An Expectant Salma Hayek In Hollywood

An expectant Salma Hayek, 40, was snapped visiting a friend in Hollywood on March 18th. She is due in September or October!

Salma Hayek



  1. whocares says

    john, your a dick. you try growing someting inside of you for nine months and see if you would care what someone like you thinks, grow up

  2. Kehla says

    Wow she’s a bit large (HUGE!) if due in September/October!
    No way, she’s got to be due earlier – Surely?!?!?

  3. celine says

    she has always dull/dark colors on in her latest pics. she probably doesn’t give a damn with all those hormones driving her nuts 😉

  4. Julie says

    Hmmm. Selma is not looking her best, that’s for sure. But I’m assuming she’s just trying to be comfortable. I don’t know what to say about her breasts. They were very nice before pregnancy, but I’m not entirely sure what’s making them grow so large! Obviously, we would expect to see extra cleavage, but they just seem SO big. I wonder how far along she is. Anyone know?

  5. Lauren says

    Wow, pregnancy really suits some people (i.e. Heidi Klum) and others not so well. Salma is one of those people. Hopefully, we don’t have to see more pictures like these throughout her pregnancy.

  6. Libraesque says

    sweet jesus, I’m having visions of what she’ll look like her last few months and I think I need some Draino for the braino

  7. scarlet says

    My god she looks like hell…This is not the first picture I have seen of her with child…Here boobs are huge for the first trimestrer..She doesn’t do pregnancy well…

  8. says

    YIKES!! What has pregnancy done to her?! Let’s hope it won’t be another 9 months of Tori Spelling attire, I don’t think we can handle that!

  9. Midge says

    I am wondering what’s up with that hat! Yikes! I am a big fan, but this is an interesting ensemble!

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