Suri In Her St. Patrick's Day Frock!

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise were snapped with a tartan clad Suri. Katie even has a coordinating green handbag!

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

Another cute St. Patrick’s Day pic!

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

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  1. oriana says

    Hi Blurb, Easter for me and tons of cooking to do, Happy Easter to you and yours as well!!!! Hope you have a good time!

  2. Blurb says

    Dear Everyone,

    Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Passover and Easter whichever you will be celebrating in the next week or two!! 🙂

  3. Libraesque says

    !!!, I have to ask YET AGAIN, where do you get your info?
    What reliable source do you have???
    I have a feeling I won’t be getting an answer

  4. !!! says

    Libraesue, we know you get your information from star, enquirer, life & style magazine and defamer so don’t pretend other wise!!!!

  5. Libraesque says

    HEY foul mouth, no need for that, I just asked a question. Your vast library, and astounding capabilities of cutting and pasting links from E Ent. is impressive though.

    Hey WAIT a second, aren’t you the one bashing me for getting my info from E (which…I’ve never been to the site FYI)

  6. Libraesque says

    her relationship is listed as 1999-2005
    And I guess if it suits you every single thing written that you don’t agree with is false but things you do agree with are dead on.
    Do me a favor since I don’t give a shit about going to 200 different sites to TRY to find out.
    From what date to what date did KH and CK date????
    I’m seeing 1999-April 2005

  7. Jen says

    She started going out with CK in 2000 so that doesn’t make it 4 years you stupid and SHE NEVER GAVE AN INTERVIEW!!! It was tabloid paper.

  8. Libraesque says

    Jen, don’t correct yourself, I LOVE ex-fancy!!!
    She gave another interview that I know of in 2001 also, and considering she was already 4 years into her relationship w/CK in 2003……………

  9. Jen says

    Libraesque why do you have to make up everything? Katie allegedly said she will remain a virgin till she get married to a British tabloid news paper the daily mirror in 2003 and NEVER said in an interview “many” times!! And no one knows if she was or kept that stance with her ex-fancy who she was with for 5 years.

  10. Libraesque says

    Blurb, yes, she has said so in many interviews, and maintained that stance, I believe, even when she was with CK.
    I think she WAS the perfect role model for young girls. She HAD it all. I know a lot of young stars feel that is too big a responsibilty, but she seemed to handle it beautifully!
    I just think it’s tragic that with SO FEW positive role models for our youth, she abandoned her faith, devastated her family, got pregnant, and lived in a house pregnant and unwed with two adolescents for way over a year before getting married, and for what??? Because she didn’t want to look fat at her wedding????

  11. Libraesque says

    It most certainly IS a big deal when you’re a young star in Hollywood, who is a self confessed virgin who comes from a Catholic family, who the world knows as Joey Potter.

    And yes, if a 12 year old wants to say my brains are oozing out, by all means believe her

  12. Blurb says

    Bea (#107) is Libraesque’s brains really oozing out? EEuuww! Exude means to gush, ooze, spurt, hemorrhage ….. you get the idea.

  13. Blurb says

    It’s not a big deal in this day and age to be pregnant & unwed. I don’t know why Katie felt she had to marry a nut job old enough to be her father.

  14. Libraesque says

    NO!! She got pregnant with another mans child, which broke her marriage contract. He threw her a big party and I think it was a month later he walked out, right after she “mis-carried” (she aborted)
    Not really the actions of a man who had been married for 10 years, whose wife just “mis-carried” his first biological child, now is it.
    Definitely the actions of a man nearing the end of a 10 year contract marriage, whose wife got knocked up by someone else. He didn’t seem to be in denial then about the public knowing about his sterility!!! He knew he’d look like a fool.
    This time around he probably thinks he looks like a hero, “saving” Katie, the young un-married “virgin” who got knocked up by someone….but that’s NOT how the public sees it. The people in their inner circle who know the real truth may see him as a swell guy because he stuck by her, but not the public. We don’t like arrogant liars. And I honestly believe the true Katie fans would much rather see her with someone else. Someone more her own age, normal, really hot and not the head of some freakish dangerous cult!!!
    I guess that makes me a fan of hers!!!!

  15. Blurb says

    About Tom’s ability to make babies, didn’t Nicole have a miscarriage just as he was walking out on his marriage to her?

  16. Blurb says

    What about intervention? You know, with other cults the family basically kidnaps the victim. I’m not sure how that would be managed with Tom Cruise’s security team constantly surrounding Katie but if I was her mother I’d sure be trying to figure out a way to save my daughter and granddaughter.

  17. Libraesque says

    Ori, it’s pretty well known that part of the success of a cult is to isolate the victim from their previous life, including friends and more importantly family, because they have the strongest influence on victims.
    Cults convince the victim that family members who do not agree with what the cult does are evil, and must be cut out of the persons life, because if they stay, it will impede them from achieving whatever the cult believes in (personal greatness, higher conciousness, etc..)
    SO by the very fact that the parents reach out in concern, the victim only sees that concern as trying to hold them back from greatness.
    Like I said in the other thread, we should talk about this “privately” ono Hellorazzi, so as not to piss off other posters here

  18. oriana says

    I love this dress Suri has on, one of favorites!

    I find it hard to believe that Katie’s parents would not have some serious discussions with her about this Purification Process! I really can’t see anyone with a sane mind agreeing to it! There has to be some things left out of this story that doesn’t make sense to me. I hope there is anyway!

  19. Blurb says

    How can Katie allow herself to be treated this way??? And what about her family? Can’t they intervene and rescue her? It sounds like out-and-out ABUSE! If G-d forbid my husband forced me to do any of that my entire family would have me out of there so fast his head would be spinning like that girl in the exorcist! And then they’d really go to work on the bastard!

  20. Libraesque says

    It’s not a made up story Blurb, it’s called purification rundown. Scientologists believe that ingesting certain things and sweating in a 140 degree sauna for up to four hours clears your mind of whatever “problems” you’re having. They combine that with “auditing” sessions. They use something called an E-Meter which is literally two tin cans connected to some wand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If you want to learn more, and see this CRAZY cult KH has gotten herself involved with you should really check out XENU.NET
    Tom Cruise capitolized on the 9/11 tragedy by setting up a Scientology center in Manhattan for firefighters. They were encouraged to quit taking their medications and made to sit in the hot saunas to help them “detox” None of these people have medical training, and consequently all the firefighters got extremely ill and they shut the place down

  21. Blurb says

    If I may, I’d like to bring up a new topic……. Does anyone believe that punishment story about Katie having to drink cup after cup of vegetable oil to get her “back in line” with the Scientology people? Or that she’s had to sit in a dark room in isolation to make her toe the line? I read that in a magazine at work but I just can’t see anyone allowing themselves to be abused in that fashion. I hope it’s just one of those stories the tabloids make up to sell magazines.

  22. Blurb says

    Rose, I have NEVER heard a baby described as “HOT HOT HOT” unless it was from a pedophile. That description is SICK SICK SICK!! Suri Cruise is CUTE CUTE CUTE!

  23. carleigh says

    Does anyone in here want one of my lorazapam’s? pretty intense, I couldn’t make much sense of what was posted above. From what I gathered from skimming the posts people are behaving like piranah’s and there’s blood in the water..damn! This child belongs to Tom and Katie, as much as I do NOT like Tom Cruise and for however weird I believe him to be, this child is w/o a doubt his! She looks just like him but she is cuter because she got some of Mommy’s genetics too! As far as the “hard soled” shoe’s arguement?? WTF??? That proves NOTHING and is of NO valid signifigance in determining her age or her abilities to walk. If some of you have children I am sure you recall the little white hard soled baby shoes? I put them on my older daughter to support her ankles and protect her feet while she was “LEARNING” to walk, I helped her by letting her latch her little hands onto my fingers and that’s how most babies will learn to balance is from having an adult assit. Are some of you people just plain stupid or what? It appears to me that some of you may be reaching and hoping and others are just utterly clueless. I am NOT naming names and NOT making this personal but if anyone responds negatively then I believe we’ve got a LIVE one biting at the hook so to speak…so fire away, I can take it. This is just plain ridiculous!

  24. Blurb says

    I just pulled up all these pictures of Chris Klein and Josh Hartnett and Suri looks EXACTLY …….. like her parents — Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise! Happy Birthday One Year Old on April 18th Little Suri!

  25. N says

    Libinsane your question was answered…. The video was your answer that sher hasnt been walking since Nov….but you are to stupid to see that. Also… Grandma just needs to put on her spectacles if she cant decipher that same info from the video at…..

  26. dori says

    I noticed that too. Libraesque. I agree with quite a few of your comments.
    Now they’ll call us both crazy. Lets wait and see.

  27. Libraesque says

    Dori, calling you stupid etc…is just a knee jerk reaction these rabid fans have when anyone has a different opinion than theres re: tomkat
    what I find REALLY interesting is when you pose a serious question that they can’t answer they go silent.

  28. dori says

    #131 I have a masters degree in Fine arts and am very well educated in several areas. I read tabloids for entertainment and come into this website for stress relief. I am sorry if my statements offended anyone. I am not a Tom Cruise fan. I actually use to like him before he started acting like a crazy person.
    All I did was repeated some of what I had read back somewhere maybe my memory isn’t perfect but the things I said, I believed were somewhat true. Sometimes I throw stuff out there just to see how people will rsspond and wow did I ever get attcked for that. But hey what do I care?
    I enjoy the tabloid stuff because it’s such a reief my other stresses and serious part of my life.
    I do physical therapy with senior citizens in the aquatic environment and use my fine arts degree more for my photograpgy hobby as it has become. I was degreed as a graphic designer but as many would understand that line of work is a dying business. So I became involved in the healthcare industry. And there you have it. I am not stupid or ridiculous as some in here have managed to jump to the conclusion.

  29. Libraesque says

    just saw the video, interesting how she jerks away from Tom when he goes to touch her head
    cute kid though, they are gong to have their hands full with that one

  30. Jan says

    That video was soooooooooo cute! She sure looks like she is going to be a handful. On the video she actually wrestles with both of them.

  31. Nisa says

    I watched the video and it is so cute. I am sure she is in the early stages of walking and she loves doing it. You can see from the video that she just cannot wait to walk and Katie has to keep up with her.

    She also seems such a squirmy child who is very strong minded and Knows what she wants. Her character is too strong and I feel they should reign her in somehow. I don’t know and may be am being harsh but she seems like she overwhelms Katie and Tom at times. I know I complain that Shiloh and Kingston are dull but Suri is rather on the other extreme. She is running before she can walk and seems like she is so restless and obstinate. She is very very cute though.

    Guys, keep up the spirit of ignoring immature, annoying posters, they may go away!

  32. cherisse says

    she is cute, not only that i just seen the video of Suri walking @ Tom’s son Conner basketball game and she was sooooooo cute she kept bouncing everywhere and could not keep still she was eger to move around it was the cutiest thing.

  33. Libraesque says

    JEN!!! Come out come out wherever you are!!!

    I’m waiting for that explaination, although I’m pretty sure I won’t be getting it

  34. Happy says

    They look so cute and happy in the last picture. Suri is going to be 1 year old in couple of weeks…I hope we get pics from her birthday but I doubt that. It will be cool if Brooke’s daughter and Suir have joint b-day party.

  35. Lisa says

    You know what Tom welcomed all of the negative comments like you see on this board because of his out-of-line, bizarre public ranting such as his interview or should I say lecture on the Today show with Matt Lauer, the public belittlement of Brooke Shields
    and his relationship was also ripe for the picking because of his ridiculous staged kissing sessions for the paparazzi, the bizarre couch jumping episodes, etc…

    This man is odd, his marriage is doomed because of the way he rules his home with his scientology iron fist and I hope Katie gets a lot of money for donating her body and getting inpregnated with baby Suri…

  36. Libraesque says

    JEN, explain to me WHY the picture of Katie holding Suri when they were getting back from their honeymoon ( AND NO I’m not wasting my time trying to research a link, you fans are RABID and I know you’re aware of the pic I’m talking about) shows Suri with hard soled shoes, all scuffed up. Can you explain WHY a baby who is SUPPOSEDLY barely 7 months needs hard soled shoes? Just explain why.
    Because my explaination is that Suri was born AT LEAST 4 months before April 18th.
    Also, late in Dec they went to Ohio to visit her parents and apparently got in a huge fight and came home three days early, I think that’s also very telling

  37. N says

    So what you have a masters degree….. it proves you can read and follow directions….. But you have no common sense. You read tabloids and believe them. None of us know these people…. Tabloids/magazines lie for sells. That is common sense!

  38. Nicki says

    Jen, OK I misunderstood about the walking in Noverber thing. I just know Katie did mention Suri walking now. It could have been a couple of weeks ago. From the video she did not start walking in November, looks like she just started. Cute seeing her starting to walk.

  39. N says

    Libraesque are you slow? Im not even arguing with you two and i get what Mary is saying…… HON….. what Mary is doing is qouting someone else’s blog. You are badgering her about another persons blog/opinion.

  40. !!! says

    #127. dori, what masters degree do you have? Sorry for asking but I just find it hard someone intellectual believes in gossips from star, Us weekly and so on and argue it as a fact. Also from what I read from your comments you actually making up things about Tomkat which aren’t even been in the tabloid and I don’t buy how some of you claim something and say I’ve read it or seen it somewhere but I can’t remember where. Tom and Katie’s fan go to extreme length to prove things to the non-fans by providing links from non tabloid source or pictures but the non-fans are just claiming stuff with no actual prove or link or pictures and I don’t think that is fare.

  41. Jen says

    Nicki, I’m not saying Suri is not walking now but that Katie never said she is walking back in Feb. what she said was to people “Their favorite mother-daughter activity? “A lot of walking around,” she says. “She loves just being outside right now.”,,20013343,00.html

    You see what Libraesque is saying is that Suri is been walking since November but she has no one or nothing to back that up other then than Suri wearing shoes at the time but now she is saying Katie said she is walking in Feb but that is NOT true. As you can see from the video at access Hollywood Suir is at the early stages of walking with her mothers help and she doesn’t look like she has been walking for over 4 months like Libraesque claims. If she had kids she will know. My niece started walking around 10 months and she was walking unaided by her first B-day properly.

  42. Nicki says

    I’m only agreeing with her because I know Katie said it. Not sure in what article it was,not tabloid, but I am sure I read it. (Thats all I was agreeing with.)
    I also added that I just saw a video with Suri actually walking. So yes she is walking now. Acess Hollywood had the video, very quick one, but clearly Suri is walking.

  43. dori says

    You who reduce yourseves to name calling are showing how immature you really are.
    I said the baby is adorable. And I also really like Katie Holmes. But Tom Cruise is 100% nuts Jumping on couches and yelling at interviewrers. was behaviour unlike any other celebrity I’ve ever see. . And the scientology business. PLEASE give me a break.
    I am intitled to my opinions , if you don’t like them go away. But to name call because you don’t like what I say shows me you are the mentality of a 12 year old.

  44. dori says

    115 I may be misinformed but I very much resent being called stupid. I have a masters dgree. Whats your education level?

  45. Jen says

    Nicki, if I was you I wouldn’t believe what Libraesque has to say specially if she hasn’t got prove because she has a personal vendetta against Tomkat and she is on every fan site to smear these two and would say just about anything. So if I was you I’ll check facts. She has lots of time on her hand she spends more time on tomkat than the fans them selfs.

  46. !!! says

    #95. Nicki, why do you take Libraesque words over #56 and 72 Mary, which is a fact with a link to the interview she gave??? There is also the video at and Katie said this at Pre-Oscar Showing of Armani and NOT at VF Oscars party like Libraesque claims. She never gave any interview at the VF Oscars party!!!
    Nicki, I’ve read most of your comments here at babyrazzi and you’ve been very clear that you don’t think much of Tom Cruise and all but your comments have always been honest and not trashy and lies like Libraesque but when you take her words over a fact that shows something else.

    I agree with some of you who says just ignore some of the posters who come up with ridicules lies about this family and just comment on the topic at hand and when they don’t have anyone to disagree with them they might go away.

    I love that last picture!!!

  47. says

    I cannot believe how “nuts” some of you are acting on this blog…pretty scary. NO ONE knows anything about anyone; only the person that shares their bed, knows the truth.

  48. amy says

    who really cares WHO the biological daddy is….the most important fact is that they ALL look like a happy family…i personally don’t find suri that adorable-to me her nose just doesn’t match the rest of her face, but hey, nearly every pic i see of her she is giggly and happy…that obviously shows that she feels secure, content and loved, which is all anyone could wish for any child…i don’t like tom either, i find him a vain control freak, but even i can’t deny that he definately has ALWAYS consistently appeared to be both a doting husband and a wonderful father, to all his wives and all three children…lets get it all in perspective, all we get are a few random pics here and there, none of us know what goes on in their lives, let alone in their bedrooms…and really, why should we care…

  49. Lovethebabies says

    My goodness, I never said she wasn’t cute – I find her super cute. (Also, I’m not a loser, am simply expressing my opinion about similarlities in her looks with others and certainly wish I had my youth, but sadly I’m old).

  50. Bea says

    Usually I tell myself that these posters are young and their ideas childish but sometimes it is hard to ignore them. Sometimes they do not make sense at all and they just hate, hate and hate. You wonder who hurt them so much. I agree ignoring them will be the best solution and I can’t believe it has taken us this long to figure it out. We do not have to deal with either their bitterness, low IQs or studity. I am sure they have families to put up with that!!!!! Lol

    Nisa #120 Your black list looks like mine. Funny

  51. Nisa says

    #115, you have a point. I too feel that it would be better if we ignored such posts and act as if we have not read them.

    Actually usually, I ‘bin’ them, I read the first couple of words and ignore the post if I think the poster has extremely low levels of common sense/IQ. There are those posts that I blacklisted like that Libraesque character, fancy, Tess, Miappocaa et al.

    I love this site and I come here from time to time but some posters are just to immature for life. Remember that some of these characters are 13, 14 or 15. Though some young posters like Kalista Brat, Kelly may, Allyssa have good and sensible contributions.

    Good solution, Ignore the super losers and their lame theories!

  52. case of the exxxxx says

    How come people have enough time to answer such losers? I mean a characters like Libraesque, Dori, Lovethebabies are too stupid for words. I mena how can someone confess to reading Star magazine and Us weekly (no 71)infront of us??? I agree with Bea 107#, they are pathetic and we should not lower ourselves to their level.They are unhappy and cannot wait to spread their hate.

    My advice is ignore them and enjoy looking at this beautiful family. For the last time, ignore them. I am taking my own advice from this day forth!!!!!!!

    Enjoy the pictures.

  53. Rose says

    Bea 107# After reading all the posts, I felt that way too. Such people have peanut brains but they never hesitate to show them off. Lol

    Where can I see that video?

    Suti is HOT HOT HOT!!!!

  54. celine says

    no 59, if he’s like angelina then what happens? having trouble with bi-s? didn’t get your comment. in my world a frown like that goes for funny, ugly and thereore very cute. she’s an ordinary baby, seen around with nice looking people. so what’s the big deal. but u can scream and keep going on how preeeettyyyy suri is. so much prettiness matters no 😉

  55. Lovethebabies says

    Bea – is that type of talk entirely necessary? Calling someone a pathetic loser? Why wouldn’t a 15 year old have brains? What is Libraesaque doing wrong? We are simply pointing out the similarities. My goodness!!

  56. Libraesque says

    Bea, considering an earlier post of yours saying you’d like to kidnap Suri, I would say you are the numero uno loser

  57. Bea says

    Libraesque, please get a life. I know you may be 15 but you have to show more brains that you are exuding. Every one can you ignore this pathetic loser! There are new pictures of Suri. Can’t wait!

  58. Jackie says

    I really love that last picture of Suri and Daddy, it rocks. Lovely happy family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Libraesque says

    #102 it was me. Anyone who posts that Suri has TC’s nose is trippin’, trippin’ hard. Her nose is wide, not tucan sam-ish like Tom’s.
    If you take the baby pics from Vanity Fair and compare them to Josh’s profile picture on NNDB you can CLEARLY see the resemblence, it’s …….uncanny

  60. Gaelle says

    Send a message to Hartnett, to come and get his daughter . If a tabloid print something like that ,it would be one of the biggest lawsuit in history . Maybe it would not be so bad since DNA testing could have been done and and shut a lot of people.

  61. Lovethebabies says

    I have also been comparing Suri photos with Josh Hartnett – very similar faces…. and thick dark heads of hair…. Mmmm… Whoever posted that thought, I tend to agree…. Mmmm…

  62. ???* says

    #48 My mother is from scotland!!! She left when she was 3 with her 4 siblings and parents adn she is Scotish!!! And since i never really knew my fathers nationality cuz he left me , my mom and my brothers when i was 4 yrs. So my mom just says im Scotish!!! And im very proud of it!!!!! Most of my family lived in scotland or London Ontario!!!!!But she is Still Scotish even though she lives in Canada !

  63. Libraesque says

    margie, make a comment that’s on topic or shut the fuck up.
    There’s nothing more ridiculous than someone coming on a thread, reading through 96 comments and telling other people they have too much time on their hands

  64. Libraesque says

    yea , she was walking at the end of November. I don’t know the statistics of kids who walk at 7 months old (which is what they claim she was at 7 months) NOT ONLY walking but to the point where they actually need hard sole shoes!!! but I’d say it’s VERY VERY slim.

    It would make more sense as others have stated that she was actually born in January. LOTS of kids walk at 11 1/2 months

    Another thing that’s REALLY suspicious is the date listed on a Katie website of when she and Cruise had their first date… guessed it …April 18th the day Suri was supposedly born!!!!!

    coincidence….I don’t think so

  65. Nicki says

    68. Libraesque ~ Thank you for the info about when Katie did say Suri was walking.
    I just saw on Access Hollywood tonight a video showing Suri walking. Katie was holding her a bit by her upper arm, but only one arm, so she is walking. Good for her, and she did have shoes on then.
    I like her outfit, she looks cute in it.

  66. Jan says

    Dori, one thing I agree with you is that you’re right enough of this discussion. Indeed it has been hashed to death already.

  67. dori says

    Exactly 91 i don’t believe Tom can have children. 3 wives 2 adoptions and suddeny he can have kids?
    Mary perhaps you don’t realize it but you are being very aggressive towards everyone here who doesn’t agree with you. Please calm down a little. We’re not here to fight. We make statements some are true some are not , we talk we joke don’t take it so seriously. If we make incorrect statements big deal WE AREN’T THE REPORTERS

  68. dori says

    I do swear to you back in January one of the tabloids had pics of Tom and Kaite and Suri at a birthday party in a restaurant. They didn’t say for sure it was Suri’s birthday but others besides me had speculated perhaps it was Suri’s and that sheis older than we think. I apologize if I am wrong but I do not make things up. I did read it somewhere.
    Anyway enough of this discussion. I think we’ve hashed it to death already.

  69. Lovethebabies says

    I completely agree with all those who don’t think she is Tom’s baby!! This is a very nice arrangement – much like Nicole’s 3 movie/ten year deal. But she is a cute baby.

  70. TomKatSuri says

    Its not surprising an A list actor like Tom and Nicole have a confidentiality agreements with their employees and I’m sure most big celebrities do that otherwise can you imagine when they get fired they can just sell every little thing they do and being in the public eye I don’t think the actors will like people to know what kind of tea they have for breakfast or what their children are like.

  71. TomKatSuri says

    Suri has so much of Tom’s look as well as Katie’s.. I’ve never seen a baby looking like both her mum and dad so much at the same time.

  72. Libraesque says

    Jen, what is a “nanny state”????
    May I remind you of this, he makes EVERYONE he comes in contact with sign confidentiality agreements

    from the smoking gun:

    If you’re going to work as a housekeeper for Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, you better keep your mouth shut. In a bid to protect their privacy, the celebrity couple requires employees to sign these ironclad confidentiality and nondisclosure agreements. The detailed documents even include the specific monetary damages that would be levied against an employee in the event of a breach. The records recently surfaced in Los Angeles Superior Court in a lawsuit brought against the performers by Judita Gomez, a maid who claims she was wrongfully terminated last year. Cruise and Kidman counter that Gomez was canned for poor performance, lying, lack of trustworthiness, and for opening a letter addressed to the couple.

  73. Jen says

    # 86, he has 2 adopted children who has the last name CRUISE.
    I don’t know why some people naming Dori and Libraesque can’t just drop this stupid conspiracy because its so obvious she is his child and nobody I mean NOBODY can get away with something like that in the world of big brother and a nanny state. It must have been fun for the conspiracy when they didn’t show Suri at first but now people have eyes and mind of their own and that is why lots of people have moved on from that gossip and are not buying it except 1 or 2 people who sound like a broken record with old gossip and keep bringing up the same boring theory as if they have personal agenda with Tomkat.

  74. Jolin says

    Just a thought, if suri arent tom’s kid, a man as arrogant (or….have pride or watsoever) as tom, i dont think he would let suri has the last name of CRUISE.

  75. Jen says

    I love the last picture. Its been a while since we seen Tom holding Suri so its great to see that!!

  76. Libraesque says

    I still don’t get what you’re saying. ALL I’m seeing here is a statement of “how could the kid be Chris K’s, she would have been 7-8 months pregnant in Aug. when she was promoting Batman Begins”
    which makes NO SENSE. I googled it and it OPENED in June, so why this dumbass said she was promoting it in Aug. is beyond me.
    In June she would have been 2 months pregnant and not showing yet
    I feel like I’m trying to talk sense into a bunch of three year olds!!!

  77. mary says

    Libraesque, You asked me
    “MARY, HOW do you get 8 months pregnant in August? Math isn’t your thing? She would have been 4-5 months pregnant at that time.?”

    Then I said I never said she was 8 months and I was only quoting #55 who said 7 to 8 months pregnant because Dori thinks suri is Chris klein baby.

    So the question was if it was indeed Chris’s baby Katie would have been 7 to 8 months pregnant when she was promoting Batman.

    Again here is the quote by #55

    READ #55. Gaelle | March 19th, 2007 at 8:16 am
    I am still waiting for someone to explain all those months of promoting movies between her break-up and hook-up in april till at least august when she was everywhere she should have been at least 7 or 8 months pregnant . But the only thing you have left to say is that it was not her in batman and not her promoting it. Only people like you with a mind and a brain like chick peas can believe those nonsense.

  78. Libraesque says

    Mary, what’s your problem? You’re not making ANY sense. Please try to be more succinct with your posts

  79. mary says

    Libraesque, you can call me loser when you start reading and understanding what people say properly before jumping to conclusion and throwing abuse little child. Maybe you might be dyslexic and in that case I’ll understand.

  80. mary says

    #77. Libraesque, PLEASE READ WHAT I SAID AGAIN!!!! You think I’ve maths problem and I think you’ve reading problem…My quote is something that was ask by # 55 and I was asking Dori and the question is if she was pregnant by Chris k.

    Here is what 55 asked Dori.

    READ #55. Gaelle | March 19th, 2007 at 8:16 am
    # 52 I am still waiting for someone to explain all those months of promoting movies between her break-up and hook-up in april till at least august when she was everywhere she should have been at least 7 or 8 months pregnant . But the only thing you have left to say is that it was not her in batman and not her promoting it. Only people like you with a mind and a brain like chick peas can believe those nonsense.

  81. Libraesque says

    MARY, HOW do you get 8 months pregnant in August? Math isn’t your thing? She would have been 4-5 months pregnant at that time.
    And HOW do you figure I’m a Brad and Angie fan? The only time I comment on them is when people bash AJ for her humanitarian work, which is ludicrous, almost as ludicrous as you are. I don’t comment on their relationship because it’s real, and their child is biological, PLUS it has nothing to do with tis thread about KH & TC SO STOP BRINGING UP BP & AJ, LOSER
    Katie denied she was dating Josh………..yea, and stars never deny relationships right? They dated til mid-April

    get a grip

  82. mary says

    Dori, we all watched Matt Lauer, I can think of other celebs who behaved more unprofessional and outrageous than Tom, example are Russel crow, Mel Gibson, OJ, R kelly, Britney, Paris, Christian slater, Robert Downey jr, Hugh Grant and the list goes on……..

  83. mary says

    #71. dori, I would have believe you more if you’ve said Life and style and enquirer magazine. because what you say sounds like something that comes out of those mag but NOT people and if these mag claimed what you’re saying they would have been sued!!!!

    I get my info from the news, people, Google and weekly magazines and never read what you’re saying. Also last time I checked these magazine who get your info from are tabloid who fabricate stories so you can claim some of the things they say as a fact.
    Where do you live?

  84. mary says

    #69. Libraesque, I thought you dropped that theory of your since both Katie and josh had denied they were an item and just friends. Even with that they were supposedly dated in March 2005 that will make Katie very pregnant when she was promoting Batman. The things some of you come up with is just so laughable and nonsense. For some of you who don’t know Libraesque, she is a big brangalin fan who things all gossip about Branglina is lie but everything about Tomkat true.

  85. dori says

    Oh yes and for MY AGE.. I have been watching celebrities for many many years and have never in my life seen a celebrity behave in a most outrageopus and inprofessional way that Tom Cruise has behaved. That Matt Lauer interview will stick in my mind forever.
    How many of you were watching that one?

  86. mary says

    #68. “MARY, you are WRONG, she said at the VF Oscar party and I quote “She’s walking, a lot!”

    Can you provide a link for that quote please? Don’t just quote yourself we want facts!!!!
    And it was not at VF Oscars party she supposedly said that it was at Pre-Oscar Showing of Armani Prive spring/Summer 2007 Collection and here is the link to what she said, which was.
    “A lot of walking around,” she says. “She loves just being outside right now.”,,20013343,00.html

  87. mary says

    First of all speaking for myself I’ve no personal anger and sorry if I sound anger. I’ve no anger specially because of celebs who has it all!!!

    Everything you’re saying is a lie.

    NOBODY knows why Tom and Nicole split up but yet you’re here saying as a fact why! And you say there is a picture of suri celebrating her B-day, where are the pics?

    Can you please explain what # 55 asked,
    “I am still waiting for someone to explain all those months of promoting movies between her break-up and hook-up in April till at least august when she was everywhere she should have been at least 7 or 8 months pregnant”

    Please do not say because she is tall and she doesn’t show till 9 months pregnant!!!

    You can’t expect to just come in the forum and drop some ridicules statement about them and we’ll just buy that so next time if you want to make a conspiracy try to make it sound realistic and believable.

  88. Libraesque says

    The kid isn’t Chris K’s, it’s Josh Hartnetts. Compare the two and you’ll see twins right before your eyes.
    They dated right up til the time she got together w/Cruise

  89. Libraesque says

    MARY, you are WRONG, she said at the VF Oscar party and I quote “She’s walking, a lot!”

    And all of you are TRIPPIN’ if you think anything in Hollywood can’t be kept silent. TC is KNOWN for demanding that interviewers sign an agreement before they interview him with a list of items they are NOT allowed to talk about. He also has EVERYONE he comes in contact with (including lovers) sign confidentiality agreements.
    May I remind ALL of you of Rock Hudson. He would have weekend long gay orgies at his home constantly and the “world” only found out he was gay when he was dying.
    Randolph Scott and Cary Grant were lovers and living together forever till the studio got wind of gay rumors and had them seperate and arranged marriages for both of them immediately
    Also, all of you who have said “the gay rumors have been there FOREVER”
    yea, and why is that? Why with this ONE star have the gay “rumors” been plaguing him FOR TWENTY YEARS

    And how retarded are you people to think that a movie star like Brad P, or anyone else is going to actively seek out woman in his life , adopt children, accept movie roles and basically live his WHOLE LIFE to ….what…..copy TC?????
    You people are seriously TRIPPIN’ to even make such a stupid comparison

  90. dori says

    I’ve been reading this website for 8 months now and I see you women attack other women constantly. You have all this anger to disperse why don’t you use it to clean your house or care for your children instead of attacking me.
    Now I am going to go visit my newborn grandson that was born this weekend and take joy in the new life my daughter brought into this world and leave you nasty little bitches to attck someone your own age.

  91. dori says

    You know I didn’t say anythimg mean about anybody. Istated what I thought to be true statements. If they were not so be it. But attacking me and making flase statements just to vent your personal anger isn’t really fair now is it?
    What I stated was stuff I actually read I am not a hater I never said anything hateful about anyone so why don’t you catwomen just chill out and calm down.

  92. mary says

    #63 Dori,
    “You are all so quick to attack a person who says something you don’t like. I didn’t personally criticize any of you yet some of you chose to attack me directly. If you don’t like what I have to say fine, but you don’t know me and yet are quick to judge who you perceive I might be.”


    You also don’t know Tom and Katie personally but yet you’re judging and criticizing them so I think it goes both way and in my eyes celebrities should not be an exception because they’re people too and since we only know them from pictures, gossip and what they tell us.

    What you’re saying about them is not even in the gossip and you’re making up lies about them as you go along. This is just the way I feel and I’ll not start stories without a fact or even without a gossip I read or heard on TV.

  93. mary says

    Dori, please do yourself a favor and if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all because I thought you were like 12 or 13 years old with the stupid conspiracy theory you come up with. I hope you don’t believe that stuff and you’re just saying those things because 1. you’re not a fan and you don’t like to see people who have it all 2. you’re a fan of Branglina and you’re one of those fans who think there is no place for both Branglina and Tomkat in this world and will say anything to make them look bad.

    As a fan of this family I check on both fan site and gossip regularly and if there was a b-day pictures believe me we would have seen it by now specially gossip site TMZ would have had that story by now because nothing passes them and they actually make up things like that for fun without the evidence so can you imagine with a story like that??

    I’m sorry if I sound rude specially since I respect my elders being 26 years old but I was just very surprised someone that age will be wiser and more informed.

  94. dori says

    After reading all of your nonsense comments that are no more realisitec than mine.I realize I am not dealing with adults in here. You are all so quick to attack a person who says something you don’t like. I didn’t personally criticize any of you yet some of you chose to attack me directly. If you don’t like what I have to say fine, but you don’t know me and yet are quick to judge who you perceive I might be.
    For adults you sure are immature.

  95. dori says

    Gaelle I think you’re in denial and YOU DISAPPOINT with your quick judgement of me. You don’t know me. Who are you to draw conclusion of where I get my information?
    Being a grandmother doesn’t make me an old woman either I’,m only 55. So get a grip of your warped picture of me.

  96. Chix says

    Suri is uper cuite and so beautiful.How can she be chris kleins with all that hair when klein is balding at 28? People I know Americans are thick, but pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  97. Lola says

    #48 Ad to that the term “African American” . If your are born in Africa and live there, then you are AFrican or “Mexican American” Your roots can be from somewhere else, but what you are depends on where you are born and choose to live.

  98. Gaelle says

    # 57 just like Angelina Jolie maybe he is bisexuel , and yes Suri smiles and she is not cute ugly , she is a beauty there is a difference.

  99. Gaelle says

    As a grandmother you really dissapoint Dori . Try to see things for yourself , tabloids are not always facts. Open your eyes see the big picture.

  100. celine says

    this baby is shoooooo cute ugly with that frown on her face each time she’s seen. she’s hillarious. the color of that top she’s on makes her even more funny looking. suri is a funny baby. and it’s fune even if her daddy is bisexual. but if he’s just gay and going through so much of pain to cover it up, it’s a pitty. he would be always hot, no matter what, hetero or otherwise

  101. MAry says

    #52, you actually think people will buy the non sense you’re saying? Come on how old are you to really think we’re that gullible? Suri looks her age and she will be 1 year old in less than a month. Go to and watch a video of her “trying” to walk with the help of her mum so she obviously she can’t walk by herself just yet.

    Dori, Suri looks so much like her dad that she is a Tom Cruise mini-me so stop with you non-sense and move on to a better and more believable gossip.

    #34. Nicki, Katie never said Suri is walking!! What she said to people magazine was I quote “Their favorite mother-daughter activity? “A lot of walking around,” she says. “She loves just being outside right now.” here is the link,,20013343,00.html

  102. Gaelle says

    I meant # 52 and can somebody pull a deception like that in LA , do not think so. Even the tabloids stop saying those nonsense since they are losing money and can not sell no more. Want to make a conspiracy try to get it right. I am still waiting for someone to explain all those months of promoting movies between her break-up and hook-up in april till at least august when she was everywhere she should have been at least 7 or 8 months pregnant . But the only thing you have left to say is that it was not her in batman and not her promoting it. Only people like you with a mind and a brain like chick peas can believe those nonsense.

  103. dori says

    I’,m sorry that was directed at #32 Faci not Joanne. And Suri is more than 10 months she’s a year!They had a private birthday party in Jan and there were pics. So get the facts before you argue with me. I am not the only one who believes there is something very fishy about the birth of this child.
    Did you ever research why Nicole and Tom split up?
    He was caught in bed with a male producer… this whole baby thing is a cover up…. he’s gay !
    But Suri is adorable child and looks exactly like her mother, put on your glasses.

  104. dori says

    #38 joanne
    I don’t believe telling the truth is evil. There was nothing mean about what I said so go pick on someone else ok? I am a grandmother and don’t need to nor want to grow up. For those of you living in lala land. It’s a known fact Tom Cruise is impotent and unable ti have children. Suri is an adorable child but Tom Cruise isNOT the father.

  105. neverinamonthofsundays says

    ok ive just been havin a look at piccies of Chris Klein and I cannot see any of him in Suri, she definately looks more like Tom Cruise.

  106. Mary says

    On my Tom is looking really great this days and I love this family. I usually don’t like Monday’s but if it mean I get to see adorable Suir then I’m gone look forward to Mondays from now on so please keep the pictures coming webmistress.

  107. eminencegrise says

    They’re not Irish! How weirdy.

    What is it with Americans saying ‘I’m Irish’ or ‘I’m Scottish’ when really, erm, they’re AMERICAN?

    It’s strikes people in Ireland and Scotland as so strange.

    To Scots – well, I live in Scotland and my husband and children are Scots – if you say you are Scottish, it means you were born and live there.


  108. Alyssa says

    my little brother doesnt wear socks or shoes while playing in the playground sand, or playing on the grass. its better that they experiment with different textures. she may have walked on the cement barefoot.. is it going to kill her, no its not. theres always bath night to clean off a kid. let them be kids.

  109. faci says

    Tess #23 Stop being jealous to very adorable and cute little girl, just admit you are blind or you have beauty blindness syndrome.

  110. Paula says

    Ya know, babies do walk around bare footed and they do get dirty on the bottom of their feet, just like adults do. You can’t keep babies spotlessly clean all the time. Let them enjoy a little dirt now and then.

    I love Suri…she is adorable.

  111. CTBmom says

    Suri is such a beautiful girl. I see both Tom and Katie in her. I really don’t understand why so many people want to believe that she’s not. Regardless, I hope they are very happy together.

  112. Nicki says

    Thanks Jen~for the link. Her feet look clean there, even with the shoes off. Lighting does play with the pics. Her feet aren’t dirty there. I like her outfit and she looks cute in it.
    Also about maybe she was walking around without her shoes and socks on at home……….NOT. they have so much money, if the maid were that horrible, they would have fired her. Also when you put a childs shoes and socks on, and see they are dirty, take a wet one, or a facecloth, and wash them before putting on clean socks.
    Thanks for the pics of clean feet Jen, I am glad it was just the pic and her feet look very clean. Bad lighting can make things look so different.
    I like her outfit, it looks very cute on her.

  113. Jen says

    #34. Nicki , there is a video at where you can clearly see Suri was wearing a socks inside the games and there is a picture of that at So she probably took it off just before they left and the dirty feet might be from when she was playing around at her house before the game. There is also a game today game where Tom is carrying Suri.

  114. Amy says

    Suri looks more and more different each time i see pictures of her. But i’ll be very honest, she looks weird in these pictures. It seems the older she gets the more she changes her looks (NOT NESSACERLY IN A GOOD WAY) Sorry just being honest!

  115. Jen says

    joanne and dori, Suri is almost 1 year old she turns one April 18 so stop saying she is 10 months old!!!!

    The trio look great and cheerful!! Love seeing Suri and she looks so much like Tom.

  116. chica says

    why does evry thread have to be corrupted by the Brangeloonies ??? I used to like them but can’t stand them anymore!!!

  117. keppa says

    # 10 -Well, I’m pretty sure you don’t need to be Catholic to wear green on St. Patty’s Day….I’m not Catholic and I wore green, but shame on me I guess….. We’d better make sure only Catholics wear green next year, make sure no one else is enjoying the holiday.

    Plus, you really think that if that baby was anyone else’s they would just keep their mouths shut?? Especially Chris Klein…If this was true you’d figure they got him to keep quiet by paying him off….and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t need the money.

    And, the whole Tom Cruise is gay thing has been out there forever! I kind of doubt he is (he’s just a strange man) but even if he is….maybe he just wanted a kid and a family for whatever reason…so what as long as he’s a good husband/father.

    Who cares.

  118. Nicki says

    The only reason she would need shoes on is because Katie said in a magazine interview is she is walking now, which was at least last month, and her feet are dirty, she was on the floor barefoot., or else the nanny didn’t bath her. I doubt that. She was walking on the floor barefoot, good thing she didn’t step on anything.
    She had hard soled, scuffed soled, shoes in the November “coming back from honeymoon pics.” Why scuffed up, ummm, maybe because she was standing and ??? walking then. My question is why not now? Oh let her run around and get filthy feet, and possibly a serious cut? Makes no sense.
    Her outfit is cute, her feet are filthy (all the shopping Katie does she should have a pair of shoes that fit her baby). Suri looks cute in her little St. Paddys day outfit. Katie looks happy. Don’t care about Tom.(No hate, just don’t care.)

  119. faci says

    # 5&#13 dori and joanne, you guys need to grow up and face the reality. don’t be evil and vicious please. baby suri is so adorable.

  120. boogieoogiedowntonite says

    Yeah, my one year old never has worn socks here in Florida when he was Suri’s age, when he was able to walk around of course I put shoes on him. Give them a break. Is that Katies wedding ring on her right hand? They look happy.

  121. Alyssa says

    Suri is adorable!!

    she doesn’t look older than she is, I don’t know why people say that. She looks around 1. Which she is around 1, next month. She looks SO much like both her parents.
    All babies are cute, but my favorite celeb babies would be Shiloh, Suri, and Kingston as well.

    She doesn’t need shoes, as long as she isn’t going barefoot on the ground shes fine.

  122. carleigh says

    Suri is a little doll, I love her personality she just always looks so happy. The green tartan is adorable. She looks like a COMBINATION of BOTH of her parents. Chris Klein wouldn’t keep his big mouth shut if he had any inkling this was his child, look how outspoken he has been in other interviews..and his new girlfriend is a dead ringer lookalike for Katie. Katie looks pretty…Tom well he’s just Tom.

  123. Gaelle says

    Since she and Klein broke up in 12-04 and she hook-up with Tom in 4-05 and spent her entire summer promoting Batman and go with Tom for war of the worlds at least until july make it at least 7 months pregnant , how come nobody saw that she was . Please give me an answer, because i would like to know.

  124. NannyVal says

    The only reason a baby needs something on their feet,at Suri’s for protection.A pair of sneakers is the best shoe any one could put on their child, not these hard sole shoes.Save some money,and let your baby enjoy walking with a cute pair of springtime sneakers!!!

  125. Catherine says

    Suri is really really cute and looks just like Katie …

    but you can see Tom in her so every1 leave him alone


    I love the dress that Suri is wearing because i have a grandma thats is irish and it shows that even in L.A they are thinking about St. Paddys Day…

    Maybe the christian blood hasn’t gone out of Katie after all i hear from a little some1 that her and Tom are planning on a batism for Suri some time this year with the other cult to follow the next day

    But then again it was a rumour….

    luv ya all lots

  126. Mandina says

    Suri is a beautiful, gorgeous and obviously much loved baby. Ditto Shiloh. Personally, I just don’t understand how anyone can heap hate/negativity/dislike on them. C’mon now we have shoes that are older than them!

  127. Tess says

    THANK YOU #5!!!!! I have been saying for the last year that she was pregnant with Klein’s baby! You all say she looks like Tom- but compare her to a pic of Klein and you will be singing a different tune. I cannot bring myself to say a baby is ugly, but I certainly cannot say Suri is what I call a cute child.

  128. Lauren says

    Suri is soo cute in that little green dress. I can’t get over the fact how much she resembles Tom. She and Shiloh are, by far, the cutest celeb babies ever!

  129. Pia says

    Let Tom carry the baby and you will say , Katie can not carry the child because Tom won’t let her. Seriously you are a bunch .

  130. Pia says

    Katie is not his first wife, this gay rumor has been there a long time. In case you do not know she is the third wife. Rumors are out there are for everybody even Pitt bloggers are saying he is gay.

  131. Gaelle says

    #9 i saw a picture in TomCruiseforever she had socks on inside the gym, could be she keeps taking it off like any children that age. Two weeks ago seeing pictures elsewhere the other foot had sock and a pink sneaker.

  132. Gaelle says

    # 11 Reading your post i can see you are right. Brad is a strange one. Next for Brad his own studio.

  133. Pia says

    To start with she is 11 months not 10, and Katie say she walks since she was 10 . Babies can walk at early as 7 months, i have a friend her baby walks at 9 months. What i find funny is this child looks exactly like Tom, so you have no more argument to give. You really need to make up your mind, first she did not exists ,now you know she does , she is not his child. Joanne you are weird , this child is a beauty there is nothing weird about her, at least she is laughting she is not just there.

  134. Julie says

    Tom looks hot! Suri looks adorable and I think she looks like him, so we can stop speculating that she’s not his! Katie looks great, too! I just can’t get enough of Suri. I know I say it every time, but I just love love love her!

  135. rae says

    i HAVE been hearing rumors that suri is not actually tom’s daughter and that he’s gay and he married katie so the gay rumors will stop. it doens’t matter to me if that’s true or not. what matters is that katie doesn’t let tom take over her like he did nicole. she may not be the smartest, but she deserves to think for herself and to have her own goals in life. it seems to me that she’s letting tom make all the decisions for her. that’s stupid. also, you’re right. why can’t tom carry the baby for once. he’s such an ass. plus, he needs acting class.

  136. joanne says

    i agree with oyu first of all she certanily doesn’t look 10 months
    tey probably dont put footwear on her so she doesnt try to get down and walk lol!!!
    she doesnt look NOTHING like tom
    i dunno its weird isnt it shes a weird one

  137. Blng says

    I know Greeks don’t allow shoe’s on their baby until they are baptized also they can’t cut the hair until then or true othodox can’t leave the house until they are 40 days old. But thats from back when doctors made house calls. Maybe its the same type of thing.

  138. Alice says

    Really cute, she look so much like Tom, with Katie’s nose 🙂

    But Tom has Irish news! he should carry Suri sometimes.
    But does katie let Tom have his little girl?
    She seems very contoliing to me.

    I notice how Brad Pitt is doing everything like Tom Cruise:
    Cruise is a pilot, Pitt want to be one
    Tom ride Ducatti? Brad ride Ducatti
    Tom loves Porsche (wait for Brad)
    Tom adopted one girl and one boy, so did brad
    Tom got a little girl he gave her an hebrew name, so did brad (Suri, Shiloh)
    Tom did The Last Samurai, period movie, brad did Troy
    Tom played a hitman(collateral), a secret agent(mission impossible), so did Pitt(Oceaneleven) (Mr and Mrs Smith)
    Tom sported grey hair in Collateral, so did Brad in Babel!!!

    I could go on!

    Brad sucks, he is such a flake

  139. Ruby Jackson says

    Um, St. Patrick was Catholic, so that’s kind of weird that they dressed her up in green.

    Anyone remember when Tom and Nicole got a divorce and she took the kids to Australia and enrolled them in Catholic school? That lasted for about a week before Tom got them back in the US.

  140. Nicki says

    Cute outfit. She looks cute. Why don’t they have shoes on her? Why let her walk around a dirty floor without her hard soled shoes on?
    # 4- Tom and Katie are married, they had a giant wedding in November.

  141. dori says

    I believ she does walk and I have a suspicion she is a year old as of January and the child of her old boyfriend not Tom Cruise.(Chris Klein)Tom from what recall cannot have children. This baby is pure media hype.

  142. boogieoogiedowntonite says

    I wonder what she will look like when she gets older. Very pretty little girl. Can’t beleive that she is 10 months old already. Does anyone notice that both Brad and Tom were hiding Suri and Shiloh and now Brad and Angelina are taking Shy everywhere on strolls and on set with Brad and Tom and Katie take Suri out everyonce in a while. It just seems like a coinsidence to me. Here are some of the similarities between them: Brad and Tom named both of their babies with and S, They are both in their 40’s, they are unmarried, they have girlfriends that had their babies, they both had mulitple failed realsinships, they are both exposing their babies now, they both have adopted children, a boy and a girl for both. That is really scary. 🙂 Pics are very cute dough.

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