An Expectant Salma Hayek Shops At Yves Saint Laurent

Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek was snapped hitting the Yves Saint Laurent boutique in LA on Monday. The Yves Saint Laurent boutique is owned by fiancé François-Henri Pinault!



  1. MercyRiver says

    Just for the record, chesty women can have an unseen baby bump for quite some time. My first baby, the roomy shirts just hung off my chest and hid my tummy all the way until 7 months along. So anything is possible.

  2. Keni says

    Dont u love how as soon as a hollywood couple become pregnant, they are suddenly engaged…..
    Ok 90% of the time!!

  3. Janie says

    She looks terrific in this picture. She had her hair blown out straight. It looks so much better!

  4. boogieoogiedowntonite says

    I dno’t see any baby bumpo, so she couldn’t be that far along. I wonder what happened to her hair all of a sudden. Wheh the first pics of her pregnant in that purple dress came out, I thought she was shootiong something for Ugly Betty ( which is the funniest show eva) and she puposly did her hair like that.

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