Madonna's Son Learning To Skateboard

Madonna’s adopted son, David, is so adorable! (Pictured here with his nanny)


The Daily Mail reports:

At a mere 17 months, Madonna’s adopted son David Banda is wisely learning to walk before he can run.

And the same applies to the difficult art of skateboarding.

While brother Rocco and sister Lourdes showed off their skills in the street near their London townhouse, Malawi-born David adopted a more cautious approach.

Not only did he sit rather than stand on the board, he also enlisted the help of his nanny in case of any mishap.

And to the relief of the watching Madge, as she is known to her friends, both emerged without a scratch.

A friend of the family said: “Skateboard rides are David’s latest trick.

“He is also already allowed to sit on a pony – obviously being steadied and not on his own. Madonna is keen to get him riding and even playing polo when he is old enough.

“She is very much into getting the kids out into the open air and getting them involved with animals.

“A good day out would be for them all to have a picnic out in the grounds of Ashcombe (their country house in Wiltshire).

“David is a happy little boy and gets on famously with the other two.”



  1. Kehla says

    Is she bored of the little one already?? Having her nanny take care of him. Surprised?!?! Not at all.
    Adoption is wonderful, I’m all for it but Madonna adopting? Sorry, I’m unable to believe it was anything more than getting publicity/crap gossip magazine column inches.

  2. teresa says

    how could he not be having fun he’s on a skateboard its good for children to be around people for social purposes
    i am sure he is taken care of properly

  3. N says

    Watching them play hugh…. She cant play with them? Why does the nanny need to play with him Madonna cant get her butt down on the skateboard with him. Also Jenna M. was asking a question hence the question mark. Yes it was a sarcastic question but it was a question.

  4. Lauren says

    David is really cute. I’m not a Madonna fan but I commend her for giving David a better life. He seems like a happy little boy.

  5. Nicki says

    Jenna M.-maybe you didn’t read the whole write up but Madonna was there watching them all play. Other sites have more pictures and Madonna was sitting there watching. David is cute.

  6. donna says

    This is so fun,
    when I look outside I see a lot of boys looking just like David. He looks so Malawian!
    I am glad that he got a place in the real world with a real future. Besides I love the fact that finally people notice Malawi and it’s problems. There are so much more problems here then you can even think of. We never had a war or went to war because no country wants us. Malawi doesn’t have anything. The mountains are empty, the land is too dry and the water has not enough fishes.
    Stop war in Iraq and start helping other countries!

  7. Lissa says

    Jenna, please explain how you know that David is left with a nanny “all the time”. It is a bit of a stretch to assume that one could know all that goes on in a celebrity’s daily life.

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