An Expectant Elin Woods Supports Her Husband

An expectant Elin Woods has been showing support to her husband, Tiger Woods, at his golf tournaments. She is due in the early summer. She is always so stunning! Here she was snapped on March 16th at the Arnold Palmer Invitational golf tournament in Orlando.

Elin Woods
And here on March 18th.

Elin Woods


  1. brachmesa says

    Anzhelika and Whatthapu what people like you do
    is have a lot of envy for people who are beautiful, successful and admired by millions of people.Which is to say that you two are awfully pititful morons who lack
    everything other people have…brains and dignity.

  2. whatthapu says

    She wouldnt marry him,if he didnt have a lot of money..It is a reality…



  3. Dru says

    Have they announced if it is a girl or boy? Lucky baby to have such adorable parents. He/she should be a very talented athlete or model or both!

  4. MommyDearest says

    ^ just wondering how you came to that conclusion. Tiger seems like a very down-to-earth, nice young man. Ever hear of alittle thing called “love?”

  5. Tammi says


    Elin is of Nordic heritage – I’m sure she doesn’t need to color her hair! People will find any little thing to pick at someone about!! Give the girl a break!

  6. side bangs says

    It is? I never knew that. I wanted to g o honey blonde since I became pregnant and I thought it was a hazard. I never thought about asking my doctor about it. I am brunette now. ( with side bangs) lol

  7. Julie says

    Coloring your hair is fine during pregnancy, and #20, why so angry??? I wish them the best, can’t wait to see the baby! When is she due??

  8. side bangs says

    Jeez. You guys what’s become of this site????? Elin is stunning. Maybe she plays golf with Tiger, that’s why she looks fit even when she is pregnant.

  9. Lisa says

    #8 what a misguided comment Tiger is not just black, he is also half asian so no this baby will look very different that Henry Seal and Tiger are of different make-up

  10. MommyDearest says

    Yes…she is very beautiful! Her “spectator seat” looks very uncomfortable. I think that Tiger Woods should hire his wife a caddy to carry around a more comfortable chair for her! 🙂

  11. Nicki says

    12. Think About It ~ It is a folding spectator seat. It is easier to carry aroung throughout 18 holes of golf than a lawn chair, which I’m sure she would have enjoyed much more.:lol:

  12. boogieoogiedowntonite says

    Oh Carleigh………lol. Just a question………Who’s Julia and Ivy. I don’t want to cause a hype…..I just want to know because people are saying that I am that person.

  13. Think About It says

    It actually looks like she is sitting on the handle of an umbrella. The handle kinda looks like the same as the one on the umbrella she is carrying in the third pic, lol

  14. Nicki says

    She is beautiful. I remember about 3 weeks before they announced they were expecting, I said to my husband, who loves golf and watchs it every chance he gets…I can’t believe she isn’t pregnant yet. I can’t wait to see thier beautiful bundle of joy. Best wishes to Elin and Tiger!!!

  15. carleigh says

    I think her heiny looks a bit uncomfortable on that little seat in the first picture, is she sitting on a bicycle seat?? LOL. She’s absolutely stunningly beautiful and I am sure their baby is going to be a beautiful combination of them both. I wish them the best!

  16. boogieoogiedowntonite says

    Well we already seen what black and white children look like….. Henry ( Heidi and Seal’s son) He is actually cute. ( I think) She dresses realy nice too.

  17. Lauren says

    Wow, Elin Woods looks gorgeous pregnant. Some women just look amazing, pregnant or not. She’s one of them. Congrats to Tiger and Elin!

  18. Shae says

    she DOES always look good, doesn’t she…dammit! Best Wishes to her and Tiger on the upcoming birth of their baby. Its sad that Earl wasn’t around to see his grandchild.

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