Gorgeous & Expectant Salma Hayek Being Referred To As A "Closet Fattie!"

Here Salma was snapped at Vanessa Williams’ Walk of Fame ceremony.

Salma Hayek

I love to learn and just heard of a term I had never heard before called, “closet fattie.” The term was used in the following context:

She may just be a closet fattie and with her pregnancy at her age it’s all coming undone. (I read in disbelief….impossibly gorgeous and sexy Salma is being called a “closet fattie!?” She is 40 and pregnant and looks AMAZING!) So….the following is the definition of “closet fattie.”

Closet fattie is someone, many times a lovely and voluptuous someone of shorter height, who really has to work hard to keep trim. Many voluptuous women who have hot bodies have to balance a fine line between being sexy/hot and tubby, especially if they aren’t tall. when you are older it is harder to control weight anyway, moreso after having a baby at that age. I’ve known several girls like this. They were in pageants so they had to walk the line so to speak when it came to weight. Two of them got pregnant and decided for the first time intheir lives it was ‘okay’ to eat so they went overboard and gained 60-70 lbs and never got the weight off, and they were in their 20’s. It wasn’t a slam on Salma as a person,but just one of those biologically unfair things that sucks.

Sorry for the rant! I just love it when I can still stumble across something that I have never heard of before! The whole thing struck me as funny!


  1. Jecca says

    Well I had a baby at the age of 27 and am 5’1. I was always very skinny, but gained alot of weight with my pregnancy……I didnt realize how much it showed or how bad I looked until I was walking next to My husband and having a conversation with him…he didnt seem to be paying attention until I realized he was looking at the girl (who was probably 18 in front of us)…then I saw my whole body in the reflection off the building. wow!!! I guess to me I was still that skinny 105 person….but in the reflection I wasnt…I walk everyday and workout when I can but nothing works! There are alot of bigger beautiful people out there, but I am not one of them , I dont know how to dress being a bigger size or how too look sexy or where to shop! Can anyone help with some ideas? Being a new mom and just trying to take care of my child is my number one priority but I need a lil help to work on me now I think! Anyway guess I was the closet fatty is my point…..selma is beautiful I saw her in person shes amazing and sweet!

  2. says

    Ahh so sweet someone wants to be me again!

    Just a little note to whomever has chosen to be me, love yourself first then all of this will seem silly. If your miserable just remember your making the choice to be miserable just as you have the choice to be happy. As long as you continue playing your games and surrounding yourself with crap you’ll be crap. You get back what you give 🙂 Keep it up, I’m just getting started!

  3. carleigh says

    I find it extremely demeaning and distressing that some person could author such an offensive term and apply it to a pregnant woman. Yes, women gain weight as we age, it’s normal if you don’t eat less and exercise more you will probably have two asses instead of one..it’s harder to “maintain”. But, to describe a pregnant woman as being a “closet fattie” is just distrubing and wrong. She’s beautiful and she’s carrying a baby, what does society expect a pregnant woman to do?? Stick her finger down her throat and yack up the very food her baby needs to nourish and sustain it’s life in-utero?? I wish I knew who authored or coined that term..I’ll bet it’s some stupid ass, sexist, prejudiced MAN! If I could find HIM I would give him a quick, swift one right to the sack!

  4. Amy R says

    At her age, she probably doesn’t care if she gains a little weight. She’s maybe grateful to be having a baby. I love the term closet fattie. I’ve always said I have an inner fat person struggling to get out!

  5. side bangs says

    Yeah that is pretty harsh. I’m hungry…… Time to eat my salad, not that anyone cares….LOL

  6. Kellymay says

    That’s a terrible term, closet fattie! I guess with my height and physique I fall into the category too and can understand the point but being called a fattie in any context is one of the many judgemental pressures of society, and we wonder why so many woman are unhappy.
    Salma is gorgeous and that radiates from the inside, not the other way around.

  7. jules says

    Wow!!! That is the best I have seen her look since we found out she was pregnant. Closet fattie or not, she is hot here.

  8. Miapocaa says

    She looks great…never heard the expression closet fattie, but its a good explanation, I dont find it offensive as its true for most women in the limelight above 30…it just means you have to work harder at keeping the figure you have in your 20’s, and if you dont watch out you grow bigger….I also dont find fat offensive, maybe thats why I dont find the expression closet fattie offensive………..There are lot hot fat mama’s in the USA and they look more attractive than most of the ultra skinny one

  9. Paula says

    Hollywood ruins everybody when it comes to what they are supposed to weigh. Poor girl can’t even enjoy her pregnancy without someone calling her fat.

  10. whocares says

    gaining wieght at 40? un-heard of. and shame be on anyone women who would allow such comments to made during a time of creation. gain as much wieght as you do, and still feel pretty. im tired of the hiltons telling us that unless we dont stick straws up our noses and fingers down our throat, that we arent “hot”

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