Kevin James & Wife Expecting Their Second Daughter

Kevin James

King of Queens star Kevin James and his wife, model Steffiana De La Cruz, are expecting their second child – another daughter – this summer.

“We’re very excited,” Kevin, 41, said Saturday night at Boulevard3 in Hollywood, where his CBS sitcom celebrated its final wrap after nine seasons.

Of the impending arrival, Kevin said, “It’s another girl. Steffiana’s due July 1st. I just love being a dad and spending time with my wife and child, and now we’re having another girl. It’s incredible.”

The couple’s first child, Sienna-Marie, was born September 30th, 2005.

Sienna-Marie is such a beautiful name!

Best Wishes!



  1. ???* says

    Do i really care about my spell`n mistakes??
    I mean its a blog!
    Im not have`n a spell`n test! Am i?
    Are you on your Period?
    Or are you just a bitch???

  2. Rachel says

    Oh dear, it’s even funnier that you think your spelling mistake was the word “fugly”. If you really think you write “personaly” “lonley” and “jelous” like that, you really need some help.

  3. ???* says

    We take it personaly because were NICE people unlike you who care about things!
    Your probably just a lonley fugly person who is just jelous over him…..

  4. Rachel says

    It’s obviously really true what they say about the people on this blog…you are all a bunch of fat ugly housewives sitting behind your computerscreens. Otherwise you wouldn’t take it all so personally 😉

  5. russell says

    this guy is the epitomy of cool, therefore its no surprise he has a classy lady like he has. all the best to them!


  6. N says

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…. Some women may find him attractive like some males may find you unattractive, Rachel. You obviously are a gold digging women who only looks at appearance. JMO

  7. Rachel says

    Wow, some people should really get off their high horses. I am not ignorent, sadly it is just how this world works. Sure personality is important, but the eyes also want something….and if that doesn’t please then usually the wallet does..

  8. ???* says

    OMG!!!!!What kinda people are you!!!! NEVER MAKE-FUN OF SOMEONE CUZ OF THERE WEIGHT!!!!!! i hate anyone that make fun of peoples weight its just wrong!!! you should be ashamed Rachel #2!!!
    Anywho….I hope the baby is healthy & happy and i widhe them all the best!!!!!!! 🙂
    Rachel….wow..thats all i can say…very very shalow…..

  9. tee says

    i totally agree with Rachel, i mean c-mon the guy is HUGE, and maybe the fact that he is loaded $$$ is the main factor as to why she married him, never mind have his kids!!

  10. boo says

    Why Rachel because he’s overweight??? He’s not at all a bad looking guy, and he seems to have a super nice and funny personality …Some women actually look for those qualties in a man and don’t necessarily look just for the physical appearance. Even Super Models!!

    Congratulations to them!!~*

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