1. whocares says

    never implied that you werent a good mother, jules! the comments just struck me as odd, that we as a society cares more about how she looks, rather then how she is doing.
    and be careful who you call stupid, someone who is not threatened does not resort to personal attacks;)

  2. jules says

    Apparently somebody cares!!! LOL. It is too funny when someone criticizes what everyone else is writing, but you obviously read it all. If you don’t like what everyone else is saying, by all means, bow out of the conversation.

    Also, who in the world are you to judge whether we are good mothers? This is hilarious from someone who doesn’t have children yet! Stupid people really amaze me sometimes.

  3. whocares says

    i cant belive that her breasts and hair is the subject of this forum. get over it! we are all human, our “boobs” get smaller and larger w/ every period. i, having natural dd’s know that my breasts will be huge(larger then they are now)
    when i choose to have kids, and let me tell you my my hair will be the last thing on my mind. i will be much more concerned with being a good mother. as should you all!

  4. N says

    Actually I dont see anything wrong with her… she is wearing her hair au natural and the dress is pretty. SO what her boobs are big… that Jordan girl’s boobs are way bigger than this and she is wearing a 2 peice.

  5. get real says

    Looks like she is already letting herself go..brush your hair woman! and pick a better outfit……christ…..

  6. Bea says

    The amazing thing is that all of this is soo sudden, one point she was normal Salma, now she is……… I am envious of her boobs though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. boogieoogiedowntonite says

    After my son’s birth, my boobs got bigger than big. I was breastfeeding him. lol mommydearest!

  8. CTBmom says

    Wow. Okay, I am totally envious. I am barely an A…and I adopted my son, so I didn’t even briefly experience bigger boobs. Sigh. 🙂

  9. Kmama says

    I’m sorry but she looks like a train wreck. I am pregnant with my third. I started this pregnancy at 125 and a small B (after nursing two). I know my boobs got way bigger with my first, but she needs to contain her girls a little better. Her hair and boobs look horrible!

  10. jules says

    Okay, so I was looking at some older pictures of her on the net. Some of the ones I looked at went WAAAYYY back to 1993, hahaha. I am thinking she might have implants. Not that it is any big deal, wish I could afford them, but I am just not sure. I looked at some pics where she was modeling and they look pretty average. Jump to 2000 and they seem really large. Anyone know for sure or have any insights? I went to wikipedia, imbd, and I looked at yahoo. Also, I am not sure she has ever chemically straightened her hair. I use a flatiron on mine and get the same effect without drying it out. I am pretty sure that is what she did. If not, I want her stylist.

  11. says

    My shoulders are aching just thinking about that weight on my chest! You just never know what will happen to your breasts when your pregnant but one things for sure they’ll never be the same again.

    Does anyone know when she is due?

  12. boogieoogiedowntonite says

    I know I am going off the topic here but has anyone seent he movie Father of the Bride Part 2?

  13. Tina says

    Ah yea I know KIM#2. I’ve been there too you know. (PREGNANT). I just meant like damn there big…. My boobs got big too, just like most pregnant womens do, but not that huge. And believe me my boobs aint small C-D. Alrighty Kim.. So let’s not act like we know it all’…..
    Thanx kimy!

  14. boogieoogiedowntonite says

    She looks very frumpy now that she is pregnant. I try to embrace it and dress nicely and make it enjoyable but I can understand why she would wanna dress like that, after all who wants to walk in high heels when you have a big lump on you?! Salma loks really good here. I wonder how far alonmg she is. I am seven months pregnant and I have a one year old Jack. My boobs are huge now and it lok like I got implants.

  15. Danielle says

    I understand the horrid boob growing!
    I’m an E to begin with, am now 31 weeks pregnant and am a F, and I’m sure once I have baby and engorge I’ll just need two garbage bags to tap to them to hold em up!!
    Lovely hormones and the female body!

    She looks lovely though!

  16. Essie says

    Selma has ALWAYS had giant boobs!! She also has loads of hair. Usually her hair is up or tied back but she has lots of hair and lots of boobs. Take a look at some of her pictures from awards shows in 2006 . . .

  17. Brandy says

    I don’t think she can chemically straighten her hair right now due to the pregnancy. My boobs did get enormous when I was pregnant too. I wish her all the happiness in the world, she seems to be a very “real” person.

  18. Midge says

    My boobs got absolutely enormous when I was pregnant. In fact I went from a D to an E (I skipped DD and DDD). It’s something you just can’t help. I feel for her, as my back, shoulders, and neck ached like nobody’s business. Also, I think that dress just accentuates them. Bless her heart!

  19. jules says

    I agree with Tina. I had a full size C before I got pregnant and only went up one cup size. I know that everyone is different, but WHEW, she is really well endowed. Also, what has happened to her hair? I know someone asked that about another picture posted, but I can’t really figure out when it got to looking like that. I have always thought that she was beautiful, but she looks a little frazzled to me.

  20. kim says

    She looks great! That’s what happens to your boobs, Tina, when your pregnant…her boobs were big before the hormones kicked in!

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