1. Carol says

    Hello, yes I agree with the last comment. I’m so tired of hearing about Kelly Ripa. I don’t think that she is that great and just looks so anorexic. I love Regis and she is always interrupting him. I think that they should have Lauralee Bel from the Young and the Restless replace Kelly as she is just lovely. Thanks, Carol.

  2. says

    I personally met kelly and she is a very sweet and genuine person. SO is regis. The thing I admire about her is that she is so family oriented and her children come first. She works out to be heathy, she is just naturally thin and some people cant accept that b/c they are jealous, Kelly is gorgeous and one of fav. celebrity moms!!!

  3. MommyDearest says

    OOps…that should of said, “send me A (Cadbury) Flake” yum…and some Crunchies, too! 🙂

  4. MommyDearest says

    Hi…Lovethebabies! What part of the UK are you from? I was born in Wewlyn Garden City, Hartfordshire! Ever heard of it!? Send me Flake, will ya! (They don’t sell them in the USA) 🙂

  5. Robin says

    she does NOT need to wear black to look skinny! for petes sake Kelly! are your kids eating ALL the food in the house?

  6. side bangs says

    What’s with everyone and Uggs? They are annoying seeing them on the feet of every celebrity. Whatever. I love All My Children I watch it every day on channel 7. Kelly is not in it though. I don’t like Kelly she looks stuck up to me.

  7. princess says

    Kelly Ripa is Fantastic. She can get along with all types of people and she has a wonderful personality. You can really tell she loves her family.

  8. boogieoogiedowntonite says

    Well why didn’t you say so? I’m sorry it’s just that people are saying somehings about me and I am also going through hard time now because my sister had died in February and I feel the need to be defensove for my family and stuff you know? Sorry.

  9. Sara says

    I am starting to wonder if she is working out to much myself! She has lost her chest….or did she ever really have one? I don’t know much about her…

  10. MommyDearest says

    Sorry Boogie…don’t mean to get on your nerves…I’m from the U.K. also and it’s just nice to talk to a fellow Brit. Don’t be so defensive. I just wanted to know if you watched Coronation street. That used to be my mom’s favorite show. Don’t be so defensive…geez!

  11. gina says

    Kelly Ripa fawns over Nicole Richie like she is her hero so to say that she is as thin as Nicole would be a huge compliment to Kelly. When Nicole was on Live promoting her book Kelly was going on & on & on about great she looked and told her that she started wearing her bangles pushed up high on her arm because that is how Nicole wore hers. That is one of the benefits of having tree twigs for arms, you can wear a 7″ bracelet on your bi-cep. Yay for eating disorders. **dripping in sarcasm**

  12. boogieoogiedowntonite says

    I just know for a fact that she wason the soap All My Children. I don’t watch it. You are really getting on my nerves. It’s like you want to know everything about me.

  13. MommyDearest says

    I love Kelly Ripa! She is awesome! Boogie, I didn’t know they had “All my Children” in the U.K.? I thought Coronation Street was the big soap over there?! Interesting..

  14. Sylvia says

    I like Kelly, but she is waaaay too skinny.
    I was watching Regis and Kelly about a year ago, and Kelly was talking about taking her daughter to ballet class and how in her leotard she had this very round, little kid stomach…and, I don’t know, she just kept going on about it like she thought thought her 5 year old was fat. It was very uncomfortable and just added to the body image issues that had been majorly swirling around about her at the time.

  15. Stephanie says

    I cannot stand Kelly Ripa. I think she is such a fake person. She is always interrupting Regis whenever he is talking and she constantly stares into the camera. She is so full of herself.

  16. boogieoogiedowntonite says

    Because Nicole is more in the spotlight than Kelly. All Kelly does is go on morning talk show. She used to be on the soap All My Children.

  17. says

    I agree, they look like sisters, not mother and daughter. I don’t think Kelly is hot, I think she looks anorexic, more and more everyday. How come no one gives her crap about it when she looks just like Nicole Richie?

  18. Maggie says

    Oh my gosh Lisa i was just going to say the same exact thing. LOL. Kelly look’s like she could be the daughter instead. That Lola is so big. Who does she look like? Kelly is so hot!

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