Violet Mania & Jen's Family Plans!

Pics of these two are just too cute to resist! Violet looks so cute toddling about!

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck

Jennifer, 34, says she and Ben definitely want Violet, who was born in December 2005, to have some brothers and sisters.

They plan to start trying after Jennifer finishes her latest acting roles!

Jennifer shared with You magazine: “There will be more children. But I need to work a little bit before I go back into that.

“Last year, I worked for just five months, whereas in the five years previously I probably took one month off altogether.”

However, Jennifer doesn’t believe she should work as hard at being a mother.

She added: “When Violet was born I had to remind myself that even though I’d worked so hard on acting and with such single-mindedness, I should not try to devote that much effort to her.

“It wouldn’t necessarily be good for her.”

Jennifer has also confessed she cries more now she is a mother.

She believes the experience has made her more caring.

She said: “Since I became a mother, I cry more because I care about things more.

“I can’t watch a movie where something happens to a child. And I’ve always cared about global warming and breast cancer, but now there seems to be an urgency about them.”


  1. whatever says

    Jen looks like a regular, tired mom with an active one year old. That is how most moms look like when they are caring for their first kid. Would you get all dressed up just to take your kid to the park???/

  2. tricia says


  3. maggie says

    shes defenetly one of the greatest hollywood mom, and violet is freaking adorable I love how shes walking on the first pic

  4. scarlet says

    Everytime I see pictures of Jennifer and Violet the baby looks like she was dressed in the dark..Come on Jennifer at least dress your baby cute since you can seem to do it for yourself…That kid looks like mommy buy here clothes at the thrity store…

  5. Lucia says

    She is my favorite celeb mom. She is so down to earth and i love how she describes motherhood. I totally agree with her about caring for things and how important issues in today’s world have more of an urgency when you become a mom. I think she looks fine to. I agree with Gina…. Jen is a wonderful mom and it’s obvious what takes priority in her life! wow people…can you imagine!!! a MOM THAT CARES FOR AND LOVES HER CHILD…A CELEB MOM AT THAT!!! WOW!!

  6. gina says

    Jen looks fine. It’s called being natural and low maintenance. Not everybody is into blowing 2 hours in front of the mirror applying smashbox to themselves. Shame on Jen for spending that time with her kid when she could have been in the crapper doing her hair and makeup!!

  7. freddie says

    man can she get any uglier her baby’s eye’s look pretty scary the only thing cute on that baby is her dimples she look’s like a carbon copy or clone of her mom and yes all babies are cute but jen look’s terrible and anybody else that say’s other wise is just trying to be nice.

  8. Grace says

    I absolutely adore this mother-daughter duo. I can’t get over how adorable Violet always looks! Violet often has a look of stubborness that makes her look even cuter!

  9. colewoodson says

    I think J Garner is GORGEOUS. Don’t change a thing girl! And OMG look at that stunning baby!!!!

  10. Sylvia says

    I love Jen and Violet…they have to be my favorite celebrity mom and daughter. They just seem so…normal.
    Jennifer looks so skinny in the first pic! I almost thought she was my teenage sister-but she is definatly still gorgeous. It’s terrible that people keep bashing her for being plain…they expect their celebrities to go grocery shopping in floor length ballgowns and pounds of makeup. Just let them be normal!

  11. Chris X says

    This poor woman just can’t win. If she is at the park, someone pounds her for looking too plain. If she is on a magazine coiver, there are comments that she is too made up. don’t even ask about the awful things that are said about Violets ears. And the constant stupid questions about where is Ben. It is a good thing they are so happy or they would be driven crazy by all you natural beauties and experts on everything.

  12. Midge says

    My fave celeb mother/daughter duo. I think Jen looks like any normal mother does at the playground with her kid. She looks comfy and relaxed.

  13. Lauren says

    Jennifer looks great! She has that natural beauty and doesn’t need a lot of makeup to make herself beautiful. Violet is soo adorable. I think Ben and Jennifer should have a boy. A boy would just be 2 cute for words.

  14. Julie says

    She hasn’t let herself go! She’s at a park with Violet! I think she looks like she’s lost all of her baby weight, and she looks really happy! I don’t understand why, when people see celeb moms out, they think they should be dressed to the hilt with full make up!!!

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