Patrick Dempsey's Twins Out For A Stroll

Patrick Dempsey

Patrick Dempsey

Jill Fink-Dempsey was snapped taking her two-month-old twin sons, Darby Galen and Sullivan Patrick for a stroll through the park on Thursday.
The bunch stopped at the Pump Station. The Pump Station provides everything a breastfeeding mother could possibly need!



  1. Brenda says

    I think the twins are sooo Mc Dreamy. If they grow up to be as good looking as their father their parents are going to have a hard time keeping all the girls away. Congrates on your new twin boys. All the Best to you, your wife and your daughter.

  2. carleigh says

    They are just too cute for words..they are so peaceful and content at that age it’s just such a wonderful phase in babies that a parent really needs to sit back and enjoy because it’s gone in a blink. Enjoy those precious little newborns they are truly adorable.

  3. EveLina says

    wow she looks so great. Those twins i just want to take home, so sweet! I wish someday, oneday i’ll have twins. Always wanted them since i was a little girl! Just too sweet!!!

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