Jennifer Garner & Violet Sweetness!

Jennifer and Violet are, by far, the cutest celeb mother and daughter!

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck

Violet’s special blankie is by Max Daniel.

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck

The Max Daniel baby blanket collection can be purchased here!



  1. Jodie says

    very plain looking child. Tiny, squinty little eyes and big ears. But mom is no great looker either.

  2. maggie says

    yeah so what that she has big ears, shes an adorable baby girl, she makes me want to have one like her

  3. evelyn says

    all babies are cute but she look’s cute but alittle scary she does have huge ears and her eye’s look spooky and she look’s exactly like her mom right down to the dimples but sorry guy’s there is nothing special looking about either one of them but i do like jen and as far as the dig about Brad you must be blind cause they have ton’s of pictures of him and his kid’s and his on location from his new movie where after work ton’s of pictures of him and his new baby together were shown especailly on babyrazzi

  4. Tiffany says

    #16 Once again the language on this website makes me want to hand out bars of soap. Each of us are entiltled to our own opinions but enough of the foul language. A point can be made with out using profanities. My daughter and I like to read these together and make comments but it is really offensive when such foul language is used. I hope you dont kiss your kiddos with that mouth of yours. Wash your mouth out with soap and come back and join us when you can be respectful and address the group like a big girl. By the way, name calling and cursing at each other is not grown up.

  5. boo says

    Well Hun if you are old enough to be my mom, then that would make you pretty old and judging by your attitude and
    language and hatred towards others on here just tells me you still have A LOT of growing up to do, perhaps now is a good time to start…please don’t take the time to respond to me because I could care less what you think and won’t be answering back again,I for one am not in highschool anymore and don’t play childish kiddie games unless of course they are with my kids!!!! 😀
    Have a nice day Dear~*

  6. Libraesque says

    boo, why don’t you go fuck yourself?
    Mary is a torked up TROLL, and me commenting that she should back off this Lisa chick is none of your damn business!
    ANd I’m probably old enough to be YOUR mother, so really just shut your cake hole

  7. Meg says

    Go Lisa! I agree with you on Ben.

    By the way people: boards are for your opinions not cruel name-calling. You’re free to post as I did. It is an opinion board. My OPINION is that Violet is not a very cute baby. Shiloh and Kingston on the other hand I find very cute.

  8. Lisa says

    #9 no I am not jealous. My husband is not an alcoholic, my husband is not a frequenter of Strip clubs nor does he gamble. My husband does not leave me for days on end. and my husband chose to marry me out of his own 100% free will, we did not have a shotgun wedding. And my daughter was a fabulous looking baby with a full head of hair and dimples, big blue eyes, small ears…she is a beautiful 8 year old little girl so Mary I am not unhappy nor jealous. It will surprise me and I hope I am wrong, but it would shock me if Ben was still married to Jen by the time Violet is 8!!!

  9. boo says

    Libra- Is there a reason why you must come on here and call everyone cruel names… do you have a life?? does it make you feel good about yourself??, Grow up little girl, you really do have issues, seriously, get help Honey, talk to your Mommy or your school councellor someone can give you some advice.

    As for this post, Jen and Vi are my fave mommy/baby celeb team…they both look adorable as usual! I love seeing pics of them, keep them coming!!!~*

  10. Lauren says

    Violet is soo cute. She looks a lot like Ben now that she’s getting older. Jennifer seems like a really warm and loving mother.

  11. Libraesque says

    Mary SHUT UP you TROLL, nothing in Lisa’s post would indicate she is jealous of anything you loser. Get a new mantra

  12. says

    It’s true that we rarely see Ben with his wife and daughter…kind of like Brad not anywhere to be seen (except on his motorbike) while his partner and children are adding to his family. Has he even met his new son?! Where are these guys??!! We always hear about how hard it is to keep a relationship in Hollywood, but perhaps if the men were a little more available? And I find it so amusing how so many people can look at a simple photo of a mom and her child and criticize the way they look, while daddy is nowhere around!!

  13. Lisa says

    Please tara
    Don’t turn it around back onto me

    You can check your emotional problems at the door

    Thanks : )

  14. Lisa says

    She is adorable as far as all babies are!! Meg, get ready for team Jen to berate and belittle you. I made a negative comment about Jen and Ben and was told it was the worst comment ever!!!! (by the same poster who mocked and name called Brangelina spawn probaly)

    so just because you point out the obvious you ( and now myself) will be massacred

    face it This is the Ben of the alcoholic, gambling and stripper fame. Call it any name you want to, but he only got married once Jen was 4 months pregnant with Violet. According to all I see yes, she looks like an extremely content baby, yes both parents look like they adore her to death, but every day Jen is out there alone (except for the hired help) taking Violet to some park/playground (great ) but infrequently we see Ben…

  15. Meg says

    She’s adorable because she’s a baby…but I don’t find her cute …she has small eyes and big ears.

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