Britney Is Coming Out!

Britney Spears
TMZ is reporting that Britney will be leaving rehab this week, and she has made one of the most amazing turnarounds in celebrity memory.

Sources say Britney and soon-to-be ex Kevin Federline had an “amazing meeting” on Sunday. They are not only getting along, they are hammering out the terms of custody. We’re told when Britney gets out, she and Kevin have agreed to a 50/50 split with physical custody of their two children. The plan is for Britney to eventually gain primary custody and Kevin will have visitation.

Jamie Lynn, Britney’s sister, and Brit’s mom, Lynne, have been at Kevin’s house helping with the kids while Britney has been getting her own help in rehab. And that help is working. Reportedly, Britney has literally turned her life around. Wow…that was quick!

P.S. Sorry if Kevin scared anyone! I loved that shot of Britney, but Kevin looked pretty freaky in it!



  1. abarnes says

    I am really happy for Brittney. I hope both she and Kevin can work things out and be the best parents for the kids sake. I know that Kevin has not always made the brightest decisions in the past, but at least he pitched in to help when Brittney and the kids needed him the most. I hope he continues to play the important father role for all of his kids, not just theirs. I don’t think Kevin is as bad as the media makes him out to be. Remember, Brittney chose him and now that she has (had) all of these problems, they both are equally responsible for the way the marriage ended up. The media pretty much doomed Kevin’s career before it could even get off the ground. I wish the both of the luck in the future and always.

  2. wenze says

    there is really no difference.. they both look…uhhh freaky!
    but i really hope the latest news about britney is true.
    I hope she’d pull herself together..and I hope she take good care of her angels…^^

  3. Paula says

    Er, looking at the picture really good for the first time….well, both of them look kinda scarey to me.

  4. dori #1 says

    i agree 3 weeks wasn’t enough time to actaully rehab. But isn’t that what all celebs do? They mess up in public run to rehab to be forgiven for their bad behaviour and then go back and act like their old selves again. Is Lindsey Lohan any better. or Mel Gibson, or any of the other celebs in their 3 week resort style rehabs?

  5. Lucia says

    I’m sorry but i HIGHLY doubt that someone can change their lives in just 3 weeks…with all the “disorders” she has…it’s going to take YEARS…sorry people…but that’s just a fact! no human is that strong and that determine to let all those demons go in just 3 weeks. You need to work at them every single day for probably the rest of your life…so let’s stop kidding ourselves and come back to reality. She has alot of work to do and it would not surprise me at all if she fell on her ass again….but the point is not to trash her or put her down but to support her with positive thoughts and wishes. remember, she has 2 little boys at home that need her. So i wish her and her family the best of luck and i hope things start to get better for her.

  6. Paula says

    MommyDearest, I’ll take that bet. Now that she’s out of rehab she’s still got a lot of work to do. For one, she has to completely stay away from all the bad influences in her life, go to regular AA meetings and basically change her whole lifestyle so she doesn’t get into the same situation she was in to start with. I don’t think she’ll be able to do it. She may try to do it but it won’t last.

  7. MommyDearest says

    I think we should start a pool…I think we’ll see Britney partying again in…oh, let’s say 17 days! Any bets?

  8. **** says

    oh no don’t let the piece of trash out just yet. we have been in peace since she has been put away. but then again i miss the stupid shit she does. mark my words the trash will be back to her same old shit. i give her 2 weeks.

  9. Shae says

    sorry…I don’t believe it. She is too wacky to have made that quick of a turn around. I’m glad that at least her mom and sister are helping Kevin with the kids, that they are looking out for the best interests of the kids. For a while there I thought Fed-X was the normal one…that was scary!

  10. BC Girl says

    I highly doubt that she has completely changed her life around in 3 weeks. That is such a pile of shit. Its like all of these other celebs who are going into rehab for every single thing they can think of, and then staying in rehab for 2.5 days and saying that rehab completely changed them. Crap!!

  11. dori says

    Congats to Brit hope she succeeds at keeping herself together.It will be nice for her to get home to her boys.

  12. Sick of Britney says

    I don’t think Britney has changed. I just read reports of her recent attitude problems, etc. I believed in her when she 1st left K-Fed, but her problems just kept getting worse and worse. I have NO respect for someone who doesn’t put their kids first. I mean, Yeah,… mama gotta have a life too, but c’mon. She cares more about making K-fed jealous about her flavor of the week then spending time w/her kids. If she truly changes from rehab (cause everyone does deserve a 2nd chance) then I will eat my words. But I won’t be holding my breath.

  13. boo says

    I have a hard time believing that she had a complete turn around with herself in the 3 and a half weeks or so that she was there, seems like a little bit much to me, she had a lot of problems going in there, how can she be cured in such a super short period of time..I dunno!!, But either way, good for her sticking it out the whole entire time and getting the help she needed, lets just hope she calms herself down completely and for good….It’s time to be a mom Brit, Your boy’s need you!
    Congrats for stickin it through this time around!!~*

  14. Lauren says

    Yay for Britney! I knew she had the potential to come back big and better than ever. I hope she takes care of herself and her little ones. Can’t wait to hear some new material from her.

  15. Nicki says

    So she cured her PPD,eating disorder, alcohol addition and whatever else she had, in record time? What like 3 weeks? Amazing recovery. She is a remarkable girl.
    I hope she takes good care of her babies.

  16. Julie says

    Good for her, I hope everything works out and she makes a huge comeback! I actually think K Fed looks good in that pic even though he’s got a goofy look on his face, he looks pretty put together!

  17. Tiffany says

    Good for Brit – If she did indeed pull it together than good for her. I cant wait to see the changes she will make in her daily life. That is when we will see if the rehab worked. I am proud of her for sticking it out though. I cant wait to see her and the kiddos together again.

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