An Expectant Julia Roberts Out With Her Family In LA

Julia, who is expecting her third child in the early summer, was snapped out in LA with husband, Danny Moder and two-year-old twins Hazel and Phinnaeus.

Julia Roberts


  1. nicola says

    JUST A LITTLE FOLLOW UP…………………I don’t know u 4babies4me, but if u ARE a mother, how the hell can you be so cruel and heartless as to wish somethin as horrible as a miscarriage on anyone? I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. Evil bitch.

    Is that Debs from the UK???????

  2. nicola says

    OH MY GOD. I’ve not visited this site 4 about 6 months and when I finally get the time to log on, I notice that all hell’s broken loose.
    How can so many grown women ( I know some may be kids, so let’s cool the language if they’re reading) talk to others the way most of you are. Not mentioning any names, (cough, crayola cough).
    I used to come on this site after a hard days work, and now it’s become a bloody battle ground 4 most of u PMT suffering, immature little girls.
    Let’s get the site back to how it used to be. MOST of us are grown, mature women and MOTHERS. Let’s start actin it

    CARLEIGH, if you’re the original from back when I used to blog, how’s it goin??

  3. dori #1 says

    4babies for 4 me #78 comment was very cruel and obviously 4 babies was too many for u
    what a horrible thing to wish someone a miscarriage shame on you!

  4. Debs says

    perla montel, this is an english site. and ur spanish is a bit mixed up anyway, no offense! este site si que esta confuso, cada persona usa tres nombres diferentes!

    i don’t get it, it’s like everyone here has multiple personality disorder.

    i don’t get ppl who say mean things, like they wish someone would die. why say that? to see what happens?

  5. dori #1 says

    side bangs I am dying to know who you are because I have also been on here with this same handle since the sight began It driving me crazy who are you?????

  6. dori #1 says

    perhaps you are the one who trieid to steal may name because you keep changing your name and it’s becomming obvious that you are maybe 13 years old , if that.

  7. dori #1 says

    Easter bunny someone had stolen my identity and was using it thats why I put the #1 after my name, I am dori and that is my real life name so go hoppity hop off a cliff ok?

  8. perla montel says

    Que pasa con todo ustedes? Que no pueden estar como un familia unidas? Yah dejan Crayola en paz. hay una persona que esta mentiendo que esta persona es alguna mas. ustedes son pendejas para estan hablando de alguna persona y no saben quen esta el verda persona. yah dejan toda los pendejadas solas que no estan mujeres deberas.

  9. the easter bunny says

    dori#1 I thought you were gonna leave this web site and cry. I know it is you blogging as crayola and kellymay. grow up and go have a tea party. Stop being a baby!!

  10. dori #1 says

    #91 quoted from the disclaimer on this web site It’s about entertainment not kids swearing at other people.

  11. dori #1 says is about entertainment, our favorite celebrities and their babies. While we try to accurately report on every detail, rumors and stories of speculation might be posted. Real stories are linked to the original source. Speculated stories are usually also linked to somewhere, but may not be factual information. We do not insure the accurateness of any content on our website.

  12. dori #1 says

    #88 like I said before THIS IS A WEBSITE FOR MOTHERS AND ABOUT BABIES. Your potty mouth comments and junior highschool mentalility is not welcome here. I will contact the web mistress about you and see if we can’t get your email address blocked. Now go call your little girlfriends and rag on them for a while. The adults in here don’t like your language or attitude.

  13. crayola #1 says

    #58 what the fuck are you thinking? talking all kinds of shit. STOP blogging with my name you bitch. Learn how to spell and type oh yeah eat my shit melissa i’ll wipe my ass with your face front to back bitch!!!! oh how easy it is to make you bitches cry. and number 58 you know you are just a child. stay off this site bitch. why don’t you be a real person and use your real name. if i had shit to say you all will know it because of the way i write. I don’t type like shit. While your were typing #58 you were scared! ha thats why you had so many errors? now go type with someone else’s name stupped little girl or boy!!!!!!

  14. CTBMOM says

    83 & 84…please grow up. We know you’re not the real Kelly May. And 4babys4m…I can’t believe that you would say something so hateful. Especially if you actually have children yourself.

  15. boo says

    #83 and 84 SHUT UP!!, And #85 that is cruel and ignorant and to even joke about something like that is So wrong you should be ashamed of yourself for thinking like that!~*

  16. Kellymay says

    I know that everyone on the board is very, very jealous of me!!!! JEALOUS, JEALOUS, JEALOUS!!! I am so pretty!!

  17. Kellymay says

    I think some people on here are very jealous of me. I am who i am. People grow up. All my life it’s been like that for me. All about JEALOUSY!!!!!

  18. Jordyn says

    #78 WOW…we now have God on this website!! How exciting! Being he is the only one who has the ultimate power to decide which of us idiots down here on earth should reproduce… When you stand at the throne at judgement day, may your knees quiver at your wish of someone elses baby dying. Shame on you. Your day shall come.

  19. says

    Girls, Thank you very much for your kind comments! I have been bloggin here for awhile and definitely have had my share of ‘dances’ and it saddens me like the rest of you to see such hatred and sadness coming from some people. Paula your right the jealousy is obvious but there’s no excuse for it, as long they continue to be jealous then they will never have happiness. You can have and be whatever you want in this world if you want it, you just have to want it. I don’t consider myself any different from the next person wanting to be happy. I just chose to share the love that changed my life and I know it works because I have made someone think which is just the first step. Don’t be angry at me because your not giving yourself more credit, go ahead smile today your worth it. I do believe we can all be happy and I will conitnue being me whether you like it or not.

    Thank you girls very much, Crayola I’m not worried about you but perhaps you should start worrying about yourself.

  20. MommyDearest says

    Ya know (#78)…I haven’t commented about Julia Roberts for the same reason I don’t comment about Tom Cruise…I don’t like her! So…instead of being negative, I just keep my mouth shut. Momma always said “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all!” To say “you hope she miscarries” is a very cruel thing to say about anyone…no matter how you feel about them! I don’t mean to start an argument, but I was just shocked when I read that! πŸ™

  21. Jordyn says

    I wouldnt read too much into the Julia with girl, Danny with boy thing. My daughter always DEMANDED I hold her. Broke her dads heart at times, but she definitely wanted mom! Julia is going to be a busy mommy!

  22. Debs says

    Whoa. I remember trying to post on this site and the you-know-what immediately hit the fan. It’s not fun at all when that happens, so from then on I really just looked at the pictures and ooh’ed and aah’ed at the cute celebrity babies πŸ™‚

    It’s hard to tell how many people are actually talking because a lot of the posts look the same and each one just goes on and on about the previous posts, like I’m doing now! Haha! And some of the language, my goodness πŸ™

    So what I wanted to say was, yes! Someone mentioned earlier that Danny was always carrying their boy and Julia always with their girl- I noticed that awhile ago too! I wonder why they do that! πŸ™‚

    I’m a big Julia fan from years back- It’s funny to see now she’s going to be a mother of three!! I never expected it… but v. happy she’s got her own little brood πŸ™‚

  23. Keni says

    I was tryin to see if she was eating something or if there were beads in there. Who would believe that Z would be wearing a purple bikini?? Looks fantastic though!!

  24. boo says

    I have to agree Keni, those really are the cutest pics!!! Maddox and Pax Cuddling like that and Zee sharing her Bowl of whatever it is that she has in there…lol….Absolutely Adorable!~*

  25. Olivia says

    KellyMay, I’m sorry this site has become such a nasty place that seems to attract sicko’s. Ignore them. For crying out loud, I miss the good ole days when you Braydie, you, Carleigh and a couple others on this site could actually have a conversation with out cruel little kids playing stupid wanna be games. I miss our grown up disagreements and agreements. I apologize to you for the nasty things these childish little brats said to you early on up the line. By the way, I missed Braydie leaving. Has anyone heard anything from her? I don’t check in often any more unless I am in the mood to read stupid kiddy crap. I miss the old ways…..

  26. CTBmom says

    I just wanted to apologize if I came across as mean in my previous post. It’s just frustrating reading these posts and getting confused about who is who, and reading posts from people who are obviously making stuff up and then when they are caught, they just switch to a new name.

  27. kerri says

    wow I leave for a couple of hour and everyone is fighting!!! wow I find there are some super jelious people on here… not mentioning names.. but serious what is up with all the people bashing.. wow talk about harsh, glad you defended yourself sidebangs

  28. CTBmom says

    Wow. Very well said Sidebangs. You know when I read some of boogies posts, I was thinking that it sounded just like Angelina/Julia & Ivy. I wish whoever its that is posting this BS would just knock it off. I feel so embarrased for her, whoever she is. It’s painfully obvious by her poor language skills that it is the same person.

  29. EveLina says

    Um back! Oh my what has happend here? Crayola you are a very nasty, rude person. How could you have so much hate for someone you don’t even know?. Don’t you think your being a little too harsh? From what I see, Kellymay and Side bangs are both very nice ladiez…. This should be your wake-up call.

  30. Paula says

    Jeeze, I go away for a day and all hell breaks loose.

    KellyMay I’m sorry to hear of your loss but like you said, if it’s meant it’ll happen again.

    Whats the matter with some of you people on here? You don’t think some people live good lives, have educations and have wonderful families? The ones that don’t believe a person can have all those things are the ones that must not have that for themselves and for that I am sorry. But don’t go around spewing your venom on the people that do have it. It just shows envy and jeolousy. Be happy ya’ll!!

    Oh, Julia is getting big with her baby. Hope she has a great pregnancy and healthy baby!

  31. boo says

    Actually I’m not pregnant, I do have 2 beautiful children but Nope No pregger Mommy here, I don’t feel the need to lie about something like that!

    And thank you side bangs, That was very well said!!~* πŸ™‚

  32. Melissa says

    Crayola word of advice…always wipe front to back, then you don’t have to deal with having SHIT IN YOUR BOX!!!!!!

  33. hy says

    Good job side bangs! That is what everyone wanted to saybbut was too lazy to type it all! laugh out loud!

  34. side bangs says

    I am going to defend myself and all the other people that name’s were mentionedhere- First of all this is a site about celebroty parents and their babies, aren’t you supposed to talk about them and not be off topic? Stop calling people names and making them feel bad because you surely did that to me. I think that you shoud take your own advice and read that comment that you posted. That is directed towards you. I’m “sure” you are pregnant. You live in fanatsy land not us.You accuse people of things they did not do. KellyMay has just lost her baby. Nice way to say your sorry. I come back here and everything is out of place. Why doesn’t the web mistress do anything about this. I am not going to aign up for Hello either or the same reason. Like I said before: you need help and you need it fast. If you have nothing better to do with your life do not come here. Here is where mothers ( which i assume you are not) come to talk and have fun and “Rant” about celebrities. Do you know what impregnanted means? Guess not. You shouldn’t be able to be on this site. That is why I am going to email the webmistress and take action. I am not going to sit here and watch this site turn chaotic( if it hasn’t already). Think before you type things. Think that people that are on here come for advice and having a fun time. You should be ashamed for calling me or anyone b#@$% or bas^%#$. Esp. if they are pregnant or has lost a baby or is just a mother. Do us a favor and get out of here. WE don’t need YOUR ranting here about a random thing like critiszing other women. I don’t understand how I am annoying. I can go forever talking about this, but I want you to get the real message – Go on a site that is not for mothers and women. GO AWAY!

  35. crayola says

    And you to fucked up side bangs no one wats to listen to you rant about celebrites all the time. you are so annoying and wedont care if you or kelly may are pregnant and you re a bitch no one cares. no one liek you and no on will ever will i bet you live with missy mama and boo ( who is a bastartd) and julia and julia and ivy and everyone else here. you all live in fantasy land except for me all of you are no0t pregnant because I am i am impregnanted with Girl and i am going to name is shiloh may. do u like the names???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  36. carleigh says are whacked out majorly bad! You need some big time help, if you think KellyMay is an imposter or posing under some miscellaneous ID’s trying to get attention for herself. Take your own BOX of CRAYOLA’S and stick em’ up your rectal cavity!

  37. boo says

    Crayola, Your Nuts…. you have No idea what the Hell your talking about…. KellyMay was not the one posting all that crap as #55 just said…Grow Up, simmer down, get a life…Wow some people are seriously Troubled!~*

  38. side bangs says

    ( couldn’t sleep) Crayola-Who do you think you are? Kelly May was not the person that was answering her own questions, that was imposter, maybe you. You need to chill your grill. WTF is wrong withh you? From what I see she is such a nice person and maybe you are the one causeing all this insanity happen on this site. Go Away. I am sure your ” momma” named you Crayola. You are a person that needs help. Please live your own life and don’t tell other peopl what to do and what they are.

  39. crayola says

    kellymay what the fuck is wrong with you did you not learn from your last mistakes of starting us all up. you are a freak a dumb ass. how the hell are you gonna post as other people and ask your dumb ass questions and then answer your own questions. don’t start people up dumb shit.. and fuck you all don’t talk shit about the name my momma gave me. dori you could eat shit out of my box bitch!!!!!!!

    kellymay your just a fence jumping whore from what i recall. There is just no way you can get pregnat after your husband get his shit fixed you probably have a made up hubby. Just like your little dream world you fake

  40. says

    Me and MD were arch rivals once! I will be home later, and hopefully on Yahoo. How about you? Sorry your princess is sick!

    I look forward to chatting with you more Eve, thanks for the kind comments πŸ™‚

    Boo your a doll! Your look very innocent and sweet to meet in person but I know like me you don’t back down on a fight. People always said I look to innocent so I got my nose pierced to stir up conversation, it worked! Alright gals it’s been a fun day, I will work for my parents more often!

  41. side bangs says

    Baby is kicking like crazy. I am going to nap on out of here. Bye everyone and have a grrrreat night.

  42. MommyDearest says

    You thru me off (for a minute) with that little “m” πŸ™‚

    And to the “other” Kellymay… I, too, once tried to impersonate KellyMay (a while ago). Don’t waste your time! She’s one of a kind! πŸ™‚

    Have a good night, Ladies…..carry on!

  43. EveLina says

    Oh really. Well don’t children have play time outside or with their friends, why come on here… Or it could just be adult acting like children, who knows, right? LoL
    kellymay I just saw your profile on myspace, I also really like that song a lot. I actually sang that song at my sisters wedding a few years ago.. Nice picture of you and your husband. You-2 make a very cute couple!

  44. boo says

    First of all Jill you sound like an idiot BECAUSE KellyMay is actually a super sweet person, I have had the pleasure of meeting her and her family and Know that she is As nice as can be.
    I can assure you that she was not posting as those other girls I’m sure she has better things to do then rip off other peoples handles!
    And yes #33 those posts would’ve been her, you can tell by the way she words things….She always tries to think Positively when speaking about things.:D

    Which by the way KM, MD was thinking you were an imposter over on the suri thread because you sounded different and the way the handle was typed…lol

  45. says

    Hey Girl, we are thinking along the same line there about sidebangs.

    How are you? I can’t log in over at Hello, I feel deatched although I just realized I can read LOL Didn’t think I was myself eh?!?

  46. MommyDearest says

    KellyMay, anyone who knows you knows that wasn’t you posting. Some people…:) Anyway, I think you think that sidebangs is “B……” I don’t think it is. “B….” is having a girl!

  47. says

    Oh i like your song on myspace. My personal favorite. Why don’t you pst out pic’s of your babies. I would.

    Is that directed at me? That was our wedding song πŸ™‚

  48. side bangs says

    I’m leaving work now. Home’s like 5 minutes away so I won’t be gone for long. It’sa true though in every post there is some fight going on and there are imposters so……. I just wanted to be away form that. Do I post too much?? I am just really bored cuz I finished all my work. buh by.

  49. says

    13 and earlier were me, yes! I had to type my name in this morning but forgot to do it right LOL. It didn’t take the leaches long though, this site will never change!

    So sidebangs am I right? Do I know you?

  50. EveLina says

    Julia Roberts looks really good. I think she’s an amazing women, and mother. I can’t wait till we have another one someday.. It’s such a great experience just by being pregnant, and then the joy of giving birth, especially after 9 months of carring your child you finally get to see them. What a wonderful experience, and joy! #37. I read one of your comments, you got me laughing on the last one. Seriously I know, tell me about it? What’s going on with some of the peoples theses days, just a bunch of cat-fights. There needs to be more peace around here. We are grown women, aren’t we ladiez?—————————————–

  51. dori #1 says

    Boogie I’m having a good laugh at your expense. You’re a teenager posing as a mom and most of us in here know it.

  52. side bangs says

    Can we get off the babies and due dates topics and focus on others before we get yelled at the crazies?

  53. side bangs says

    I love Kaleb! Thanks. Not that nervous about the birth. Having a natural birth. I like to be suprised that’s why i picked the birth to find out the sex. I’ll be happy with either boy or girl. For a boy I’ll name him Chaz Eric or Tommy and for a girl I’ll name her Holly Jean.

  54. kerri says

    hey side bangs one of my girlfriends is due on the 17th of april she is having a boy and naming him logan kaleb cute name, I hope you baby will be happy and healthy!! good luck with the birth!

  55. ???????? says

    Oh i like your song on myspace. My personal favorite. Why don’t you pst out pic’s of your babies. I would.

  56. side bangs says

    I am due April 28th. I don;’t know what I am having. I feel the need to ask this, i painted my nursery lime green w/ blue with sparkling curtains, is that too girly if I have a boy? What ever. I don’t want to get too much into my business.

  57. says

    I am at my parents so I didn’t initially link to my name but friends called me on it and I fixed it before I left, too funny my handle got hi-jacked for a minute.

  58. says

    LOL 18 & 23 were not me! I left to pick up my children, so LMAO but obviously you were able to get that out of your system. You can be me just enjoy life and try to stay positive and no people were not jealous of me all my life, I was actually a very sad child and teenager but Thank God for growing up and being in charge of your own happiness:)

    Hey side bangs, I think I know who you are!!! Oh my girl you are due soon, how is everything?

    Kerri, yes please email me I completely understand. My account is attached

  59. kerri says

    yah kellymay i was going to ask you to post your myspace link because I would like to talk to you just not with all these people in-between

  60. sara says

    Ok guys….notice how in nearly EVERY picture Julia is ALWAYS with the girl and Danny is ALWAYS with the boy!! I am starting to see this a lot…..why?

  61. side bangs says

    I don’t think that the KellyMay that is posting is the real KellyMay. The real one had a link on her name and her name was blue and it had a link to her myspace.

  62. Kellymay says

    I just think some people on here are very jealous of me. I am who i am. People grow up. All my life it’s been like that for me. All about JEALOUSY!!!!!

  63. kerri says

    well … I’m not kelly may obviously my name is kerri, and so what if people are talking to kelly may like seriously jill, are you jelious no one asks about you? grow up jeez

  64. side bangs says

    I am not new on this website, I have been on here since the website statred but came off for a while. ( family things) FYI.

  65. side bangs says

    Speaking of expecting I am expecting mine in a month. Didn’t want to mention it but it was on the topic so….why not. Julia is so beautiful and a great mom. Is anyone watching the simple life with Paris and Nicole o E!? They are so funny!

  66. boogieoogiedowntonite says

    Dori, shut up. KellyMay I am having a girl. KellyMay, were you the one posing as all those crazys? Like dori and crayola and Angelina and Julia and Ivy?

  67. Kellymay says

    Ok i might sound like a fool right know, but i played as Kerri, and Crista, only for fun. Sorry about that to all of my friends on here. I guess that’s very imature about me, just having some silly fun! That’s all-

  68. jill says

    Oh maybe you are some Kellymay, but all those people that are asking you questions about your life, it’s very obvious your playing them. Like Kerri, Boggie, and Crista.. That’s all you hun.. We all know.. It’s just soo sad, your wanting attention on here so bad. What you aint getting it from your loving children or hubby???? LOL LOL

  69. jill says

    oh please my sweet new friend Kellymay.. You sound like a real pro at this.. So you’ve been doing it for a year now.. No wonder your soo good. AH hun you know a 7 year old could figure it out. Alright. So you turn your ass, maybe when the door hits your ass it will put some sense in you, and all those lies might come flying out your ass…. You know what my friend i don’t have time for you. Sorry i got better things to do and chat with real people… Alright.

  70. kerri says

    Yah I remember reading on one of the posts when you first found out you were pregant I’m sorry you lost the babe, I been having some trouble myself, but if it wasn’t ment to be it wasn’t ment to be cant help nature..
    and I just read on another site that she is expecting a boy… :S but u hear so many different stories because another site said a girl…

  71. kalinsmommy says

    Ha ha ha to you all!
    ulia”Pretty woman” Roberts is AWESOME!!! im glad she is having her children so close in age, that makes for a wonderful family….what if she has a second set of twins. that would be awesome!!! ** why is dad dragging the boy lol

  72. Kellymay says

    Jill, you obviously are not a regular on this board because your quite ignorant, I have been posting here for over a year and there’s only one me πŸ™‚ Please let the door hit you in the ass on the way out sweetie!

  73. Kellymay says

    Yes kerri, I have 2 kiddos. my daughter is almost 8 and my son is 5. I found out I was pregnant at christmas, I was shocked because my hubby took surgical steps to prevent it 4 years ago. At the time many other posters informed me that I screwed around on my hubby and I was a ho LOL memorable experience for all involved!

  74. jill says

    ok Boogie… Kelly-may, Kerri, and Crrista… You are all playing a role as the same person. It’s vey obvious… All the sudden let’s all ask about Kellymay all at the same time.. She is soooooo interesting. BLAH! BLAH! BLAH! So boring.. Who ever you are.. YOU ARE VERY IMATURE! YOUMUST BE AGES BETWEEN 14-17.? Get out of here, no one wants to hear your bullshit lies….

  75. Lauren says

    I read somewhere she’s having a boy. That baby will be loved if it’s a boy or a girl. Congrats Julia!!

  76. kerri says

    I hope she has a boy, shes got the twins and I think a boy would make the prefect family.. kelly-may do you have other kids??

  77. dori #1 says

    In one of the other blogs boogie i believe we already caught you in your lies about who you are really. And have found out you are not pregnant and do not have children Or are there 2 of you? You claimed you were from the UK then you claimed to be 7 months pregnant vacationing in Florida.
    Congratulations to Julia. She is a wonderful person and a great mom . I wish her all the best.

  78. Kellymay says

    Congratualtions Boogie, I’m sure you are getting to quite excited and nervous πŸ™‚ Do you know the sex of your babe?

  79. Kellymay says

    Thanks for asking Crista but that babe wasn’t meant to be…hubby and I are very excited to know that it can happen again and we trust if it’s meant to it will again πŸ™‚

  80. boogieoogiedowntonite says

    Why is Phinnaeus’s face blurred? I really if shewill have a boy or a girl. She is so gorgeous. Dannny needs to shave…

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