Suri Is Walking!

Eleven-month-old Suri was snapped walking at one of Connor’s basketball games at Beverly Hill High over the weekend. She is such a cute munchkin!

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

Photos courtesy of Popsugar!



  1. Jodie says

    I don’t know what kind of pre marriage agreement she has signed but surely she could make things very difficult for him? If he is not the biological father and knows it but has lied to his fans, she could finish his career and surely he would have no rights to Suri at all? May explain why she chose to marry him after the birth.

    I would not want to cross the Church of Scientoligy however, bunch of loons, saw on a link someone posted, how they kill people for talking against them. I would not want to hand over my child to these people, any of them, including TC.

    I feel sorry for Katie, but she sold herself and her unborn child to this man and the church and she does really only have herself and her greed to blame.

  2. Sofiy@h says

    Katie looks so unhappy, i honestly think that she needs to get out of her relationship with Tom. Tom is controlling and self centered. He barely let’s Katie even hold there daughter. She always has a fake smile on like she wants to scream “Get me out of this”….but she’s afraid Tom will take Suri.

  3. ???????????? says

    Suri is so cute I heard that as soon as a baby scientologist learns to walk they can’t be held any more. Is this true?

  4. oriana says

    Libra, I just emailed you, hope it came thru?

    Happy Easter Everyone, and hope everyone has a safe one if you are traveling!

  5. Libraesque says

    oh girl, I could go off on the Anna Nicole thing, but I don’t want to get “yelled” at by people who don’t want these threads to go ANYWHERE conversation wise except “OH, isn’t Suri cute!!!”
    dull, dull dull.
    I enjoy chatting with you and am sure we could have some GREAT conversations about all kinds of stuff
    or just e-mail me at sunnymaid2001@yahoo

  6. oriana says

    On the subject of Anna Nicole, I think probably Larry is the father, I wish that Howard was, I know she was a mess but I always felt that she called the shots, not Howard, got that impression from watching her TV show, I think Howard was definately in love with her, as for Zsa Zsa, I think I am even spelling that wrong, she must be old and feeble for sure or she would have beat the shit out of her husband by now, not that I have any doubts she slept around, God knows she didn’t discriminate, if my husband even tossed his hat in the ring, I wouldn’t be too shocked, on her part anyway, but that is a sad story if there ever was one.

    Too many drugs, too many Yes people around her and another tragedy for the record books. I do wish the DNA would be determined soon and get this over with, but even then I think this farce will go on for a long, long time.

  7. oriana says

    I wish that I lived in Hollywood, not that I would ever be in the same circles as the movies stars but might run into one of them sometimes, maybe at Target or Walmart, they have to buy their paper towels and toilet paper someone, unless they have Versace toilet paper! Ha!

    I do remember reading about how Clark Gable was the father of, I want to say, Loretta Young? Not for sure! Anyway you and most of you on here are probably too young to know her, but I guess that was a big cover up and scandal back then too, I know cover ups can work for powerful people but it didn’t fly for Bill and he was President!

    I don’t wish anyone on here any bad luck or ill feelings, just my opinions and yes, very curious mind, but have to admit, some of this religion stuff scares me, and I can only imagine what some of the die hards live thru that have been in it for years and the pressure they would have on them if they wanted to get out. And when a child is involved, it is very serious!

  8. Libraesque says

    Ori, I know we have our differences, but the more I “talk” to you, the more I realize you’re different than the average poster here, you’re curious and open minded, yet you also have strong beliefs in your “real” life. And can I say YOU’RE HELLA FUNNY!!! I enjoy your sense of humor.

    I’m going to ask my co-worker tomorrow, cuz he’s quite a bit older, but there was an actress in Hollywood who pulled off the same kind of thing, and it was way back in the 50’s I think!!!
    Anyhoo, like someone said earlier, although I don’t think they thought it would come back to bite them in the ass (by me of course) but TC has A LOT of money, and a lot of power. He’s been living a lie for about 20 years, he’s an expert by now, he can pull off anything.

    I mean look at the whole Anna Nicole thing, she probably could have pulled that off if she wasn’t such a mess

  9. oriana says

    Libra, I am certain there have been many cover ups in Hollywood over the years, just the fact alone that I thought Rock Hudson was a ladies man, and who was ever more gorgeous than him, down to adopting children, fathering children, etc. that the every day person would not be privy too like an Insider or someone in the entertainment business, but eventhough Tom is a good enough actor to pull a conspiracy like Suri not being his child and him being sterile off, his mother is not an actress, and all the tons of people who would have to involved aren’t actors, especially Katie’s parents and Tom’s other children, there are just too many loop holes to be covered up and kept under wraps. Maybe my mind just can’t grasp what all it would entail and have to be so planned out.

    It is on the scale to me of Elvis still being alive, and I am not trying to be a smartass by saying that.

    WAIT!!!! Is it possible Elvis could be the father? Just had to say that, now I will behave myself!

  10. oriana says

    I doubt very seriously also if John Travolta’s daughter ever had to do any “chores” or had to sit in a room and cry it out, she is a very pretty child also, haven’t seen any recent pictures of his son but maybe not looking in the right places.

    I wonder if the High Up Officials in this church practice what they preach when it comes to their own kids? I know in a lot of Baptist churches in the South, the pastor’s kids were some of the most unruly! Sorry if I am stepping on anyone’s toes!

    I would like to see some pictures of Tom’s sisters children too, that is if they are married or even have kids?

    And I really think Suri is such a sweet looking child, but I can see mischief in her already, so energetic and full of stamina!

  11. Libraesque says

    Ori, I hope that’s true, she seems happy and healthy, and starting at “7 months ” she was photographed pushing away from katie, looking like she wanted to get down and walk, so YES they seem to have their hands full!!!

  12. oriana says

    I think they are going to and probably already do, have their hands full with her, the way she was bouncing and jumping up and down, seems to be very headstrong, they seem like very proud parents, and tired parents!

    Somehow I don’t see Katie or Tom, letting her alone in a room or anywhere else, and crying it out for hours at a time!

  13. maggie says


  14. Libraesque says

    I don’t know the specifics of the custody arrangment, google it girl!!!!
    Also, the fact that LRH had been using drugs for a long time which made him extremely paranoid, and violent is a sad fact of almost ALL “religions” It’s called hypocrisy. It’s rampant in most religions and exists in ALL cults.
    You stick to your beliefs Ori, but never stop educating yourself!!!
    You know we’re getting yelled at on other threads because we actually have the audacity to be discussing something other than how cute Suri is, or how pretty Katie is, etc…that’s good for about 6 comments, tops.
    I’m NEVER afraid of an argument or a discussion, I like to see what people have to say, but almost everyone here is very closed minded to other peoples opinions

  15. oriana says

    Nisa, do you know anything about this Tony Pellicano business? I do recall hearing that name before.

    Oh Dear, I am getting so confused now! I will stick with my Baptist background, my husband is very happy being a Catholic and I am happy for him, I think Suri is adorable, I like Tom’s movies, and I will read up and try to educate myself more about the Scientology religion, not condem or judge but I have to admit, it sounds kind of scarey to me! I know Katie’s parents have had concerns, serious concerns about her switching from her lifetime beliefs.

    Does Nicole get to have her children ANY with her to take to Australia to visit with her family or even to Nashville?

    If the autopsy of L. Ron Hubbard revealed meds in his system that according to their beliefs a person should not be taking, how could that be justified?

  16. Libraesque says

    it looks like what you’ve done is recruit your sister and her foul mouthed friends to come here and specifically bash me, because I don’t recall seeing any other comments from her.
    And while that puts a different spin on posting under various user names, it’s still pathetic.

    And honey, it seems to run in the family, you’re not completely aware of the use of the word illiterate:

    *having or demonstrating very little or no education.
    *showing lack of culture, esp. in language and literature.
    *displaying a marked lack of knowledge in a particular field

    I’d say….they all apply

    nighty night!!!

  17. boo says

    AGAIN I say, Being Illierate means you CAN’T read OR write… and well she CAN do both SO, perhaps you need to get a dictionary and read through it…..And actually it’s not tragic, it’s family and family is a wonderful beautiful thing, and I feel very lucky and blessed to have my family as they are…Mouthy or not!~*…No need to reply again hun, I don’t feel like wasting my time going back and forth on this with you.!~*
    Have a wonderful evening!~*

  18. boo says

    Ummm well ya it is Honey, she’s MY sister and I’m damn proud of it.
    I can’t help the way she talks and speaks to other people thats her personality, it’s the way she is…..and in her defense she had a friend typing away with her so who knows if it was all her words… even if it was, Nothing I can do about it, she’s 26 she’s a big girl, she does things for herself!~*

  19. Libraesque says

    BOO, I wouldn’t be defending that poster if I were you, unless that really is you too, because that person sounds completely whacked. I get called a stupid slut and a fucking bitch in that post. Is that REALLY someone you want to come on here and defend honey? Because there are a lot more worthy posters of you spending the time to go back 40 some odd posts and defend.

    Now, Oriana, it is been said in the business that NK and TC had a contract marriage that stipulated that each could pursue their own sex lives, as long as they were discreet and had their partners sign confidentiality agreements. It is well known that Anthony Pellicano had tape recorded phone conversations between Kidman and Cruise
    that were found when authorities first raided Pellicano’s offices in 2002. The tapes were allegedly made in 2001, shortly after Kidman and former husband Tom Cruise announced they were separating. Cruise used lawyer Dennis Wasser to negotiate his separation, and Wasser regularly retained Pellicano’s services. In other words, Cruise has a lot of shit on Kidman about her pregnancy with another man while they were married and negotiated the custody by bullying her with this information.

  20. boo says

    Libra, What “259” Melissa meant by “It’s good genetics”…Is well WE are related, And thanks but if she were an Iliterate dumbass she wouldn’t have been reading all your stupid ass comments and writing her own smarter ones!! She may have used a lot of language in it but only because she thinks you’ve fallen off your rocker and need help getting back on!
    Sorry just thought I’d clear that little bit up!~*

  21. oriana says

    When Nicole and Tom got divorced, why was Tom the chosen one that the children live with? It seems like they just visit with her? Maybe I am wrong, did she agree to that living arrangement? Was it in the divorce degree? I just thought that usually the children live with the mother unless it says shared 50/50?

    I don’t see Reese allowing her children live with Ryan full time and I do think he is a devoted father.

    I have always wondered about Tom’s children with Nicole. Did he have it stipulated they were to be raised in his Scient faith? Just wondering!

  22. Jen says

    Libraesque, you’re unbelievable but entertaining in very stupid way…we’re laughing at you not with you!!!

  23. oriana says

    LIbra, you really have a short attention span, your post in #298, CLEARLY spells it out where you said you know Oriana posts under more than one User name! Can you count back that far?

  24. Libraesque says

    then your beloved president is too. When KH disappeared for 2 weeks in 2005, he talked about it. I’m trying like CRAZY to find the link.
    And ORI, get OVER yourself, did I mention you in my post as being one of the people posting under various user names????? NO
    And since you can’t figure it out, TC’s legal team drags these people who threaten to come out with stories about him through such an intense legal battle, the people give up, OR as in the case of Rob Thomas’ wife who caught him and TC fooling around, they paid her off. TC has enough money to triple what any tabloid would pay for any story. She then signs an agreement that she will never speak to the media or anyone else about it, or she’ll face a law suit.

    That doesn’t stop people from discussing things amongst themselves, like a certain cast member from Scrubs, who was vacationing in Ireland, drank too much and when asked by one of the bar patrons about juicy inside gossip, got an EARFUL about Cruises kinky gay side, apparently they go to the same gay sex parties

  25. oriana says

    #297, when did I ever claim to know so much? I don’t know anything about it, that is why I was trying to get clarification! YOU FOOL!!!!

    And do you really think anyone signing a confidentially agreement would be worried about being sued over that if they stood to make MILLIONS from spilling the beans of the story of the Century about Suri not being Tom’s baby? They could be sued, pay the attorneys, and still retire to Hawaii and live like Kings forever!

    As for me posting under other names than Oriana, why? The webmistress of this site can vouch for me 100% that I have only posted under the one name, I can say what I want too just fine under Oriana.

    Now if I was ignorant and stupid like you, then maybe, but then it would still come across as pitiful as you do, under any name so will just stick with this one. Thank you!

    But just in case you do see my real name, I will confess, it is Minnie Mouse!!!!!!!!

  26. oriana says

    #295,Gaelle, first let me say, love that name, beautiful!

    Now if Maria Shriver is in on this conspiracy, that means Arnold is too, so now I will start a recall for him as Governor and he needs to be ran out of Sacramento! This has really got to stop! I now am suspicious of the whole Republican party being in on this scam also! I cannot take it any more!

  27. libraesque says

    And BEBET, you sound like a Scientologist…which means YOU CRAAAAAZY, so really….shut up. That goes along for the rest of you who post stuff about therapy, drugs, etc….you couldn’t be MORE transparent that you’re Scientologists, that’s the “speak”, because I’m normal and I don’t “talk” like that…..I only comment on peoples idiotic crushes and atrocious spelling, which is a clear indication of education level.
    And for the person who mentioned that TC’s “security” should check me out
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, are you serious? THANKS for the compliment, I didn’t know I was such a big shot in the Anti Tom Cruise movement, but I have to ask, WHY would he have “security” for internet shit talkers?
    maybe Scientology is brainwashing him and making him TOTALLY paranoid. I hope so!! Because that was the eventual downfall of his God L. Ron Hubbard.

  28. libraesque says

    what’s even MORE hilarious is there are probably only about 4 ACTUAL people posting here.
    BIG FAN BASE!!! ahahahahaha
    Anne, Anna, ANa…how many names do you post under???? And Gaelle and Eva, or Ida you’re the same person too right??????
    and Oriana I KNOW you post under more than one user name here

  29. libraesque says

    wow Oriana, for someone who claims to know so much you don’t know SHIT.
    How many times do I have to post the link to the Smoking Gun? EVERYONE that comes into contact with TC signs a confidentiality agreement. It insures against anyone speaking the truth about him. He’s been doing it for YEARS because he lives a double life and he has EVERYTHING to hide, otherwise there would be no need
    ANd like I said before why wouldn’t KH’s family go along with anything to keep the secret that their precious daughter, a woman who’s said over nad over she would remain a virgin til marriage, AND her family is Catholic.
    ANd are you kidding about his lawyers. You make me laugh!!!!!!!!! They work overtime suing everyone under the sun that says anything negative about TC, it’s ridiculous. No one else that is accused of being gay sues people the way TC does
    It’s HILARIOUS how blinded you people are by your schoolgirl crushes on this deranged individual are. I picture you all really poor, living in shacks, trailers, or WORSE your parents houses with a bunch of brats running around, no jobs, or minimum wage at that. Your miserable lives, husbands who forget your birthdays and who don’t lift a finger to help with the brats. You all come on here and fantasize about being Katie. HAHAHAHAHAHA it’s too funny, and yet SO pathetic

  30. libraesque says

    FACI, CAN YOU READ??? I was the onbe who called out the person for saying they KNEW that she and Klien lived together IT WASN’T ME
    maybe you shgould READ then you wouldn’t look like such an ASS

  31. Gaelle says

    Oriana your post is funny, but true do not forget the hospital that day Suri was born.It was was all over the news , StJohn hospital could have issue a statement and said it is not true and do not forget Maria Shriver talking about the birth since the ward bear her name. A lot of people are in this conspiracy.

  32. oriana says

    I am not sure I understand what some people are trying to say so let me get this straight. please bear with me.

    Tom is not the father, Katie is keeping it undercover, the kids are in on it, Katie’s parents too? Tom’s family of course, also the doctors, nurses, I would assume lawyers, don’t forget the cooks, housekeepers, bodyguards, etc. that work for him and know them. How long before someone would sell this story for several million dollars! It will be made into a movie, Tom of course will play himself, he will win an Oscar for it, Katie will get millions also, and the Scient church will get their percentage, and Suri will grow up to be internationally known even more so than now!

    And she will have three fathers, Tom, Chris, Josh, what a lucky little girl!!!!!!!!!

  33. faci says

    Libraesquelosser, where did you get that news that katie and chris lived together? You know a lot of false news about this #1 couple in hollywood, don’t bear false witness against thy neighbor, one of the ten commandments. Please have a life and be positive in your comments.

  34. bebet says

    Libraesque you sounds like a woman in the hell waiting for evil spirit to spread all over the world, you need not exist in this site, you are 0% IQ, brainless in other words. Get it

  35. oriana says

    I really think that anyone that responds to Libra is wasting their time, she is an embarassment to herself and any self respecting person is aware of that fact. I have read her posts and she just proves that fact more and more, total lack of character and manners, the word “disgusting” fits her in every area!

  36. boo says

    Hmmm, Thanks Jen, I tried to find it the day after I watched it the first time and it wouldn’t come up, I wonder why… Anyway , Thanks again ๐Ÿ˜€

  37. boo says

    They had the video of Suri Walking on I think, but I believe they took it down, and I haven’t been able to find it since, I’m wondering if it was taken down all over the net for Some reason, But I’m not too sure!

    And in MY OWN opinion regarding that video, Suri looks like a baby in the beginning stages of walking, Certainly if she’d been walking for 5 or so months as “some” people assume, she’d be running circles around how well she is doing right now…5 months is a lot of time to practice to get moving, there is NO way that baby has been walking for that long….as I said in MY opinion!!~*

  38. Libraesque says

    And once again oriana, I have to point out that these are not the words of someone playing with a full deck

    to quote YOU:
    Does Brad have ANY backbone at all about himself? I donโ€™t see it, I think he kisses her ass 95% of the time and she is the BOSS in the family, it isnโ€™t a 50/50 partnership as far as setting the plans in motion!

    If she wanted to make her movies, go ahead, but why lie and make it sound like she was going to be staying at home, bonding with her four chidren, who were soooo important to her, just keep your mouth shut Angie, and do what you are going to do! She never had any plans period, to be a stay at home Mom, and she knew it when she made that false statement to the Vietnames officials, now just a few SHORT days later the truth comes out about her movie plans for the very NEAR future, fake and a phoney, she has her own agenda and that is becoming clearer and clearer every day!

    Brad, clear your calendar for you are going to be Mr. MOM, and a total kissass to her, but obviously you like it!

    You’re a delusional freak who CLEARLY lives in a fantasy world, you seem like a teenager. You act like you actually know these people and your dumbass comments are SO pathetic. I mean who rants ON and ON about someone’s true intentions that they don’t even know!!!
    You “talk” in your posts like these people are going to read what you’re writing, and … what…..take your teenage advice to heart?????
    You’re a JOKE

  39. oriana says

    #275, YOU haven’t schooled anyone about anything! I think you need therapy and you probably are seeking it at this time, there is something abnormal about you, not only your language but just the way you present yourself, really, you are pathetic!!! You are obviously low class, ill bred and just plain ignorant! You would be entertaining if not so stupid!

  40. dori #1 says

    Libraesque didn’t call me anything… are you actually reading the comments here or just talking to hear yourself?

  41. Libraesque says

    Bea, my mother is DEAD, and only a fucking asshole would say something like that to someone on a baby board.

    And Anna, you said on the TKC board that YOU WOULD DIE FOR TC, and you were totally serious. That is a comment from a LUNATIC.
    On that board there are literally three people who post. Here there are , like 5. AND on top of that several posters her and there post under several different names.
    I’ve never made a fool of myself on any AJ thread, but keep on making shit up you losers

    Bea or Gaelle or whoever you are do yourself a favor (everyone else here too)
    Google Tom Cruise Is Gay then go kill yourself when you see 1,760,000 sites.
    You fucking lunatics here act like I’m some lone renegade saying the things I do about this “couple”

  42. !!! says

    dori#1, why are you still defending Libraesque she is calling you an IDIOT???

    Bea you should join the forum. There are more updated news and pictures that are not even in the website because of copy right.

  43. oriana says

    I have to wonder, is Libraesque for real or just joking? She can’t be as dense and really uneducated as she sounds! Or maybe she is? Scarey thought!!!!!

  44. Gaelle says

    Anna i did not join the forum , but my name there is ” Bea” maybe you have seen my posts there.

  45. Jackie says

    Dori #226 dear, you lost me. Are you the web mistress? I like this site because it tries to be accurate and the people who post are sensible. Atleast most of them.

    Libraesque reminds me of the saying: ‘there is no fool like an old fool’. Her arguments are so foolish but she will not be defeated or won’t she.?

  46. dori #1 says is about entertainment, our favorite celebrities and their babies. While we try to accurately report on every detail, rumors and stories of speculation might be posted. Real stories are linked to the original source. Speculated stories are usually also linked to somewhere, but may not be factual information. We do not insure the accurateness of any content on our website.
    On the defense of Libraesque this is the statment of the website disclaimer. See sometimes we speculate it’s not always factual. So lighten up.

  47. ???? says

    Why were imbeciles like Libraesque created? She cannot even see that all posts on the site and against her and she even attacks her one supporter Dori. Sometimes I disagree with TC on drugs. People like Libraesque need them. I pity AJ and Brad who have to get many haters from having a fan like this annoying hobbo. She is on the Brangelina thread making a fool of herself and getting Brangelina more and more detractors!

  48. Anna says

    Gaelle, that is wonderful, did you join the forum? It has some really nice people and you definitely will not find Libraesque there. I log in as Anne so give me a shout while you are there!

  49. Bea says

    Libraesque, you need that anger and bitter management class yourself. You also need a lesson in manners. You worship the ground Brangelina walk on so how dare you criticise me for being excited seeing where Tom proposed to Katie? I mean the tour guide even pointed it out so it must be some thing! You are so obsessed with Tom Cruise you can’t see straight.

    You deserve all the insults that come your way. You have failed to answer all the questions put to you and you ideas are so stupid and you constantly quote trashy magazines as your source of information. I am starting to think you are an attention seeker who should just be banned from the site!

    Tom was never gay, is not gay and will never be gay. If it hurts you so bad, go take an over dose, the world will be a better place without you. You are so repulsive I am sure even your mother hates you!

  50. Anna says

    Libraesque. Leave these people alone. They do not understand that you are just trying to be funny. I mean which person can actually think like that in their right mind. But boy am glad you came here. Then you can see that Tom is actually a well loved actor! And you have been taught a good lesson!

    I am also glad that you have found out that all posters on this site apart from Dori think you are sick. We on Tomkatcrazy think you are sick too and you need help, though you are very entertaining. You actually are a poster child for abortion and you sound so unhappy that I think you cry in your bed at night.

    Hang in there gal. And I will continue to do what I do best! Keep on loving Tom Cruise.

    Did you ever answer the questions put to you? Iam interested in your answers to Lila’s questions but most importantly to when Katie had Suri.


  51. Libraesque says

    melissa, why would a lesbian want to be married to a gay man??
    and “it good genetics” WHAT in the hell does that mean you illiterate dumbass

    you may want to get off this site and go take a grammar and spelling class, and an anger management class too

  52. melissa says

    wait a minute I thought that libraesque was out like we have all said you let yourself get to fucking involved.
    as we(a friend of mine and me) sit here both of our opinionson you are the same like:
    you are fucked in the head
    boo and sharon know what the fuck they are saying it good genetics
    you are a stupid slut
    your only jealous that katie is married to him and not you

  53. Libraesque says

    and if it makes your day to see a picture of a baby you don’t know and never will you have a very very dull life

  54. Libraesque says

    o.k., sorry
    HOW do you give a shit about them and WHY???

    and what the hell is CYPHER stalking?

  55. !!! says

    Libraesque, when is “care” and giving a shit the same thing??? Read people’s post before replying.

    I like Tom, Katie and love seeing Suri she actually makes my day when I see a new picture of her!!!!!

  56. !!! says

    Libraesque, what is sad and pathetic is you. You’re the one who is cypher stalking this family and spreading lies about them!!!! The SAD part is you’re spending all this time on someone you dislike.

  57. Libraesque says

    !!!! you “care” about this family!!!!!!
    how do you care about them and more importantly WHY???

  58. Libraesque says

    NISA, wow such elaborate insight into KH & CK’s relationship!! Are you best friends with KH???? Or just completely off your nut??
    And BEA, you actually went to the place where TC proposed? that is just SO sad and pathetic. Did you ask the waiter to seat you at the same table so you could pretend it was really you he was asking?????

  59. Tinkerbell says

    I think TomKat is reading this and laught their butts off at the rediculous comments on here……people think celebs are entertaining but, I think celebs think were entertaining!!!

  60. Tinkerbell says

    Libra do you spend your whole day surfing the net about celebs? Seems like you have a ton of factoids to spout out. I am home all day and I still dont have that much time!

  61. Libraesque says

    and why are YOU and everyone else wasting so much time and energy calling me crazy 5 times a piece on one thread???
    And the medication comment…………..lame…….SO lame. You MUST be a $cieno

  62. !!! says

    Libraesque, sorry to be naming people here and taking it personal but there is no stopping you! you’re one CRAZY lady!!! You’re a lunatic. You’re wasting so much effort and time on someone you don’t give a shit about??? That doesn’t sound healthy to me…you need your meds girl!!!

    Plus you’re calling Dori#1 idiot?? She was the only one here who was being supportive to your garbage.

  63. Libraesque says

    Anna, are you the same lunatic who said on TKC you loved TC so much you’d DIE for him???????

    And I’m the crazy one…..hahahahahaha

  64. Libraesque says

    Dori, IT DOES matter who the father is. You don’t think the real father as well as his extended family has a right to know and be a part of this little girls life , you idiot!!!

    And I have NEVER said I want TC to come out and support gay rights
    we don’t want him!!!
    We prefer positive role models and gay spokepeople, like Ellen and Melissa Etheridge, not some nutsack that belongs to a cult, who lives with his mommy

  65. dori #1 says

    It doesn’t matter who is the father or when the child was really born or not there is much too much being made of the whole thing. One day in the future when Tom and Katie split mup and they will, as most of hollywood marriages do, the truth nwill come out and we’ll all know the answer then. For now just enjoy the pics and lets move on ok?

  66. Anna says

    Oh and Gaelle, you should visit You will love it. Join the forum. It has great pictures which are usually not in the tabloids or on other sites.

    I am glad this libreloser came here and was taught her lesson. I felt sorry for her at times but man, she can be a nuisance especially camping at a site when she ‘hates’ Tom so much. My guess is that she loves him in a closet way- no pun intended and he is a guilt pleasure. Lol

  67. Gaelle says

    Anna i really do not see what Tom can do for them. That woman is really bitter , and she needs to stop her craziness. I check Tomkatcrazy sometimes i saw some post there stating she is gay but i never saw hers talking about Tom and thinking their cause will be accepted, if he was gay.

  68. chipmunk2113 says

    Control(be it attempted or successful) brings out the defiance in everyone. Just look how nasty this blog got when a few individuals went to battling for ‘CONTROL’.
    Control = Defiance
    Defiance = Lashing out, Leaving, or Caving in
    This was my first day on this site, and MERCY, if I am wise, the last. Nice reading to lots of you.

  69. Anna says

    Gaelle, Gay people think if Tom ‘came out’ people would accept them more. They insist that like he helped scientology gain fame and publicty. He can champion gay rights and most Tom detractors are either gay or active users of Anti- depressants! LOL

  70. Bea says

    Nisa#223 thanks for that insight into Katie’s relationship with Klein. I always wondered what went on and how it was.

    Every thing aside, if TC came along I would drop my boyfriend in a flash!

  71. Bea says

    I know Gaelle. I am not a Brangelina fan but when you see what is printed about them it is all usually contradictory but the sad part is that many in the public are very gullible, they believe these stories and sometimes they even quote them. One time Katie is a nag, then she is meek, then she is defiant and took the baby to Ohio. WTF!!!!!!!!

    I hope Katie gets used and stops paying attention to what they say or reading them altogather!

    I was in Paris in Feb and I absolutely LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED it. It is such a great place and I promised to visit it again sometime. I went to the very Top of the Eiffel tower and saw where Tom proposed to Katie in the restaurant at the second level. LOL. I really had a great time!

  72. Anna says

    Libraesque, you called Tomcurise a fag when you confessed on that you are gay and the reason you do not like TC is that he refused to come out and help the gay cause? Switch what you are smoking baby gal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. Gaelle says

    Bea #224 I agree those magazines to sell week after week they need to invent stories. Like this week starmagazine they took one picture, the one Tom had his hand under his chin to say they were in trouble and that Katie was defiant. One story she is controlled, the next she is defiant. Sometimes i wonder if they take the public as a whole to be stupid .She is controlled yet she went to Paris (my city by the way i am French) twice alone. You have to wonder when people are going to stop buying those rags and say enough is enough.

  74. sharon says

    well I have had enough of an obviously disturbed individual. Maybe Tom “could have had a secret tunnel built from inside the house to the hospital” Thats a good idea HONEY. maybe he did. I for one like Tom and Katie and I think Suri is a BEAUTIFUL little replica of her daddy. I hope she grows up with some sort of normalcy to her life. Freaks on a leash like Libraesque will be the ones that make the poor little one have to see a therapist by the time she is 5. It really hurts me to think people can be SO rude about a family. You know what, I for one believe that Tom is Suri’s daddy and Katie is her mommy, but even if she doesn’t belong to him, who the hells business is it but their own? They are a family, and there are MANY different kinds of families these days. Whether or not both parents are biological. SO Liberesque, since you know so much about the whole situation, I look forward to seeing your book when it comes out. I won’t buy it though, just borrow it from the library.

  75. Bea says

    Gaelle #221 I could not agree more. The media especially that us weekly rag and life and style and inquirer rags has a vendetta against Tomkat and people just believe whatever anyone says. No wonder they believed that there WMDs in Iraq. I mean this rag told us Tomkat had split in December 2005 and never told us they were back together again so why would Katie have had enough if she split with Tom long ago? They will say Suri does not exist and the next week print that she is deformed. How can she be deformed if she does not exist?

    And miserable people eat up all this rubbish so that they can feel that every one is miserable. That Rag said that Posh and Katie are through and Posh was with Paris. Now Posh is 24 hours calling Posh! I rarely visit that site and I make it a point never to comment on it but sometimes I take a peek and I shake my head in wonderment at how Pathetic Americans are!

  76. Nisa says

    Libraesque, am still interested in the answers to Lilaโ€™s questions am not letting you off easily. You are very slippery when it comes to answering other people’s questions. when it comes to answering questions put to you, you dirk them and insist we answer a stupid question like why a baby is wearing hard soled shoes as if you have never had a child! I hope you haven’t. You have a lot of growing up to do.

    #189 After Klein, Katie was asked if she still stuck to her no sex till marriage rule, she said she did, so I guess she broke it with Tom since she said she knew he was the one from the beginning. I always thought that was the reason for their quickie engagement and so did many. But like Catherine said little gals make promises they do not keep.

    She has never lived with Chris Klein apart from him visiting her at the set of Batman begins. She lived in North Carolina then New York but never ever moved in with Chris. Actually, their relationship was no grand love affair. They were linked up by friends and though they looked nice together, you would sense that the chemistry was not there. (Like Jessica Simpson and John Meyer)

    After the engagement in 2003, Katie seemed happy and flashed her engagement ring at I think it was at the opening of Matrix reloaded . After that things went down hill they really looked miserable together and they never seemed to have time for the relationship as in those two years, Katie was seen alone more times than she was with Chris. She even went to a couple of events alone and at another event with her parents.

    On the whole, they had a turbulent engagement and since no body knew them or cared then, every one assumed that all was well. One time she broke into tears at a lunch date and in Feb 2005, they had that huge public row. I guess that is when they finally split, but the split was long overdue. For some months before the split, she appeared without her engagement ring which made a lot of speculation about their relationship. Then again they were c- listers so no one paid that much attention but she never ever moved in with him even after their engagement.

    She is not very holy however because she used to smoke before she met Tom, not chain smoke, but an occasional smoke.

    I bet Libraesque could not answer when Katie has Suri because she knew that we would catch her then. If she for one moment though about what she says, she would know that she comes across as a retard, a stupid retard at that. I mean she is insinuating that Katie was 6-7 months pregnant in September and we could not see her stomach! What imbecile reasons like that! I am glad she met her match in you guys. You certainly stood your ground and refused to be taken for a ride and manipulated.

    Now she is quoting for us scientology staff. Who cares about scientology? We are just tired of people who spread lies about two innocent people trying to live their lives. Too much trash is written about this couple that sometimes you feel sorry for them. I wish them the best and I hope they have another beautiful child.

  77. dori #1 says

    Stop knit picking you crazy hormonal women people make statements so what stop the craziness please you should reread all this and see how ridiculous you all sound!!!!

  78. Gaelle says

    People you are still talking with libraloser, that person is everywhere, d-listed, tomkatcrazy, usmag , etc.. > she is crazy, but you know she is not the only one. The media is feeding those people with crazy stories out of this world and they still believe them. Those are people who can not think for themselves . No wonder children in this country are behind in their schooling.

  79. Libraesque says

    one more thing, it just occured to me…sharon if you and everyone else here believe
    “After all he is Tom Cruise. He has the funds he needs to do pretty much anything. ”

    then why couldn’t he fake everything I’m proposing, including the last 3-4 months of KH’s pregnancy.

    Can’t have it both ways kiddies!!

    Sucks to eat your words, huh???

    Bye now!!!

  80. Libraesque says

    okay kiddies this has been really swell, but I can’t with any dignity argue with delusional, infantile losers. I should have left this sight when that einstein who perpetrated that Brad Pitt has lived his whole life emulating Tom Cruise.

  81. Libraesque says

    sharon, you poor little dumbass, he isn’t some super hero with magical powers.
    I guess he could have had a secret tunnel built from inside the house to the hospital
    I’m so embarassed for you!!

  82. Libraesque says

    exactly what’s ridiculous about it?
    This couple who has 75 paps surrounding them at every soccer game they go to and yet the highly anticipated birth of Cruises first kid and they manage to get past the paps camped out in front of their house?
    yea, no.
    What’s ridiculous is rabid teenage fans on this site, making juvenile comments calling me crazy, I should take medication, I’m in high school , and my favorite “get a life” blah blah blah
    You’re all worshipping someone who’s
    a closeted fag
    wouldn’t have sex with his first wife
    had a contract only marriage to his second wife
    has a contract marriage with his third wife, who gave birth to a bastard baby that he’s trying to pass off as his own for the sole purpose of squashing gay rumors
    who is a high ranking member of a dangerous cult

    Congratulations, since you’re a bunch of douchebags with a collective IQ of a pile of innertubes, I’d say you’re all perfect representatives for Tom C!!!!!

  83. sharon says

    Why do you think that is interesting? He was hoping for a home birth? OMG no!!! Because they managed to get around without being seen by the press? Just think if Tom can build a “250,000.00 in house delivery room” he can manage to get around without being seen. After all he is Tom Cruise. He has the funds he needs to do pretty much anything.

  84. boo says

    WOW, you are reading WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY too much in to this sweetheart, you really need to just drop it, LET IT GO….kiss your theories goodbye because they are RIDICULOUS!!!~*

  85. Libraesque says

    too much press coverage…I’m glad you mentioned that. Because with the 300 paparazzi surrounding their home, miraculously on April 18th 2006 they were able to leave there home, drive to the hospital enter the hospital and leave the hospital and not ONE person caught any of their movements on that day on camera. But TC WAS seen at the Scientology Centre for approximately three hours the day katie”gave birth”

    Interesting too that he built a 250,000.00 in house delivery room for her that boasts fetal monitor ultrasound machine, intravenous pump, delivery “kit” and infant warmer, as well as a mid-wife, nurse and obsteretics expert hired from the “church”

  86. sharon says

    Oh my god! Hard Soled shoes on a baby! Someone quick! Call Child services! You give me a fucking break. You say I wrote a novel, go back and see how many fucking stupid posts you have put on here, then we can talk. I don’t smoke crack HONEY, but I am pretty sure it is your drug of choice. You seriously need to get a life. There are not always conspiracy issues with people in the media. Someone wrote earlier that there is no way that Katie and Tom could of pulled off a fake pregnancy, they have too much press coverage. So pull your head out of your fucking stupid fat ass and get off your high horse. You obviously don’t have a clue in a carload what you are talking about. You have been grasping at straws this whole thread. Buh Bye now honey. Good luck with your therapy. By the way does the mental hospital know you aren’t in your room?

  87. Libraesque says

    Sharon, jesus christ short novel there.
    Fine if you want to beleive a 7 month old should be in hard sole shoes FINE, but you may want to google it, I did, and your comment about a jolly jumper, are you fucking KIDDING….oh yea lets put the kid in hard shoes so it can bounce up and down in a jolly jump

    you and the 4 or 5 other people on here are pretty much the ONLY people who believe there’s no cover up. 60 jillion people on the internet talking about this sham kind of out numbers you twits on this board

  88. sharon says

    MY TURN AGAIN!!!! Boo just informed me of all this “EXCITING” conversation so I thought I would check it out. So here I am again, wondering what kind of cheap drugs people use (Libraesque) to get their minds thinking WAY TOO HARD, on topics like this. All women carry differently in pregnancy, my mother had 6 girls and didn’t carry any of us in the same way. All women grow in a different way, some up some down, some around, some everywhere, some just tummy, some all arse. So apparently Katies pregnant tummy has nothing to do with when or who she conceived with. I think that WAY too much looking for something that isn’t there is going on in that direction.
    Suri is a very beautiful little girl (who looks far too much like her daddy to be Josh’s by the way) She is a big girl, but do I need to remind you that Katie is what like 5’11? She is a tall girl, and has a tall baby. I have the same thing going on in my house. All of my 3 kids look like they are at least a couple of years older then they are. My 3 year old is as big as some of the 5 year olds I know. So seeing as every kid and every woman grow at different rates of speed, I don’t think anyone can say Suri is not TC’s because of her size or the size that Katie was in October. Jesus Murphy lets get a grip here.
    Hard soled shoes? Why in the name of heaven (or Xenu or whatever you believe in) is a child in hard soled shoes important to you? My kids had many many different kinds of shoes, some hard some soft, and yes they all walked by 9 and 10 months. Running in less then 2 weeks after that, leaving me wishing they were still crawling! LOL I don’t know why Libraesque is so stuck on the hard soles shoe thing. Katie seems to have a thing for shoes, maybe she likes them for her little girl too. Also seeing her a lot with no shoes at all…Have you ever had kids? My kids HATED shoes when they were that age. As soon as you put them on, off they came. It became a game. If they didn’t like shoes and the weather was nice, I didn’t make them wear shoes. Now they always had pants on but that is a different thread all together. Also the “scuffed shoes” that is creating such excitement to Libraesque…ummm ever heard of a jolly jumper? Or parents taking a little one for a walk hanging onto their fingers? There are many explanations for scuffed shoes.
    All in all, seriously get a life and stop looking for a conspiracy. You wonder why everyone is saying you are crazy? HELLOOOOO! Anyone home in that head of yours? There is NO coverup, no fake pregnancy, no babies other daddy.
    Well I feel better now. ๐Ÿ˜€

  89. Sylvia says

    LOL, Robin, (#197) thank you for the laugh! It was much needed.
    While I enjoy toying around with TomKat conspiracy theories, everbody on this post (or site, more likely) needs to tone things down a bit. We have too many hormonal women (and some little girls who don’t know what hormones are).
    Anyway, I’ve decided to just wait for the Barbara Walters special that will come out in about 15 years where Katie tearfully confesses all. But until then…just let it be.

  90. dori #1 says

    post 40 do they really torture people like that? I am so blown away by that information. Poor Katie, why on earth does she go along with it?

  91. Libraesque says

    GREAT quote, you all idolize these two and TC is revolting to me, and none of us knows them!!!

  92. Libraesque says

    you’re all right, Katie is obviously a dirty skank, I mean she got pregnant, lived with her boyfriend and his kids for over a year before getting married AND had a bastard baby.

    low class

  93. Robin says

    Scientology children MUST walk by 1 year old or they are considered sub-par and beemed to another planet

  94. says

    I also believe that often we say things then when we get in the heat on the moment (no pun intended) then things happen. You can’t change it after that.

  95. dori #1 says

    Libra….. My daughter made that promise too and she got pregnant and just had a baby at age 19. Virghin till marriage she kept saying then one day came home pregnant. When a teenager today says virgin till marriage I would have a good laugh right in their face.
    They lie! I am grateful mine got married and all ended well. But she was lieing to us all along and my huband nearly fainted when she announced she was pregnant because thats our baby girl and he believed her. He couldn’t speak for months.

  96. Libraesque says

    Catherine, did KH decide to tell you but NO ONE ELSE that she and Klein lived together?

    Pressed for further information, such as whether the two lived together (both reside in Los Angeles), Holmes said, “That’s our business. But thank you for wondering.”

  97. Libraesque says

    A 2003 profile of Katie Holmes in the Sunday Mirror of London discusses how โ€œshe went to cheerleading practice, got straight A grades, and made a pledge that she would remain a virgin until marriage.โ€

  98. Libraesque says

    Lila, the votes are in and apparently no one cares or wants to hear my answers to your questions, SORRY!!!

  99. Catherine says

    Gawd, I’m reading the comments here and alot of it, especially from the so called tomkat expert, libra is so retarded.

    NOW Josh H is the father, LMAO. Those two were spotted once, once and all of a sudden they had this huge affair and he’s suri’s daddy, riiiiiiiiiight. And self proclaimed virgin, when in the world did Katie ever say she was a virgin when she was engaged and LIVING with her fiancee, Chris Klein. If you believe she was a virgin then I’ve got the brooklyn bridge to sell you.

    Stop reading all those tabloids.

    Just what in the heck did you think they were doing living together? Chris and katie lived together before they brokeup. A stupid tabloid, the Sun came up with that ridiculous virgin story not Katie. But ofcourse you will believe any stupid story to bolster your claims about Tom and Katie.

    And since you loooove posting pictures, pictures that anyone can pick to makeup their so called claim. Why dont you post pictures of Katie around October, or even earlier cause according to you, she would have been 7 months lol. Are you serious, so Katie was seven months when she announced her pregnacy lmao. What about the pictures in august, september where she is showing no belly. Pictures of her on the MI3 set, where is she as flat as a board. But again according to you she was in the second trimester of her pregnacy, PLEASE.
    So why dont you post pictures from those preceding months and show us pregnant Katie in July, August and September! Cause if you knew how to do simple math, you would see that its impossible given pictures of Katie during those months for her to be pregnant with Josh baby or even Chris, which is even earlier.

    Most of your claims are so silly and frivilous and full of hate that its not even worth debating with you. You probably think Tom and katie are after you or something.
    Leave thse two alone, they’re living their lives. And unless they’repersonally affecting you in anyway, stop with the obsession about some lie they’re pulling over the american public.

  100. chipmunk2113 says

    Quote from this site, please see below:
    “enjoy the warmth of spirited girl talk”
    I think we need to turn the flame down a notch, or maybe I’m just runnin a fever!

  101. chipmunk2113 says

    Ain’t it, though? I wish I could send it to Virgie!!! LOL HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Yes, I’m MAD with POWER!
    I’d take Josh if I weren’t already happily married. Oh, Scarlett, I hope fame didn’t make you go blind. The grass isn’t always greener..

  102. kim says

    Oh man, my head is SPINNING from all the nonsense on this page!!! Got to go get my real-life almost-3-yr-old-son and 6-mos old dtr to nap now… I hope when I return later that all this craziness has simmered down!

  103. chipmunk2113 says

    Here’s a funny for you all:
    I saw a pic of TC, Katie, Suri, and who I thought was Katie’s father. Turns out it was Georgio Armani! WOW!! The pic was in PEOPLE, I believe. I don’t have a dog in this fight, so I will throw a bone in to see if any one has seen this picture of….Dannilynn! I haven’t seen any other pics of her that look like any of the men claiming to be her father, looks most like her momma. BUT THIS, I have to say, LOOKS LIKE HOWARD!!!!
    Go on, tell me how right or wrong I am, what do ya think????
    Oh, yeah, here’s the link.
    If it doesn’t work, it’s at

  104. joanne says

    hahahaha!!! LOL! this is so funny why is everyone racking their brains over how old or young this child is?
    for fuks sake have tomkat put a reward sign out reading:

    get a life Libraesque and every body else who agrees with this nutcase!

  105. Bea says

    You guys have really mistreated this Libraesque character. She sounds retarded so you should cut her some slack. Her arguments are so fickle and tediously annoying.

    Am joining the chorus on this one

    When did Katie give birth in your estimation Libraesque?

    I found the timeline of Katie’s pregnacny bump interesting since almost all women I know have fluctuating shapes depending on how the baby is lying. Besides a two pictures from two different angles taken on the same day can show different sizes of the stomach. Clothes too may change the size of the stomach.

    Am sure other celebs stomachs change all the time but since no one is out to get them, no one notices. Imean we all thought Tom was sterlile and Suri shocked us. But she is a beautiful little gal and she looks like Tom a lot I don’t even know what you are arguing about!

  106. says

    Okay I’m leaving to drive across town to get my monkies then I’ll be back ๐Ÿ™‚ Hey Boo, tell MD I miss chatting with her ๐Ÿ™‚ I left a message on Yahoo for her yesterday if she logs in, I hope everything is alright ๐Ÿ™‚

  107. Jen says

    boo, according to Libra, she dated Josh in march 2005 after she broke up with Chris but there is no evidence they dated. It was a rumour because they were seen together having coffee and they both denied it at the time and said they’ve been friends for a while.

  108. boo says

    I think she referring to Chris Klien though katie and him were engaged before she broke up with him and got with Tom. I don’t remember her being with Josh Hartnett, Then again I’m not a huge fan of either of them and don’t follow their love lives too closely, so maybe I’m wrong.

  109. Lila says

    Am back and as I guessed my questions are not answered. So Libresque, when did Brad and Angelina go to Namibia? How many months months was she along? Or she had already given birth at the time and shiloh is older. But I bet you are a Brangeloonie and that does not matter. Any way Tom was under contract to promote MI 3 and as a professional, he did it till he could not. So you think he missed the rest of the French and Italina premieres to promote a scam? Your reasoning is so juvenile. How old are you again?

    Here are my questions if you have forgotten them.
    – what date in December did Katie allegedly give birth
    – Why did Katie put on a lot of weight in May 2006?
    – How do you explain the size of her boobs in May 2006?
    -Why does Suri appear to be in early stages of walking in that video if she was already walking back in November and has allegedly been walking for about half a year according to you.

    Please watch the video and if you have kids you will recognise that stage very well , where kids ‘run’ instead of walking! And if she has been walking for 6 months as you say, then she may be retarded to still be at that stage!

  110. boo says

    40 days and 40 nights was one of his movies, also Hollywood Homicide with harrison ford I think.
    He dated scarlet johannsen for a while.
    He’s Hot!!lol.

  111. says

    Hmmm I am really intrigued. I was just looking back to see when they announced the pregnancy, the earliest I can find is September but I’m not sure it is accurate. I still have to find a pic of this Josh guy, this computer won’t let me play as much as I can at home with cable, whaaaa!!!!

  112. boo says

    Did Katie not date Chris Klien up until like the February before she and tom met??????

    Good stuff KellMay! ๐Ÿ˜€

  113. Libraesque says

    what question do you keep HARPING on.
    O.k. just to let all you freaks know

  114. Jackie says

    So Libraesque, if she did not have the baby in December, when did she have it? Because for the baby not to be TC’S December is the earliest month for her having had it. Please do not run, because we have caught you you can’t hide.

    And why would you think TC needs to tell the truth ”for once in his life” as you put it? He has had loyal fans through out his career and his marriages which you say were lies.

    This Tomkat thing got him new fans like me. Lol.

    So I wonder when these ‘fans’ who will be won back were his fans in the first place since he has always been telling lies. Gal sometimes I wonder if you make sense to yourself or if you think before you post . I think am starting to get a head ache too!!!!

    You have not answered Lila’s questions if you have not noticed.

    Here is a new question.

    When did Katie give birth?

  115. Libraesque says

    Kelly, NO, it meant that he knew for sure (because the kid had already been born months earlier!!) he would not be missing ANY of the promotional tour or opening night

    I don’t know any “first” time fathers who would abandon their expectant wife to go to Europe. He knew it was o.k. because Suri had been born already.

    Also, the trip to Australia, who would put their pregnant wife in danger like that? SHe was SO far along and it’s a very long flight and then they turned around and came right back. Why did he drag her along? Because there was no danger, she wasn’t pregnant then

  116. Jen says

    So she still would have been due DEC-JAN. Answer the rest of the question and admit when you have made a mistake.

  117. Kellymay says

    Yes Boo, I am I should fix it because I am being accused on the Julia post on not being me. I’m at my parents on dial-up (whaaa) so that’s why I’m not visiting over yonder, this computer sucks! I have to find my myspace link too ๐Ÿ™‚

  118. Kellymay says

    “And to the person who posted on the plane standing by etc..I guess you missed the interview where the person asked if he would miss opening night of MI3 if Katie gave birth and he was totally taken off guard then said โ€œnot gonna happenโ€ ”

    What’s odd about that? I read that as him saying he was not going to miss Suris birth not the opening?

  119. Libraesque says

    JEN, yes my bad I skipped a month, when I was calculating my phone was ringing off the hook. So an 11 week fetus is 2.13 inches and weighs .49 ounces………….not as small as an aspirin but pretty damn small

  120. Jen says

    libraesque, you’re saying she is josh’s baby so since katie and josh supposedly dated in march then the baby will be due in DEC!!! so that is why people are asking about Dec.

  121. Jen says

    I guess libraesque is embarrassed about her lack of maths. And have you guy released when ever it gets tough for her to answer some questions, she disappears for a while and comes back with something new without answering the previous questions?

  122. Libraesque says

    cherris, not only is she pulling away but she steps up onto the step, clearly she’s not new to walking

  123. Libraesque says

    GET OFF the December thing I’ve NEVER said Dec.!!!!!

    And Anne, yes, wouldn’t it be swell if TC was honest for the first time in his life instead of having three sham marriages, he may even get some of his fan base back, it certainly couldn’t hurt like the career suicide he commited in 2005/2006

    And to the person who posted on the plane standing by etc..I guess you missed the interview where the person asked if he would miss opening night of MI3 if Katie gave birth and he was totally taken off guard then said “not gonna happen”

  124. cherisse says

    i agree with Anne. But any ways if you look at the video carfully i think she is walking but look closely and you see Suri is pulling away like she is trying to run instead of walking.

  125. oriana says

    This is one cute child, and I don’t think that Tom Cruise and his whole family would make up Suri being his child, my God, that is a great story for a movie of the Year! The baby looks just like Tom to me and I do think Tom is very controlling and Katie will eventually get tired of it, if she isn’t already, but it is obvious both of them love this child very much. I wish them all the luck in the world!

  126. Nisa says

    I am starting to think that Libraesque is actually just winding us up. So to you libreasque, in that picture on October 9TH. Katie is 7-8 months pregnant, answer with a simple No or YES. And what day in December did she have the baby?

    JESUS am starting to have a headache!

  127. Anne says

    I Cannot believe you guys are still bothering with a LOSER like libraesque. She cannot even anwswer Lila’s questions and says that a woman who has had a baby in April was 11/2 months pregnant in October! Lol She is just a stupid goat who is clinging onto hate as a way of dealing with her miserable life. Let her be!

    So let me see what she wants.

    Tom to come out and say, ”here is our baby Suri, she is Hatnetts’ and Katie’s daughter but am now the adoptive father! Hey by the way, am gay, importent and sterile and I have left scientology for good!”


    Split with Kaite because she was allegedly pregnant with another man’s child.


    What???? Am trying to work out what Libraesque wants and am totally failing!

    To me she is one of those people who from the beginning wanted TC and Katie’s relationship to fail but sadly they seem to be going strong and the haters cannot help but fabricate as many theories as they can regardless of whether they contradict or make sense. Their aim is to spread negativity and hate. Sadly, good will always prevail over evil no matter what.

    My advice to Libraesque and the like is, let it go, join us who love and love and love and we celebrate Suri’s milestone!

  128. Jen says

    Libraesque are you ignoring people post before replying because I think Nisa made it clear your maths was wrong and Katie was not 1 and 1/2 month in October.

  129. libraesque says

    Kelly, if in the picture in Oct AND IT WAS OCT. Katie was6 weeks, even if she went over 2 weeks, that size fetus IS THE SIZE OF AN ASPIRIN

    NO WAY a womans belly is going to look like hers did in Oct. with an aspirin size fetus. Plus her boobs in that picture look twice they’re normanl size. A lot of woman don’t even know they’re pregnant at a month and a half.


  130. Kellymay says

    Thanks Tink, I thought I wrote that earlier. I was pleasantly 10 months pregnant with my first so they had to go in and get her out LOL Her lease had been terminated a few weeks prior!

  131. Kellymay says

    Girls, I don’t think we should call Libra stupid, she comes across to me as an intelligent woman. I am enjoying this conversation, it really has me looking for cracks now too! It’s all in good fun right!

  132. Tinkerbell says

    Let me remind everyone that pregnancy is truly 10 months not 9. Or if you look at it to the end of the 9th month. 40 weeks, 4 weeks per month, equals 10 months. So when doing your math remember 10 not 9

  133. Jen says

    134. Libraesque | March 21st, 2007 at 1:42 pm

    O.k., I just did a little math and if she gave birth in April, the photo taken on Oct 9th would have put her at a MONTH AND A HALF pregnant, not EVEN three months

    How did you come up with that maths? one month and a half pregnant in Oct if she gave birth in April?

    She gave birth in April so that makes it she was over 3 months pregnant in October!!!

  134. Kellymay says

    Ahhh Tinkerbell, your story warms my heart! I give praise for the people whom helped you out to get your baby girl, wow I’m sure she is not void of any love in her life.May I ask what prevented you from carrying? If you don’t want to answer I can respect that as well ๐Ÿ™‚

  135. Nisa says

    Libraesque, you are more stupid that I first thought. If some one has a baby in Mid April, then they are likely to have gotten pregnant in July making them 3 months in October.

    Tom said at the promotion of M13 at the end of March that Katie was due anytime and that a plane was on stand by if she went into labour. First babies are usually late and can even be as late as two weeks or a month. After Tom said Katie was about to have the baby anytime, many wondered when two weeks passed and she still had not had the baby.

    Sincerely which class are you libraesque? You cannot do simple basic math! That 9months-6 months is 3months!! My guess is that she was 3-4 months in October and her bump is perfectly normal. Atleast it does not look 7-8 months as you would like to suggest. Why do you dodge questions lila is trying to ask you?

  136. Tinkerbell says

    For your info Tinkerbell is not pollyanna….my name is Jennifer, I live in NY, I am 32….I am not afraid to say who I am. I am not the Jen who has been posting either….so before you accuse another person for my statements you need to stop and think about what you are saying. My daughter was born unconventienally….she born from an egg donor (someone very close to me, my husbands sperm another person carried her (another person very close to me)….yes I say it here what my business is but I dont make a habbit to go and tell everyone….that doesnt mean I am going to keep the truth from my child……she will always be told the truth. “IF” by chance this situation were true for you to assume that TomKat would’nt tell her is absurd! My daughter is 13 months old but size wise she looks more like a 9 to 10 month old….does that mean if you saw her walking you would accuse her of being older than she looks? So because my daughter is biologically not mine does that make me wrong because I dont wear a flashing button saying I didnt give birth to her? Stop and think about what you are saying and how your comments could make someone like myself feel…..If Tom and Katie were in a simialr situation and this is what they chose to do then that is their choice. If this was their way of having a family then I hope they are happy. I am not even a real big TomKat fan but, I feel compeled to tell you that your opinions at this point have been heard… EVERYBODY, and it is time for you to put your opinion of them to rest. You are entitiled to your opinion but you are not entitiled to continue to hurt others with your repetative statements.

  137. boo says

    Funny how she can answer everyones question but yours huh Lila??lol.
    And maybe that pic wasn’t take in October, and even if it was KellyMays pics PROVE that all baby belly grow at different rates!!!
    Seriously you really need to drop this whole thing cuz it’s getting really really old!~*

  138. Kellymay says

    Okay Girl, you have me thinking now, if she was 40 weeks at term then that would put that belly at 12-14 weeks, hmmmm very interesting but if she went overdue up to 2 weeks then 14-16 weeks…

  139. Lila says

    When you look at the pictures, Julia’s bump looks just a little bigger than Katie’s was in October. So you want to say that Julia too is 7 months pregnant? Mind you I have seem women looking like Julia at six or seven months so your stomach argument does not hold water.

    A.N.S.W.E.R. M.Y Q.U.E.S.T.I.O.N.S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and these too. You may be confused so I will summarise them for you.

    – what date in December did Katie allegedly give birth
    – Why did Katie put on a lot of weight in May 2006?
    – How do you explain the size of her boobs in May 2006?
    -Why does Suri appear to be in early stages of walking in that vidoe if she was already walking back in November and has allegedly been walking for about half a year according to you?

    Until you answer those questions am afraid you will be just a disgruntled retard Jealous of Tom and Katie and their beautiful gal!

  140. Libraesque says

    like I said, she was only photographed that one time, when they weren’t expecting there to be photographers.
    NOW every photo op that kid either doesn’t have shoes on AT ALL or has only socks. So no, YOU’RE trippin’

  141. Kellymay says

    LOl Libra check out page 4 or 5 theres a chic at 14 weeks and she’s pretty big!
    I have no clue who Josh Harnett is I should google him. I only noticed Kate after Tom fell in love with her, Dawson Creek was not my era, is he from then?

  142. Libraesque says

    O.k., I just did a little math and if she gave birth in April, the photo taken on Oct 9th would have put her at a MONTH AND A HALF pregnant, not EVEN three months

    you people do not seriously believe that picture is of a woman who is not even two months pregnant

  143. ???? says

    since TC can buy a fake birth certicicate, why not buy an ideal stomach for a fake bump and soft shoes to back the conspiracy? Librs gal, you are tripping!

  144. Libraesque says

    OH MY GOD Kelly, thanks for the link to a site THAT PROVES MY POINT!!!
    And how do you all figure Julia Roberts is three months when she’s due in early summer….Sept isn’t early summer dumbasses

  145. Lila says

    Libraesque, how fucked is someone who is a stranger to two people but is trying hard to make their child older than the child its actual age.


  146. Libraesque says

    PollyAnna, aka Tinkerbell, none of what these stars do or say, etc. is anyones business, but here’s the thing, for decades now people have been fascinated with stars and their private lives, o.k.??
    And NO none of this affects my life, but SO WHAT???? I just happen to think that if that kid is Josh Hartnetts is REALLY WRONG that these people are doing what they’re doing because that child has a father, grandparents and a slew of other relatives that have a right to know.
    It’s also CRIMINAL to perpetrate to the public that this kid is going to be a year old on April 18th if her REAL birthday is months earlier. I mean how fucked up is that? How long will they lie to this child? What about if she somehow does find out, how will they explain that? At some point she’ll need her birth certificate for something. Then again this is TC, he’ll buy a fake certificate, seeing as the one on the smoking gun is completely shady

  147. Lila says

    Libreassssssssssssssssssque, I can see every one has answered your questions and please there is a picture of Julia’s bump celebrity Go check it out!

    A.N.S.W.E.R. M.Y Q.U.E.S.T.I.O.N.S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  148. dori #1 says

    have you all gone nuts in here attacking each other and name calling it’s like junior high ? Someone is using my dori handle which is my reallife name and acting like an idiot in here. I think the web mistress should trace it back to the email address and send a note to her.

  149. Tinkerbell says

    Does it really matter how or when she got pregnant. If for some reason it really happened the way you say it did, then, does it really affect you…does it change the way you live your life. Everyone has a skeleton or 2 in their closet and there is a reason people dont talk about their skeletons…because they want to keep it private. Ummm…keep in mind that everyone is entitled to some sense of privacy…even celebrities… and the fact that you Libraesque feel compeled to make such an issue out of their private life is scary. I find it hard to believe that you can’t find other things to focus on. “IF” their child was born or concieved unconventienally then that is THEIR business….not yours! I think that if someone can have a child wether it be adoption, or naturally you should feel happy for them and if you dont…well dont let it consume you as you have proven you are letting this consume you!

  150. joanne says

    i havnt seen the video splash news has unfortunatly taken it down ! for an unknown reason which is a shame

  151. Libraesque says

    I never said she gave birth in Dec.
    And you’re seriously delusional if you think that video shows a baby just learning how to walk!!!!

  152. Nisa says

    Libra now you are really stupid. First you quote defamer, I wont even go there and Look at Julia Roberts, she is 3 months pregnant, her belly is poping and her amblical cord is showing. I cannot even believe am diginifying you with an answer. How old are you anyway?

    Now which day do you propose Katie gave birth in December so that we can show you pictures of her that day.

    You have not answered the question about her weight gain after Suri was born and her bigger breasts which you could clearly see since she usually has a very small bust but in that black dress you could see her bigger bust. Also tell us why Suri seems to just be learning how to walk in that video! Bet you will quote defamer and say she is pretending not to know how to walk well!

    Get over the shoes! every one dresses their children in shoes they like hard soles or soft soles, I have done it and so have many people on the site. The soles were naturally brown but clean as the link someone gave showed. But even if they were dirty, I cannot believe that you can be that retarded to assume the age of a child from the shoes she wore!

    Grier Henchy had her upper teeth at 8 months which is pretty early if you ask me I bet if that had been Suri you would be shouting how she is 3 years old!

    So on what day in December did Katie have her baby?

  153. joanne says

    Libraesque your pathetic, your kids probbaly live in cotton baby booties for the rest of their sad lives!!
    shes nearly a year friggin old ! big deal shes wearing hard soled shoes and those sandals she friggin wore in white in the maldives look hard but are really comfortable and well structured for babies!
    my daughter’s got an identical pair form baby gap!

    so kiss my arse ๐Ÿ™‚

  154. Libraesque says

    OH PLEASE that picture of her in the blue satin thing in October is a very accurate indication that she was WAY more than three months along, to even argue otherwise is pathetic

  155. Kellymay says

    Sorry Libra, still not sold. The timeline is quite normal IMHO, depending on what she wears, how it fits and whether she’s standing straight can affect how her belly looks. There are a few pics there that I think are inaccurate for dating but I’m investigating that now to see for sure. Your second post regarding defamer, same scenerio as yourself. Someone whom doubts TomKat and wrote it up, certainly does not make it accurate or remotely true for that matter. Hey I can write some entertaining untrue stories too ๐Ÿ™‚

  156. Libraesque says

    Also, to the others saying involving other family members, etc…OH PLEASE, you don’t think that CATHOLIC family would have done anything to protect their precious daughters secret?
    She’s with Chris K. for what….5, 6 years??? Is a SELF PROCLAIMED VIRGIN and says she will remain that way til marriage.
    They break up and my theory is she did a revenge fuck with Josh Hartnett and got knocked up!!!
    But she didn’t know she was pregnant when she first started dating TC.
    What better situation for TC who has had gay rumors swirling around him FOR TWENTY YEARS, who was facing the fact that a gay porn star was coming out with a tell all book, AND the fact that it’s well known that he’s sterile.
    A girlfriend who’s already pregnant! Perfect!

    No one in their right mind can tell me that the photo of KH taken in early Oct, with her big belly and popping out belly button was a woman 3 months pregnant. NEWS FLASH, a fetus is a couple inches and ONE OUNCE at that stage

    Also staff members at the hospital say they never saw Holmes on the 18th AND TC was seen at the Scientology Centre THAT SAME DAY
    And is it some strange coincidence that she supposedly gave birth at the SAME hospital on the SAME day as Brooke Shields, his arch enemy? Or some sick payback for Shields sending TC two tickets to her play, one adult and one childs ticket.

  157. Jen says

    Defamer? Are you kidding me? If star magazine wasn’t bad enough!!!
    People lets not justify Libraesque post with an answer anymore!!!!!!

  158. Jen says

    Blurb, great post. I usually don’t see you at Tom and Katie thread so you should come more often. As always I like Kelly May’s and Nisa’s post too.

  159. Libraesque says

    from defamer
    Having correctly completed all the necessary paperwork to apply for a chaperoned furlough from Tom Cruise’s compound, Scientology war bride Katie Holmes was granted permission for a day of shopping in Beverly Hills yesterday. Coming out of Barney’s New York (above update: image removed by request of owner), America’s most suspicious expectant mother displayed all the classic indicators of an imminent fake delivery–skinny limbs, a face free of late third-trimester puffiness, and, most tellingly, a mid-sized beach ball inflated to the maximum pressure allowable by any respectable member of the National Board of Ersatz Obstetrics and Gynecology. Based on the above photo, it could be any minute now before a drone back at the compound silently pushes forth new life into the world, then watches as the baby is whisked away to its proud, commissioning parents before she can even sigh, “She has Genetic Material Injector #44477A’s eyes.” She’ll never be prouder than when Cruise and Holmes introduce the child to a preselcted, nonsuppressive member of the celebrity press.

  160. Libraesque says

    and to all you dimwits on here saying “well I walked at 11 months!”
    11 months is VERY different than 7 months, and the bottom line is YOU DON’T PUT A SEVEN MONTH OLD IN HARD SOLE SHOES.

  161. Lila says

    Well, Dori, good riddance to bad rubbish.

    I see Libraesque has failed to answer all the issues raised about Suri’s age on this thread. I hope that issue is put to rest and thanks to all you guys, Nisa, boo, blurb, Kelly may, Carleigh, Jackie, N and every one who treid their best to out these douchebags. Great Job!

  162. Tinkerbell says

    Oh my…..does it really matter how old Suri is? Even if she is older than that is up to the parent to decide how the world sees, knows, and views her. At least we get the opprotunity to see her. If they chose to continue to isolate her all you people would have to find something else to bitch about. Imagine that! I think that anyone who has a child that is growing and appears healthy, it doesnt matter how old they are what they wear and weather their shoe soles are brown or dirty. Come on….have we seriously resolved ourselves as adults to argue over the shoes of an infant. Think about it! How childish is that?

  163. minkysmom says

    why are you all acting so crazy!!!??? Babies come in all sizes at all ages, and develop at all stages, I would think you mothers would have the sense to know that. Stupid. Arguing over dumb stuff.

  164. !!! says

    Suri is such a cutie pie!!! I saw the video and she is not like any of the other babies we see here. She is one special little princess and I hope we see a lot more of her growing up.

  165. says

    Dori I don’t think anyone was attacking Libra, we just were not agreeing with her. I also think she likely just signed off, I’m sure she will be back. We all are entitled to our opinions and I’m intrigued.

  166. crayola says

    fuck you too dori. we will all miss dearly. please reconsider your leaving us. please don’t go we need stupid bitches like you. oh how easy it is to make you run. can’t stand the heat. that is why you should’nt write shit on other peoples behalf. keep your snatch shut and no one would tell you shit. now go take a swim with your little friend nemo and don’t come back. adios (bye) . bitch!!!!!!!

  167. Blurb says

    Hurray! Someone with a brain! And that someone is……..4babies4me!!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you….. and Good Night all. It’s been fun but I have work tomorrow!

  168. 4babies4me says

    The thing that is so repulsive about all this is, everyone is arguing over how old this child is. WHO CARES? Does it have ANY impact on you whatsoever? The people who are obsessing over proving that she is older than the Cruises are saying need to worry about themselves and just get over it. Other than calling them up, or finding a birth certificate, it is all just speculation… no way to prove either way, so again… WHO CARES???

  169. dori says

    Libraesque was another person with some smarts and now she’s gone as well. Most of you in here are here solely to argue with each other and gang up on people . You’re a bunch of really mean bitches. BYEEEEEEEE

  170. dori says

    You know 6 months ago before most of you new assholes were on this blog we use to have conversations and debates and differences of opinions about these topics. Now all we have in here is a bunch of name calling . I can’t believe I got caught up in this bull shit. This website sucks now thanks to you .
    Where’s Braydie and carleigh and all the intelligent women who use to come here? They are all gone and so am I . This place is overrun with nasty name calling bitches and i’m outta here!

  171. dori says

    41 are you calling me stupid? How dare you! Just because I ask what scientology is all about you think it’s ok to say I will make an execption to my rule about answering stupid people. You have a lot of nerve making comments like that. It you who is stupid for making such a statement.

  172. boo says

    Lila, Libra won’t answer you tonight…She’s probably in bed Cuz she has school in the morning!!!.

  173. Jaci. says

    Suri looks so cute walking and trying to run at the same time. She cannot believe that she is walking!

    Stop arguing with fools, enjoy the pictures.

  174. Blurb says

    Okay, I will answer the question of Suri’s “REAL” age once and for all. What happened is this…… when Katie was about to give birth, a giant space ship beamed her and Tom up to their ultra-modern labor room where Tom had purchased his own ultra-sound (and told the aliens they could keep once he & Katie were through with it). Giving birth in space made it much easier on Katie due to the lack of gravity for which Katie was really grateful!! Anyway, as we all know about the space-time continuum, when traveling in space, time affects the human body differently and therefore when Tom & Katie were deposited back on Earth with their new baby girl, she was already 3 months old on the very day she was born! Is everybody happy now? The End.

  175. Lila says

    Carleigh good point! Libraesque am still waiting for answers!

    Besides, Tom as a producer knows so much about special effects, why get a unique bump for Katie when they could have faked a ‘normal’ one? My guess is as good as yours, because that was the natural bump Karie was endowed with and remember it was a unique bump through out her pregnancy and she is not the first to have a unique bump.

  176. carleigh says

    Babies develope and grow at their own pace. My older daughter was long and lanky, she was so advanced mentally speaking that she coudn’t accept her physical limitations. She crawled at 4 months perfectly, she pulled up and cruised around furniture at 6 1/2 months and was fully walking at 10 months old and scuffed shoes and all…she was early in my estimations from everything that has been said here. Alyssa my younger one did more things at her own pace, crawled at 6 months, pulled up at 8 1/2 months and cruised around furniture till she walked at 12 months on her own. Carli ran circles around Alyssa as far as developing early but each child is individual and some kids don’t even walk till they are 13-15 months. Suri is tall because Katie is around 5’10 or 5’11 so obviously with her taking after Mum she is tall and lanky for her age, I don’t believe all the conspiracy theories out there. Suri is the spitting image of Tom and nobody can deny that…look at her nose, cheeks and smile for goodness sakes. Whether or not she’s wearing hard soled shoes has little if NOTHING to do with her chronological age.

  177. Blurb says

    Wow Libraesque, you really are “in the know”! Does Hollywood know what an insider you are? Maybe Tom & Katie should just email you with their plans the next time they go out!

  178. boo says

    As for the shoes, Did you ever think that maybe just maybe the soles are supposed to be brown??? or maybe if there is dirt and scuff as you say , perhaps she was crawling around the sandy beaches of their honeymoon spot and that is how they got dirty???
    This nonsense about her being 4 mos older then what she is is just that… nonsense! Look at the child she does not look 15 mos old At all!!~*

  179. Blurb says

    KellyMay, Suri is such a beautiful blend of Tom & Katie – who could possibly think she’s anyone’s else’s baby but Tom & Katie’s ??????? Why are people questioning this??

  180. Blurb says

    Crayola you are one sick puppy! Babies are the most delicious things G-d ever created & it has nothing to do with sex! That’s absolutely disgusting! And by the way, watch your language – get a bar of soap & clean out that sewer you call a mouth for pete’s sake!

  181. elisa says


  182. says

    Yes Libra I am a smartass ๐Ÿ™‚
    Please present some more evidence to support your claim, nothing you have pointed out has any concrete proof that Suri is older. A quick glance back at Kates pregnancy and her humongous belly near term and obvious postpartum engorgement captured in phots afterwards is enough proof for me, all courtesy of babyrazzi.
    Kates belly was very unique (I have only seen 4 other woman of approx. 200 carry in the same manner, affectionately termed as a watermelon belly) and not one to be easily ‘faked’. I’m not sure even what the whole point of your tirade is? Really does it matter to you in any way if Suri is not Tom’s?

  183. Nisa says

    I dont know why you people bother explaining something so obvious to a sh*t head like that. I mean apart from her, do you know anyother people who are so dimwitted as to think Suri is older that what she is. It is understable if you joke and laugh about it, to actually believe it is utter, undiluted stupidity.

    I mean like someone pointed out, we saw Katie the whole of December day after day weekend after weekend, which day is she supposed to have had Suri? And to carry out such a scam you not only lie to us (we do not matter anyway) but you lie to your family, your in- laws, cousins, Aunties and Uncles etc and though as Adults they may agree to be involved, what about young kids like Connor, Bella, their nephews and nieces, you are forcing them to lie to their friends. Imagine having to tell young kids to lie about a sibling for the rest of their lives. Connor missed a game the weekend Suri was born, so if this is a scam, they are an active part of it and I do not see Tom doing that.

    For all his problems, he is a very honest person and would never force such a burden onto kids. Infact nobody can, apart from the originators of these theories.

    Any way I tried but I can’t find a time in december that Katie was not in the public eyes or when she had any after -birth weght! The theory that held water was that she did not have a baby at all and since she is living and breathing I guess that is out of the window. Can we just sit back and enjoy the cuteness of Suri walking?

  184. Gaelle says

    Sweet pictures of a beautiful baby girl. Do not answer to losers enjoy the pics. At least some of us have brains and can think for ourselves.

  185. N says

    Also…. Boogeyoogietonite….. is genuinely answering mommiedearest questions…. people have been saying that boogey is a liar….. she obviously has not read those posts. I dont know if mommie is trying to just catch her in a lie though

  186. chica says

    I started walking at 10 months and my sister at 11 months! My son was walking at 10 and running at 11 months… every child is different!

  187. N says

    Libraesque you are crazy….. I looked up that picture you are talking about and her sandals are not scuffed. There is nothing wrong with a child wearing hard sole shoes before they can walk. You are supposed to do that so they can get used to walking in shoes. You obviously do not have children. My son started walking a week after his bday the next day he thought he could run…. thats how children are. They are curious and want to get into everything. The Link to the picture if you want to look it up is at …… do a search on Suri cruise honeymoon and the picture is there. But furthermore… these are very rich people…. do you think that they would actually let Suri wear scuffed up shoes….. When Tom is wearing a motherfucking Suit jacket to his sons game. You are touched!

  188. 4babies4me says

    Oh my word… who cares how old she is??? My daughter walked at 10 months, my son at 13 months… doesn’t say a word about how old she is. As for size, all kids are differents sizes too, had one that was 27 pounds at a year, and one that was barely 20 (the one who walked at 10 months at that!) Suri will of course LOOK bigger than Violet when their respective daddies hold them, Tom Cruise is much shorter than Ben Affleck! Again~ who really cares… get over it…

  189. Lila says

    Libraesque, Please answer my question! I answered yours about the shoes. Please answer mine about Katie’s weight. And while at it. Please address all the issues #63 has raised and then if you are beaten, accept you are an airhead and bow out gracefully.

    Tina# 63, talking sense into her is like hitting yoru head on the wall. We have tried and tried and tried. So there is a resolution to ignore her.

  190. Tina says

    Libraesque, answer me this. At the Lauch of Mi 3 in May, 17 days after having Suri, Katie put on a lot of weight, how do you explain that weight? How do you also explain the fact that she did not put on any weight in December the time you say she had Suri? Because in her Birthday pictures on 18 dec, apart from the baby bump, she has no extra weight.

    Please Please please try to think through your posts. Like Bea said, people do not answer you because they see no reason to answer to such unthought out posts. Since you arrived on this site you have degraded it to a perez hilton or dlisted or justjared. People here tend to think before they post and that is what brings most of us here. If you applied your intellect you would know that if Tom cruise wanted to pull off a scam, he would have done so cruise control, he would have taken a picture of Suri ‘at the so called birth’ in Dec and gave it to the press in April.

    And if you applied your brains some more, you would know that pulling off a fake birth is impossible for a couple closely covered as these two. Between December and April, Tom and Katie went for the soccer games every weekend and there are pictures to prove it! Do you mean she gave birth and jumped out of her hospital bed to go to the games so that no ones knows she has had a baby? you want to tell us that the photos in Vanity fair, taken when Suri was 31/2 months indeed she was 9 1/2 months? Have your brains taken leave or what?

    You see am kind, very kind and I would like you to stop making a fool of yourself that is why am pointing out such obvious facts and unless you have a low IQ which seems the case, you can see that Suri is no older than 11 months.

    And in the video, you want to tell me that Suri is indeed 15 months and she is pretending not to be firm on her feet. You know you are so stupid that you probably think Tom and Katie have couched her to act like she is learning to walk. Go buy yourself a brain! You are retarded it is disgusting.

  191. Libraesque says

    xxxx, Why am I a whacko, because I’m pointing out something that’s REALLY BASIC AND OBVIOUS that any reasonably intelligent person could grasp
    43,45,47,49,55,58,59 If all you can add to this thread is juvenile comments you may want to shut the fuck up until you can add something interesting

  192. Libraesque says

    I love it, you NUTS are constantly screaming for proof and when it’s given you want more.
    You may put hard soled shoes on a kid for a special event, etc, BUT THEY ARE NOT GOING TO WEAR THEM OUT AT 7 MONTHS
    Get a grip!!!!
    A baby shouldn’t have hard sole shoes till they are walking confidently, as it can inhibit proper development.

    Suri is pulling away from her clearly wanting to walk alone like she has for months. She’s raising her legs up for god sakes trying to pull away, NOT the kind of thing a kid does who hasn’t been walking for MONTHS

    For you to say that her being in scuffed up worn out hard sole shoes means nothing proves your a dumbass. The only time she was photographed in hard sole shoes was when they were returning from their honeymoon. I don’t think they anticipated there being photographers when they landed, they tried to keep it so secret they changed their plans five times

    You people on this board are PATHETIC, you all know what I’m saying is true but you’ve been shamed by the fact that you try and try to defend your idols without success

    And if you compare the pictures of TC holding Suri and Ben A holding Violet you can clearly see that Suri is MUCH bigger than Violet

  193. Sheila says

    Libraesque, how can you be such an expert on all of this. I doubt that you have any children of your own!

  194. Bea says

    Where is it written that children at 8 months cannot wear hard soled shoes or cannot step on the ground or walk in them? Get a clue idiot, you are not being answered because you act like you have no grey matter in you cranium. I agree with Lila # 53 stupid people like you are such hard work!

  195. Lila says

    What is this nosense about hard soled shoes? I buy for my son any shoes hard soled or soft soled as long as I like the way they look and he is 8 months but even before actually from 5 months and yes I make him stand on the ground from time to time albeit support ed because since he is always crawling he needs to straighten his legs from time to time.

    If you watch that video (And you should, then you will see why every one on the thread thinks you are stupid) you will see that she is supported and she is just learning to walk. Besides, why make her wear hard soled shoes in public if you are hiding a conspirancy of her age. And other than the hard soled shoes back in November which do not say anything really what other proof of her being older do you have? I mean when you compare her to Violet who was born in December 2005, Violet looks much older. Infact even Shiloh looks bigger than Suri when shiloh is younger. When you look at Grier she looks the same age as Suri and they were born on the same day!!!!!

    And I thought you losers said in the beginning she did not exist? What happened since Star magazine run that story and you believed it ( it is your favourite news source)?

    Stupid people are such hard work. They cannot see such glaring holes in their stupid theories and they keep on shifting goal posts.

    I guess I will be ignoring them too!

  196. Libraesque says

    JOANNE, it’s one thing to hold onto things and pull themselves up, etc. IT’S QUITE ANOTHER to be 7 months old and wearing hard sole shoes that are scuffed, which would indicate BEYOND A DOUBT that when Suri was photographed in Nov she WAS NOT 7 months old but more like 11 1/2 months old.
    Obviously it’s not a rumor, kids DO NOT wear hard sole shoes until they are fully walking, so don’t be absurd

  197. joanne says

    hey all ok basically here is what i have to say:
    Suri does look A LOT older then her age but some babies do my baby girl does shes 13 months and people think shes like a year and a half because shes tall suri is also tall!
    and from 9month babies tend to hold on to things and walk its normal, so why some of you think think shes a lot older and isn’t Tom’s daughter is really quite funny!
    i think everyone just enjoys this little rumour that has been going on since Katie was PREGNANT!

  198. Libraesque says

    ah, as predicted people can’t stop calling me crazy and yet NO ONE IS ANSWERING THE QUESTION.
    Believe me, you’re not diverting the attention away from the question with your pathetic comments about me

    Just answer the question

  199. libraesque says

    KellyMay, a smart ass, how nice!
    Listen maybe YOU could chim in since you’re a mother Would you care to comment on Suri being photographed in Nov with hard sole shoes that were scuffed and dirty???
    She was supposedly born on April 18th , she was photographed at the end of Nov.
    So, yea, you tell me if this kid is 11 months or 15-16 months. I think this video is a dead giveaway

  200. Sheila says

    Libraesque – what the hell are you talking about?? Suri is not one year old!!! You are crazy. You need to get a life!

  201. Bea says

    My, I had heard that Suri was walking but I had not seen the pictures, she looks so sweet and cuteeeee. Where can I find the video?

    Some one has been reading ‘star’ magazine. Yes replying such a person who uses such sources is reducing your intellectual ability to their level. I noticed they have started communicating to each other, which is good, like minds………….. then again, they are crazy, it could be the same person. Funny

  202. says

    Suri is a doll! I wonder how old my child really is since he walked at 9 months and was running by a month later, sure glad these know it alls can clear this all up! So he’s 5 now does that make him 10 because he can read? Please help me with that?
    LMAO Oh and I read about Kates purification ritual in the Enquirer as well or was it the Sun?!? Gosh, quality read that was! Poor poor girl and so miserable according to that one picture. Sigh what is this world coming too?

  203. Jackie says

    I will make an exception to not answering stupid people.

    Scientology is very very interesting and am trying to learn more about Dianetics and mental health. Aside from that, they have good literature on troubled minds and the science of human mind. I purchased their hand book it was ยฃ50.5. It is pretty good if you ask me. Though I get the impression that you do not have to believe all their teachings apart from waht you think is true. My friend bought both the hand book and the book on Dianetics. She is pretty keener than me but am not very good with organised religion but am fascinated by scientology, thanks to you, the media and Miapocca.

    Though I recommend people like Britney should embrace it, it certainly will help them a lot. You do not have to become a scientologist to use their stuff. And they have a lot of stuff on troubled minds like some posters here I will not mention.

  204. Libraesque says

    Dori, when a $cientologist isn’t staying in line they have to do auditing sessions in a dark room and have purification rundowns which means sweating in a sauna for hours at a time and other various cock-eyed treatments.
    Apparently she was getting out of line recently.

  205. dori says

    oh crayola obviously you don’t hav childre because if you did you’d know that babies ARE delicious and you do just want to eat them up. So go back to your little crayon box and play with children your own age. You are the sick one for twisting up some loving comments.

  206. dori says

    She’s not just walking she looks like she’s running. And Katie is trying to catch up to her.
    Tell me more about the purification of Katie because she exerting too much of an independent spirit???? What does that mean???? Tom isn’t controlling her enough????
    This scientology by LRon Hubbard who use to write books about something or other.( self improvement or something) It’s all so weird to me.
    I can’t believe people are following that wacko. He wasn’t beliveable as a writer and now he has a cult???

  207. Libraesque says

    jackie, how are those $cientology courses going?
    WOW, you’re so in denial about how old this kid really is you can’t see the obvious, she’s pulling away because she’s been walking for months, she doesn’t need her mother to “help” her

  208. Nisa says

    I watched the video and It is clear that Suri has just started walking. Although she seems she wants to run before walking. I was afraid she was going to over power Katie and fall. Actually I wish she had let her fall. Lol then she would have learnt her lesson! She has a lot of her father in her!!!! She is mighty pretty though!

  209. crayola says

    # 1 and # 16 you are both fucked…… #1 i think you are on the sex offenders list. How the hell could you say a baby is delicious, a man is delicious, not a baby. Don’t even say this is slang, because it is not. Now on to # 16 you need to close your little lap top and focus on your vacation, so you say. The only vacation you should be on is with britney spears. Now with that said lets just all give each other a big computer hug and say sorry…..

  210. Jackie says

    Relax guys, if you watched the video, Katie does not look that bad and she did not know she was filmed since they used a phone to film it. Suri seemed very restless and edgy and though she cannot walk properly yet, she seems to be running before walking Lol. She is cute! cute! cute! I just love pictures of her. Tom looks like a proud daddy too!

    #3 Jared, I hope you are right, do not get me excited!

    Could we stick to ignoring losers, it was working, if you are tempted, pleaseeeeee resist and walk away then come back!.

  211. Libraesque says

    #12 Meg, apparently Katie is being forced to do Purification Rundown right now which is why she looks so haggard. SHe has supposedly been exerting too much of an independent spirit where Suri is concerned, and has also not been following the $cientology/Stepford pamphlet on how to be an obidient wifey, so she’s in the dog house. TC was at the SC before this game and then they both went after the game and spent hours there.
    poor thing

  212. MommyDearest says

    Boogie…I wasn’t trying to “get in your business”. I have British citizenship and my children were born in the U.S.A.. I was merely asking for my own sake how that effects your child’s citizenship. I didn’t know you were on “vacation”. Sorry! But…I am suprised your doctor let you fly (internationally) to Florida 7 months pregnant!! Anyway, good luck to you…hope you don’t deliver on the flight back home to the U.K…trauma! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    By the way, Amanda (#22)…”MommyDearest” is the only handle I use on here. You can check out my profile on HelloRazzi if you want! ๐Ÿ™‚

  213. Lauren says

    Suri is sooooooooooo cute. She’s gonna be gorgeous when she gets older. Wow, Katie in the last pic, looks worn out.

  214. Libraesque says

    MOLLY, why do I need my head examined.
    Would YOU care to explain why a “7 month old” would be wearing scuffed up hard sole shoes.
    Go ahead, amuse me with an explaination

  215. dori says

    The term “get all up in my business” is used by 18 -22 year olds. So how old do you think Boogie really is? And suddenly wanting to be invisible. Very teenage like behaviour right Boogie? Gotcha didn’t we???
    I have teenagers at home and know this language very well.

  216. dori says

    mommy dearest looks like someones pulling your leg You caught her in a lie and now she’s defensive LOL

  217. Amanda says

    Maybe your playing 2 roles. I think your Moomydearest as well. Cause no one on here really gives a crap about others, except for the celeb babies… And all the sudden everybody wants to know all about your life??? Oh plz girl get a life.. What are you some kind of a celeb?? See Julia and Ivy person used to do the same, Like write about herself, and be under anothe name, and asked questions on herself. What a fool. huh? Sounds a lot like you, or just another low life sreaming out for att….

  218. Janet says

    #16. boogieoogiedowntonite – oh wow – you brought your laptop. Aren’t you important!!! You sound like a bore to me!!

  219. Libraesque says

    It’s obvious Katie knows she’s being filmed and is acting like she’s guiding Suri, but Suri is trying to pull away since she’s been walking on her own since last Nov. What they’re doing to this kid to maintain the lie that she isn’t a year yet is CRIMINAL

  220. dori says

    It looks like she’s running and Katies trying to grab her before she gets away. She looks great. Glad to see pics of sweet Suri.

  221. Janet says

    #11. boogieoogiedowntonite – Blah, Blah, Blah! We don’t care about you or your family. We are not interested in what your kids names are either. Get a life!! You are not on vacation you are in dream land!!

  222. Stephanie says

    #11. boogieoogiedowntonite – no one gives a crap about you!! Get over yourself. We don’t care what you are doing!

  223. boogieoogiedowntonite says

    I brought my laptop. What’s Julia and Ivy? I don’t want attention. Mommydearest asked me a question. Say what ever you want. Why can’t I be on one post without people trying to find things out about me and be all up in my business.

  224. Mia's mommy says

    I love Suri! She looks just like my daughter ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the updated pics ๐Ÿ™‚

  225. Amanda says

    Ah boogie whatever… Then go back to your vacation dear.. Why are on here then??? If you were really on a vacation you wouldn’t be… Are you by any chance Julia and Ivy???? Cause you sound like it. Sounds like to me your cryin out for attention my dear!?

  226. Amanda says

    Suri is not walking yet, not by- herself at least. So why are they saying that… I saw the clip on H.A, and she was not even close to walking by herself.. With her moms help maybe… But she is growing up fast. She’s so cute!

  227. boogieoogiedowntonite says

    I am on vaction in Florida right now. Why does everyone want to get in to my business? Goodness.

  228. Keni says

    In the last pic Katie looks like she could use a good ten -15 pounds or a lot of happy pills. I would be glad to give her the pounds…

  229. Mamma says

    Man Suri look’s so much like my daughter! It’s just a little too weird now. My husband the other day was like, did you have something with Tom…

  230. MommyDearest says

    So…are you having your baby in Florida or the U.K? In one post, I remember reading that you live in Florida and another post, I you wrote that you live in the U.K? How does living in 2 countries effect your child’s citizenship? (Just curious)

  231. boogieoogiedowntonite says

    Jack’s one year old. Turned one in October. I am seven months pregnant. Due one May 27th. Having a girl this time. I love kids so I don’t think it’s going to be THAT hard. I like Berlyn, Casey, Madison, and I have so many more. The more I look, the harder the choices are.

  232. MommyDearest says old is Jack? When’s his birthday? When’s your new baby due? You’re going to have your hands full? Any names picked out? Just curious!

  233. Lisa says

    Who wears a suitcoat to their childs basketball game?? and in the third picture Katie looks drained and misrable.

  234. Jared says

    My cousin’s friend who works at Paramount overheard executives talking about Tom Cruise and UA producing the next Mortal Kombat movie. I think they might think of also casting Tom in the movie. They are thinking of making the best sequel in the series with the new UA label it seems. I think they want to revive Johnny Cage’s character too… hmmm… that is funny because I think TC would make a good Johnny Cage because of his movie star background and he does his own stunts like Johnny Cage. I would like to see this if it is true.

  235. boogieoogiedowntonite says

    Yay, Suri!! She is not technically walking because she is having assistance form Katie. Wow! It was like Yesterday she was just born and everyone was like Where’s Suri and this and that. Katie looks unhappy here. My son ( Jack) is still learning, stumbling falling all that stuff that babies do.

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