Marcia Cross & Husband Enjoy A Petit Tresor Shopping Spree

Marcia Cross

Marcia Cross

New parents Marcia Cross and Tom Mahoney enjoyed a 30-minute shopping spree at famed Petit Tresor for their four-week-old twin daughters, Eden and Savannah.

I love the look on Tom’s face in the second pic! What could he be looking at!? 🙂


  1. Sylvia says

    Marcia is so gorgeous after giving birth…she definatley has the best glow. I can’t wait to see their babies…you just know they’re going to be heartbreakers someday.

  2. Jamie67 says

    Oh my god.Marcia looks fab.
    They seem so happy together,I just ove this couple,I can’t wait either to see the kids!!

  3. dori says

    Maricia looks great. And it’s so nice to see the couple out together. Can’t wait to see the babies.

  4. Julie (ion_egn_mom) says

    I also think that she looks great considering her daughter’s are only 4 weeks….and I L-O-V-E their babies names!!!

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