Angelina May Bring Pax Thien Home To The US On Wednesday

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Angelina, 31, is one step closer to bringing her new son, Pax Thien, home from Vietnam.

Angelina flew to Hanoi on Monday to complete the procedures necessary to bring the 3-year-old back with her to the United States, the Associated Press reports. The two had spent a quiet weekend in Ho Chi Minh City.

On Tuesday, Angelina is expected to meet with U.S. Embassy officials to deal with the visa application for Pax.

Once the visa is issued, she will be able to take him to America. She is expected to leave Hanoi on Wednesday, according to the AP.

Once in the U.S., Pax, whom Angelina adopted from the Tam Binh orphanage in Ho Chi Minh City, will join new siblings Maddox, 5 (who accompanied Angelina to Vietnam), Zahara, 2, and 10-month-old Shiloh, as well as Jolie’s partner, Brad Pitt.

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

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  1. Sophia says

    I love Angelina so much, she is the one actress i truly look up to, she’s so warm hearted and a great role model. All her munckins are so cute…i love Maddox. She’s doing great things and making a big impact on these children. She may play kick ass characters on screen, but in the real life, she;s the sweetest person ever, i hope her and Brad keep it up. The cartoon is cute to.

  2. estrell says

    Love the cartoon!! I enjoyed reading comments specially the positive ones. Some people exagerate too much about having to many kids that someone will not receive attention and love. My parents have 4 children and I never remember seing any of us being neglected. We all given love and attention. Chill!! Shiloh is getting as much loving and attention from both parents. Probably, Brad and Angelina shielded Shiloh more from the public because she is more wanted from papparazi than her siblings, specially now she is already an actress. AJ do not take her everywhere because she still a baby and baby do not have fun going everywhere. They like to sleep, eat and play.

  3. Kim says

    Lot’s of chatting up about motherhood and parenting and whether the little ones are blessed or cursed. A well-meaning and kind-hearted Angie adopted Mad while she was on her own, to help a child and at the same time to possibly fill a void in her own life. OK, that’s nice. Time goes by, everyone’s happy. But then, along comes the gorgeous BP: craving children, his marriage on the rocks; and Angie wants one of those too. Now, what’s she trying to prove? If one is good, two are better right? Oops, they don’t match, we have to get another Asian, and another Black .. and another “unplanned” pregnancy? Brad will likely stick by forever, because of the children, but I’d hate to be in that relationship! What’s it going to take to make her settle down and appreciate what she has?

  4. Cheryl says

    Well, I’m chimming in! I don’t know how many photos I’ve seen of baby Shiloh since she’s been born, but not hardly any. That poor baby, Angelina said that she (Shiloh) has Angelina and Brads faces to look at. Oh My God. That right there is cutting her out of a playmate. Everybody else gets a child of a similar race to play with EXCEPT SHILOH. Whatever happened to racial tolerance? The children already are playing and getting along, all they need to do now is learn each others lanuage. Angelina can’t save the world and I don’t think she should try. If she really didn’t want a child of her own with Brad, than she should have made sure that didn’t happen. In this day and age, there’s NO EXCUSE for getting pregnant if you really don’t want to be. When is Brad going to stand up and say, this is enough. I’m sure they have a huge mansion so the kids probably have their own bedrooms, but how are they going to carry them all? I guess you could get one of the strollers for quadruplets or even triplets, get 2 or 3 of those, and everybody take a stroller, the nanny would have to come along to help push! What another thing I would like to know which to me, is more important than that, is who is REALLY, REALLY GOING TO LOVE THESE THESE BABIES? Who’s going to read them bedtime stories? Who is going to make sure that EVERYBODY HAS THEIR SEATBELTS FASTENED? Or do they think that since they travel in a limo that that doesn’t matter? Well, like Hell it doesn’t! When I think about this whole mess, it just makes me really MAD!!! Angelina is not doing these little children ANY FAVORS except getting them off of the streets and out of the orphanages. I know what it is to be a REAL MOM. I give all my love to my two boys, who are my own biological sons, both are disabled with mountains of medical bills. Their Father my Husband took off as soon as we found that the our second baby was disabled too. So now, I have raise my boys by myself, not being able to work because of the severity of their medical problems, I did get $500 a month child support, but when you think of bills, food, etc. that doesn’t stretch very far. I wonder with Angelina, with all of these upcoming movies set up for her to star in, I guess Brad will give them their medicine if someone gets a cold, or one of them has a bad nightmare. I know you Mothers out there know what I’m talking about. This just breaks my heart to hear all about this . To me, it sounds like she’s collecting these babies like trophies. Yes money always helps, feed, clothe, put a roof over their heads and educate, but there is NO SUBSTITUTION FOR A MOTHERS LOVE.

  5. darksun says

    i hear that sumone said Jolie u may stop adop. more children, and LUV yr own girl” i read many magazine, i never see Jolie hold her baby onli Brad. sorrie to hear that

  6. oriana says

    Granny, I do agree that to raise children “common sense” counts for a lot, but if a parent doesn’t have any common sense, what do you do then?

    I strongly feel and many peditricians agree with me, the bonding process is the strongest between the child and the mother when the child is a baby on up to 7 years old, that is where the nuturing and close knit love is so important, not to say it isn’t as older and even teenagers, but it is the most heartfelt and effective, Angie does not have that Shiloh, the world is not blind, just in her mannerisms alone and body language shows it. And as time goes by, it will show even more or should I say, the lack of?

  7. Granny says

    The books on child rearing have been written and rewritten for decades. Don’t forget Matthews, Spock and Ferber are being debated today. But probably the best way to raise children is by “common sense” and not the book. You get a feel for what your child needs. And I must know how to bond because even as adults I would lay down my life for my children and I have a hard time remembering which of the grandkids are by marriage. That is bonding and love. And my father was on duty in Korea when I was born yet I have never felt that our bonding as a toddler vs infant was ever compromised.

  8. Blurb says

    Dear Nickom-poop…the reason Granny is fun to read is because nonsense is always fun to read! And as for studying math – I did – I just found psychology much more interesting. I helps me figure out silly people like you!

  9. Nicki says

    65. Granny~ You go girl!!! Don’t let Blubba, ooops sorry Blurbba bother you. You are very reasonable and fun to read. Thanks for your informative life experiences, and your objective views.:)

  10. Nicki says

    . Blurb -Maybe you should study math. Jen and Brad separated in Jan, 05. She waited until March 05 to file for divorce……..What part of it is over just please file, you don’t get? Divorce was done in August 05. Signed off (finalized by judge, but was done in August, in very early September, don’t forget we are talking a week or two) They waited all that time and things just EXPLODED! Yeah.Shiloh is here!!!

    And all the good karma is coming back on them 10 fold. They were truthful with what they said. (a picture of them on a beach doesn’t mean they are sleeping together, only getting to know
    each other.) Deal with it. I wish them nothing but but the best.

  11. Blurb says

    By the way, I’ve been meaning to comment back to something Midge (#31) said about Angelina’s “unplanned” pregnancy with Shiloh. It’s my belief that Shiloh was about as unplanned as the sun coming up in the morning. It’s the oldest trick in the book – when a woman sets her eyes on a man, the best way to get him is to get pregnant with his baby. Poor Jen didn’t stand a chance once Angie set her sights on Brad and dropped her birth conrol pills down the toilet….. “oops!”

  12. Blurb says

    Congratulations Granny, to you, your kids & your grandkids on your degree and all their degrees, however, notwithstanding all of that I am convinced that you do not understand the inner workings of the brain when it comes to babies and bonding. And that is my final word to you on the subject ….. unless of course you say something so outrageous that I have to add my two cents so you don’t have other people thinking that you know what you’re talking about.

  13. Granny says

    I’m from this century, college degreed and successfully raised 3 (34, 30 and 23 / all successful college degreed ). I add the college as evidence that I have read. I’m 52 and retired fromBureau of Prisons which means I have met all kinds of people – winners and losers. What don’t you understand? Is is that I think you can bond with older children? or that all children in a family are equally valuable – adopted and natural and even step? I actually believe that quality of time with a person is as valuable as quantity. I would rather have your full attention for 1 hour than someones non-attentive blase attention for 24 hours.

    Oh and besides my own 3 birth grandchildren I also love my 2 step-grandchildren. They all seem to really enjoy being with me so I must not be that dull or als shallow as you seem to think. Love is love. The more you practice love, the more love grows.

  14. Blurb says

    By the way…. I don’t recall if I mentioned to Carleigh that bonding is NOT a lifetime process. If you think it is, then you don’t really understand what bonding is. I really do suggest you look up these subjects in books because these things have been studied intensively and there is a lot of information out there – as opposed to your sister’s cousin’s neighbor’s aunt’s opinion if you know what I mean.

  15. Blurb says

    Oh, Granny…… I really wonder about the things you say. Bonding between adults and bonding between an infant and its mother are entirely different things. Just how old ARE you? You sound like you’re from a different century and have never read anything about child psychology. Or else that you read things and understand them only superficially. What’s up with that??

  16. oriana says

    #56, Frances, Shiloh will be the source of happiness?

    It doesn’t seem like she has been so far, at least not for Angie!

  17. oriana says

    I really think that Blurb is a Psychologist, what she wrote about the bonding as infants is “Right on the money”, I have read articles and books about that and she knows what she talking about. I know you Dreamers out there want this family to be Ozzie and Harriet but it is not the facts.

    Brad may love and want children, he came from a solid family environment with a strong foundation, Angie may want and love kids, but she is insecure and lacks the ability to have faith and trust, her words not mine, they may have money and the means to have nannies and plenty of help, but children, especially babies, need nuturing, there is a difference in the way she interacts with her biological baby than the adopted children, I don’t think she can help herself!

    And Nicki, I have read more than the tabloid BS, as you say, in legit magazines that are respected, I have heard her on CNN, Anderson Cooper, she has made herself perfectly clear about how she feels and thinks, and this Romeo and Juliet relationship will have some kinks on down the road.

    And a blind person could see that her bonding with Zahara and her bonding with Shiloh is as different as day and night!

  18. Blurb says

    Carleigh, Angelina herself said she was having trouble bonding with Shiloh & I’m sure she “touched her little face.”

  19. Blurb says

    Nicki, I don’t know what all your abbreviated comments stand for…..what, exactly is HSD. And, as for calming down….. stupidity always gets me upset.

  20. Granny says

    #44 Morgan. I think you read something into my remarks that I didn’t put there. I think think that adoption at any age BEATS no adoption at all. I don’t think there is a magic time frame between children in a family that is ideal. That is up to the family to know. I believe adopted IS A VALUABLE as birth. I don’t think anyone but AD and BP and their children really know what is going on in their private lives – that’s why it is called private.

    And if bonding didn’t happen at all ages, well, we would never fall in love with anyone other than infants and we know that is not true.

    And if this adoption and the others were as bad as many people want to think the children still win. Good homes, good opportunities and all that goes with it.

    Not certain what you thought I was saying????

  21. :) says

    Carleigh, although you make good points when you post you write books. Don’t have time to read it all

    Nicki, shut up!!

  22. carleigh says

    We learn from books and gain knowledge from books but BOOKS are not BIBLES and some books are just outdated and inaccurate. Mother-child bonding happens from the moment the child is BORN in the case of a biological child. Breastfeeding or not breastfeeding there is no direct research that states this harbors any stronger or weakened bond between mother and child. The mother-child bond exists from the first moment you hold your child or in the case of an adoption from the moment the child-parent meet. You can’t sit there and make a blanket statement as to the existence of a mother-child bond and aquiring all the knowledge you need to know from simply reading a book..books are for knowledge but until you have actually held your own child or went around the world to find your family, bonding is a LIFETIME process. Within my situation I find my bonds change with my children from the time they were born and that bond changes and strengths over time and as children grow and change. To say Angie didn’t bond properly with Shi and will have difficulty bonding with Pax is a load of crap, you bond from the first moment you touch their little face and they embed themselves in your heart (the formation of a bond can take seconds or it can be a process of fostering a bond over a longer period but parent and child bond and that’s the bottom line) and it lasts a lifetime. Angie made a choice and a commitment to ALL of her children and I am quite sure that this being her what THIRD adoption that she is well versed in the skills and knowledge to forge that parent-child bond w/in Pax and he will adjust beautifully.

  23. Nicki says

    Blurb-take a pill and calm down.
    #50-Blurb-because she said so in an ACTUAL interview, not the tabloid BS you are reading. Again, chill, None of this affects your “real” life in the day to day of everything.
    Cute cartoon, made me laugh a bit.

  24. Blurb says

    Yes, Spongebob86, Mother Angie takes a lot of “pangs” to bond with her kids for a day or two. I doubt you know the actual meaning of bonding between a mother and a child. Bonding doesn’t happen in a day or two. Please read a book – SOMEONE? ANYONE??? Read some books on the subject of mother-child bonding!!! Angelina doesn’t know the first thing about it and neither does anyone else it seems! The word is bandied about until it has become meaningless!

  25. Blurb says

    Oh, and Nicki? How do you know she breastfed for 5 or 6 months? Were you there? Or does she phone you and let you know what she’s up to and how she’s raising her kids? Didn’t know you two were buddies!

  26. Blurb says

    Nicki, I don’t know that she breastfed for 6 weeks, that’s why I added the word “whatever” – to indicate that I didn’t know exactly how long a period of time Angelina nursed Shiloh. As for the quality time you think she spends with her babies — dream on.

  27. Spongebob86 says

    Thank you Nicki. I don’t understand why people have to make an issue out of Angelina leaving her children. She has barely left their side. When she does leave their side, it’s only for a day or so. People have to remember that Angelina has a very different lifestyle than most. I think that the longest time she has spent away from her children was when she went with Maddox to go pick up her new son and bond with him. She takes the extra pangs to make sure she is involved in her childrens lives, while some other hollywood celebrities would just dump their kid off with a nanny.

  28. Nicki says

    45. Blurb – Stop reading the tabloids. How do you know she only breastfed for 6 weeks? And When in the 5-6 months she was breastfeeding was “she a half a world away” from her children? Because she went to Sudan for 3-4 days(last month, Shiloh was 8 months old) and then went to pick up Pax two weeks later, doesn’t mean she isn’t with her children. Remember she doesn’t have to mop the floor, clean the toilets, and empty the trash. She has plenty of quality time with her babies.

  29. Blurb says

    Morgan, you’re trying to compare apples and oranges. Older children will form relationships with adoptive parents but it isn’t the type of bonding that an infant forms with its parent (biological or adoptive); it can’t be because the brain just doesn’t work that way. An older child will form a close, loving relationship but not the type of bonding that I’m talking about in terms of Shiloh or Zahara for that matter since Angie adopted her when she was very, very young. And as for judging famous people — well, they’re in the public eye and that just goes with the territory.

  30. Blurb says

    Breastfeeding is great, Nicki, but breastfeeding for 6 weeks or whatever & then always being half-a-world away doesn’t express what I’d call motherly love. When I had my kids I couldn’t bear to be away from them even to go someplace several hours away and Angie goes several thousand miles away for days or weeks at a time. I just don’t get it. It’s not the type of mothering that I’ve ever heard or read about and I’ve read a LOT about mothering.

  31. Morgan says

    ummm…# 29. Poor baby pax? I’m sure going from an orphange with no parents, scared, and not in the best of conditions i would feel absoultely terrible about the fact that he is going ot a multi-million dollar home into a life full of compassion not just from and for his siblings and parents but for the entire world where everthing he wants and needs will be catered to. I d feel real bad for him too.
    Oh and #40..youd sound a whole lot more intelligent if you quit judging people!! from peoples comments to goodwill ambassadors…youve got it all down! wow good for you! Bonding doesn’t happen later in life. SO people who foster older children and end up adopting them…they didn’t bond..they just what? are fond of each other so figure it doesn’t suck to bad to be in each others company.
    People amaze me.
    I think Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, and all their babies are the most beautiful family (both inside and out) and people should leave them alone.
    And last thing…;leave these poor people alone. Who is anyone to judge angelina or brad. I would think we should all look at them and as a shining example of what any human being should strive to be!!

  32. Nicki says

    42. Blurb -Don’t those books say breastfeeding is one of the best ways to bond…the closest you could feel to baby? Angelina did that. Where is it she ignored Shiloh? She loves all her children.

  33. Blurb says

    N I re-read your so-called “sarcastic” comment. You’re not very good at sarcasm. It still sounds stupid. And as for Shiloh having her whole life to bond with her mother, you clearly have no idea what you’re talking about. I suggest you read some early infancy development books to understand the nature of mother-child bonding & when it takes place. A child doesn’t bond over a lifetime – bonding takes place early in life as the parent & baby establish their relationship. Try reading a book before you speak – you’ll sound a lot more intelligent.

  34. Blurb says

    Granny, you’re right – this new child isn’t an infant, he’s 3 years old and doesn’t speak English. It would have been easier on him if she had adopted him as an infant but everybody wants an infant so I’m glad she likes adopting older kids.

  35. Granny says

    Blurb. Not a year with each child of exclusive bonding after the first anyway. Everytime you add a child, even if a year between, your attention is divided with each subsequent child. #2 shares with #1, #3 shares with 1 & 2, etc. What about twins? Are they deprived because they share this early time? But some families and people are good at it and do it just fine. And this new son isn’t an infant which can make some of it easier.

    And is it any different to bearing them by choice not similar to adopt ing them – a definite decision to have (collect) them? No matter how they come into the family they are equally important.

    It wasn’t that many years ago most families were larger and women were having children with very little time in between because of the issue of birth control. These children for the most part grew up just fine and became our parents, aunts, uncles, govt. leaders, etc.

  36. Rose says

    Angelina probably went to Vietnam by herself because the country allows single parent adoptions not adoptions to people cohabitating. I adopted as a single parent from another country even though I was living with my soon to be husband. I went with my 3 year old son. Oh, BTW both children have adjusted well!

  37. Nicki says

    This might be a silly idea…………but maybe he used to bike to go back and forth to work. Oh never mind thats just to silly to think about.

  38. Bea says

    I don’t get Brad either since he has time enough to bike around West Hollywood he can spare time to go pick up his latest child. I am sure Angelina has overwhelmed him like she did BBT with her desire to save the world!

  39. Teresa says

    I think that is wonderful she adopted a boy from Vietnam. I was adopted from Vietnam myself about 34 years ago. My husband and I was thinking of adopting a child myself from Vietnam. But, money my be an issue. And, now days which agency is legitimate? But, my heart desires to have a child, since I have been unable to conceive. And, now have lost three babies. Any child is a blessing from God. Thanks for your time. Teresa from El Paso, TX.

  40. Teresa says

    I think that is wonderful she adopted a boy from Vietnam. I was adopted from Vietnam myself about 34 years ago. My husband and I was thinking of adopting a child myself from Vietnam. But, money my be an issue. And, now days which agency is legitimate? But, my heart desires to have a child, since I have been unable to conceive. And, now have lost three babies. Any child is a blessing from God. Thanks for your time. Teresa from El Paso, TX.

  41. N says

    You women sound like idiots….. she is helping an unfortunate child and Shiloh’s bonding with mommy time has nothing to do with it. Shiloh has her whole life to bond with her mom just like the other children do. Shiloh will have to lean how to share like her other children do.

  42. N says

    I dont think adopting or having children is different when we are comparing how much time she spends with one child… she can adopt and have a baby when she pleases…. Especially if she wants “HER” children to grow up with each other.

  43. N says

    #23 Blurb…. Obviously….. you were the only idiot who did not get the sarcasm!…… That my dear was a sarcastic comment to the people saying that she got this child too close to Shiloh…… Do you understand?

  44. Midge says

    #17Margie, have you not ever heard of birth control failing? Or perhaps even getting pregnant after a tubal ligation or a vasectomy. Sometimes unplanned pregnancy is just that, and cannot be prevented! I agree with you that some people use no birth control, and claim it was unplanned, but that is not always the case. When that happens it is because people are just plain stupid! 🙂

  45. celine says

    angie is my age. and she’s mad. sigh. i think it’s ok that she’s there on her own. i don’t think it has anything to do with brad freaking out on the new developments, it’s probably rather a message that she didn’t get a man by her side so that things now get done with that man involved necessarily. but it could be otherwise too. who knows. who cares. this cute child now has to get used to the abundance that wealth – as in big time wealth – brings about. and he’ll wonder – while mommy has no clue – why some have so much and others so little…

  46. Paula says

    I read and saw a picture of Brad in People magazine. He was seen in West Hollywood the same day that Angi was with Pax tooling around on his motorcyle. So, I don’t think he was home doing a movie unless it took him to Hollywood for some reason. She has all three kids with her. Seems like he could have taken off a few days to go with her. Even Johnny Depp took off for his daughters illness. You can’t tell me they won’t let him off for something like that. So now the poor little guy has to go meet one more stranger and start calling him dad, when it could have been a bonding experience to meet both at the same time. I know he’ll have to adjust but can you imagine how scared he is right now? He probably misses his friends and family at the orphanage. Angies probably having a time with him crying all the time. If he’s as shy as they say he is. He sure got thrust into kaos. And I know he’ll adjust but it’s heartwrenching thinking about what he’s having to go through to do that. Poor baby! And you’d think Brad would want to be there to help her with that kind of situation…oh wait..that’s what nannies are for.

  47. Blurb says

    Dear Nisa, maybe Brad stayed behind so the other kids recognize at least ONE of their parents since the other one is NEVER HOME!!!

  48. Blurb says

    You’re right Jackie – the whole thing is so weird. What did he do – say “go pick a cute one Angie, whatever you like is fine” ??? And then she goes and gets a kid and he doesn’t even say he’s looking forward to meeting his new son. Not a peep from him. Maybe he’s feeling a bit overwhelmed – I know I would be!

  49. Jackie says

    Yeah, this Brad Guy a.k.a Pussywhipped, it seems like things just happen around him and he goes along with them. I mean, he is gonna be the baby daddy. He used to talk more before he hooked up with Angelina. And you are right. He should have made time to go pick a new member of the family. I mean if yoru wife is giving birth, do you say you are busy filming? I mean, now poor pax has to contend with another stranger in his life. Better than an orphanage anyway.

    Here is my guess. Brad told Angelina to wait and Angelina refused and he decided to have nothing to do with it!

  50. Blurb says

    Comment to Granny….. So? She had 4 children, one a year and they weren’t deprived. What does that prove? It proves that she had a full year of bonding with each child before she had another – she didn’t go running off collecting kids like some people collect dolls when the kids were 8 or 9 months old, and she probably saw her kids every day as opposed to being on the other side of the world half the time sending them email!

  51. Blurb says

    Yes, “N”(#6) that’s exactly what every mother who gets pregnant immediately after having one baby should do – get an abortion. What a stupid comment. Obviously one wouldn’t abort the next baby, that happens, but Angelina went shopping for another baby before the last one was even a year old – quite a different situation! Can you see the difference “N”? And Jamie67 I think you are absolutely right about Angelina not giving herself enough time to bond with her other children before adopting another one. I wonder how much time she has spent with Shiloh all put together – she always seems to be on the other side of the world from her baby. I can’t imagine how she could have bonded with her. How can a mother just leave her children that way???

  52. oriana says

    Cartoon is the funniest thing I have ever seen! HA!

    As for Zahara not getting enough time with Angelina, please, that spoiled brat got plenty of time with her, every time you blinked Angelina was either carrying her or Brad was, a kid that old should be walking more, look at the pictures of the other kids her age,and she is bigger than a lot of them too.

    Shiloh will always be the main one left out unless Brad’s parents step in and watch her more often.

    Saw the picture of Angie carrying Pax, she is of course in her usual black, thank goodness she hasn’t dressed him that way, yet!

  53. Nisa says

    I feel sorry for Maddox, one moment you have mommy and she is yours alone and you share a bed, now you have to share her with four more people. Whereas I am sure Angelina has enough love to go around, children need a lot of attention especially a 3 year old adopting to a new country. Wish her well.

    Am curious about Brad. He has been seen cruising on his motor bike around LA 4 times this week. Am sure he can always make time if a new member is joining his family and is going to call him papa to go pick him up. Something does not smell right here. This looks like a solo Angelina project and it remains to be seem whether Brad will come on board. Great cartoon!!! Cannot wait for the inside story!

  54. CTBmom says

    This cartoon is too funny. I believe that Brad and Angelina can handle their crew just fine. I wish them happiness with the newest member.

  55. fee says

    4 children under the age of 5 definately seems daunting to say the least. I am a firm believer, however, that certian people were made to be parents and can juggle 20 kids if need be. Brad and Angelina seem to be these type of people. Maybe they are adopting so quickly so all their kids can grow up together. Just a thought…

  56. Margie says

    #10 don’t people know how to prevent unplanned pregnancy. I always find it so funny when people say “I wasn’t planning to get pregnant” And then they admit they were on no birth control. What did they think would happen???? Wow!!

  57. Granny says

    My neice had four childre, one each year in al row, all born in August. All are happy, healthy, and content. None seem deprived, and I wish I was as organized as their mother.

  58. carleigh says

    I love the cartoon, it’s too funny! But all that aside, I do think that Angelina and Brad have big enough hearts to provide love, structure, discipline and guidance for all of their children equally. I am curious though about people who say Shiloh needs her time?? What makes you think that Shi doesn’t get equal time? I wonder if people would say the same if they had another biological child vs. adopting another child? Children adapt to their environments and I am quite certain that Shi isn’t being kept in cage being denied attention, food, water, love and cuddles. I just don’t understand where people would think that just because they now have four children instead of three that any one of them would be getting any more or less attention than the other. My cousin had four babies all her own and I asked her about having all of them so close in age and her response was that you don’t “find” the love to give each child, a mother just has an unlimited resource of love to draw from, kind of made sense to me beings she had a 4 yr. old daughter, 2 1/2 yr. old son and newborn twin girls. She told me that a mothers love knows no limits or boundries and now having two little girls of my own I can completely understand what she meant. I am sure ALL of those children are very loved and all of them are obviously wanted or they wouldn’t have adopted them. Adoption is a choice and that to me makes it more signifigant because you are making a lifetime commitment to bring a child willingly into your life and that’s a very special and selfless act. Shi is a lucky little girl and has a good example to draw from as she gets older and she’s going to have a ball with her siblings.

  59. Sarah says

    Please, please, please I hope that Angelina does not adopt any more kids. She needs to stay at home and bond w/ the 4 children she now has.

  60. Lauren says

    haha, that cartoon is soo hilarious. I can’t believe they adopted so soon. Shiloh isn’t even a year old yet. She didn’t really have that “mommy” time like Mad did. He was already 4 when Z came along and Z barely was 2 years old when Shi came along. That’s a lot of work for them!!

  61. Midge says

    #6, sometimes having children back to back is unplanned, whereas Ms. Jolie made a choice and carefully planned when she became a mother, at least with three of her four children.
    The cartoon is great!

  62. joelly says

    #5 – I’m not disagreeing but I don’t think Zahara got much alone time with “mom” before Shiloh came along so I guess they’re all in the same boat…..maybe they each get their own nannies and that’s where they’ll get their individual attention??

  63. Amy R says

    I agree with #5, that Shiloh should have a little more time. After all, she is already sharing her mom with 2 other kids. Oh well. What I really want to know about is the whole Brad thing. I read first that he stayed home with the girls, then that he is shooting a movie in LA. Which is it? Also, I find it curious that he is not named on the adoption papers. I know someone said in Vietnam they don’t let unmarried couples adopt, but everyone knows their situation. So why exclude him? Besides, the regular rules don’t apply to her, anyway.

  64. Julie says

    Cute cartoon! I hope that little Pax and Angelina and Maddox got in some good bonding time before they come home! I’m excited for them!

  65. N says

    What about women that have children back to back..should they have abortions if they get pregnant to close to one of their other children?

  66. Jamie67 says

    The cartoon is too funny!!
    I don’t know though,i think we should feel sorry for Shiloh,the poor girl is not even year old and already she has to share her Mum with a total stranger ,who needs alot of time to adjust in his new home and country.
    She should’ve taken some time to enjoy her daughters first year and than adopt another,it’s only fair!
    That being said,i think it’s a good thing to adopt older kids!!

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