes than falling myself and I look at every ones life as a lesson to me.

    No one would dig up Angelina’s past if she did not try to pass off herself like the purest individual. For instance why say she would never steal a spouse after Laura Dern and Aniston? She brings these criticisms on herself , you may say she had nothing to do with the Brad -Jen split but I think that is rather naive.

    Again you talked about divorce and what it does to a child. That is why I am confused when she is determined to bring children into a relationship with Brad which even the most optimistic person cannot say has a future. She knows this and that is why she insisted that what matters is that Brad and herself are legally bound to the children. Which in a way is good since at least the kids would have some one if anything was to happen to Angelina.

    Believe you me if she had started an affair with George Clooney and married him, no one would be dredging up her past or resenting her as many people do today.

    I am also starting to believe that she is obsessed with all the publicity she is getting from Brangelina and the adoptions. She was quick to sell the pictures of Pax to the tabloids which I find unfair. These children did not choose to be in a celebrity life and may one day resent all this publicity. Right now apart from Shiloh who cannot understand, the rest of the kids look like they resent the publicity and look very unhappy.

    I am sure if she did not like the publicity she would have conducted herself in a more private manner. Remember it is her publicist who insisted on updating us on all movements while she was in Africa, Panama and Vietnam.

    To me she seems to be a woman fighting demons. She is counting on the children being grateful to her and loving her forever for getting them out of such misery but that is not how it works and Mia Farrow can testify to this. The problem adoptive parents have is that they expect love and loyalty from adopted children out of gratitude but most realise that they are wrong.

    Angelina seems to be raising these kids with the very things she hated in life. Her mother loved her a lot but that was not enough. She still turned out damaged. IMO She should never have gotten with Brad. She should have worked on a relationship with her parents and offered her adopted children a semblance of a normal family with grand parents and may be met and married a less controversial character than Brad Pitt.

    To me, there is a narcissistic part of her that enjoys all the publicity and the condemnation and dislike that comes with it. She has confessed to self hate in the past and I am not sure she is over that. I have a feeling she gets a kick out of people hating her and treating her as ‘the other woman’ or as a controversial character.

    Like always, I wish her the best but she needs some help. A lot of help!

  30. comment says

    Oh stop already with trying to judge people by a phrase they utter here and there, would you. See how does that kind of statement make you feel? Why can’t you put yourself in others’ shoes for once? It seems to me that you can get hot and bothered by reading others comments but people can’t with yours. Where is your sense of fairness? And saying that she is beautiful after all the nasty things you said about her does not make you a fair minded one, in my opinion.

    What is so bad about that comment if in fact you love dog?

  31. comment says


    25 was not young to you, a 59 year-old? I made mistakes when I was in my 30s. And I wouldn’t say I was immoral.

    I read yours and Nisa’s analysis of Angelina–how she has no friend, was this and that as a child and so on, and honestly, I was angry. Not because I think Angelina is a saint or anything. I have yet seen one of her movie and until very recently only glimpsed her while standing in wait at the cashier line. You and Nisa obviously don’t know the pain of a child of divorce parents (if you were one such child then perhaps you were blessed with parents who got well with one another and took parental responsibilities equally seriously). Do you know what it’s felt like to be repeated disappointed in your father?

    Has it ever occurred to you that Angelina was taken advantage of, in HS, by the boys, when she was confused and sad? How many teenagers feel their parents don’t understand them? Gazillion. Weren’t you one such teenager in your days? No? You were blessed. Many young teenagers are having sex not because they enjoy sex but because they want to be popular, to be liked, loved, to keep that boy who sweet talks to them claiming to love them and in the same breath asking them to prove their love to these boys by letting these boys ‘make love’ to them. The old game of boys and men have not changed and girls/women are foolish as ever, perhaps thank to aunts, mothers, grandmothers like you and Nisa who always go pointing fingers at the girls yet defending the boys/men.

    BBT was much older than her and she was but 23, 24 (?). Why don’t you accuse him of lacking morals? BP is 12 years older than Angelina, why is he a nice man although he chose to divorce his wife? You’ll say A is an adult. If so then be fair. Saying that a woman seduces a man into betraying my wife is as ridiculous as a man’s claim to be raped by a woman. Yeah! his manhood just get to work against his mind. What a load of crap!

    I don’t see you go attacking Madonna who was and are still quite notorious in her lack of morals. 90% of Hollywood stars are sleeping around and having babies out of wedlock, doing drugs. Why don’t you attack all of them? Why do you focus on Angelina? You talk as if you had lived in the same room with her all her life therefore know her. She gave the info herself you said. Well, is she a better person if she hid it and only showed her good side. Who are the men Nisa accused her of setting up rendezvous in the hotel to have orgy and so one? I have yet seen one coming out. And Brad did not sleep around? You knew this for a fact?

    Last month, major news networks reported that 75% of US households are cohabiting without the sacred marriage license, and as high, if not higher the percentage of children in this country is shuffling between divorced parents. By the rule of majority, shouldn’t we conclude that the US is one immoral society?

  32. oriana says

    #142, Comment, your statement saying, Go Adopt another dog, O, tells me a lot about what kind of person you are as far as character and common decency goes, so please believe me, anything you say about me or to me, disabilty, adopting animals from a shelter, etc. would not faze me, my Dear, you will have to come up with something much better than that to hurt me or be spiteful to me.

    And for your information, if I could walk better, I would go adopt another dog, for they need to be walked and get exercise too! So please, go adopt one in my place! Thank you!

  33. oriana says

    #147, NIcki, I should have said I read where he painted ABSTRACT portraits of her naked, and there was a discussion about it on a TV show, and when I wondered if Brad ever saw them, well I am sure there are a lot of people that have seen their wives/girlfriends naked, that still look at pictures of them sometimes, does your husband never look at a picture of you? I am assuming he has seen you naked at least once or twice?

    #148, Granny, no disrespect to you, but as far as putting the mistakes of one’s “youth” behind us and forgetting, I hardly think that Angelina was in her “youth” with BBT, and a lot of the other men she has slept around with, and married men, so I didn’t mean to just give the impression of her having a warped sense of things that she did like she was only in her teenage years. Yes, when we are young and foolish, myself included, we all have done things that we haven’t been proud of, but in her case she appears as she has stated, she doesn’t regret anything, and I doubt if she still does, arrogance, lack of morals, that can have a factor in those kind of behaviors and attitudes I think.

    Didn’t Billy Bob have a LIVE-IN girlfriend, do you really think she gave her a second thought? Didn’t Brad have a wife? Even if they weren’t getting along? She knew exactly what she was doing, maybe they didn’t give in to their feelings as she stated, but there are many, many other ways of seduction and enticement that I am sure she is much more aware of than I am, I just watch the movies, she stars in them, she is a pro and very smart, so NO, she wasn’t a teenager and innocent by any means!

  34. oriana says

    To COMMENT, no life isn’t fair, as for me, I am doing just fine, thank you for your concern! I am bitter to an extent, not for myself, for I am so thankful to have at least one good leg, and when I had my blood clot, I chose to go either of two ways, to get better, or get bitter, and I chose to get better. I am bitter and frustrated when I see the young men and women that come home so young, (I am 59) that are in their 20’s with babies and see their lives will never be the same, from fighting overseas, that makes me bitter and heartbroken when I see that. It hurts me to see the wives and mothers crying and the courageous men struggling without arms and legs.

    And I have wondered why I have lost a limb and I read about these sexual predators kidnapping and torturing innocent children, I have asked, why not one of them instead of me, but I do believe there is an answer for everything and a reason Why.

    As for me thinking I am better than Angelina Jolie, I have done some things in my life that have been than she has done, and she has done some things now, in life, that has certainly been better than what I have done, but I don’t feel she is beneath me as an individual, that is your stupid way of thinking, not mine.

    I have seen a lot of people that have been blessed, financially, with good looks, good health, that I have wondered why not people more deserving, just like I think Al Gore should have won the Presidency instead of Bush, but that doesn’t mean I am bitter because of it.

    I have never said I thought Angelina was evil, I have said I think she has some mental and emotional issues, that she needs professional help with, maybe you are one of those that think troubled people can just one day wake up and cure themselves, I do not.

    I do have to confess, when I see idiots like Paris Hilton and some of the young so called “stars” in Hollywood, it makes me disgusted when I see young mothers going to school, raising their children alone, working two jobs and just barely getting by, YES, that makes me bitter and pissed off, but as for your thinking about me, I can’t be bitter when I blame myself, for I didn’t exercise, I ate too much “chocolate” and still do, and I have no one to blame but myself for not taking better care of my health.

    IN Heather Mills case, it was an accident, and she has perservered and good for HER! I would never be a role model for I am too lazy, I am learning to walk, but my amputation was above the knee, whereas in case you don’t get it, I don’t have a knee, hers is below the knee, and she will be much more flexible than I will ever be, not an excuse, just clarifying it for you. So thank you for bringing the subject of but sorry, my opinions of Angelina Jolie has nothing to do with my disability.

  35. Granny says

    #146 I agree about forgetting the mistakes of one’s youth just as you do. You make mistakes while growing up. The trick is to put them behind you and not to have everyone constantly digging them back up again. Bury the dead!!

  36. Nicki says

    oriana-Marilyn Manson did not paint naked PORTRAITS of Angelina. What he painted was abstract and cartoonish, exact opposite of a portrait. Why would Brad have to see them? He gets to see Angie naked all the time.

  37. comment says

    You are quite bitter, oriana. I know why now. Life isn’t fair. How could a girl like Angelina, who was a very bad girl, be so blessed while you, a very good person, is not; you probably have been asking over and over. Hope you regain full mobility quickly, and be dancing like Heather Mills (no pun intended).

    As for Angelina, my opinion is that save of murder cold bloodedly, any thing a person do under 25 (even 30) should be forgivable, more so when the person is trying to better his/herself.

  38. oriana says

    I did read once that Marilyn painted some portraits of her naked, I wonder if Brad has seen them?

  39. oriana says

    Nisa, to you I apologize and say I am very sorry that you get any negative posts because of being associated with me in answering my questions. It will be interesting to see what transpires and I think the little boy looks very sweet, I think Brad will show compassion and be kind to him, I am glad that someone such as yourself, is on the scene and I appreciate you taking the time to respond to my inquiries, and I have ABSOLUTELY no doubts about you or your integrity one bit! Same as Blurb, she wrote something on another post that made sense to me all the way and she is very logical also.

  40. oriana says

    Goody two shoes! Well I have been called a lot of things so this isn’t so bad! Thanks for the compliment!

    As for your sarcastic comment about adopting another dog, I will eventually, right now I have to focus on the ones I have and give them attention and care, something Saint Angie should consider doing!

    Why don’t you go adopt one or volunteer to work at the animal shelter, maybe you might could do something beneficial besides give snide comments! COMMENT!

    As for liistening to gossip and passing it on, we have listened to Angelina herself! She is the one OUT OF HER OWN MOUTH that has said she was weird and a rebel in highschool, she is the one that ran around,and still does, decked out in black all the time, living and loving the goth look, and she has made no bones about being bisexual as she has bragged about it, so if you have a problem with a lot of the gossip as you say, then write her and tell her to shut her mouth! I wasn’t there when she was getting all her tattoes, cutting herself, having her cocaine binges, screwing whoever she felt like at the moment, so NO, she is not an ANGEL, I do think she has saved the lives of three of her children, especially from the Communist countries, but that doesn’t make her a Saint by any means!

    Now go kiss her ass, give her credit where credit is due, but realize, eventhough she has done a lot of good deeds, a leopard cannot change it’s spots overnight and neither has she!

  41. comment says

    Here are two goody two shoes who have never said any thing impulsively, even at the unthinking, fun seeking years of college probably. What saints! And what experts on relationship and human behaviors!

    Go adopt another dog O.

    And Nisa, were you at the hotel roomwhen Angelina went there to have sex? If so, I could think of the only one reason for you being there: having a manage a trois. Otherwise, you are listening to gossip and passing it on as fact. Very mature!


  42. comment says

    Here are two goody two shoes who have never said any thing impulsively, even at the unthinking, fun seeking years of college probably. What saints! And what experts on relationship and human behaviors!

    Go adopt another dog O.

    And Nisa, were you at the hotel roomwhen Angelina went there to have sex? If so, I could think of the only one reason for you being there: having a manage a trois. Otherwise, you are listening to gossip and passing it on as fact. Very mature!


  43. Nisa says

    Hi Oriana,
    I am not sure whether or not she will marry him. I have never seen Brad and Angelina as a grande love affair which ends when they walk off into the sunset. In the beginning I think Angelina was smitten by Brad and Brad admired Angelina’s good heart and lusted after her but loved her, I doubt. I think she has now realised that and has decided to hold back a bit of what she was willing to offer in this relationship.

    From what I hear (this is just corridor gossip) their relationship has hit a snag over the adoption of Pax (again this is really really not so trust worthy but we are keeping our ears to the ground).She did say that she wanted to marry her lesbian love Jen after BBT but remember her turn around from crazy woman to humanitarian was very abrupt and this Jen gal seemed to have disappeared.

    If they ever married, it would be Brad’s worst mistake. Adoption is good and am sure it was one of the reasons Brad admired Angelina but the way she goes about it like a compulsive obsession cannot be O.K with Brad. He may seem pussy whipped now but he has not always been so and will not always be so. One day he will wake up and realise he bit more than he could chew and when that time comes, I think he will walk, no matter how many kids they have.

    I also think Brad likes to help but he is more interested in biological kids than adopting new ones. I get the impression he may have wanted the family to settle down a bit, become normal bfefore making any additions. Of course Angelina has other ideas and like BBT found out, once she has her agenda, there is no stopping her.

    Did Angelina have friends while growing up in Hollywood? No! She was in Beverly hills high and according to her, she did not fit in because of her exotic looks and the fact that they seemed to be poor and wore second hand clothes with Haven. But remember she was weird and strange and always seemed to be mentally disturbed, not exactly the kind of behaviour that earn you long term friends. Even now she is a loner in Hollywood and seems to have no real friends apart from her ‘adult’ friends ( these are people she met with in hotels from time to time just to have sex)who she recently dropped when she hooked up with Brad.

    Marilyn Manson is her friend though and I can see what she sees in him. I think in Manson she sees the person she wanted to be and he is her idol. She is a 90s gal, Manson is a 90’s phenomena and appealed to gals like Jolie who were disturbed and rebelled from convention.

    Jolie’s reluctance to move back to L.A is because L.A is a dark part of her. She is not sure how all her ‘adult’ friends she shared heroin and sex dens with will treat her. Then there is the issue of Brad’s friends. Mind you she has slept with most of them during one drug filled orgy or another. If we, mere strangers find it hard to buy her transformation, what about people she did all these crazy things with. I don’t think she can be comfortable around them. At the same time she is not sure about Brad interaction with his old friends. Old friends are usually associated with the old life. Right now Brad seems to be in a trance and Angelina’s fear is that someone may tap him and he wakes up and realise this is Angelina who slept with all men and half of the women in hollywood. Her lack of friends is beacuse of her deep seated insecurities from child hood and then her notoriety.

    Of course all of us cannot wait for her return to L.A and for them to start their life. It will be interesting to find out the truth about how Brad feels about this new adoption. I still don’t buy the story that in Vietnam only singles can adopt and him being too busy with the movie to go pick up the boy. There are many stories right now going around why Brad has kept away from Pax and it is going to be an interesting two months if you ask me.

  44. oriana says

    Nisa, do you think she will ever marry Brad? I read where she made the comment years ago about Jenny, that if she hadn’t married Jonny she would have probably married her, now maybe that was an untrue statement but I do think she had a long term relationship with her that lasted for several years. My questions (to myself) but you I definately believe have an inside track and you know more about this couple than most of us ever will, if she would marry her girlfriend, why would she not want to marry Brad or trust him for that matter, when she has a biological child by him and now three other children they will be raising together also?

    Also, as a “child” of Hollywood, don’t some of the children of stars form and maintain friendships thru the years that they had as children/teenagers? I read where Nic Cage had old time friends, and among others Paris/Nicole/Kimberly Stewart, but I have never read where she had any girlfriends that she kept close with in her adult life?

  45. Nisa says

    Libraesque, I think it is unfair to attack Oriana after all every one knows that Brad is pussy-whipped and Angelina has a tight grip on his balls. I was doing a piece on Angelina’s recent adoption and I stopped short of calling him that because I used to quite like him and my fingers are crossed that he will come to his senses soon. Over here conversations go;

    ‘what are you working on?’


    ‘Brad as in Mr Jolie’

    ‘Yes Brad Angelina’

    Yes he acts like he is being led on a leash and I do not think that there is anything in this relationship that he has initiated, not even the relationship itself. Though I do not believe the dog story, I strongly believe Angelina has the upper hand in the relationship and when she says ‘jump’, Brad asks ‘how high?’. It is a pitiful sight really.

    I totally agree with Oriana that this is no 50/50 relationship. Angelina totally has Brad’s ass. Every one in L.A knows it and it is a matter of time before his old buddies tell him. Or I hope they do. Haven’t seen him hanging around with them lately. Guess Angelina told him. ‘Brad, the kids need you more than your friends and I forbid you to see them until the kids are all out of college’ of course his pussy-whipped ass nodded and sat down to play with Z while feeding Shiloh the bottle.

    I wonder when the last orphan from Asia will be out of college.

  46. Sassy says

    Brad and Angelina are just a great couple looking out for these children, may god bless them all, they are truly making a beautiful family…

  47. oriana says

    Saw the pictures in People magazine. Very cute indeed of all of them. So glad to see Zahara in her PINK bathing suit, very pretty, and it looked like no diaper, so that was nice to see also, I think Maddox will be very close and protective towards his new brother, very sweet pictures and looks like a loving family already!

  48. oriana says

    N, when you are in New Orleans pushing her kids around in their stroller as their new Nanny, go by Aunt Sallie’s and get some pralines, you will love them! I am sure as devoted and dedicated to Angelina as you seem to be, you will get to travel and go on all the wonderful movies sites with her, you lucky person you!!!!!!!!

  49. Libraesque says

    well, traveller, according to every single hater here you should absolutely NOT adopt if you aren’t going to have time to bond with your kid
    SORRY, too bad for you

  50. traveller says

    By the way, that story about AJ and BP adopting a dog is ridiculous. It has trashy tab fiction written all over it. Marital status is not a determining factor in pet adoption. As long as you show a genuine interest in having a pet, they’ll give you the animal. If the animals are in the shelter to long, they put them down anyway. Why not let whoever wants them take them. It’d cost them less money that way. I highly doubt AJ and BP even went to an animal shelter.

  51. traveller says

    I live in Indiana. In our state, any FMLA you take is unpaid. That’s my problem. I’m single and plan to adopt. As a single person though, I’m the only income earner in the household. Therefore, I cannot take any FMLA as there would be no money coming in. A person has to be able to make their house payment, car payment, utility payments, etc.

    So, since I plan to adopt and will not get maternity leave, that leaves me with just vacation time. Which will be about 2 weeks since I’ll have to take time off for the home study and travel. I could only wish for the 2 months that AJ has to bond with her child. Both she and Pax are lucky.

  52. Granny says

    When my children were born I got six weeks off with each and then back to work. When my grandson was born my daughter took her 6 weeks and then 6 weeks FMLA and then to work. Daughter-in-law took about 6 weeks with each of my granddaughters. All of them claimed they were ready to get back to work and so was I. No one seems to have suffered from the leavesnot being longer than that.

    And non of us are privilege as to what goes on behind closed doors between Brad and AJ. We should be careful not to read into their relationship just becuase we have biases one way or the other towards these people. It is kind of like that old kids game where you whisper into one persons ear, and each in turn repeat it to the next. At the end the results are usually as far from the truth as one can get.

  53. SMILEY says


  54. Libraesque says

    good for you #127
    Apparentley AJ is the only mother in the world that the haters on this thread are outraged at because she’s not going to stay home for the rest of her life with her kids

  55. MissyMama says

    Jenna M:
    Here in the USa maternity leave is very limited. I’m not sure about other States, but here in California a vaginal birth is 6 weeks, c-section is 8 weeks. After that is up there is the FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) which allows up to six weeks of paid leave for anywhere from child/mother bonding to having toa take care of a sick spouse/family member.

    With my first, FMLA was not yet in place, or I didn’t know about it…anyway. I took 12 weeks off. Six paid, six unpaid. Having 3 months with my newborn was amazing. I was only back to work for a month before being laid off , so I got to spend almost 8 months home. With my second I took my 6 weeks paid maternity, and 2 weeks FMLA. I was ready to go back to work.

    Sorry for the long post. Just trying to give an example for explaination.

  56. Libraesque says

    you’re such a COMPLETE dumbass you don’t even know what you’re reading OR writing.
    That is how the TABLOIDS phrased it
    But keep on embarassing yourself sweetie, it’s amusing

  57. oriana says

    If voicing my opinions makes me have a foul mouth then I guess I have one, but you have a gutter vocabulary and it has been proven more than once by the postings that you do, again, you are very low class!

    I didn’t make the statment she was going to be a Stay at Home Mom for a while, she did, I didn’t write the articles that said she would be leaving in two months to film another movie, I’m not Clint Eastwood, I didn’t hire her for another movie. I didn’t talk to the Vietnam officials, she did.

    I have the right to voice my opinion and make statements, just like she does, for I am a U.S. citizen too!

    Now I can’t waste any more time with a trash mouth like you, I am going to New Orleans and adopt that dog!!!!!! Bye!

  58. Libraesque says

    you need to CHECK yourself oriana. You’re an ugly hateful person, and I’m sure anyone who reads this bunch of SHIT thinks GENIUS:

    Does Brad have ANY backbone at all about himself? I don’t see it, I think he kisses her ass 95% of the time and she is the BOSS in the family, it isn’t a 50/50 partnership as far as setting the plans in motion!

    If she wanted to make her movies, go ahead, but why lie and make it sound like she was going to be staying at home, bonding with her four chidren, who were soooo important to her, just keep your mouth shut Angie, and do what you are going to do! She never had any plans period, to be a stay at home Mom, and she knew it when she made that false statement to the Vietnames officials, now just a few SHORT days later the truth comes out about her movie plans for the very NEAR future, fake and a phoney, she has her own agenda and that is becoming clearer and clearer every day!

    Brad, clear your calendar for you are going to be Mr. MOM, and a total kissass to her, but obviously you like it!

    Maybe you should shut your FOUL mouth and quit talking about these people like you actually know anything about them but what you read in the rags, you piece of trash

  59. oriana says

    #121 and #122 prove my point and observation about you all the way!

    Keep on talking like you do, every time you open your mouth just proves what even a bigger FOOL you really are! If you were in a courtroom, the attorney wouldn’t even have to say a word, your mouth would lose the case for him.

    GUILTY YOUR HONOR!!!! Of being ignorant!!!!!!

  60. Libraesque says

    WHY on earth would you have to point to Labrador on a fucking map to adopt a puppy, that’s INSANE
    And being discriminated against for having a live in partner???
    I guess they don’t place animals in the homes of single moms, dads or any gay people, or widows, or widowers!!
    They must have to euthinize A LOT of animals at that place

  61. Libraesque says

    oriana, why would you make an assinine comment like that? You obviously live in a fantasy world.
    Why would I think about or care if AJ would give me the time of day? And you think I’M low class, why because I have a different opinion than yours? Other people defend her just like I do and yet you personally attack me.
    You’re an asshole

  62. oriana says

    #119, Is this true? Surely she wouldn’t speak to Brad and tell him to Shut up in front of someone that would be witness to it! Amazing article if this is indeed the facts!

  63. janett says

    Brad and Angelina Adoption Request: DENIED
    By Allie’s Gone Hollywood

    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have failed in their latest attempt to add to their rainbow family. The actor-activist couple learned yesterday that the Louisiana SPCA Animal Shelter had denied their request to adopt a three-month-old Labrador retriever puppy. hehe!

    quote-picThe shelter’s refusal came as a shock to Brangelina watchers, who assumed that the couple’s celebrity status and clout would be sufficient to allow them to adopt the next dalai lama if they chose. What’s more, the shelter’s website makes the following people-friendly declaration: “Whether you are looking for young or old, high energy or laid-back, we have the perfect pet for your lifestyle.”

    Puppy – DENIED – PICSo, Brangelina watchers are asking, “What went wrong?” A shelter employee who did not wish to be identified provided answers to that question. “Granted, we are in the business of finding good homes for animals, but we don’t just hand them over to every Tom, Dick, and Brad who walks through the door flashing money, a pretty wife, and a megawatt smile.”

    According to the shelter employee, the Jolie-Pitts’ adoption request was denied because they had failed to answer several items on the adoption questionnaire satisfactorily. “First, they did not meet our six month’s residency requirement. Then under the why-do-you-want-a-pet question, they wrote, ‘As a companion for our children.’ That’s not always a red flag, but two of their children are too young to behave responsibly around puppies, and we got the impression the couple wasn’t through having and adopting children yet. Frankly, they came uncomfortably close to matching our ‘collectors’ profile We were also concerned about the couple’s marital status, as we prefer to place puppies in more traditional intact homes. Their lack of knowledge about the breed didn’t help their cause either. She couldn’t even point to Labrador on a map, then she tried to excuse her failure by saying it was obviously not a country with pressing humanitarian issues.”

    The shelter employee was also puzzled by Ms. Jolie’s behavior toward the puppy. During a supervised interaction period she held the puppy in her arms the entire time. Mr. Pitt kept asking her to put the puppy in the stroller he had brought with them so he could practice taking it for walks, but she ignored him until she finally told him to shut up. I felt sorry for him. He had the look of a man who’s used to taking orders.” Neither Mr. Pitt nor Ms. Jolie answered our requests for comments about the shelter worker’s statements.


  64. oriana says

    I do think it is terrible the way the system is here in the U.S. about time off and vac time accrued, Europeans do have it very lucky and I wish the system would change here but it won’t unless the people apply pressure on their government officials. Traveller, I do understand what you are saying and a lot of it really rings true.

    I don’t think I ever said Angelina didn’t have tutors or couldn’t afford them, yes, it is a wonderful thing to be able to travel and experience new cultures and see the world, lucky for anyone that gets to do so! I am just from the old school and am old fashioned in the fact that I think a family should be stable and children can benefit from not being uprooted and be in sports/school functions/make friends and be a family unit, just my opinion on things is all.

    NO, she doesn’t have to answer to me or to anyone that writes about her, whether it be somone like me or someone from People magazine, but she has not always been truthful and that is a proven fact, not by me, but by her, that is the point I was referring too, why the need to lie? If she doesn’t want to do something then just say so, people get on here and say she is an Angel, and make her out to be a Saint because she has adopted some needy children, when she makes the statements she does, then yes, I feel that she is a liar if the very next few days the headlines prove her to be false!

    She and Brad, do not have to worry about the light bill, the cable bill, the water bill, etc. being cut off. They don’t have to worry and budget which child gets a new pair of shoes this week or saving up for six months for a four day vac somewhere, there are plenty of moms that work 8 and 10 hour shifts with four kids, that don’t have a cook, they have to come home and cook and they don’t even 100,000 dollars, much less the money this couple have, give me a million dollars, not 20 or 50 like those two have, and I could quit work today and raise four kids and stay at home and have a very happy life with them.

    Libraesque, to me, you sound like a very low class individual, do you think Angelina Jolie would even give you the time of day if she lived next door to you? Please!

    If she chooses her high end lifestyle then that is her choice, this is America, land of the free, I know lots of people that live simpler lifestyles and live very well, and provide wonderful homes for their families.

    When someone has millions, they can do what they want, and she is doing exactly that.

    As for the home schooling, I think some reasons for that is number ONE, the safety of America’s children in the schools today, and equally important, the level of learning and the lack of good teachers due to being underpaid and unsafe any more, not just to keep the kids at home, they need to have friends and bond with their peers, and when a child is drug across the country and not from state to state, but from country to country, I don’t see how that can happen and be in a stable environment, again, just my opinion.

    N, it doesn’t hurt my integrity, it hurts hers, so she can lie to the world forever for all I care.

  65. janett says

    Angelina needs to stop adopting children. stop!!!
    idiot … why dont you bond with poor shiloh stupid whore ??

  66. N says

    Traveller you are so correct….. We dont get time off for adoption either. And the amount of vacation time sucks to me too!!

  67. traveller says


    Perhaps, she signed onto these movies more than a year ago. Before she even had Shiloh, let alone started the adoption process for Pax. Maybe after the adoption process was started, the powers that be told her that filming would begin in May of 2007. She’s signed a contract. She’s obligated to follow through, lest she wants a law suit against her. Acting does ensure someone more control over their schedules than a regular person would have, but it does not ensure them total control over their schedules. And perhaps she wants to work. A lot of working moms in this country work because they want to, not because they have to. Maybe she feels she’s a better person, and thus a better mom when she can define herself as something independent of someone else. I know many women who tire of being referred to as so and so’s mom or so and so’s wife.

    As for Maddox, I’m sure he has a tutor to teach him when the family has to travel to a movie set. I don’t see that as being any different than the thousands of parents in this country that home school their children. That’s in effect what they are doing. Maybe as adults, her children might resent the constant travel, but maybe they won’t. That still doesn’t give anyone the right to tell someone else how to raise their children. Each parent does what they see fit for their lifestyle and belief system.

    Also, it’s actually worse in America than just 6 to 8 weeks maternity leave. In the company I work for, you get no time off if you adopt. Only what you’ve managed to accrue in vacation time. How’s that for lousy. Don’t let American’s who preach family values fool you. People in this country don’t give a rat’s @ss about family. It’s just something politicians talk about to gain votes. If anyone really cared, these types of policies would change. And as for vacation, in most companies, you don’t get any vacation until after your first year anniversary. In the company I work for, you get 1 wee after your first anniversary, 2 weeks after your 2nd anniversay, 3 weeks after your 5th anniversary, and 4 weeks after your 10th anniversary. You cannot accumulate anymore than 4 weeks a year. Europeans have it so good!

  68. Libraesque says

    I REALLY think that unless you have a different opinion, or something to actually say here, you may want to re-think coming on here just to post that someone….is a double douchebag
    what are you, twelve?????

  69. Libraesque says

    sheila, unless you’re also oriana, I’m not quite sure what you’re getting in such a tizzy about
    get a grip

  70. N says

    Oriana, She can also lie if she wants…..Who are you to think that no one can lie to you! You arent special. If she wants to lie to the world and say she is never acting again then ends up in a movie next month…… SO WHAT! IS SHE HURTING YOU? DOES HER LIES HURT YOUR FEELINGS? BRUISE YOUR INTEGRITY?

  71. Libraesque says

    And what the HELL is he missing anyway? Isn’t he 5 or 6 that would put him in kindergarten
    OH MY GOD call out the national guard Maddox is missing his finger painting lessons

  72. N says

    Oriana, when you have millions you do have alot of bills…. Do you want to know why? Because you have more things…. You have an entourage, bodyguards, nannies, cooks, managers, publicists, HOMES not just one home HOMES that have mortgages, house insurance, property taxes, utilities at each home…. You have high end cars that cost $490,000 with high car insurance. You take jets everywhere you dont fly commercial…. Or you might just own a Boeing like John Travolta which costs millions of dollars for gas. Lets not talk about insurance for all of these things…thats a bill in itself! I would rather her work to pay her own Bills than be a lazy Bitch living off of the system. She has to work to pay for her lifestyle…. Also… if she really wanted to she could home-school her children like alot of people are starting to do.

  73. Libraesque says

    I would think that being a world traveler would be an exceptional education for any child. And I suppose you know FOR SURE that they don’t have access to a tutor???
    so no YOU SHUT UP you baby

  74. oriana says

    N, work to pay her bills? When you have millions you don’t have many bills, unless of course you go out and buy more million dollar homes and things you want not necessairly need.

    I don’t feel sorry for her having to “work” to pay her bills as you say, just another excuse for her!

    And the point is if she wants to make movies and travel all over that is well and good, just don’t lie and say you are going to be staying at home and bonding and taking care of your children like she plainly did. Or of course the newspaper could have made it up and lied on her since she would NEVER say anything untrue!

  75. oriana says

    #99, you have a filthy mouth! Isn’t Maddox in school? When a child is in school do you drag them all over the country? Are you ignorant? Does STAY AT HOME MOM MEAN taking them on LOCATION with her all over the world? Are her movie locations her homes? So SHUT UP!!!

  76. N says

    Well….. She has to work to pay her bills and take care of her family. Working for her means doing movies. The difference between her job and ours is that she can bring her children to work with her if she pleases and leave them in her decked out trailer thats on the site of the set and go see them in between takes. Oh…. plus her children has dedicated help that is only focused on them and not 15 other kids like daycares.

  77. oriana says

    #82, traveller, not trying to start anything with you, but if someone has a $100 million dollars, or even $10 million dollars, they can afford to stay home and raise their children full time, and even hire some Nannies also.

    And they have more money than millions of people will ever see in their life time! Who says they have to have four or five homes, planes, fancy motorcycles, etc?

    If these children are the most important things in their lives, as they say they are, why not be with them and give them a stable home environment?

  78. Libraesque says

    oriana, what about taking her children with her on location SCREAMS so loudly to you that she’s leaving them, douchebag

  79. oriana says

    Angelina is not stupid, she knows exactly what she is saying when she phrases her words, she knows the media picks up on her comments, when she said she was going to be a stay at home Mom and bond with Pax, that being with her four children was the most important thing RIGHT NOW, that is exactly what she meant, RIGHT NOW, she gave the false impression to the officials at the orphanage, she knew she would be leaving in two months to film and then again in the Fall, why didn’t she just say, I will be a stay at home Mom for two months?

    This woman plays to the media, she will give this child love, attention, and a good life, but she knew she was lying when she was talking about staying at home and raising her children who are Oh So Important to her, but obviously her film career is a top priority with her, and for all of you who use the excuse to defend her, yes, you may only get maternity leave for six weeks or two months, but that is what most companies offer, and you know if you had the choice, like she does, of staying with your newborn babies longer if it was offered to you, you would be at home with your child, but she makes the choices to go away on film locations and she makes the choices and decisions about being with her children, so there is a big major difference in what she says and what she actually means and what she does!

  80. Libraesque says

    Jackie you are SUCH a complete freak.

    How can ANY of you post that BP is pussywhipped? The extent of your knowledge of this couple is tabloids
    And how taking children out of orphanages and giving them a good life is considered media whoredom is SO beyond me.
    Going out without your undies, throwing up in clubs, making up songs about someone “firecrotch” and singing it to the paps, making sex videos, THAT is attention seeking media whores, NOT a humanitarian that adopts children and gives them a loving home and opportunities that they would never have had as well as donating millions of dollars, starting foundations and bringing awareness to dozens of charitable causes
    you people are SICK

  81. N says

    yup only 6-8 weeks in America. 6 for a vaginal birth 8 for a ceaserean. I hate it…. I was extremely upset…. They dont care about family as much as they say they do over here in America. Thats one of the main reasons she probably adopts outside of America…. All the red tape!

  82. comment says

    All people are fake to a certain extent, to strangers. One ought to keep some of one’s affairs private. Those who tell the world every thing are fools.

  83. comment says

    How can a child decide what’s good for him? Parents decide what’s good for a child, right or wrong to other people. In an orphanage, the director does this and we, compassionate outsiders, can only hope that he/she has the child’s best interest at heart.

    From my Vietnamese’s point of view, Pax’s best interest was considered. He will be clothed & fed (most important matters for poor people), will get an education. At 18 he can have his say. By then, if he finds his adopted parents not to his liking, he can disown the parents like many Western children do and sell his story to the press for a handsome chunk of money. He can even sue these parents for taking him away from his homeland without his consent and demand reparation like some Americans do. In other words, he can be anything he wants. Buf if he stays in VN, he’ll most likely be another bump on the street.

    And to him, even his birth mother is a stranger any way.

  84. side bangs says

    What if the child that is getting adopted but does not want to be adopted? What happens? Do the children get a say in it or theyare just taken away by strangers?

  85. Jenna M. says

    People only get 6 weeks maternity leave? Is that in America?

    Here in the UK your company is legally obliged to give you a full year. In Norway I am sure it is 2 years.

  86. dori #1 says

    I’m the original dori and had to change to dori#1 because the other day someone decided to start posting really nasty stuff under my name. Thanks for noticing.

  87. dori #1 says

    I am the original dori and had to change to dori#1 because the other day someone decided to start posting really nasty stuff under my name. Thanks for noticing.

  88. comment says

    He didn’t have much a life in Vietnam in that orphanage. Don’t believe the appearance of nice and clean condition on the pictures when Jolie arrived. If the place is that clean, it is because it is staged. Hospitals in VN don’t even look that decent.

    Pax, abandoned by his mother and her family (his grandfather declined to take him home citing he had too many to feed) will end up on the street, shining shoes, hustling chewing gums for pennies. He could be tricked into prostituting himself to the foreign pedophiles whose only visit VN (or Thailand, Cambodia) for sex with minors, nothing else. The orphanage will not take care of him all his life and welfare doesn’t exist there.

    In his adoption, Pax has it as good as the Vietnamese children his age twenty some years ago. Many found themselves an orphan on the high sea, parents died of lack of water or at the hands of the Thai’s pirates, having no one who could be in the position to help for all the people on the boats were half dead themselves. Their adoptions into well to do Western families were just as abrupt. He has it much better than hundred of thousands children his age in VN, even those living with both parents.

    He’s in good hands and is going to be just fine, just like his Vietnamese predecessors decades before him, many of whom are successful citizens of the Western world now. Please stop worrying about him.

  89. Essie says

    Traveller, I agree with you 100%, on all counts. Unfortunately, you won’t change any minds on this board. These people hate Angelina and no amount of logic will change their minds.

    It must be very painful to hate someone so much. Especially someone you don’t know.

  90. side bangs says

    I feel for Pax so much. To be taken away from where you were born and what you know the most. You weren’t even told you were going to get adopted and to just be whisked away and in to this poshed up life, must be terrifying for him. I am very curious about this- what if the child that is going to be adopted does not want to be? Do they need the child’s permission or parents? I really am very curious about that. Poor little boy. I hope he gets the support and comfort that he needs fomr Angelin and Brad and even the kids to make him feel good and comfortable.

  91. MommyDearest says

    4babies….I just commented on the Julia sight to you, just wondering…is this really YOU saying these nasty things? On Hellorazzi, you don’t seem this nasty? Wow! I really hope it’s not you! You seemed so nice????!

  92. traveller says

    A few observations:

    1. AJ did not say she was going to be a stay at home mom. She said she was going to stay at home a while in order to help Pax adjust. If she has indeed signed on to film in May, that’s still 2 months away. That’s a lot more time than most working moms have to bond with their new children. Perhaps, she thinks that’s enough time for Pax to somewhat adjust. And remember, when she goes off to film, BP will be staying home with the kids. So, in reality, they will always have a parent at home which is more than a lot of kids have. I think they are extremely lucky in this regard. And to have the opportunity to bond as much with your father as your mother is really a gift.

    2. No one knows what goes on in that household. No one knows what conversations AJ and BP had with regards to this adoption. So comments that people are whipped are or don’t care about Shiloh are uncalled for. Until I’m privy to their innermost thoughts, I’ll not judge.

    3. AJ did not call Shiloh a blob. She was trying and failing to get her point across that Shiloh didn’t have much of a personality as a newborn (most newborns don’t) and she couldn’t think of a word to use. The interviewer came up with “blob”, to which AJ said “Sort of”. She wasn’t really agreeing with the word so much as the idea that a newborn is not the most interesting of individuals. To which I heartly agree. My nieces are a ton more entertaining now that they are older than they were as newborns and a lot more fun to be around.

    4. AJ did not say she loved her adopted children more than her biological child. She did not say she felt no compassion for her biological child. She simply said she has more compassion for the adopted children due to their rough start in life. She said nothing about loving them more. There are plenty of pictures of her holding and cuddling Shiloh, so this whole conversation about child preference is ridiculous and childish.

    5. I agree with the photo spreads. I think it’s wise on AJ and BP’s part to do them. They get to control which pictures are published and how they are taken. It’s a lot less scary for one photographer to take pictures of the kids while they play than to have 20 photographers shoving cameras in the children’s faces. They do not make a profit on the photos and if it even somewhat deters the razzis, then it’s worth it.

    6. Neither AJ nor BP can afford to stop working. They’re not Bill Gates or Warren Buffet. If they don’t work, the money will dry up. Also, both need to continue to work in order to be eligible for medical insurance through the actors’ association. And we all agree that medical insurance for not only themselves, but also their children is an important part of being responsible parents.

    7. There is no way that AJ and BP could ever adopt quietly like Meg Ryan or Ewan McGregor. They are bigger stars and a lot more popular (both negatively and positively) than either of those actors. The razzis literally stalk them. Neither McGregor nor Ryan have to put up with that.

    I honestly don’t think these people adopt to get publicity. They get plenty on their own. They seem to truly love children and want a big family. That’s their perogative. If you don’t agree with big families, than don’t have one. But you don’t have a right to tell someone else they cannot or should not. It’s up to them to build the family they want and to raise their children as they see fit. I don’t by any means think they are perfect parents, but then none of us are. Just like everyone else, they make mistakes and wish they’d done certain things differently. That doesn’t make anyone a bad parent, just a human one.

  93. side bangs says

    Very nice pictures. Zahara looks so cute in that bikini. hey all look like they love each other already. Hey, what can i say Love travels fast.

  94. comment says

    There aren’t nearly half an interest in Ewan or Meg Ryan though. Even Madonna, whose entire career has been built on shock publicity, doesn’t generate the kind of interest Brangelina does. As soon as the tabloids’ employees report to their bosses that posts about these two are linguishing in neglect and the sales figure confirm the report, these two will be praised for discretion just like you praising Ewan, Meg, and the others now.

    On another site, Jennifer Aniston was cursed for trying to evade the paparazzi. It seems to me they could never please all.

    Not one of the critics of Angelina would admit to this but at this very moment you are dying to see a picture of their reunion, her plane landing in LA, etc.., how Pax was welcomed by the daddy, will the daddy proceed with adoption paper and change Pax’s last name to include ‘Pitt’, and so on and so one. I am.

  95. Elaine says

    Angelina shouldn’t say she is taking time off to be with Pax if she isn’t. If Brad is going to stay at home with the kids (as seems to be possible if he hasn’t got any projects planned) that is great – but why lie about it? Being generous to AJ perhaps she has been misquoted. I do think she could have adopted the child without so much publicity, and selling photos of Pax while saying she wants to protect him from publicity seems to me to be hypocritical. Also, if she as really done this to cut the price of papperazzi shots of him, what she could have done is issue a couple of photos free or for a contribution to charity to whoever wanted them – signing exclusive deals means that other publications will now want spoiler photos of him. Other celebs have adopted abroad without so much fuss – Ewan McGregor, Meg Russell – it is a pity AJ either didn’t want to or couldn’t do so.

  96. MommyDearest says

    Dori #1 …no, I don’t think “side bangs” is “B….”. Side Bangs has stated that she doesn’t know the sex of her baby. The person who you are thinking of “B……” has come back on here a few times and has stated that she is having a baby girl! (Besides, I don’t think “B….” would ever change her handle…EVER!)

    So, Dori #1…are you the original Dori or the other Dori? Which Dori is Dori? I’m so confused? Are you? 😉

  97. dori #1 says

    side bangs I think I know who you are. You left the site a while back when you first got pregnant and you had to travel somewhere becuase of your son and could stand the stress. Hope I’m right. Glad to see your back.

  98. Bea says

    Brad should have gone to pick the child too. He is going to be the father after all. If he really wanted, he would have taken atleast a couple of days off. He is just a follower and I can’t stand his spineless ass any more.

    Angelina should stop commercially using these kids. Whether it is for charity or not, it is unfair on them since they did not choose to be stars. They are human beings who may choose a path of life to which all this media exposure is a detriment. She should respect that!

    P.S Lola, Angelina is not rich enough not to ever work again. She is rich, but not that rich, I mean Harry porter earns more than her per movie!

  99. side bangs says

    Congrats!!! I can’t beleive that you have time to come on here! I can’t wait until mine comes! I love that name.

  100. ???* says

    I find it Funny that you all are saying #20 is stealing your name….Do you have any proof?Did she say “yep i took all of your guyses names!!!” don`t think so…
    Anywho….Just wanted to say i had my baby yesterday!!! I just got home …Her name is Sierra Lynn 🙂 a Cutie!!!!!
    Anywho…ya get some proof [not try`n to be mean]

  101. oriana says

    Carleigh, I am the one that adopted a new dog, I didn’t think that anyone like Amy and Lisa, would find something wrong with that, I do realize there are a lot of people in this world that don’t care about homeless animals and I am sorry about that, I didn’t mean to give the impression that I thought they would care anything about me and never expected anyone too, just my thoughts and opinions, but again, I feel sorry for them, I feel sorry for anyone that doesn’t have any compassion for an homeless child, adult or an animal, thank you!

  102. side bangs says

    Hye Missy Mama! I remeber you. ( I used to be on this site before but I came off for a while because of family issues and I comeback and this place is a totaly mad house! you may or may not know me but I know you. I chaa\nged my username ( which will not be mentioned. )

  103. oriana says

    #61, Lola, Exactly they have so much money they don’t need to ever work again, that is why I feel if she made the statements she did about she was going to be a “stay at home Mom and bond with Pax and be with her four children, then why doesn’t she do it? She is planning on going off on yet again another long trip in May, and if the reports are true yet another one in the Fall, maybe she doesn’t understand what Stay at Home Mom means? Soon these children will be old enough to be in school except Shiloh and they have lived all their lives so far in and out of hotels mostly.

    Zahara still in diapers, over two years old, she has bodyguards and nannies to help with the kids, she doesn’t have a clue about what a full time mother raising kids and staying at home taking care of them means! And she doesn’t want too! Brad, as weak as he is, he will tag along and go along to continue being with her! Pitiful Brad!

  104. Essie says

    Many people have asked about Brad Pitt and Shiloh staying at home. Brad’s rep said,

    He has specific days on the movie that couldn’t be changed or production would run over. Shiloh has been on the Button set everyday with her father.

  105. MissyMama says

    For you regulars that know me..sorry, but I cannot take this site anymore. I’ll look at the pics, but posting has become ridiculous.

    I’ll see you in Hellorazzi when time allows. :o)

  106. dori #1 says

    You know from the pics I’ve seen Angelina had Zahara with her on the trip. They showed pics of her by a pool. I originally thought Angelina only took Mad with her but it seems she took Zahara too.

  107. dori #1 says

    No I didn’t get a dog.. you have me confused with someone else. I don’t know what thatmeant. Someone was using my name though . But I do hope we can continue to stck to the subject here and enjoy some conversation and even sensible debating about celebrities and their beautiful children with out the name calling and criticisms. I miss that.

  108. lola says

    They have so much money they could afford to never work again. Raising children is the hardest job in the world and all those celebritys are so into themselves the kids get lost in the shuffle. That is why the kids will grow up needing help later in life. I will keep my week to week pay check and my hillbilly life.

  109. chipmunk2113 says

    Hang in there folks, pretty soon babies will be done with naps, supper will need fixed, husbands will be on the way home.. then it’s back to the real world. Yeah, this probably pissed someone off, but while it gets cookin in here again, I must needs be ’bout cookin in the kitchen, AND I LOVE IT!!!!)

  110. chipmunk2113 says

    “None of you have any idea about anything these people do” Well, Essie, if it walks like a duck…and by the way, you don’t know them either. BUT, by their fruits ye shall know them.

  111. oriana says

    #54, you had an excellent point about quite possibly Brad didn’t want the baby (too small for such a long trip) being jerked back and forth from country to country, I can easily see that in maybe both of them not thinking that was a good idea for a child at such a young age.

  112. side bangs says

    Way to go Carleigh! It’s their life us bickering and having fights are not going to help them nor us.

  113. carleigh says

    Why is it so bad around here that people can’t make simple comments and statements w/o getting chewed to bits and pieces? Dori got a dog, that’s cool she loves animals and chose to share that here. Others need to get over themselves and just leave it alone already. Id theft is rampant on here and hopefully whoever tries to “steal” my ID will know that I write and articulate in a cretain way and they can “spot” the phonies. It’s ultimately up to the webmistress to trace back and block IP addresses and to confront the issues at hand. I know it sucks, but it is what it is. Brad stayed home more than likely to take care of Zahara and Shiloh, why does he have to be critiqued about why he did or didn’t go to Vietnam to p/u Pax?? If it’s not one issue it’s another, these two can’t win no matter what they do right or wrong. The adopt another child and people whine and bitch they are doing it for publicity, Angie’s ignoring Shiloh, Angie is this or that…who cares. It’s their life and I am quite sure at the ages of 31 and 43 they know what suits them and what they are able and willing to take on. You won’t ever see them standing on a street corner panhandling to feed, clothe or shelter their children. They can and do provide a wonderful, loving home for ALL FOUR of their children and that’s the most important thing in the world to any child.

  114. oriana says

    LISA and AMY, why don’t you two apply for a job as Angelina’s NANNY, since you especially Lisa are always praising her and guzzling about how wonderful she is all the time, do the Right Thing as you say you try to do all the time, be there to wait on her hand and foot, and help take care of these kids she has adopted, I am sure there will be more, as for me, I will take care of my adopted pets, and surely you don’t think I expect you or anyone to care about that!

  115. chipmunk2113 says

    Honey, Brad stayed in the states probably because Viet Nam doesn’t allow unmarried folk to adopt, and I suppose if he’d gone, it would have appeared their laws were being rebuffed.
    But, what I LIKE to think, is that Brad had the good sense to not let the BABY-not blob angablob- be jerked from country to country at such a young age! I’m no doc, but I don’t think changes in cabin pressure and jet lag when the flights are over are too good for a BABY with a developing BRAIN. The capitalization is for A’s benefit, not yours. Making a point to angablob.

  116. dori #1 says

    It’s getting so crazy in here with the fighting whats wrong with everyone? why can’t we just stick to the topic?

  117. oriana says

    Amy, who said you or anyone had to care about me or me adopting a dog? Maybe you aren’t an animal lover and that is okay too, I just made that statment in reference to someone stating probably no one on this site does anything good, like Angelina does all the time, I adopted an animal, to me that is doing some good in this world, you don’t have to care or think that was a good thing to do, no problem for me!

  118. chipmunk2113 says

    Cheetah # 41
    First, it’s wise to not let your lips move (or- in your case-fingers type) whilst you “THINK”, (i.e. Now tell me all the negative posters in here, what did you do this year to change the world and make it a better place?

    I thought so.. not much hu. ) if you REALLY want an answer.
    As for me, I have improved in countless ways in the last year alone in order to: Become a more steady, stable, compassionate, more selfless-HARD ONE, never done with this one- productive, SEN SA TIVE (thank you Major Pain) individual, wife, mommy, friend, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. If you would like to know how, just let me know. I’m done homeschooling for the day, the baby is nappin, and I’m bored.

  119. Essie says

    (1) These movies are most likely not done deals. The producer may want Angelina but that doesn’t mean she has signed on or totally committed to any of these movies. (See: Reese W. and how she backed out of a movie last week. Stars can always back out.)
    (2) How do you people know Shiloh didn’t have a cold or some other sort of “baby ailment” that prevented her mother from taking her all the way to Vietnam?
    (3) Pax is only 3-1/2 years old. He will adjust rapidly to his new surroundings.
    (4) Angie and Brad sold pics of Shiloh for charity. Perhaps they sold these pics to Hello for the same reason.

    Really, you people are overly harsh and judgmental. None of you have any idea about anything these people do. I think some of you should stop reading gossip tabloids and try reading something that will increase your intelligence!!!

  120. Lisa says

    #44 oriana, who cares about what you are doing!! We all have busy lives and are trying to do the right thing. I am not interested in you!!!

  121. says

    You guys are attacking the WRONG person here!! Why isn’t Brad being held responsible for staying home with his new son?! He is just as capable of manipulating his busy schedule as she is! I CANNOT believe there hasn’t been more issue made of the fact that he wasn’t even in the same country as his family while it became bigger! I don’t know what’s worse with that picture: That whatever film production team he’s with wouldn’t let him go, or that he wasn’t willing to lose the millions (he doesn’t need anyway) to meet his new son?! I understand this sort of came up quickly and unexpectedly (the adoption itself), but come ON! He’s out riding his motorbike around town while she’s getting to know his new son on her own? Why is SHE always the one to blame??

  122. oriana says

    Brad is pitiful, and I sure his family has noticed who is calling the shots in this family, and it definately isn’t Brad, I remember reading her ex-lover, the female one, said that Angie would not settle down, she was too strong willed and controlling, that they had a lovefest relationship for over ten years, she apparently knew Angie pretty well as everything she stated appears to be true.

    I am glad Shiloh didn’t go with her over there,a very long plane trip and she is very young to be going so far, as to #41, what have any of us done to help make a better place in the world, well, I did adopt another animal from the shelter, so maybe that helped a little bit as for doing something beneficial,at least it was to my dog, he is three years old, weighs 17 lbs. and is beautiful, A Jack Russell, and yes, I will be a stay at home mom to him and not cart him around on planes on long rides and give him a chance to bond with my other dog and three cats!

  123. Jackie says

    I think many are ignoring the fact that Mr Pitt
    1) did not take time off to go pick this child yet he could bike around west hollywood 3 times in the week

    2) Has said nothing about the latest addition
    3) Shiloh never went along with the rest of the family and you would think as the youngest child, she should be with the mother all the time .

    In the whole month, Angelina has been running around the world, and when she gets back home, she picks them up to go to Vietnam, then in May barely a month later, she is going on filming location, when are these kids going to get some grounding, I bet they are very used to hoping from hotel to hotel.

    I feel sorry for Mr Pitt whose Identity, ego, manhood , status and manliness have taken a beating in this relationship. Some quarters now refer to him as Mr Jolie or Mr Angelina Jolie. SAD!

    But it looks like someone has told him that he is not looking good at all. I bet he insisted Shiloh stayed in L.A and refused to go to Vietnam.

    Here is to hoping!

    I know the moment AJ is back in L.A he will be ordered to pose for a photo shoot, put his name on the adoption papers and declare his love for the new Jolie-pitt. Then carry him on his shoulders in the park while pushing the others in a stroller and holding Mads hand! For some more Photo ops.

    Poor poor Brad. I can’t believe I loved him once upon a time and I thought he was to die for. He is so pathetic these days it hurts!

  124. Cheetah says

    Men this whole namestealing thing is just @#$%%..

    This is my first post, but ive been reading here for some time now and stuff like this is realy taking the joy away.

    Site owners, moderators, whatever.. cant you just ban that IP?

    As for the subject of this post;

    I think Every parent, moviestar or not, tries the best he or she can. You dont get children into you life just to mess them up or make them unhappy.
    these people do a great job. They try to make a diffrent in some kids life. Now tell me all the negative posters in here, what did you do this year to change the world and make it a better place?

    I thought so.. not much hu.

  125. sillygirl says

    I feel sorry for Shiloh the most. The “unwanted”child by Angie. She only had the baby to keep Brad. You never see her holding Shiloh, only Brad. I am sure he absolutly loves her to the end of the earth. I don’t Angie really cares for Shiloh, or as she calls her the “BLOB”. She ignores this child and gives all her attention to her poor suffering adoptive children. At least Brad should get custody of her when they split up.

  126. chipmunk2113 says

    A knows what she is ( I have a diff. phrase), and it’s still no excuse for her selfishness. We all have opprtunities to make healthy decisions. She’d do well to start, or she will have a harvest with them that she isn’t bargaining for.

  127. dori #1 says

    angelina is a restless spiirit. She is constantly searching for the next thing to do. and doesn’t seem to know how to relax and enjoy her family. I actually feel sorry for her. She is missing out on precious time she could be spending enjoying her children.
    Run Agelina Run

  128. boogieoogiedowntonite says

    Who is using my name? #26 and #20 and dori. Please stop. Isn’t this site protected or something?

  129. chipmunk2113 says

    P.S. I believe she intended very much to hook Brad, so whether or not she planned it , she sure utilized it. Hopefully, he will take Shiloh away to raise her right, and all the countries she adopted from will revoke the adoptions. But, that won’t happen because she PAID them too much in the name of aid. She bought those children as much as Madonna did.

  130. Jamie67 says

    Obviously she is not telling the truth!!
    I only hope Brad is taking care of his child!!
    Cause Shiloh is def.out!!
    She took Mad and Zahara with her to Vietnam,but not her youngest child!!
    I can’t stand her blahblah,,,like it’s going to be hard for Pax to adjust and that they all need time and so on.
    I mean ,clearly she has the money to protect those kids,she a mediaho.like all the britts and the lindsays!!

  131. chipmunk2113 says

    Zahara’s countenance looks so sad. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that baby look happy.
    I think A is pandering for her audience also. She saidShiloh was a mistake and that she “FEELS” for her adopted children more, because of where they come from. If Zahara’s is eyes are our window to her world, May God help all of those children.

  132. oriana says

    Does Brad have ANY backbone at all about himself? I don’t see it, I think he kisses her ass 95% of the time and she is the BOSS in the family, it isn’t a 50/50 partnership as far as setting the plans in motion!

    If she wanted to make her movies, go ahead, but why lie and make it sound like she was going to be staying at home, bonding with her four chidren, who were soooo important to her, just keep your mouth shut Angie, and do what you are going to do! She never had any plans period, to be a stay at home Mom, and she knew it when she made that false statement to the Vietnames officials, now just a few SHORT days later the truth comes out about her movie plans for the very NEAR future, fake and a phoney, she has her own agenda and that is becoming clearer and clearer every day!

    Brad, clear your calendar for you are going to be Mr. MOM, and a total kissass to her, but obviously you like it!

  133. boogieoogiedowntonite says

    Angelina needs to stop adopting children. Please stay at home w/ the kids you already have!

  134. Nisa says

    Good point Oriana. Can you imagine she has already sold pictures to tabloids for 2 million dollars. Geez the kids are getting to know each other and she is already prostituting (I know am too harsh to use the term) them like they are some kind of goods.

    Couldn’t she have gone quietly without updating the media every second of the way, picked up pax brought him back to the US and the first we see of him is in a park playing like a normal family.

    I not sure what to make of Angelina anymore. May be this is the best way she knows how to do things but she resented her father taking her out in public and hated that side of fame while she was growing up. You would think that she would atleast protect her kids. And where is Brad in all this?

  135. Janie says

    Angelina is a total idiot. She keeps adopting children so that she can receive the media attention. She is a miserable person and it shows all over her face. She is a fake!

  136. oriana says

    It was only last week she said she was going to be a STAY AT HOME MOM, THAT HER FOUR CHILDREN WERE THEM MOST IMPORTANT THINGS IN THE WORLD TO HER, now ONE week later she has signed on for a film role to leave in May, what does she consider a “stay at home Mom”? I think she lied to make it sound good to the Vietnam officials at the orphanage.

    And she will take the kids half way around the world with her while she is filming? Where is the stability in that? Where is the school stability for Maddox she was referring too?

    She is a proven liar and this is just another example of that.

  137. boogieoogiedowntonite says

    I cant beleive this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stop tAKING MY NAME. I MA FuCK THIS SITE. I HATE IT PEOPLE ARE JUST SO MEAN AND I HAVE ONE CONFESSION TO MAKE……I was the poerson posing as angelina preggo hot momma. maybe i am obsessed with pregnancy so….who cares it s a beautifu lthing! if some one can plezzzzz stop taking myname than i will be happy to discuss my condolences with you.

  138. dori #1 says

    Anyway as most of you have said Angelina is like most moms a fews weeks off then back to work. It’s just in her case she shouldn’t go around saying she will be a stay ay home mom when in realiity sher will be a working mom. Say what you mean and mean what you say!

  139. dori #1 says

    You know I use to come here as a stress reief and now comming in here is causing me stress. Now I have identity theft. What is up with you god damn 12 year olds? Carleigh what happened to this website?

  140. Kellymay says

    Oh my gosh Dori, you have green veins!!!!! Just kidding lol blood is actually blue until it gets oxgenated then it goes red so a bluish/green tint is normal 🙂

    I think Angelina should allow as much time as needed to get Pax adjusted which IMO is very different then dealing with a newborn. On that note, I am thankful we get a year paid maternity her in Canada. I was also able to share some of my leave with my husband so when our second child was born we were both home for the first month which was amazing. The more bonding time a parent has with a child can never hurt.

  141. Jackie says

    Angelina usually tells lies and we should be used to them by now! She never stole Brad, Shiloh was a mistake, she will never have a biological baby…. the list is long! She has her own unique take on truth.

    But seriously she needs to stay home and try to make all the kids adjust not only pax but also the other kids and Brad too. I mean they are going through a lot of changes in a short period of time and the whole family looks very unhappy at the moment. I am also not comfortable with all this selling pictures of the kids to the media even if it is for charity. They have not consented to a public life and she should respect that and keep their presence in the media at the minimum.

    I am still waiting for Brad’s take on all this!

  142. Lucia says

    I agree with Carleigh, Angelina is doing just fine and so is Brad. They obviously LOVE these kids. I also love how they take turns staying with the kids as one works…wish every family household could do that but…. not everyone is that fortunate. And there are alot of people underestimating kids and their adaptability. Pax is going to be just fine. He has 2 wonderful siblings at home that will make this transition fun and easy. And Shiloh, even though is only 10 months old, will make it fun, loving and tender as well. Pax i’m sure is doing great by now. All a child ever EVER wants is a family that LOVES them and CARES for them. With those 2 recipes in the mix, you would be surprised how EASY and QUICKLY a child adapts…heck, even a adult adapts quickly to a thriving and loving environment! so come on people….wish them all the best. by the way…Pax is gorgeous…very handsome, actually all those kids are beautiful! wish we could see more pics of all of them together.

  143. tj says

    Angelina is doing the best she can she loves kids and those childern are her main priority right now!! Pax will soon grow to love his family and soon you’ll see all 6 of them together on a photo shoot on people! i love them and Angelina she is just an angel!!!!

  144. boogieoogiedowntonite says

    I agree with you Kathy and Lauren. She needs to stay home and help Pax adjust to his new life and get used to the people arund him. She needs to guide him.

  145. carleigh says

    BTW..I am sure the movies were previous commitments on her part as well..we are all aware that movies are made 18-24 months in advance of release, so she probably had a few movies in the pipeline before completing this adoption. Time will tell, but she’s a great mother and Brad is always there to back her up, this child will be fine and surely not neglected in the least.

  146. carleigh says

    Most women only get 6-8 weeks to “bond” with the newborn baby and it’s shuffle time and you barely heal yourself and have to go back to work. I am sure she and Brad will both be very involved with Pax’s adjustments and should he have any difficulty they have the means to provide for his emotional and mental well being and if need be to send him to a child pyschologist if that’s the worst case scenario. I don’t see it happening though, I think Pax is going to be so busy playing with his new siblings and adjusting to his new life he’s going to be just fine. I wish them all the best, specially little Pax he’s a cutie!

  147. Garnette says

    Everyone seems to have a different idea of what gives a child stability. Who’s to even say that the child will be with a nanny, just because they are actors doesn’t mean that they rely on a nany to raise there children. My husband was a stay at home dad for 2 years and it was the best thing we ever did. My daughter and my husband have such a strong bond now that i believe will stay with them forever. It’s also so easy to judge when you only get a piece of the story (no one will ever know every little thing about them anyway) especially when written in often one sided articles or edited news clips. I know as a parent as well that there are things I would love to do and be with my children but it’s not always the case. Maybe she really wants to be become a stay at home mom but the adoption happened quicker than planned and the projects where already decided apone.

  148. Paula says

    Well, she probably meant a stay at home mom for two months. Yes, people usually get 6 weeks to stay with their newborns and no that doesn’t make them a bad mother, but, Pax is going to have a bigger adjustment than the three others and she should have taken that into consideration before she adopted again. He’s older and knew other caretakers and will remember them and miss them. And yes, they main job is making movies but I’m sure if Angie stays home for a year it wouldn’t break the bank. And has Brad even met the child yet? He’s got to meet another stranger in a few days. I think it’s good she’s adopted but they need to think of every possible way to make this childs adjustment period as smooth as possible. Sounds to me like she’ll be dragging this one all over the world too with no stability. Won’t know what city he’ll wake up in next.

  149. Lauren says

    She claims to say that she’s going to be a stay @ home mom but she’s signing on for different movie projects. That little boy needs time to adjust instead of being thrusted into the limelight and being cared for by nannies.

  150. MommyDearest says

    When I had my first baby, the company that I worked for only offerred 6 weeks maternity leave. Did that make me a bad mother because I had to go back to work so soon?

  151. Sylvia says

    Well, acting is their only job. They have to have some way to bring in the money. While I think that its way too soon for her to go back to work, I like how they’re taking turns; one does a couple of projects while the other stays with the kids, and then they switch. However, I feel for Pax…he has alot of adjusting to deal with.

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