Kingston Has Made All Of Gwen Stefani's Dreams Come True

Nine-month-old Kingston is getting cuter by the day!

Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani

Grateful mom Gwen has said:

“I have a dream about spending time in my house with my kids. Being a mom was all I ever dreamed about. Now that it’s come true it makes me feel like my life has come together. Nothing else matters.”



  1. says

    kingston is so cute he loks like his dad a lot and his fantastic mama.i think it is so sweet how she is with him ever sec i wish she was my mom i wish i was kingston.

  2. boogieoogiedowntonite says

    He looks so cool in the last picture. Love his little bracelet! he must be very lucky to have really great genes. He is going to be so handsome.

  3. TLB says

    Who cares about Gwen’s past. She is a great example of a “un”-hollywood mom. Her and her hubby are always with Kingston and you can tell that they are really in love and enjoy being parents. I have never heard of her being a “dyke” and if she was more power to her. That is in her past so that is where it shall stay. She is a number one mom in the present and will continue to be into the future.
    What a beautiful family!!

  4. Jackie says

    Wasn’t gwen a dyke before she met Gavin? Kingston is really cute and his personality is starting to show more. Before he was so lifeless. The only more lifeless celeb baby than him was shiloh!

  5. carleigh says

    Gwen seems like motherhood suits her so well, she’s focused on her baby boy and he is completely, totally and utterly adorable. He’s the spitting image of his dad who isn’t to bad to look at King is a lucky boy and you can tell they enjoy being a family. I can’t wait for them to have another one, hope this time she get’s the girl she’s dreamed of too.

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