1. angelina'sfriend says

    my friend is the most gorgeous woman in the world. It doesn’t matter what anyone says, who you try and compare her to, there is none.

  2. angelina'sfriend says

    my friend is the most gorgeous woman in the world. It doesn’t matter what anyone says, who you put try and compare her to, there is none.

  3. nettie says

    They don’t really look alike, they resemble each other, maybe because they’re both very beautiful. But Ava is infact classic and Angelina, sexy!

  4. Maria-Cyprus!!!! says

    I think Angelina is one of the gorgeous women not only in Hollywood, but in the whole world(if not the most beutiful). I think the only think that the pictures are similar is that they are both blac and white and that the clothes that the two women wear are similar. Nothing else. Oh, an maybe the lips. And for the ones who said that Angie is a stupid fraud and that she is ugly I will say only these: They must having complex, so why don’t they look theirselves at a mirror and thing to make a good brain surgery..

  5. Nell says

    There are NO similiarities. Angelina is a stupid fraud. Ava is gorgeous and authentic. Let’s stop putting this fake of a wome in in a category with actual stars, please

  6. says

    Angelina is a modern classic. Ava is an old classic. I wonder what Ava looks like in jeans and long hair? Both are exceptionally beautiful. Angelina gets so much bad press and still stays strong and real. I like her so much better than Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Simpson who seem to be the press’ universal pic for the modern attractive woman. Angelina has that unique star quality that comes only once in a long while and so does Ava.

  7. melissa says

    I think Angie is ugly so i have really no comment, Why didn’t they make a compairson to her and her baby??

  8. Viv says

    They are both wearing classy hats and attires. Neither is wearing much make up, which goes to show they are natural beauties. They both have big lips.

    Difference: Angelina is more on an exotic beauty and Ava is more of a classic beauty.

  9. rosemarie says

    how can you really compare Ava to angelina. Ava was a gorgeous woman, angelina is akwardly beautiful being so skinny. she always looks worn.

  10. says

    Yeah, but we get the point. I undrestand that you can say what ever you want ( freedom of speech) but it was mentioned all ready. No need to say it again. Don’t get mad. Anyways, you don’t HAVE to listen to me, you know. Get a grip. 🙂

  11. says

    I can do what ever I want to u don’t need to tell me what to do and I don’t give a shit what everyone is sayin so get off my case

  12. Eva Flores says

    The only similarities I see are that they both became involved with married men who left their wives.

  13. oriana says

    #21, Cherish, there is no doubt she is one of the most beautiful women ever in Hollywood but as for her dressing, she doesn’t dress like in these pictures all the time, these are a modeling staged photo shoot. Most of the time she is either wearing jeans, or in black 90% of the time.

    I don’t think she is a role model for a Classic look and I certainly don’t see the women politicians wearing black constantly and wearing blue jeans to the office. Now if they look at St. John’s ads, maybe they will go out and buy a nice suit, but Angelina gets paid millions to look like this, in pictures only! She doesn’t dress like the pictures in her every day life. Look at the pictures!

  14. side bangs says

    She IS the prettisest woman in hollywood! They named her sexiest person in 2006 or 2005 and Brad Pitt camein second. It was on the channel E! I wasn’t comparing their beauty I was saying that you din’t find a lot of people looking like her on the street everyday, as opposed to Jessica Simpson where you see people looking like her and dressing like everyday. Sorry. Shoulda made it clearer.

  15. cherish says

    They are both beautiful,But Angelina is the Prettiest.stanning beauty.I’m speechless .She’s really beautiful.She should be the prettiest women in hollywood.And she looks classic. wish she can be in politics and teach female politician to dress and look classic.

  16. anita says

    To borrow a line from an old song, “If a face could launch a thousand ships”, then Angelina’s would. She is definitely brains, beauty and a woman with a lot of confidence and empathy for everybody no matter what race , creed someone falls in. More power to her and Brad and to Shiloh and the rest of the brood.
    May they have another biological child soon

  17. oriana says

    #13, Am not a fan of Angelina Jolie but there is no comparison between her and Jessica Simpson who is a joke! Jessica has a big ugly nose, pretty eyes but is dumb, Angelina can act circles around her and she is one of the most beautiful women I have even seen!

  18. oriana says

    The nose maybe, the arch of the eyebrows, and the bottom lip? Both gorgeous women and both troubled women in their lifetime, according to Biography channel. And yes, both very talented!

  19. Blurb says

    I don’t see any similarities other than the fact that the photos are in black and white. Is this a trick question??

  20. angela cantu says

    I think she is a good looking lady and would love to meet her .she is a very strong women and i like that i’m a single mom .

  21. side bangs says

    I agree. Angelina is more of a exotic beauty. You don’t see people looking like her everyday, compared to people like Jessica Simpson and so many people loking like bubble gum pop.

  22. dori #1 says

    nope i don’t see the resemblence they are both beautiful but they don’t look alike. The fact that they are both in hats and both black and white photo’s is the only similarity

  23. Kellymay says

    Angelina is a very beautiful woman! Wow! Not seeing the similarities with Ava though, clothes that it?

  24. tj says

    they are both very gorgeous..but Angelina is a more of a classic beauty herself as so is Ava..i agree both do have the same nose but not the same lips..Angelina will allways be notorious for having “big” lips. they do look alike thoguh..very much.i jus think Angelina is way more prettier!!!

  25. boogieoogiedowntonite says

    I think that they have the same lips and shapeof nose, but t at’s it. Very pretty though.

  26. Lauren says

    I’m not seeing it. The only similarity is the hats. Ava is a classic beauty and Angelina is more of a exotic beauty.

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