Melanie Brown's Baby Shower Filled With Champagne & Male Entertainers!

Wow! We reported on Melanie Brown’s festive baby shower earlier…but now there are photos!

Melanie Brown & Eddie Murphy

Melanie Brown & Eddie Murphy

Well…not a typical baby shower, but Mel seems to like to “spice up her life!” Sorry…I know that was corny and terrible, but I couldn’t help it!

This is such a priceless quote from The Sun:

“Wearing a tarty red dress and knee-high red boots, she helped a stripper get his trousers off.”

P.S. The male entertainer was not actually naked (he was sporting boxers briefs)…just wanted to make the photos extra “proper!”


  1. BC Girl says

    #11 – I find it pretty funny that you said these male strippers were “porn”…. far from it!!! Yes strippers at a babyshower does seem a little odd, but if thats what Mel wanted, so be it. Its not a big deal, and its definately not ‘wrong, disgusting, and porn”…. leave the poor girl alone, everyone does things diferent than others!!

  2. dori says

    Right on Carleigh. Who said it was a glass of wine? We drink sparkling cider all the time because I don’t drink alcohol… can’t stand the taste of it.
    The strippers seem a little out of place though.

  3. Elaine says

    I read a quote from Mel saying she had a few sips of the champagne, and that she asked the stripper to leave because it wasn’t appropriate at a baby shower – one of her friends arranged it as a surprise. Eddie has behaved dreadfully towards Mel – he didn’t even have the guts to dump her face to face, and got himself a more red carpet friendly girlfriend just in time for the awards season.

  4. carleigh says

    I drank red beer while pregnant, 1 glass once in awhile and I don’t think I abused my child or did any irreprable harm. She is just fine. Also who’s to say that what Mel B has in the glass is actually champagne??? Has anyone ever heard of sparking cider or sparkling grape juice? I give it to my kids to make them feel “grown up” when we do our traditional Christmas toast. The girls know it’s not alcohol but they get to drink it out of a crystal glass and feel included. Maybe that’s what Mel is drinking, my god people. As for the stripper, well if it’s what she enjoys then let her have her fun, in the coming months she’s not going to have the opportunity to have much fun with paternity testing and court drama and all the other crap. Maybe the woman wanted to cut lose?? What’s so wrong with that? Being pregnant doesn’t mean she must live like a nun and have no fun..loosen up.

  5. taylor says


  6. Lauren says

    omg. this is so tacky. Who’s ever heard of male strippers at a baby shower? Good for Eddie Murphy getting out while he still can. She’s just an attention hogging pig.

  7. goldielocks says

    God, you yanks are all incredibly prudish. One glass of champage – call the alchohol police!!!

  8. Ruby Jackson says

    Jeez, how do you even know who arranged the stripper? I was probably a surprise. Maybe it’s her friends who are tacky, not her.

    BTW, did anyone else notice she’s wearing two different dresses? How’d that happen?

  9. DDinEngland says

    In the UK guidelines are that pregnant women should drink no more than 4 units of alcohol a week. Now I’m not suggessting that it is good to drink 4 units per week, but this 1 glass could be the first Mel has had through out her whol pregnancy. We just do not know.

    A woman should not be vilified for having 1 glass.

    Get some perspective please.

  10. Midge says

    No one said you should live like a nun while preggers (that is hysterical irony, by the way), but if you are doing what is best for your unborn baby you would not be drinking alcohol.

  11. DDinEngland says

    God forbid she’s having a good time and having a glass of champers whilst pregnant. Shock Horror. We should all live like nuns and have no fun untill the baby is born.

    You lot on here are all very judgemental. (with the exception of Tee 🙂 )

  12. boogieoogiedowntonite says

    I thnik that is total trailor trash. To have people in breifs at tyour bab shower? This is supposed to be baby related not porn. I am sorry you can bash me all you want, but I am very against this. I don’t like to give out to much information about my private life,but I can tell you that my baby shower last month compared to her’s…….I can’t even tell ya.

  13. tee says

    janie, noone really cares what you consider tacky, the poor woman is havng just a glass of wine, whats the big deal?

  14. Janie says

    Melanie Brown is a total pig. Strippers at a baby shower!! I might be old fashioned by that picture of her drinking champagne is very tacky!

  15. DDinEngland says

    Good on her. She is enjoying herself. Why is that a disgusting way to celebrate the impending birth of a baby? And she’s having a glas of champagne, so what? Were you all tee total whilst pregnant? I think not.

    I think Eddie Murphy has behaved appallingly.

    I wish Mel, her daughter and her new baby well.

  16. tee says

    Bea, remember now, Suri is just a little baby, don’t be getting any crazy ideas……YOU ARE A DEFINATE FREAK!!!

  17. Bea says

    I know, am off her. Not that have ever been on her. There are new picutres of Suri looking hotttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!

  18. Julie (ion_egn_mom) says

    Tacky, Tacky, Tacky!!! Does it bother anyone else that she seems to be drinking a glass of champagne??? And who has strippers at their baby shower???

  19. Drea says

    geesh- that was a cheap trick,Mel. I know your “career ” is in the tank, but really wasn’t there another way to guarantee a paycheck other than bringing an innocent child into the picture? Janice Dickinson also tried that years ago with Sly Stallone and ended up looking like what she really is…a nasty Ho.

  20. Jackie says

    Now I understand why Eddie Murphy is refusing to acknowledge the child!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Added to the fact that the latest trick for has been stars is to have a child with an unsuspecting male star so that it guarantees you child support and life in luxury. How convenient that they were together three months and she got pregnant!

    Mark you I do not like Eddie Murphy either!

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