The Identity Of Little Dannielynn's Father Will Soon Be Revealed

Such bittersweet news, but I just pray that Larry “wins” as Howard K. Stern is too horrible for words. He does not deserve to raise little Dannielynn.

Anna Nicole Smith

The world will soon know the identity of the man who fathered Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter.

The Bahamas Supreme Court today ordered a DNA test to determine the paternity of the five-month-old baby who’s been at the center of the media maelstrom since her mother passed away in February at the age of 39.

Dr. Deborah Rose the Bahamian lawyer representing Smith’s mother Virgie, confirms the court’s ruling to “They ordered the DNA test for Dannielynn,” she said.

Smith’s partner Howard K. Stern, who is listed as Dannielynn’s father on her birth certificate, looked downtrodden when he arrived at court on Tuesday afternoon to hear the judge’s decision.

“I’m doing the best that I can,” he said.

Larry Birkhead, Smith’s former boyfriend who also claims he is the father of the infant, showed up 15 minutes after Stern and clearly had the favor of tourists and locals who cheered and screamed, “We’re on your side.”

After the ruling, the two waging would-be fathers exited the courthouse in high spirits. “Bahamian people, thank you so much,” Stern said as he rushed out of the building.

Meanwhile, Birkhead jumped in the air and pumped his fist. “I feel great.” he said. “It was a great day in court for me.”



  1. ???* says

    how can i guy be a skank???someone said Howard was a skank??? what does we wear bras outside all the site? cuz when i see him he is waering a suit…..

  2. tasia112 says

    My hopes and wishes go to Larry B. DannieLynn should be with her dad Larry B.She looks just like him.Howard just wants the money.Different men is sayin that they da papa. O.j Simson is black you just know he aint the daddy……

  3. dori #1 says

    well there is no perfect solution here but either one of those guys would make a better mother than Anna the drug addict would have so my hopes are on Larry the more decent of the 2 guys.

  4. Victoria says

    To Tell You The Truth……. I Hope That Larry Birkhead Is The Father Because Howard K. Stern Is Just Bad News. What A Coincidence That He Was There For Both Of The Deaths Which Both Had Methadone As The Results Of Death. Daniel Died Of Mixed Mediations ( Anti-Depressants and Methadone)… As I Read In The Magazine….( I also know everything i read isn’t true.) But If they Suspected That Howard Might Of Given It To Them… Maybe He Did. Plus If He Gets Custody Of Dannielynn Dont you guys think of how or what he’ll Do to her as she grows older…. Plus wasnt he also apart of Anna Nicoles part of starving her daughter to be “Beautiful”?? I’m There For You Larry.!

  5. mia says

    I think Howard is the only one who cared for Anna and I hope he (Howard) gets to raise her.

    As for Vergie, she should rot in hell. Anna wanted nothing to do with her so she should have no rights to anything.

  6. Ashley says

    Howard did not write that e-mail to anna!!!!!! He would not do that to her. Howard deserve’s the baby. Larry will be a terrible father. But if Howard doesn’t get her i hope larry does because if neither howard or larry are the fathers, Nicole’s mother get’s dannielynn!!!!!!!! Poor dannielynn. Only if nicole didn’t die. Everything would be just fine.

  7. mia says

    I don’t believe Larry ever really cared for Anna. He’s out for what he can get.

    Did anyone see him on the stand? He was proven to be a liar and just days after Daniel died he sent Anna an email and told her he hoped she would follow in Daniel’s path and burn in the fiery pits of hell!

    How can you want a baby to be with him? I really hope he is NOT the father.

  8. chipmunk2113 says

    Yeah, I know. My point. He said they planned and conceived the baby together, while she was still
    drug dependent. You don’t plan a child with an addict
    and succeed THEN nag them to get off of drugs. He’s never had that baby’s best interest at heart. Hurt people hurt people.

  9. Blurb says

    Jamie67 I think Prince whatsisname is just a jerk who saw an opportunity to get his name in the newspaper and at the same time make everyone think he could still “do it”! He’s a joke!

  10. Blurb says

    I wish Moe & his wife could adopt Dannielynn and raise her. Out of everyone they’re the most stable and selfless people of all. Just my opinion.

  11. dori #1 says

    chip Larry said all along he was the father and that he and anna were trying to have a baby together but when he nagged her to get off the drugs because he was concerned about the baby she left him . The reason she was with Howard was because he was enabling her to continue the drugs during her pregnancy and birth. tonite on Et when anna was quastioned about Larry and paternity she was slurring and not making any sense and did not really answer the questions. She was a serious drug addict. I hope Larry is the father and I am sure he will be a good father to that baby girl.

  12. side bangs says

    Can’t say. But no. I feel like starting fresh now. FYI I am and was not one of those imposters or anything. I am really tired. But I can’t fall asleep with this huge bump in fornt of me @ all times.

  13. chipmunk2113 says

    Larry needs to stop throwing stones, for if what he says is true, he is guilty of planning to bring a baby into this world that he KNEW would be carried for 9 months(10) inside the womb of a very fragile, drug addicted woman. If he was all for her(Dannilynn & Anna) wellfare, why? Both of them could’ve not even survived the pregnancy.

  14. side bangs says

    When did baby razzi started to get like this? As you may no I was on this site when it first started and it was fine, when I come back it’s total craziness. It’s okay for people to say their opinion, but don’t fight over it.

  15. Jamie67 says

    What if the douchbag prince blah “Daaahling” is the father of Dannielyn??
    I think Angie should adopt her and Madonna’s nanny should raise her and Britt should drive her around and Lindsay fights over her with Howard K.Stern!!
    Virgie A. is bad news!!

  16. Melissa says

    I wander what would happen to Dannielynn if neither Howard or Larry were the father? Anything is possible at this point.

  17. dori #1 says

    you’re right about this website lots of fighting and stealing of indentity and other nonsense. I only come back because I like the news so much.

  18. side bangs says

    I hope that Larry is the father. Howard is just weird and I believed that MAYBE he might have been included in the death of either Daniel of Anna. He just is scary. He just stood right there when they both died and didn’t fight back or anything, wasn’t even motivated to find out what killed them. (most likley drugs) Plus, on Larry’s website last year he posted a picture of him at 2 months and Dannilyn and 2 months and they look exactly the same. He looks really confident and he’s fighting for his baby. ( I used to be on this site when it just started and then I came off for a while because of family issues) ( i also had a different username too whoch I am not going to mention) Thjis site has really gone downhill. ( with catfights and all that) Whatever.

  19. Drea says

    Howard K Stern is a skank. I cannot believe he was not responsible in some way, in the deaths of Anna Nicole and Danny. He only wants to hold on to Dannielynn because she is his cash cow now that Anna is gone. GET A JOB…you loser!!

  20. dori #1 says

    Thank god finally! i can’t wait to see the baby removed from the grip of howard stern. I think stern had something to do with the death of anna and her son. He was the enabler and the drug diespenser for the drug addict anna nicole.

  21. Kellymay says

    Howard knows the baby isn’t his, that is why they moved to Bahamas so he could be the legal father. I hope they both get to play a part in Dannielynns life, she has lost so much already and needs all the love she can get. Both Howard and Larry cared for Anna, and they both want the best for this little girl, it’s time they can all move on.

  22. Ruby Jackson says

    Howard already said he would appeal the ruling for the DNA test. He is such a scumbag. The type of lawyer that all the lawyer jokes are about. I don’t understand why he hasn’t been dis-barred yet. What a sociopathic creep.

  23. Paula says

    Having blonde hair doesn’t have anything to do with it. My youngest son was cotten top til he was 8 and now has dark brown hair. My hair is dark brown and his father’s was dark brown. Babies hair changes as they grow. My step son’s hair is jet black now and when he was small it was blond. Both his parents have jet black hair. She looks like Larry to me. But, I’m hoping she’s Howards. And I do hope whoever she belongs to will keep her away from Virgie. Anna hated her for whatever reason and I think they should at least respect her wishes on that.

  24. boogieoogiedowntonite says

    Finally!!! I hope Larry wins, plus- He looks pretty handsom. And I am not sure but Dannilyn has blonde hair right?

  25. carleigh says

    I just hope whoever it happens to be doesn’t exploit that little girl and use her for her inheritence. Her poor mother never knew peace in her last few months of life and I Hope Dannielynn get’s a chance at having a stable, happy, secure life filled with love and happiness after all that’s happened to her. She’s a beautiful little baby too!

  26. says

    you know what who ever is the father of dannie i hope he wouldnt let virige see the baby because virige never cared for anna before she died didnt she blame anna for daniel death i dont know everytime i seen intview with her she never spoke well of anna and i think is aboustly sad that dannie well never know her mother or brother and also i think is so wrong for people to make all of thses thiores of anna just to get in the spotlight just like that one guy who said that anna was the mother of his child dosent he felt shame

  27. Amanda says

    I truely think it’s Howards. But she does look like she’s Larry’s though. Ok think about Howard has been there since the begining. The baby has an attachment already, a bond with him wether he is or isn’t her father, period. If Larry is the father, i think that they should both have custody of her.. She needs the males as her role models. And not he bitch, Virgie…. I just wish them the best!

  28. Paula says

    I hope she’s Howards, but she looks like Larry. Just watch, Larry and that evil mother of Nicoles will split the money if she’s Larrys. I could be wrong but I think Howard really loved Anna. But no one will know for sure what happened until the truth comes out if it ever does. Two sides to every story and then there is the truth!!

  29. whocares says

    like she would have been better off w/ nicole?
    i hope its some hillblilly who runs to the hills with her, at least she might have chance. poor kid is all i gots to say

  30. Lauren says

    Finally!! It’s about time the true identity of Dannielynn’s father came out. I sincerely hope it’s Larry. Howard does not deserve to raise little Dannielynn.

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