1. courvid says

    Its just sick to say a child is ugly..who thinks about something like that..ow i know, a bunch of disgusting jealous losers! she is the cutest kid ever !

  2. amy says

    coco looks like the arquette’s–she also kinda looks like a lil old man. she’s not that pretty. maybe she’ll be really funny instead.

  3. Jackie says

    For once coc looks clean and bathed. She always looks like she has not had a bath in days. Her and Julia Robert’s twins. She looks cute too .

  4. Aditi says

    coco is the cutest celebrity baby around !
    the pictures of her at the basketball game with her dad are adorable, she looks naughty and cute !

    and i wonder how much bitterness people can have inside to call a baby ugly! horrible horrible behaviour!

  5. mya says

    I know this is off topic completely, but I would like to know if anyone has tried or know someone who did try the Martine Lafleur method to choose the gender of thier baby?? just curious let me know.

  6. Lauren says

    Coco is just 2 cute. As she gets older, she get more and more cuter. I think Courteney and David should try for a little boy or adopt one!!

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